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Hill, Rev. J. Athens.
Hill, Mrs. Worcester.
Hillyar, Sir J. R.N.
Hillyar, Lady. 30 copies.
Hoare, Archdeacon. Win

Hoare, Miss. Morden, Surry,
Holmes, Major. Malta.
Hope, Sir C. Lord President

Edinburgh. Hope, Capt. Royal Fusiliers Hope, Capt. H, R. N. Hopkins, Rev. A. Cleake

Stourbridge. Hotham, Lieut. R. E. Hume, Mrs. Alexandria. Hunn, Capt. R. N. Malta. Ingestre, Ld. Viscount. R. N.

2 cop. Inglis,SirR.H, M. P. 2 cop Jenkinson, Capt. Bath. Jetter, Rev. J. A. Smyrna Johnson, Major 5th. Regt. Jones, Capt. R. E. Joyce, C. Esq. Alexandria. Kellett, Capt. 42nd. R. H. Keppel, Capt. Hon. H, R. N. King, Rev. Jonas. Athens. Laidlaw, Dr. J. Alexandria, Laing, Rev. F. Tewksbury. Langslow, R. Esq. Malta. Laussat, Baron de. Pau. Leach, Dr. Rome. Leach, Miss. Lee, J. Esq. Smyrna. Lewis, Rev. W. do. 2 cop. Liddell, Dr. Malta. Lindsay, H. Esq. Bombay Lividostro, Miss. Malta. Looker, Mrs. John. Malta Lowe, Miss. Jersey. Lowell, D. Esq. New York Lunn.Lt. H. M. S. Caledonia.

Lyon, Capt. L. 2 copies

Lyons, Capt. R. N.

Macauley, D. Esq. Am. Con. Tripoli.

MacCormick,J.W. Esq. Cardiff.

Mac Dougall, Capt. 42nd. Royal Highlanders.

Mackenzie, J. Esq. Malta.

Mackenzie, Lt. H. M. S. Ceylon.

Mac Kerlie, Capt. H. M. S. Vernon.

Mackworth, Major. 5 copies.

Maclaurin, Mrs.

Mann, Esq. Worcester.

Marpurgo, Dr. V. L. Smyrna.

Maude, Hon. Capt. R.N.

Maude, Hon. Mrs.

Mildmay, Esq. Royal Fusil.

Miltitz, Baron. SiebenEichen.

Money, R. Esq. Bombay.

Montague, Sir W. A, H.M.S. Malabar.

Moore, Capt, 53rd. Regt.

Morse, Major.

Morshead, Mrs. A. Malta.

Moseley, R. Esq. Alexandria.

Mount Sandford, Lord.

Mundy, Capt. R. N.

Murray, Capt. F. 60th. Rifles.

Newell, Capt. R. N.

Newell, Miss.

Noel, E. Esq.

Northumberland, Duke of.

Northumberland, Duchess of.

Nugent, N. Esq. Malta.

Obrien, A. Esq. N. Hants.

Orde, Sir J. P. 12 copies.

Orde, Lady. 2 copies.

Orde, Miss.

Palmer, Sir G. Lip Hall, Leicester.

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Parkman, J. Esq.

Pearson, Mr. Tunis.

Pennington, Capt. 5th. Regt.

Percy, Capt. Hon. J, R. N.

Phillips, Esq. Malta.

Ponsouby, Major Gen. Hon. Sir F. C, Gov. of Malta. 12 copies.

Pottinger, Capt. W.

Price, Capt. R. N.

Prudhoe, Lord Viscount.

Radstock, Lord.

Radstock, Lady.

Rainier, Capt. P, R. N. 2 cop.

Ranelagh, Lord Viscount.

Rawlins, J.F. Esq. 5th. Regt

Reade, SirT. Brit. Con. Tunis.

Roberts, Capt. Malta.

Robertson, Mrs. Ednam House. 3 copies.

Rose, Simon, Esq. Malta.

Ross, J. C. Esq. Malta.

Rowley, V. Adm. Sir J, 2cop

Rowley, Capt. R. N.

Rutter, T. Esq. Malta, 2 cop

Salvin.Rev. Mr. H. M. S. Caledonia.

Schauffler, Rev. Mr. Con stantinople.

Schlienz, Rev. C. F. Malta.

Sconce, R. C. Esq. Malta,

Scott, Capt. R. Alexandria,

Sedley, Esq. Malta.

Shapland Mrs. Worcester. 3 copies.

Shedden, Mrs. W. 20 copies

Sim, W. Esq. Malta.

