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Hodgson, George, Esq., son of Dr. Hodgson, off
Anlaby, near Hull, to Isabel, eldest daughter of
Captain Francis Huddleston, of Russel-street,
Dublin, and granddaughter of the late Thomas
Huddleston, Esq., of Milton, Cambridgeshire,
4th Aug.

Holder, George, Esq., jun., at Rio de Janeiro, to
Laura Paulina Thomas, of South Lambeth, 22nd]

Horne, James, Esq., of Berkeley-square, to Geor-
giana Ann, second daughter of Thomas How.
Esq., of Gordon-house, Turnham-green, 14th

Howell, Charles, Esq., of Hove, near Brighton, to
Ellen, youngest and only surviving daughter of
the late David Richards, Esq., of Bath, 12th,
Hunt, Henry Samuel, Capt., R. N., to Emily, only
daughter of the late Lieutenant Colonel Steel,
of the Hon. East India Company's Service, 27th

Hyman, Leonard, Esq., to Octavia Jane, youngest
dau. of Henry Fisher, Esq., 16th Aug.
Jones, Joseph, second son of Joseph Jones, Esq.,
of Upton, Cheshire, to Jane Harriette, only dau.
of the late W. Turner Comber, Esq., of Hooe-
lodge, Sussex, 22nd July.

King, Edward, only son of John King, Esq., of
Brunswick-square, Brighton, to Caroline Amelia,
fourth daug ter of Arthur Lewis, Esq., also of
Brunswick-square, Brighton, 10th Aug.
Lascelles, John, Esq., of the Middle Temple, bar-
rister-at-law, to Rosinia, eldest daughter of the
late Frederick Wm. Masterman, Esq., of Alcot,
near Calcutta, 24th July.

Law, George Still, Esq., barrister-at law, only son
of George Law, Esq. of No. 10, Lincoln's inn,
and of No. 5, Montague-place, Bedford-square,
to Emma, third dau. of the late Thomas Halli-
day, Esq., of Ewell, in the county of Surrey, 17th


Le Blanc, Thomas Edmund, Esq., late Captain
37th Regiment, eldest son of Colonel Henry Le
Blanc, of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, to Laura
Catherine, second dan. of Joseph Longmore,
Esq., of the Mythe house, Gloucestershire, 14th

Leigh, Capel Hanbury, Esq., of Pontypool-park,
Monmouthshire, to Emma Elizabeth, fourth
dau. of Thomas B. Rous, Esq., of Courtyrala,
Glamorganshire, 20th Aug.

Le Roy, Peter, Esq., Sous Préfet of Bayonne, to
Mary, eldest dau. of Stanislaus Darthez, Esq. of
Pau, formerly of York-terrace, Regent's-park,
and Austin friars, London, 19th July.
Locke, John, Esq., of the Inner Temple, barrister-
at law, only son of John Locke, Esq., of Herne-
hill, Surrey, to Laura Rosalie Cobbe, daughter
of the late Colonel Thomas Alexander Cobbe,
17th Aug.

Lockwood, Benj. Crosby, eldest son of Mark Lock-
wood, Esq., of Cloudesley-terrace, Islington, to
Rebecca, second dau. of Dr. Gladstone, R.N.,
Blackheath, 10th Aug.

1 Lloyd, John Augustus, surgeon, of Bath, to Hen-
rietta Rowland, dau. of Wm. Ringer, Esq., of
Laugharne, 10th Aug.

Ludlow, Captain E. E., late of the E.I.C.S., to Elizabeth Catherine, widow of the late H Houston, Esq., 3rd Aug.

Mackinnon, D. Lionel, Esq., Coldstream Guards.
third son of W. Mackinnon, Esq., M.P., Hyde
park-place, to Charlotte Lavinia, third daughter
of Major General Sir Dudley Hill, C. B., of High
Cliff-house, Lyme, Dorsetshire, 12th August.
Marcon, Rev. Walter Marcon, fourth son of the
late John Marcon, Esq., of Swaffham, Norfolk.
to Caroline, eldest dau. of the late Rev. Henry
Middleton, vicar of Barton-Stacey, Hants, 28th

Maitland, John Gorham, of Lincoln's inn, Esq.,
barrister-at-law and fellow of Trinity College,
Cambridge, to Emma, second dau, of the late
John Frederick Daniel, Esq., D.C.L., F.R.S,

Professor of Chemistry in King's College, Lon-
don, 12th August.

