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Full $6.00

Great Burlington Strike of 1888.
story bitter struggle.
Harry Bedwell, Donovan. Last of great rr.
storytellers illus. life & hist. _$3.75
History Mack Rail Motor Cars & Locos
U. S., $1.50; Can. $1.75; elsewh $2.50
III. Central RR & Colonization Work. The
rr. enters land biz.

L&N Steam Locos. 128 pgs., 240 photos
all-time 1834-1954 roster.
The Laramie Plains Line-Hist. UP Coal-
mont branch (LHP&P).

Lehigh Valley Co.'s St. Louis Cars. Illus.
hist. U.S., Can., Mex. 2.50, elsewh $3.50
Lima Locomotives. Reproduction 1911 il-
lus. catalog. 48 pgs. 81⁄2" x 11".
Little Engines and Big Men. Lathrop
True experiences Colo. n.g. roads. $5.00

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80 pgs.

Locos and Cars since 1900. A picture-
packed plan book. Rare photos. __$5.00
Locos of the PRR 1834-1924.
135 photos, 25 dwgs. old prints. $3.00
Men, Cities & Transportation (2 volumes)
Early N.E. travel & Transp. --- $12.50
Mixed Train Daily, 4th edition. 370 pgs..
300 photos on short line roads. $9.50
Monorails, Botzow, Jr. Types, cars, track,
structures 104 pgs.. Illus.
Mr. Pullman's Elegant Palace Car, Beebe
illus. history Pullman car era. $17.50
Pacific Electric Railway. 84" x 11"
pictorial history, map.


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Treasury of Railroad Folklore. 544 pgs.
Stories, tales, traditions, songs -- $5.00
Victory Rode the Rails. 419 pgs., 6" x 9",
railroads in Civil War
World Railways 1960-1961. 1,100 rys.
in 110 countries - 84" x 12" $20.00

Electric Railway Books

Angel's Flight Railway. Illus. history
downtown Los Angeles cable railway $1.00
Cable Car Days. Kahn. San Francisco's
cable & steam dummy rrs.

Denver & Interurban Ft. Collins
Municipal Ry., trolley history, roster $1.25
Electric Railroads of Indiana. Marlette.
Plastic bound, illus., hist. & map $4.00
Electric Railways of Indiana, P 3. Pict.
hist. north Indiana lines

Hawaiian Tramways. 32 pg. illus. trolley
hist. double page map in color __$2.00
Liberty Bell Route 800 Series Interurbans.
History and roster $1.00; Foreign $1.50
Orange Crosstown Line. Orange, N. J., to
Eagle Rock & Bloomfield
Portland Railroad. 76 pgs.
Illus. hist.
Portland, Me., St. Rwys.
Rochester & Eastern. Illus. trolley history,
over 76 photos, 108 pages
Street Railways of Conn. State PUC re-
ports, 1895-1948, illus.
Transportation Bulletin, 1957.
8% x 11, N.E. trolley, illus.
Transportation Bulletin, 1958.
81⁄2 x 11, N. E. trolley, illus.
Transportation Bulletin, 1959.
81⁄2 x 11, N. E. trolley, illus.
Trenton & Mercer County Traction.
Trenton, Hopewell, Princeton, etc. $1.00

76 pgs..

76 pgs..

80 pgs..

Books Related to RRS


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The Empire State. Colored lithograph
14" x 22" suitable framing
The Governor Williamson. Colored litho.
14" x 22" suitable framing
both of above for $3.75
8 Prints American Locomotives. 1848-
1898. 10" x 14", suitable framing $3.95
Kuhler. Color lithos oil paints 19′′ x 23′′.
Big Mountain Little Engines $7.50
Chow Stop at Como
South Park Ground Blizzard __$7.50
Waterstop at Hancock
Portfolio of American Locos 1870-1880.
12-738" x 834" colored lithos

Staufer. Ink wash drawings 34" x 14".
NYC&HR American, No. 999 $1.50
NYC J1e Hudson, No. 5344 $1.50
PRR M1a Mountain, No. 6704 $1.50
SP Gs4 Daylight, No. 4450 __$1.50
Steam in Portrait. UP 803, 830 up Sher-
man Hill, color litho 17" x 22" $7.50
Trolleys. Glossy 6" x 9" card prints in

