Poems on Different Subjects: Original and Selected

H. H. Brown, Printer, 1819 - 48 páginas

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Página 41 - Tis here the folly of the wise Through all his art we view ; And. while his tongue the charge denies, His conscience owns it true.
Página 41 - WEAK and irresolute is man ; The purpose of to-day, Woven with pains into his plan, To-morrow rends away.
Página 33 - There is a calm for those who weep, A rest for weary pilgrims found ; And while the mouldering ashes sleep Low in the ground...
Página 37 - THERE is a calm for those who weep, A rest for weary pilgrims found, They softly lie and sweetly sleep Low in the ground.
Página 34 - By all the terrors of the tomb, Beyond the power of tongue to tell ; By the dread secrets of my womb ; By Death and Hell; " I charge thee LIVE ! repent and pray, In dust thine infamy deplore ; There yet is mercy : go thy way, And sin no more.
Página 42 - THERE is a calm the poor in spirit know, That softens sorrow, and that sweetens woe ; There is a peace that dwells within the breast When all without is stormy and distrest ; There is a light that gilds the darkest hour, When dangers thicken, and when tempests lour. That calm to faith, and hope, and love is given That peace remains when all beside is riven. That light shines down to man direct from heaven ! EDMESTON.
Página 39 - Sunk in self-consuming anguish, Can the poor heart always ache ? No, the tortured nerve will languish, Or the strings of life must break.
Página 36 - To FRIENDSHIP didst thou trust thy fame, And was thy friend a deadly foe, Who stole into thy breast to aim A surer blow ?
Página 36 - Seek the true treasure, seldom found, Of power the fiercest griefs to calm ; And soothe the bosom's deepest wound With heavenly balm. " Did WOMAN'S charms thy youth beguile, — And did the fair one faithless prove ? Hath she betray'd thee with...
Página 37 - The sun is but a spark of fire, A transient meteor in the sky ; The soul, immortal as its Sire, Shall never die ! TEN YEARS AGO.— AA WATTS.

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