Margetts, Edward, second son of the late Thomas
Margetts, Esq., of Hemingford Grey, Huntingdon-
shire, to Ellen, younger dau. of the late Robert
Prince, Esq., of Canonbury, 24th July.
Mastermann, Edward, Esq., third son of John
Masterma, Esq. M.P., of Leyton, Essex, to Ellen
Sarah, second dau. of the late John Barkworth,
Esq, of Tranley-house, Yorkshire, 12th Aug.
May, Charles Bower, Esq., of Burslem, to Harriet
Hopkins, only dau. of the late Richard Badnall,
Esq., of Leek, 22d July.

Melfort, the Duc de, &c., to Susan Henrietta,
widow of the late Colonel Burrowes, 9th Aug.
Melville, George Whyte, Esq., Captain in the Cold-
stream Guards, to the Hon. Charlotte Bateman
Hanbury, second dau. of the late, and sister of
the present Lord Bateman, 7th August.
Middleton, Horace Friend, Esq., of the Lawn,
Blockley, Worcestershire, to Isabella, youngest
dau. of the late Jaines Field, Esq., of Chesham-
vale, 19th August.

Mitford, Robert Henry, Esq., of Benhall, Suffolk, to
Anne, youngest dau. of the late Lieut.-Col. Wm.
Henry Wilby, and niece of the Rev. Charles
Paul, 12th August.

Muggeridge, Nathaniel, Esq., of Queen-street
London, to Elizabeth, dau. of Alexander Curling
Esq., of Denmark hill, Surrey, 7th August.
Nash, Edward Richard, third son of William Nash,
Esq., of Clapham-common, to Caroline Amelia,
youngest dau. of Henry Butterworth, Esq., of
Upper Tooting, Surrey, 27th July.

Neale, Melville, M.D., to Jane, dau. of John Sco-
bell, Esq of Hawley, 29th July.
Nelson, William Benford, Esq., of Essex-street,
Strand, to Emma. youngest dau. of the Rev. J.
G. Bedford, of Twyford, 29th July.

Nutt, Mr. George, son of John Nutt, Esq., Town
Clerk of Canterbury, to Sybell Julia, dau. of the
late John Weippert, Esq., of Soho-square, 31st

Oldfield, Thomas, Esq., of the Middle Temple,
barrister-at-law, eldest son of T. B. Oldfield, Esq.,
of Champion-hill, Surrey, to Louisa Margaret
third dau. of Simeon Warner, Esq., of Black-
heath, Kent, 10th August.

Oliver, James, E-q., of Lansdowne-lodge, Kensing-
ton-park, to Georgiana Sophia, only surviving dau.
of the late Wm. Cartwright, Esq., 24th July.
O'Neill, J. Gower, second son of Bernard O'Neill,
Esq., Woolwich, to Caroline, only dau. of J. H.
Keats, Esq., of Fulham, Middlesex, 27th July.
Ottley, Herbert Taylor, youngest son of the late
Warner Ottley, Esq., of York-terrace, Regent's
park, and Stanwell, Middlesex, to Kate, eldest
dau. of James Bell, Esq., of Newton Forbes,
24th July.

Oxley, Edward, Esq., to Margaret, dau. of Wm.
Wilson, Esq., of Wandsworth common, 3rd

Paget. Rev. Thomas Bradley Paget, vicar of Welton
to Sophia Beckett, third dau. of Edmund Deni
son, Esq., of Doncaster, 19th August.

Pain. Thomas, eldest son of George l'ain, Esq., of
Salisbury, to Georgiana, youngest dau. of the
late Jonathan Smith, Esq., of Toxteth-park, near
the former place, 29th July.

Paine, Thomas, Esq., of Park-village, Regent's
park, to Anna, eldest dau, of James Neave, Esq.,
of Downham-grove, 18th August.
Parrington, Rev. M. of Chichester, to Lucy Jane,
eldest dau, of W. H. Roberts, Esq., of the former
place, 3rd August.