Set of 10 different



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Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee (10′′).
Action at Mundelein & Racine. $4.50
CstP, M&O Steam
Yard switcher action

Covered Bridges Middle Atlantic States.
Del., Md., Pa., Va., W. Va., D.C. $6.50
Glory Days of Logging.
Flumes, skids,
big wheels, early logging
History Los Angeles County. Deluxe 1880
Americana. 13" x 10", illus. $12.50
History of Nevada. Repro. 1881 book,
1,000 pgs., 7%"x10", 280 illus. $20.00
History Sacramento County, Calif. Deluxe
1880 Americana, 13" x 10" $17.50
Redwood Classic. Famous trees, ships.
railroads, men of redwoods

This Was Sawmilling. Saw mills, big
mills, early logging at its best $8.75
Ticket to the Circus. Complete illus. story
Ringling's "Big Show"

Foreign RR Magazines

Diesel Railway Traction. Monthly trade
British diesel rail magazine. Year $5.00
European Railways. British mag. news &
feat. European rwys., quarterly, yr. $2.50
2 years $4.50

Modern Railways. Monthly British rail-
road magazine. Year

Wabash (10).

Colorado & Southern Steam. Many locos
& bands main & branch lines
Narrow Gauge (10"). Ride
Chama to Cumbres trip
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range RR.,
No. 12. Ore trains passing.
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range RR.,
No. 19. On-ore-train recording. $4.50
East Broad Top & DRGW (10")
Narrow gauge steam
The Fading Giant. N&W main branch
steam. U.S. & Can. $4.95. Other $5.95
Fast Freight on Nickel Plate. 2-8-4's
2-8-2's, 4-6-4; also GT & DMIR $4.95
Local Freight. 47 min. B&O steam frt.
trip. U.S. & poss. $4.98; Foreign $5.98
Men of Steam. Interviews with engineers.
U.S. $5.00; Canada $5.70; Foreign $6.00
Minn., St. P. & S. S. Marie (10"). Sta-
tion scene & main line run.

Nickel Plate Road (10"). 2-8-2's, 2-8-4's,
4-6-2's and surprise
N&W IC (10"). Steam on passenger
and freight runs
No. Pacific 2626 (10"). Orig. Timken
loco memorial SP-2.

Pacific Electric (10"). Variety trolley
stops and runs
Pennsylvania (10"). K-4s. I-1s, mtrs
single & double headed
Potomac Edison (10"). Box motor
trolleys. Interurbans


Reading 2124. Famous loco Iron Horse
Rambles. Monaural $4.95; Stereo $5.95
Rio Grande to Silverton. Pass. and freight
(Cumbres turn). Mono $4.95, Ster $5.95
Rods, Wheels and Whistles.
CNJ, N&W, steam & diesel
The Silverton Train (10").
both sides - SP-1

PRR, K-4. $4.95 N.g. steam


Shaker Heights Rapid Transit (10′′).
Speed & trackside


Soo Line, IC Steam Power (10)
Main line run and switcher

Sounds of Steam Railroading. 9 N&W
stm seq. U.S. & Can. $4.95; others $5.95
Southern RRs. (10"). Steam, Graham
Co., W-SS. SR, GM
Steam Echoes. 13 diff. scenes 15 stm.
loco. U.S. $4.95; Can. $5.65; For. $5.95
Steam on the Five-Foot-Three. Steam locos
at work in Victoria, Australia. $5.95
Symphony in Steam. 27-mile trip 2-8-2
Angelina Cty. Lum. Co. 5.00; For. $6.50
This is Railroading. Can. & Mex. steam,
3-cyl. U.S. $4.98; Can. & For. $5.70
Thunder on Blue Ridge. N&W frts. U.S. &
Can. 4.95; For. 5.95; Stereo 5.95 $6.95
WCF&N and So. Iowa (10").
Interurban trolleys

Westside Lumber Company (10′′)
Narrow ga. Shay portrait
Whistles in the Woods.



