Trains, Volume 22

Kalmbach Publishing Company, 1962

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Página 5 - ELECTRO -MOTIVE DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS LA GRANGE, ILLINOIS • HOME OF THE DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE In Canada: General Motors Diesel Limited, London, Ontario Year Affiliated McABEE, HO, Jr., Supt., B&O, Garrett, Ind 1956 McALOON, CJ, Tr.
Página 45 - The inevitable effect of a substantially exclusive patronage contract such as is involved here, considering especially the contractual conditions described herein, is to destroy competition for the duration of the contract. During the term of the contract, and especially during its final months, the shipper's vested interest in the reduced rate would discourage or prevent acceptance of an offer of superior transportation service at an equivalent or lower rate, nullifying any inherent advantages of...
Página 33 - Every magazine is new until you've read it! • Most of the information in Trains Magazine is timeless. Every copy is a storehouse of valuable information to any railfan . . . and thousands of 'em can't be wrong! Besides ... many former copies are now fast becoming collector's items. The" following are available while they last: Single Issues — 35c each; 3 for $1.00 1!>4«: November 1 !M 7: Jan.
Página 32 - Chattanooga & St. Louis. New York Central. New York, Chicago & St. Louis. New York, New Haven & Hartford. Norfolk & Western. Northern Pacific. Pennsylvania.
Página 15 - The cog-wheel on this latter shaft worked in a rack-rail placed in the center of the track. The shaft itself had its bearings in the lower ends of two vertical rods, one on each side of the boiler, and these rods were united over the boiler by a horizontal bar, which was connected by means of a bent lever...
Página 32 - CHICAGO & EASTERN ILLINOIS CHICAGO & NORTH WESTERN CHICAGO, BURLINGTON & QUINCY * Sam Houston Zephyr on Fort Worth & Denver Four times weekly Total CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE, ST.
Página 45 - I didn't think it was in the public interest for the two largest railroads, plus all the railroads the Pennsylvania controlled, to become one system.
Página 3 - Chicago crowds, ranging in size from a dozen to more than one thousand persons, were gathered to witness the . . . "lightning express." Farmers from the country miles around drove their biggest wagons, loaded to the guards with their wives and children and their neighbors' children, to see the 18-hour train go by. They did not see much. The cry of the whistle and a cloud of smoke warned them of its coming. Then a flash of red, and in another second their straining eyes were gazing at the spot where...

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