Paton, George, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge,
and Lincoln's-inn, Esq., barrister-at-law, to
Laura Sophia, second dau. of the late Frederick
R Coore, Esq., of Devonshire-place, 18th Aug.
Pattle, Captain Thomas, 16th Lancers, to Marian
Lucia, second dau. of the late John.rvaise
Maude, Esq., of Great George-street, Westmin-
ster, 18th Aug.

Petre, Hon. Frederick, to Georgiana, eldest dau. of

the late Sir Christopher Musgrave, Bart., of Eden-hall, Cumberland, 29th July. Phillips, John, Esq., of Hastings, to Phoebe Patience, eldest dau. of Wm. Hninphrey Pilcher, Esq., of New Broad-street, 31st July. Philpot, John, jun.. Esq., of Southampton-street, Bloomsbury, to Elizabeth Mary, youngest dau. of the late Captain John Gold, of the Brunswick Hussars, 4th August.

Caroline, eldest dau. of the Hon. and Rev. Sir Erasmus Griffies Williams, Bart., of LlwynyWormwood, Carmarthenshire, 18th August. Scarnett, William Henry, Esq., of Greenard, Middlesex, to Miss Ann Elizabeth Brown, of Clapham, 5th August.

Searancke, Francis Joseph, Esq., of St. Alban's, to
Miss Shipton, of New Lodge, Berks, 29th July.
Shaw, Captain, to Madame Cathinka de Dietz, 7th

Shor, Mayow, Esq., chairman of quarter sessions,
to Annis Rachel, dau. of the Rev. Dr. Panton, of
Widcombe, and niece of the Vice-Chancellor of
Jamaica 15th July.

Pickersgill, Frederick Richard. Esq., of Leigh-st.,
Burton-crescent, to Mary N. E. eldest dau. of the
Hon. James Hook, of Sierra Leone, 5th August.
Piper, Captain Robert M. of Cumberland-house,
Shepherd's Bush, and Rusper, Sussex, to Mary
Christiana Louisa Weiss, of Chester-terrace, Re-Smith, Alfred, Esq., of Derby, son of the late George
gent's Park, and Brighton, 12th August.
Pocklington, Captain, late 52nd Light Infantry, to
Barbara Campbell, only child of the late Alexan-
der Scott Broomfield, Esq., of Rosemore, co.
Clare, and Hollywood, co. Wicklow, Ireland, 9th

Ponder, James, only son of Mr. Richard Ponder,
Duke-street, St. James's, London, to Hannah,
youngest surviving dau. of the late Mr. James
Daws, of Attleborough, Norfolk, 4th August.
Pope, Peter Montagu, M. D., second son of the
late Rev. Robert Pope, to Sarah, eldest dau. of
Samuel Mercer, Esq., of West Farleigh, 28th

Portalis, Andree Nicholas, Esq., of Beyrout, and of
Beteta, Mount Lebanon, to Jane Cundall, eldest
dau. of Robert Brockholes Parker, Esq. R.N.
28th June.

Preston, Charles, third son of the late Admiral]
Preston, of Askam Bryan, in the county of York,
to Mary Sullivan, third dau. of John Dalton,
Esq., of Steningford park, in the same county,
and of Fillingham Castle, in the county of Lin-
coln, 10th August.

Priden, Rev. Wm. rector of West Stow cum Word-
well, Suffolk, to Marianne, only dau. of John
Worlledge, Esq, of Ingham. 5th August.
Prince, Daniel, Esq., of Hendon, Middlesex, to
Anne, eldest dau. of the late Vice-Admiral Sir
Thomas Boulden Thompson, Bart., G.C.B., of
Hartsbourne, Herts, 18th August.

Smith, Esq., of Selsdon, in the county of Surrey,
to Mary, eldest dau. of the Right Hon. Sir James
Wigram, Vice-Chancellor, 3rd August.