Simeon, Rev. C. Cambridge

Slade, Lieut. R. N.

Slythe, R. Esq. Sard. Cons.

Smith, C. H. Esq. Malta.

Smith, Samuel, Esq. Malta.

Solly, J. Esq. London.

Sparkes,A.Esq. Bridgeworth.

Sparrow, Lady O. 2 copies.

Spencer, Hon. Capt. 60th

Stillon, Dr. M. D. Malta.

Strangways, Capt. R. Fus.

Sutherland, Lt. Col. 5thReg.

Swinney, Mrs.

Temple, Rev. D. Smyrna.

Terry, Esq. Alexandria.

Thomas, Mrs. Belgrave Place Pimlico.

Thornton, W. Esq. Malta.

Thorburn, A. Esq. Alexandria.

Tod, A. Esq. Alexandria.

Tompkinson, Capt. R. N.

Torphichen, Lady Dow.

Tower, Capt. R. N.

Triphook, Esq.

Tyrconnell, Countess.

Vanlngen, Rev.J.V. N.York.

VanLennep, Chev. Smyrna. 2 copies.

Wallace, Lieut. Col. R. A.

Waller, W. Esq. Athens.

Walpole, Lady C.

Walpole, Miss E. Petersham.

Walpole, Miss F. Hampton Court Palace.

Walpole, Miss E. Ditto.

Waugh, Dr. Malta.

Weiss, M. Esq. Malta.

Wells, Lieut. R. N.

Whitmore, Miss. Worcester.

Whittingham, Rev. W. R. New York.

Wood, Lt. Gen. Malta.

Wood, Col. Poonah.

Wood, J. Esq. Malta.

Wortley, Hon. J. Stuart.


The Reader must not expect to find in the pages of my journal descriptions of ancient monuments, or of natural or artificial curiosities. The object of my journey, as I have stated in it, was solely to proclaim the Gospel of the kingdom of Christ, amongst the Jews, and the tribes whom I have visited; and to seek for those tribes of Israel whom I conceive to be the Kings of the East, mentioned in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. I have however at the same time given the best account in my power of those sects which have been hitherto unknown, and of the character of those nations to whom the Gospel of Jesus Christ has not been revealed, their good qualities, and their vices; but chiefly the expectations, expressed by my own nation, the Jews, in distant countries. I have not entirely passed over in silence the adventures I met with in those countries, and the disappointments I experienced in my labours; nor the customs and manners of the nations I visited; which especially illustrate historical facts, manners, and modes of speaking, and which we frequently meet with in sacred writ. I have also pointed out such situations in which Missionary Societies may extend their operations; and I have spoken with impartiality of the success which Missionaries have met with in the East. So that I humbly trust, the Christian will here find sufficient motives to admire God's Providence in preserving his servants; and Missionary Societies find matter for encouragement in the extending of their labours to those benighted countries. The individual Missionary may find matter for confirming his confidence in the Lord; the Divine, matter for research. By my openly disputing with Mussulmans at Meshed, and throughout Khorossaun, which I am enabled to testify by letters from Mohammedans of those countries, and the passports of the Princes of Persia, and the King of Bokhara, which I have annexed, it may be seen that one may travel with these objects without disguise. I have abstained from introducing subjects of controversy amongst real Christians; for my purpose in publishing this journal is, to ^dify all those who worship the name of our divine Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and to encourage them in uniting together in opposition to Jews, Mohammedans, Infidels, and Pagans. If the Reader should find that these objects have been attained, it will be a great satisfaction to the Author; and if they should feel themselves in some measure disappointed in their expectations, they will take into consideration, that these pages came from a humble individual, such as,






Between the years 1831 and l631.

I have already given to the public, in three separate volumes, the journals of my Missionary labours among my brethren of the Jewish nation in Palestine, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, Krimea, Georgia, and the Turkish Empire, which I began in 1821 and accomplished in 1826. My labours among my brethren in England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, and again in the Mediterranean, from the year 1826 to 1830, were published in the "Jewish Expositor." I now communicate to the Church my labours among my brethren in Turkey, Persia, Tur


Taun, and the Red Sea, from the year 1831 to 1834, which I have accomplished through divine grace; with the motives also, which induced me to undertake this journey.

In the first place, it was my earnest desire to make known to my brethren of the Jewish nation, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and rightful heir to David's throne; whose kingdom shall extend itself from the rising of the sun, to the going down thereof; and, encouraged by the example of St. Paul, (Rom. xv. 20.) to preach the tidings of Salvation in those places, where the pure light of the Gospel does not yet shine.

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