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duena 22-37,



FEBRUARY 16, 1839.
Laid on the table, and 3,000 copies ordered to be printed.

Mr. Smith, of Wabash, from the Committee on Internal Improvements,

made the following


The Committee on Internal Improvements, to which was referred so much of

the Messages of the late and present Executives of this State, and also certain resolutions directing the Committee to inquire into what modifications of the present system of Internal Improvement are neceesary to be made to bring the system within the means of the State, beg leave to report:

That this subject has received that due share of their attention and delibcration which its acknowledged importance demands; and, after having bestowed on it their calm and sober reflections, they have arrived

at the following conclusions: x That the system of Internal Improvements adopted by the last Legis

lature, on the recommendation of several preceding Executive messages, and of the Internal Improvement Convention then assembled, is within the means of the State to complete without embarrassment to the people, or arresting her career of greatness and prosperity.

That the system being entered into by a solemn compact, the faith of the State is pledged to the people, and to the emigration and settlements which it has induced, to carry it out to its full extent, and not to reduce it unless with the consent of the people immediately affected by the portion of the works proposed to be stricken off or reduced, as manifested by the opposition of their representatives to the system itself.

That all the works having been commenced at various sections in the State, the people of these sections are competent to judge of the value and utility of the system to them respectively; and that so long as they are unwilling to surrender their respective claims, the irresistible conclusion is, that the system is not too large for the wants of the whole people; and that, the system purporting to be a general system of Internal Imprwements, the faith of the State is indirectly pledged to extend its benefits lo those sections of the State not now accommodated, as early and as fully as her means will justify.

The committee propose to confine their investigations principally to the elucidation of the first proposition, upon the correctness and truth of which all the residue must be supported.

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