Smith, John Prince, only son of the late John
Prince Smith, barrister-at-law, of Demerara, to
Charlotte Augusta, dau. of the late J. G. Som-
merbrodt, banker, of Berlin, 2d August.
Smythe, George, Esq., of Bradfield villa, St. John's
Wood, to Marian, widow of the late Wm. Tyler,
Esq., of Kensington, 31st July.

Sneppe, Edward, Esq., of Thurloe square, to Han-
nah Neville, sixth dau. of the late Wm. Spong,
Esq., of Cobtree-house, near Maidstone, Kent,
14th July.

Stevens, Edward, Esq., of London, to Jane Sarah, relict of James Graves, Rochester, 7th August. Stevenson, Martin, Esq., of Valparaiso, to Clara Valentina, dau. of Hugh Cuming, Esq., of Gowerstreet, London, 6th May.

Stewart, John Grant, Esq., M.D., Deputy Medical
Inspector of Naval Hospitals and Fleets, to Ella,
third dau. of W. Fossett, Esq., of the Admiralty,
3rd August.

Stronghill, Charles, Esq, of Coleman-street, Lon-
don, and of Brixton, Surrey, solicitor, to Caroline,
second dau. of Thomas Gulliver, Esq., of Blox-
ham, near Banbury 29th July.
Suckling, Captain Wm. B., R.N., of Highwood-
lodge, Hanipshire, eldest son of the late Colonel
Suckling, 3rd Dragoon Guards, of Banham
Haugh, in the county of Norfolk, to Caroline
Loaden, second dau. of the late Wm. Loaden,
Esq., of Rose-hill, near Bideford, in the county
of Devon, 6th August.

Pringle, Captain R. E. to Emily, only dau. of the
late Professor Malthus, 17th August.
Prior, Rev. John Lawrence, M.A., vicar of Maldon,
only son of A. R. Prior, Esq., to Emma Catha-Taylor,
rine, youngest dau. of the late Sir W. Lawrence
Young, Bart., of Delaford, Bucks 22d July.
Pritchard, North, Esq., of Norwood, Surrey, to
Mary, youngest dau. of Henry Aston Barker,
Esq., of Bitton, 29th July.

Pullen, Rev. Joseph, Fellow of Corpus Christi
College, and incumbent of St. Benedict's, Cam-
bridge, to Frances Elizabeth, eldest dau. of the
late Rev. Richard Carrow, of Redland, Glocester-
shire, 26th July.

Parvis, Arthur, Esq., Madras Civil Service, eldest
son of Lieut -Col. Purvis, of Darsham-house,
Suffolk, to Mary Jane, second dau. of Colonel
Clark Kennedy, of Knockgray, C.B, K.H., and
Aide de-Camp to the Queen. 7th August.
Ravenhill, Henry, Esq., of Clapham-common, to
Emily, dau. of Thomas Puckle, Esq., of the
same place, 18th August.
Richardson, Sir John, Inspector of Hospitals, Has.
lar, to Mary, youngest dau. of the late Archibald
Fletcher, Esq., advocate, Edinburgh, 4th Aug.
Robinson, Jolin Beverley, Esq., second son of Chief
Justice Robinson, of Upper Canada, to Mary
Jane, eldest dau. of the late Hon. Mr. Justice
Hagerman, 30th June.

Sanctuary, Rev. Thos. of Croughton, Northampton-
shire, to Isabel Lloyd, third dau. of the late Right
Rev. Charles Lord Bishop of Oxford, 10th Aug.
Saunders, Richard, of Largay, in the county of
Cavan, Esq., to Jane, relict of Richard Leigh,
Esq., of Hawley-house, Kent, 31st July.
Savage, Wm. Mawdley, eldest son of Thomas Sav-,
age, Esq., of Midsomer Norton, Somerset, to

Russell Scot, Esq., eldest son of the late
John Edward Taylor, Esq., of Manchester, to
Emily Maria, only dau. of the late Gideon Ac-
land, Esq., barrister-at-law, of St. Thomas,
Upper Canada, 12th August.

