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After enjoying for several months your most instructive conversation, and wandering in spirit together through the opinions of the Ancients, and communicating our ideas on higher points, regarding the eternal welfare of human beings; I set out for my perilous journey: with your help I was able to make out my way, and to rescue my

self from difficulties; and during the time of my absence, you, and your whole family, treated with the utmost kindness those that are dearest to me; so that even my boy of three years old seems to be sensible of it, and has learnt to look up to you with reverence and gratitude. To whom else, therefore, but to you should I dedicate these humble pages, containing the Acts of my Pilgrimage to Bokhara, Balkh, Cabool, Cashmeer, and Hindoostaun? especially as I hope soon to undertake another pilgrimage; not knowing that which may befall me, nor whether I shall ever see you again. To none then, I repeat it, can I dedicate the results of my labours with more satisfaction to myself, than to you. But I feel that I am addressing one of whom I am incompetent to

speak in terms commensurate with merit; indeed, to the inhabitants of this island it were superfluous to do so: all, from the highest to the lowest, allow, that to the native poor you are looked upon as a blessing; your hospitality is known to all. And I confidently add, that I do not know where I should look for an individual, combining, like yourself, so many of the best gifts of our nature with so much profound erudition; so much benevolence with so much nobleness of intellect. In venturing to write this my genuine sentiment, it is not flattery, but truth which prompts me, and I am convinced that in doing so I have the suffrages of all who know you.

This book then, thus dedicated, may remain as a mark of the ardent gratitude of the writer, who, with prayers

for you and your whole house, is ever,









Abbot, H. Esq. Alexandria.

Agnew, H. Esq. Alexandria

Ali Effendi. Egypt.

Andrews, W. Esq. Am. Consul. Malta.

Aylmer, Esq. Walworth Castle, Darlington.

Baker, Captain Royal Fus.

Baldock, Lieut. R. N. Firefly.

Bandon, Earl of.

Bandon, Countess of.

Baring, Sir T. Lond. 20 cop.

Barker, H. B. Esq. Smyrna.

Barth, Rev. Mr. Mettlingen

Barton, Captain. Malta.

Baxter, Nadir, Esq. London.

Bayley, Major, Lt. Gov. of Gozo.

Bayley, Mrs.

Bernheimer, Mr. Isaac. 2. cop.

Bernoulli, Rev. Ed. Basle.

Best, Mrs. T. Worcester.

Bingham, Lady A.

Blake, Capt. Royal Fusiliers.

Blake, Miss. Malta.

Bonner, Rev. G. Cheltenham.

Bourchier, R. Esq. Malta.

Bourchier, Mr. H. M. S Portland.

Bradshaw, Lt. H. M. S. San Josef.

Brandt, Mr. Br. Con. Smyrna.

Brenner, Mr. Peter.

Brewer, Rev. Jos. Smyrna.

Briggs, Sir T. Adm. 3 cop.

Briggs, Mr. Sam. Alexandria. 2 copies.

Brodriek, Hon. Miss.

Brown, Rev. J. Cheltenham.

Brownell, Rev. J.

Bunbury, Mrs.

Bunyan Esq. Royal Fusiliers.

Burnes, Dr. J, H. E. I. C.

Burgman, Lieut. R. E.

Calvert, J. Esq. Malta.

Campbell, Lt. Col. Brit. Con. Gen. Egypt.

Campbell, Dr. J. H. M. S. Vernon.

Campbell, Dr. D. Hon. E. I. C. 3 copies.

Carlisle, Bishop of.

Chetham, Capt. R. N.

Chichester, Lord, H. R. Fus.

Chichester, Lord A.

Christian, Mrs. Malta.

Cleugh, Rev. J. Malta.

Cliffe, Mrs. M. Worcester.

Coeksedge, Esq. Malta.

Collings, Esq. Malta.

Considine,Lt. Col. 53rd.Regt.

Cooke, Esq. Cheltenham.

Cooke, Miss. do. 10 cop.

Cooper, Rev. J, H. M. S. Malabar.

Corlett, Esq. Malta.

Cornwallis, Miss Nigell's heath.

Crawford, Capt. I. N. Creyke, Capt. R. N. Aber

marie villa, Stoke. Cunninghame, W. Esq. Lain

shaw. 20 copies. Curteis, Rev. G. Chatham Davis, Rev. T. Worcester. Davy, Dr. Malta. Dawkins, E. Esq. Athens Denny, Sir E. W. Somersetshire. 2 copies. Dixon, Dr. Malta. Dornford, Mrs. Cambridge. DuHamel, Col. Rus. Con

Gen. Egypt. Dunluce, Lord Vise. R. Fus. Egerton, C. H. Esq. H. M. S

Portland. Elphinstone, Sir H. R. E. Eveleigh, Col. R. A. Eversley, J.Esq. 60th.Rifles Ewald. Rev. F. C. Tunis. Finlay, A. Esq. Lond. 3 cop. Fishbourne, E. G. Esq. H.M

S. Canopus. Forbes, Miss Maria. Forster, J. Com. of H. M.

S. Malabar. Fowke, Lieut. H. M. S. Cale

donia. Fox, Colonel Charles. Fraser, J. Esq. Frere, Rt. Hon. J. H. Malta.

12 copies. Frere, Miss. Malta. Frere, B. Esq. Frere, Mr. Serjeant. Frere, B. E. Esq. H. E. I. C. Frere, Geo. Esq. Bedford

Square. Frere, R. Esq. Bitton Bristol. Frere, J.H.Esq. Poets corner.

2 cop.

Freer, Esq. Royal Fusiliers.

Friend, Mr. J. Alexandria.

Glennie, Major. 60th. Rifles.

Gliddon, J. Esq. Am. Con. Alexandria.

Godfrey, W. Esq. Malta.

Godfrey, Miss.

Goff, Esq. Alexandria.

Gold, Col. C. B.

Gold, Capt. 53rd. Regt. 5 cop.

Gordon, Duchess of

Gordon, Right Hon. Sir R. 5 copies.

Gordon, Lt. Col. Hon. Sir C. 2 copies.

Gordon, Hon. Capt. J.

Gordon, A.D. Esq. Cheltenham.

Graves, Lieut. T. R. N.

Green, Lieut. 5th. Regt.

Greene, Frederick Esq.

Greig, Hector, Esq. Malta.

Greigson, T. L. Esq. Alexandria.

Grey, Capt. Hon. G. R.N.

Griffin, Lt. H. M. S. Flamer.

Hahr,H. Swed. Con. Malta.

Hamilton, Miss. Malta.

Hammersley,W.T.Esq. New York.

Hammond, Esq. Portland Place.

Hankey, Sir F. Malta.

Hardwick, Earl of

Harris, A.C. Esq. Alexandria.

Hastings, Dr. Worcester.

Hastings, Rev. H. Areley Stourport.

Hausmeister, Rev. Mr. Strasburg.

Hay, R.Esq.of LinplumNunraw. 3 copies.

Hepburn, Mr. Malta.

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