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Box 163, Northfield, III.

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as may also desire to be a party to joint Simplon-Orient Express. The SOE becomes control," a step which would effectively just the Simplon Express and will run only neutralize C&El for good. Just to make as far as Trieste. This is not much farther matters more confusing, IC itself con- than the first Simplon Express, which tinues to be interested in a merger with started operation in 1906 between Paris Mopac.

and Venice, following the opening of the Elsewhere:

Simplon Tunnel. It was on April 15, (Astute Stuart T. Saunders of Norfolk 1919, that it commenced running as the & Western has used his coal hauler's good Simplon-Orient Express and included credit to knock down one more road- through cars to Istanbul, Athens, and block to his plan for unification of N&W, Bucharest. The creation of the SOE had a NKP, and Wabash. In exchange for hav- political motive because it was the Allied ing the smaller line withdraw its bid to Governments at Versailles after World join the big merger, N&W has offered to War I who plumped for a train which buy all the outstanding stock of Akron, would link the Western powers and the Canton & Youngstown for 6.5 million Balkan states. Another train which also dollars. The all-Ohio AC&Y operates arose out of post-World War I political 171 route-miles, owns 17 diesels and 1600 problems was the Arlberg Orient Express freight cars, has been in the black since which came into being in 1922. Like the 1938 and a dividend-payer since 1947, is SOE, it will also be cut back (terminating very big in Akron (where it handles 35 at Vienna) and bear a revised name (just to 40 per cent of all rail service), and is Arlberg Express). an important bridge-route connection for A third express, the Tauern, serving Nickel Plate.

eastern Europe (it first appeared in the {The 841-mile Western Maryland is be

timetables in 1953) will also cease operahaving more independently than its own- tions in its present form. It will terminate ership would suggest. Baltimore & Ohio at Klagenfurt in Austria. Two other owns 42.85 per cent of WM's preferred and trains — the Tirol and Yugoslavia Excommon stock; and Chesapeake & Ohio, presses — will also be discontinued. hot after control of B&O, has purchased The reasons for the discontinuance or 14 per cent of WM common. Moreover, change in these trains are basically ecoboth C&O and B&O have announced that nomic. It does not pay to operate cars WM will be included in their long-range right across Europe when for part of their merger blueprints. However, WM Presi- journey they may be lightly patronized dent W. Arthor Grotz says his road is and earning little revenue for their ownopen to “any merger proposal.” No re- ers. Also, some of the long-distance named action yet from Baltimore or Cleveland. trains virtually degenerate into all-stations

„Merger is apparently a bad word on locals when they get into Eastern Europe. the New Frontier. The Justice Depart- To those who cherish riding the same ment is opposing Coast Line + Seaboard car all the way from Paris to Istanbul or as well as control of Western Pacific by Athens there is a new train: the Direct either Santa Fe or Southern Pacific. Orient Express. This will depart, east

bound, from Paris at 11:50 p.m., be in
Milan at lunch time the following day,
call at Trieste in the evening, and pause at
Belgrade at breakfast time on the third
day. Fourth-day arrivals will be 10 a.m.
for the Athens section and 1:20 p.m. for
the Istanbul cars. Afirst-class Wagons-
Lits will run to Athens three times a week
and to Istanbul twice a week, so for the
spies and mystery writers (not to mention
railfans) all is not lost.

ON-TIME ELECTRICS: On October 2, 1961,
Glasgow's blue-painted A.C. electrics
started running again after an absence of
nearly a year (they were withdrawn in
1960 after electrical troubles). After 53

days of operation British Railways' Scot-

tish Region issued a progress report. In
brief: the trains were running satisfactorily
and maintaining a high standard of punc-

tuality. Take Friday, October 13 — an R.I.P. FOR THE SOE: From May 27, 1962,

ominous date, but not for the "blue trains.” some well-established European interna- Of the 326 trains running, 318 arrived on tional named trains will either disappear

time, a punctuality figure of 97.6 per cent. or be drastically curtailed. Among them The remaining trains were an average of is, perhaps, one of the most famous the

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Mainline of the Rockies



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WHAT'S this? Recently overhauled Burlington 2-8-2 No. 4960 (shown in Kansas City last fall) has cab signal equipment, apparently for use on Chicago-Aurora line.

NAWAITING shipment to National Railroad Museum at Green Bay, Wis., Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-4 No. 2736 sits on side track in Waukegan, Ill., September 9, 1961. Fresh coat of paint goes on Santa Fe 4-8-4 No. 2903 before she's transported to Chicago to be displayed adjacent to original Burlington Zephyr at Museum of Science and Industry.

Authenticated News

MODERN 4-8-2+2-8-4 Garratts are mainstay of Benguela Railway in troubled Angola, but 838-mile African line now has diesel shifters.

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Theo Sommerkamp.

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