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I PROSPECTS of four intriguing steam and electric trips

sponsored by Wisconsin Chapter hosts lured more than 500 persons to Chicago over Labor Day for the 1961 annual convention of the National Railway Historical Society. And the excursionists weren't disappointed. On Saturday Grand Trunk Western's now-inactive 4-8-4 No. 6323 took conventioners to South Bend, Ind., and delighted riders by returning on time. Some 560 persons rode behind Burlington 4-8-4 5632 to Dubuque, Ia., on Sunday on a trip which combined steam, domes, and scenery. Electric railroading was featured Monday with two trips a morning excursion on the South Shore Railroad to Michigan City, Ind., on a train hauled part way by motor 705, and an all-M.U. afternoon junket on the North Shore Line to North Chicago Junction. For trips, food, lodging, banquet, and incidentals, conventioners spent $30,000 in the three days they gathered - a fact which surely endeared them to the Windy City in equal proportion to the pleasure NRHS members derived from Chicago's railroads.

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Jim Boyd. CB&Q 5632 charges uphill near Oregon, Ill., on way to Dubuque.

Charles Kraatz REGULAR CSS&SB train passes special west of Michigan City.

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is a superb color motion picture of exciting winter-
time STEAM railroading on the U.P. Made in
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By Private Train NORTHWEST and CANADA Sept. 16 – Oct. 1, 1962


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A trip in September showed that the Boulogne-Lyon service maintains its popularity. Over 100 autos were carried on the double-deck cars and passenger accommodation of four couchette cars and seven Wagons-Lits sleepers. This lengthy cavalcade departed from Boulogne in the

charge of a Canadian-built 2-8-2 and arReview of The Fading Giant

rived at Lyon with a B-B 1500 v. D.C. from the

electric at the head end (plus two diners,

cut in en route). Timekeeping was preSan Francisco Chronicle cise, and loading and unloading opera THE VOICE OF THE WEST

tions were quickly and efficiently carried OST M


British Railways is co-operating with inhere, however, is a record of railroad

dustrial firms in order to secure suitable sounds that might well go into archives

freight traffic. An example of this is the of American history and folk lore. The

weekly movement of cement from the Cerecordings were taken late in 1957 and

ment Marketing Company's works in Kent early in 1958 on the Norfolk and West

(in southern England) to a new Scottish ern, just before that line put away its

distribution depot at Uddingston. There steam locomotives in favor of Diesels.

are eight "cement-expresses" a week, each They were made in mountain country

weighing 1050 tons with 800 tons where there are many tunnels, bridges, cliffs, and cuts to add variety to the

payload and diesel hauled. Each locomo

tive hauls 30 lightweight bulk rail tanksounds of the engines, and many grades

ers. These four-wheeled cars each carry that caused them to labor. The first side immortalizes a 400-mile round trip by a

27 tons of cement which can be discharged

into underrail reception hoppers in only huge Class J streamliner. The second side

5 minutes. Turnaround of a complete contains the sounds of an ancient switch engine at work and of other old-timers

train at Uddingston is 4 hours. climbing the mountains in remote and lonely places. Last of all is a tone picture that would have been an insufferable tear-jerker if it had been imitated in a musical composition, but it is most legitimate and affecting as a slice of aural reality: The last Class J to pull the New Orleans-Washington express stops at and departs from the village of Rural Retreat, Va., on Christmas Eve, 1957, while Mrs. J. H. Dodson plays "Silent Night" and other carols on the chimes of the Lutheran Church.

The complexity, subtlety, delicacy, and richness of the tones and rhythms caught on this disc are most remarkable. Listening to it heightens one's awareness of all

WILLIAM K. VIEKMAN everyday sound, but it particularly calls attention to the fact that the nostalgic music of a locomotive's steam whistle in the distance will soon have vanished from

WE'VE DISCOVERED A RAILROAD: Okinathe American scene.

-A. F.

wa's last railway, we are told, operated un-
til the American invasion in 1945. It ran
between the capital city of Naha and
Koza, about 12 miles, on 3'6"-gauge track.
Today barely a trace of this line remains
because it was literally blasted off the face

of the earth. The main island, then, is
Ck or MO

without a rail carrier. However, the story
does not terminate there. To the south-

east is Minami Daito Jima (literally, 0. Winston Link, Railway Prod.