Shays, Heislers. Rod locos. U.S. $4.98; Can. & For. $5.70 Whistles on the West Jersey. Sounds of PRSL steam pass. $4.95, For.eign $5.50 Whistles West. 12 engines SP. SF, UP. WP. U.S. $4.95; Can. $5.65; For. $5.95

Railroad Movies

(U.S. and Possessions only)
Big Boy and His Brothers.
215 ft., 8 mm. $12.25
Catskill Mountain Railway. 3' gauge r
and incline ry. 150 ft., 8 mm.
The Days of Steam on L&N.

350 ft., 8 mm. $12.25 Famous Trains of Western RR's. (18971903) Limiteds. 150 ft., 8 mm. $6.25 Georgetown Loop (1903). Ride the famous Colo. n.g. scenic. 110 ft.. 8 mm. $5.25 Hold-Up of the Rocky Mountain Express (1905) on T&D. 150 ft. 8 mm. $5.25 IC Steam Scrapbook. 200′ 8 mm. $7.25 Melodrama Rides the Rails.

200 ft. 8 mm. $6.25 On the Delaware & Hudson. 4-6-6-4. 4-8-4's & 4-6-2's. 150 ft.. 8 mm. $5.25 300 ft.. sound, 16 mm. $18.25 On the East Broad Top. 3' Pa. nam 150 ft. 8 mm.. gauge 1952-54. $5.25 300 ft., sound, 16 mm. $18.25 On the Norfolk & Western. All steam in Virginia mtns. 150 ft.. 8 mm. $5.25

300 ft., sound, 16 mm. $18.25 On the Pennsylvania. Variety at Horeshoe Curve. 150 ft.. 8 mm. $5.25 300 ft. sound, 16 mm. $18.25 Railroading in the East (1897-1906). 12 early trains, 200 ft., 8 mm. $7.25 Steam Trains Out of Dearborn. 175 ft., 8 mm. $6.25 Ten-Wheeler to Duplex.

300 ft.. 8 mm. $12.25 Trolley Cavalcade. City & interurban ac tion. 8mm, 200', b&w $9.50, color $19.50

Readers' Service Dept. 2386C, Kalmbach Publishing Co., 1027 N. 7th St., Milwaukee 3, Wis.

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A later story announced that "one lane had been reopened for travel."

Rapid-transit lines fare no better. In reporting efforts to make an emergency stop of a four-car train of conventional M.U. subway equipment, one paper asserted that the motorman "wrenched the gear lever into reverse and pressed down hard on the brake."

If the press is beginning to report railroad stories in terms of highways and motor vehicles, we may see some real howlers before long.

Southworth Lancaster.

7 Waterhouse St., Cambridge 38, Mass.

TF in lowa

On a trip to Boone, Ia., October 7, 1961, I ran across a post mortem to the announcement in October 1961 TRAINS [page 15] concerning the abandonment of the Tallulah Falls Railway. TF 502 was newly arrived in the Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern yards, and the other TF engine, renumbered FtDDM&S 407, was in the shops. I suppose the 502 will become 408. Also in evidence was the new paint scheme which duplicates that in use by the Des Moines & Central Iowa - orange and cream.

Don E. Christensen.

620 N. 12th St., Clinton, Ia.

KM questions

A question on the KM's which were reported in the October 1961 TRAINS: How could they be tested on Austrian rails when they obviously were built for the much wider American gauge? Were narrow axles inserted just for testing purposes? This is hard to believe.

On page 47 a measured tractive effort of 80,000 pounds is mentioned. That is only 40 tons; it should probably read

800,000 pounds, unless I misunderstand something.

H. Landauer.

3316 San Pedro St., Tampa 9, Fla.

Austria, in common with most of Western Europe and the British Isles, employs the same 4-foot 81⁄2-inch gauge we have in the U. S. Tractive effort is the horizontal pull of a locomotive. Inasmuch as approximately 1/300th of a car's weight is required in terms of pull to overcome its weight, what appears to be a relatively small T.E. number of pounds is sufficient to haul a train.

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Comments on Cascade

D. W. McLaughlin's fine illuminating article on the Cascade Tunnel [November and December 1961 TRAINS] and the long hassle the Great Northern has had with it up to date was one of the best to appear in your magazine.

Best of all was the author's detailed description of the efforts of the late Graham McNamee, top-flight announcer of the radio industry, to keep interest at a high pitch while waiting anxiously for the Oriental Limited to emerge through the paper covering [page 29, December TRAINS]. Fresh from the microphone triumph of announcing the second Dempsey-Tunney fight in Chicago, September 22, 1927, and covering football games later in the same autumn, this trying situation was a new one for him. "Due to matters beyond our control" must have entered his mind several times, but his dignity dictated otherwise. "Vesti la Giubba," as Pagliaccio sings "The Show Must Go On" - and it did finally. Never in the history of railroading did a train look more beautiful! James Theodore Hatfield. 728 N. Prospect, Kansas City 20, Mo.

... A captious old-timer must suggest to author D. W. McLaughlin that the distinguished engineer Stevens did not "push the Panama Canal through to completion" [page 23, November TRAINS]. Mr. Stevens succeeded John F. Wallace as chief engineer June 30, 1905, and resigned


Heard this one?


Burlington is circulating the story about the girl in a Zephyr dome who watched the signals flick from green to

RAILROAD ACTION PAINTINGS 10" x 14" Black and White reproductions of original water-color paintings.

Mailed in a tube. 50c ea., ppd.

(1) C&NW E-2a, No. 2908 (2) MAGMA 2-8-0 No. 5 (3) B&O P-7, No. 5311 (4) CB&Q S-4B, No. 4002. Original water-color paintings created to order; steam-diesel-electric. (Other than RR. subjects also.) Inquire now! C. V. ZIMMER 2034 South St.

Lincoln 2, Nebr.

Railroad Record Club

Authentic Steam and Electric Railway Recordings Sampler record with over 20 excerpts from 8 different records $4.00. (refunded on first order) or sampler included free with standard Soo Line-I. C. introductory record at $4.00. Both postpaid. 10 Inch 33% 1. p.m. Send for free literature.. Railroad Record Club, Hawkins, Wisconsin


slides or prints, color or black & white. Over 75,000 choices, including scenic, for reproduction. Roster type list of your favorite roads for 35c, including sample. Synopsis of lists free. Outside USA, send photos or color slide to offset expense. THIRTY-FIVE SLIDES

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red as the train entered each block, then turned to her husband and exclaimed, "We have the most marvelous engineer on this train. He's able to make every light just before it turns red."

Which reminds me that I've done a bit of dome riding recently on journeys to and from Colorado- and it's as much fun as ever. Searchlight signals, for instance. Ever notice how they seem to swim hazily into focus because of the heat waves from the diesel stacks? Or how the red indication bobs about a bit before assuming a steady beam (apparently because the lens-holder bounces a bit before settling down)? I admire to watch the fireman look back on the curves to see if his train is running "all black," and to be startled once again by Rio Grande's Gore Canyon (and wonder anew why the photographers don't exploit it more), and to ponder what we'll overtake between Aurora and Chicago as the DS gives us the center iron.

A dome is the best-riding, quietest, and finest train-watching spot on any train anywhere. And that, I suppose, is the least controversial sentence we've run in TRAINS for years.

There are no domes in Mexico, but there is virtually everything else that the most exacting train-watcher might ask, judging by my NdeM experiences there last October. No. 128, the 12:07 p.m. train out of Mexico City for Ozumba on the narrow-gauge Puente de Ixtla branch, was powered by the 185, a glossy black Baldwin 4-6-0 whose commanding whistle threatened to overtax the boiler as we struggled across summits at a walk. We had six cars; add one more and we would have doubled at least three hills en route.

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Now, the ride in all of Mexico, so they say, is the onetime independent Mexicano (now NdeM) between Veracruz and Mexico City, 268 miles. It is more. It is a first-rate spectacle which takes a back seat to no other mountain railroad in my experience. To keep the time with just eight cars out of Orizaba west on day train 52 we required 6700 h.p.: an EMD F9 cab-and-booster team on the head end, and an Alco A-B helper behind the open observation car. At the outset the grade is 3.5 per cent, then it briefly eases to 2.1 and then up you go on successively steeper gradients of 4.1, 4.5, and finally 4.7 per cent (with short 300-to500-foot pitches exceeding 5 per cent) for a distance of approximately 20 miles. The ascent equals our steepest gradeSouthern Railway's 4.7 per cent Saluda Hill in the Blue Ridge - except that it's longer. The town of Orizaba recedes to half-dollar size on the valley floor below; alarm bells betraying hot engines and/or motors begin ringing in both road and helper units; and just as one assumes the summit must be here, the rails coil through the tightest of curves and spiral on up at 4.7 to there. It's marvelousand if you'd like to sample some pork chops Mexican style (with onions, tomatoes, and peppers) during the 2-hour 12minute climb to Esperanza, why, the National Railways of Mexico will be happy to provide those, too.