South Great Eastern Island), a 3 x 4-mile 58 East 34 St., New York 16, N.Y.

speck in the vast Pacific. But that speck U.S. and Canada $1.00 extra other countries

has a railroad! The Daito (Great Eastern)
Sugar Company operates a 6-mile, 2-gauge




IN SILVER FLEET LUXURY. WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD! Icy roads and leaden skies are far from the thoughts of smart, experienced travelers aboard a modern Seaboard Streamliner. Peace-of-mind lets them relax and enjoy spacious accommodations, club-like lounges, excellent meals and gracious hospitality. Like to join them? Then let us reserve your "Resort train luxury!"

Morning and afternoon departures

from New York and Miami
Featuring Registered Nurse, Passenger
Service Agent, the "Hospitality Hour."

man and Coach
Reservations SEE


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loop around the interior of the island. At the capital city of Ikenosawa a 1-mile stub connects the loop line with the island's port facilities. Built some time before World War II, the Great Eastern carries passengers from port to capital, but is otherwise taken up with the transporting of sugar cane. The roster contains both steam and diesel locomotives (the former are prewar coal-burning iron horses). Minami Daito Jima must be one of the smallest of all Pacific islands to claim a freight and passenger railroad of its own. Railfans take note: there is not a single bus on the entire island. The Great Eastern reigns supreme!

THREE-CYLINDER PACIFIC SAVED: The C53. class 4-6-2's of the Japanese National Rail. ways were built between 1928 and 1931. The first unit left the builder's plant only a year after the JNR had decided to construct steel coaches. These were the glory years, and the C53's, totaling 97 locomotives at the zenith of their existence, were seen stepping high with name trains between major Japanese cities. In 1934 C5343 was streamlined after the fashion of steam engines in the western world. However, citing reasons for dissatisfaction familiar to American railroaders of the late '30's, JNR dropped the experiment. Today only C5345 and C5357 remain on the roster, the former at Osaka and the latter standing by at Hamamatsu (between Tokyo and Osaka). The future looked black indeed. Then the JNR issued an or. der: refurbish the C5345 and place her in the national railway's Osaka Museum. The

three-cylinder Pacific will continue to be } admired by the crowds who rode behind her.

SOME TIDBITS: The U.S. Army has brought to Okinawa a two-car mobile substation "train” to bolster the island's pow. er system. Built by Westinghouse in 1955, the units generate 5000 kw. of electricity and rest on a 300-foot "railroad." ... The last steam engines built by Hitachi of Ja. pan were 2-8-2's outshopped in 1959-1960 for Bolivia where they operate in freight service high in the Andes Mountains. The 2-8-2's are similar in design to the D51. class Mikes of the Japanese National Rail. ways. . . . The New Zealand Railways is taking a hard look at its rural branch operations, the realm of the 2-6-0 with mixed train.

runs between its namesake cities in 1950, substituted buses, and bought a 70-ton GE diesel to carry on its freight business. Since then the suburbs have kept on growing, the highways leading to them have become more crowded, and Baltimore, like other cities, has been talking rapid transit. B&A's Easter thinks his line, as the rail backbone of the suburbs south of Balti. more, would be a natural part of any publicly financed rapid transit plan. Meanwhile he is going to try to assess present demand for rail service by borrowing an RDC from Budd for a limited trial. Easter envisions B&A trains operating as far as Baltimore & Ohio's nowclosed Mount Royal Station in Baltimore, where a central airlines terminal would be established from which passengers could go by B&A to Friendship International Airport. The short line's own buses are now carrying more instead of fewer riders for the first time in a decade, a hopeful sign to transit planners.

SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER: When Edaville's F. Nelson Blount was unable to get his standard-gauge Monadnock, Steamtown & Northern Railroad into immediate operation over Boston & Maine tracks out of Bellows Falls, Vt., he made alternate arrangement with a New Hampshire short line. For about a month last summer, Blount's ex-Canadian National 4-6-4T No. 47 pulled a string of old B&M coaches between Bradford and Sunapee, N. H., over Claremont & Concord Railway. Then along came an I.C.C. inspector who discovered that No. 47 was not properly cer. tificated to run on common-carrier trackage and ordered her out of service. Monadnock employees picketed the state house at Concord; New Hampshire authorities sought means to protect the new tourist attraction; and the I.C.C., feeling the heat of opinion, even issued a press release on the matter. Commission Chairman Everett Hutchinson said he hoped the engine could be cleared for operation soon. Word is that No. 47, or another standard-gauge engine from the Edaville collection, will be running somewhere in New Hampshire come next summer.

FIND: Even some experts on Pennsylvania motive power were surprised when a group of steam fans recently turned up a

Pennsy B4a at an abandoned steel plant in Harrisburg, Pa. The low. slung 0-6-0, one of many built around the century's turn and later widely resold by equipment dealers, last served Phoenix Steel Company No. 5. Williams Grove Steam Engine Association bought the old B4a and an 0-4-0T from the plant's dismantlers for preservation at


Let yourself go! Let yourself go to the Mardi Gras ! Here is the most colorful of all celebrations ... more than a week of gala day and night street parades culminating on Mardi Gras Day, March 6th. Be there this year. But no matter what your reason may be for visiting New Orleans, your journey there and back will be more enjoyable if you travel the "Main Line of Mid-America." When you head for New Orleans, choose the allPullman Overnighter Panama Limited or the all-coach Dayliner City of New Orleans.


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WHORT LINES nearby Williams Grove



MERGER MITES: Two "big-little" roads have entered the N&W-NKP-Wabash merger picture. The 171-mile Akron, Canton & Youngstown, fearing "encirclement,” wants to be included. And N&W has offered to buy the 132-mile Pittsburgh & West Virginia, which has been supporting the merger.

NOT MERGED: Washington's 32-mile Pacific Coast Railroad (page 15, November 1961 TRAINS) is still running as an independent. Talked-up merger with parent Great Northern is contemplated only if the Hill Lines merger takes place I


PASSENGERS WANTED: James M. Easter II, the young president of Maryland's Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad, is a brave man: he wants to go back into the rail passenger business. The 28-mile B&A, which was one of the East's best-known interurbans, gave up electric passenger

Main Line of Mid-America


Steam Locomotives of the Burli Route. Plans, photos, roster and on all its steam power plus con history. 450 photos, 33 drav 304 pages. $15.00

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UP Locomotives, Vol. 2 has
more than 300 photos, 280
diagrams and scale drawings,
ranging from the 1889 OR&N
locos to those of the UP in
1924. $8.50

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A re-
Crookedest RR in the World.
vised, re-edited and reprinted edition
of this very popular 1954 book. Has
than 100 pictures, equipment
drawings, timetables and maps.
6" x 9". $3.75


Freight Cars Rolling. The story of
the freight car: types, service, com-
modities, operation, rates, routings.
And its handling by freight houses,
on team tracks, sidings and in
trains. $5.00


Fiddle Hill. A railroad novel by
James McCague that reeks with the
pound and pulse of steam & diesel
mountain railroading. A story 80
alive, daring and convincing you will
re-read it many times. 343 pages.


Rails of the Silver Gate. The
Spreckels San Diego, Calif., railroad
empire how it was built, com-
bined and operated. A story of
steam, trolleys and interurbans.
Maps, timetables, tickets, scale
drawings. 811⁄2" x 11", 200 illustra-
tions. $10.00

Sierra Railway. The sight, sound,
smell and feeling of the Sierra Rail-
way construction and operation against
a background of Calif. mining and
lumbering. 300 pages; 350 photos;
2-color system map. $6.00






100 Years of Railroad Cars. Compan-
ion book to Steam Locos; has plans
and photos of more than 260 historic
freight and passenger cars from out-
of-print cyclopedias and other sources.

Rand McNally's Pioneer Atlas. Facsimile reproduc-
tions of the 1876 Atlas & other rare maps. 21" wide,
151⁄2" deep. $25.00

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