It's as splendid as our Mexicano re

port by Messrs. De Golyer and Kistler in May 1961 TRAINS indicated. Just ask me. Better yet, ask my wife. She'd never stood on an observation platform face to face with the flat nose of a wide-open Alco making just 20 mph.

But then, how many have?



In case you might be interested:

¶Subscribers received their index to Volume 21 of TRAINS (November 1960October 1961) in the last issue. If you'd like to have a copy, just send us a stamped, self-addressed business-size envelope.

¶Since the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie gathered the Wisconsin Central and the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic into its fold and condensed its name to its old nickname, management has been calling the road the New Soo. Details are available in a folder from Wallace W. Abbey, Director of Public Relations, Soo Line, Minneapolis 40, Minn. A post card will do the trick.

[Miami Railroad Historical Society Inc., Box 8033, Coral Gables 46, Fla. - the group that operates that ex-FEC 4-6-2, the Presidential private car Ferdinand Magellan, and other equipment on week ends - offers six color post cards of its rolling stock for 50 cents.

¶Neatest tie bars and chains, cuff links, brooches, bracelets, and so forth, we've seen of late carry an excellent reproduction of Denver & Rio Grande No. 1, the narrow-gauge Baldwin 2-4-0 of 1871 which weighed just 121⁄2 tons. Quality is high, prices are more than reasonable and proceeds go to a D&RGW veterans' organization of employees with 20 or more years seniority. The man to write is Guy E. Lockhart, 3817 Osceola St., Denver 12, Colo.

¶Once again the Talyllyn Railway, | Britain's revived and nonprofit 2-footer, has its annual illustrated calendar ready. For the 1962 edition send 50 cents to R. K. Cope, "Brynglas," Beckman Road, Pedmore, Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England.

The group of A.A.R. and other American railroad officials who toured Russia in June 1960 have compiled their observations in an illustrated hard-bound 342page book: Railroads of the U.S.S.R. The price is $10 and the supply is very limited. Write C. D. Buford, Vice-President, Association of American Railroads, Transportation Bldg., Washington 6, D. C.

If you're lukewarm about diesels, meet |

Mrs. Annabelle Cooper, 70, of Battle Creek, Mich., who recently retired after 43 years of service with the Grand Trunk Western - as an overhead crane operator. She began work in manpower-short 1918 to support her family, made an estimated 1 million lifts with her 160-ton crane without an injury or an accident. She could have retired at age 65 but stayed on the job, passing an annual physical to qualify. In fact, Annie Cooper says she could still pass a physical but the climate inside the shop is beginning to bother her. When steam engines filled the bay, she recalls, they gave off enough warmth to keep her comfortable. However, the diesels arrive coated with ice and snow, Continued on page 58

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Proudly Announce

a Complete

New Series of

From Set #350-354, C&NW Chicago Suburban Rush Hour


(2" x 2" Mounts)

from the camera of A. C. Kalmbach

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Here is a new all new series of color slides which bring the action and beauty of railroading right into your living room. These combine the picture-taking advantages available to

TRAINS magazine and its staff with the knowhow and quality reproduction of Blackhawk. The new Anscochrome Duplicating stock used assures you of absolute, top-quality pictures.

Check these outstandingly different slide sets

STEAM RAILROADING SPECTACULAR set, a selection 350-343 of the photographer's favorite shots of the last days of steam 48 slides, $7.98

[blocks in formation]

SUBURBAN RUSH HOUR IN THE DAYS OF STEAM ON 350-354 THE C&NW set, photographed from signal bridge at the throat of Chicago terminal 30 slides, $4.98 MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC LINES set, colorful photog350-358 raphy of the last days of one of the nation's big interurbans 24 slides, $3.98

UNION PACIFIC AT AND NEAR CHEYENNE, WYO., 350-361 set, pictorial results of a photographically perfect day plus a pass to UP engine house - 24 slides, $3.98


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