Taylor, Vincentio Corbett, Captain of the 3rd Mad-
ras Light Infantry, to Jane, eldest dau. of W.R.
Robinson, Esq., of Portman square, 17th Aug.
Train, George, Esq., John street, Bedford-row,
London, to Grace Harriet, youngest dau. of John
Babington, Esq., late Madras Civil Service, 11th

Turner, Benjamin Brecknell, of the Haymarket,
London, to Agnes, eldest dau. of Henry Cham-
berlain, Esq., of Bredicot court, near Worcester,
17th August.

Twining, Henry, Esq., second son of Thomas
Twining, Esq., of Perryn-house, Twickenham, to
Mara Matilda, eldest dau. of Wm. Saunders, Esq.
of Wandsworth-common, 10th August.
Tylden, Captain, Royal Artillery, to Lucy, eldest
dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas Downman, C.
B., and K C.H., 12th August.

Vores, Wm. Esq., M.D., to Jane Ann, the second
dau. of George Mallam, Esq., of the Upper Mail,
Hammersmith, 3rd August.

Wake, Mr. Wm. Orpwood, of Mount Brown, Dub-
lin, to Mary, youngest dau. of Mr. John W.
Parker, of West Strand, London, 17th August.
Waley, Jacob, Esq., of Lincoln's-inn, barrister-at-
law, to Matilda, youngest dau of the late Joseph
Salomons, Esq., 28th July.

Waring, Edward John, fourth son of the late Capt.
Waring. R. N., of Lyme Regis, Dorset, to Caro-

line Ann, eldest dau of Wm. Day, Esq. of Had. low, Sussex, one of Her Majesty's Deputy-Lieutenants for that county, 3rd August. Watkins, Rev. Fred. B.D, Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools, to Amelia, eldest dau. of the Rev. George Millet, M. A., vicar of Silkstone, Yorkshire, 5th August.

Weippert, John, Esq., of Soho-square, to Dorothy
Ann, eldest dau. of John Nutt, Esq., Town Clerk
of Canterbury, 31st July.

Whitaker, T. H. Esq., of the Holme, Lancashire, to
Mary, eldest dau. of James B. Garforth, Esq, of
Coniston in-Craven, 21st July.

Williams, Frederick Sims, M. A., of Trinity College,
Cambridge, and of Lincoln's-inn, barrister-at-law,
to Katharine Eliza, dau. of John Smith, Esq., of
Twickenham, 10th August.

Wodehouse, the Right Hon. John Baron, of Kim-
berley park, in the county of Norfolk, to Florence,
eldest dau. of Colonel the Hon. Richard Fitz-
Gibbon, 16th August.

Worthington, Edward Esq., of Dee House, Chester, to Maria, dau. of Christopher Temple, Esq., Queen's Counsel, 3rd August.

Wyatt, George, Esq., Her Majesty's Civil Service, to Emily Jane, third dau. of Thomas Percival Mayhew, Esq., of North Brixton, 14th August,

Annotated Obituary.

Adderley, Thomas, Esq. at Upper Clapton, aged 92.

Allen, Miss Jane, at Islington, 28th July. Andrews, Thomas, Esq. of Hempsted, Essex, 18th August.

Angell, Edward, Esq. of apoplexy, at Notting Hill, aged 77, 13th August. Armstrong, Edmund James, Esq. at Edinburgh, aged 18, 26th July. He was only son of the late Lieut. E. J. Armstrong, R N. of Cheshunt, Herts, nephew of the late Lieut.-Gen. George Andrew Armstrong, and grandson of the Rev. William Archibald Armstrong, of Pengelly Lodge, whose father, Edmund Armstrong. Esq. of Fortie Hall, Enfield, and of Percystreet, London, the well-known Army | Agent, Groom of the Privy Chamber to George III, was fourth son of Andrew Armstrong, Esq. Treasurer of the King's County, by Alphra, his wife, dau. of Bigoe Henzell, Esq. of Barnagrotty. The family of Armstrong, in ancient times settled on the Scottish Border, has been established in high repute in Ireland since the commencement of the 17th century. Its present representatives are Sir ANDREW ARMSTRONG, Bart. of Gallen Priory, and JOHN WARNEFORD ARMSTRONG, Esq. of Ballycumber, King's County.

Barlow, Capt. Philip, late of the 22nd

Reg., at Pau, aged 74, 29th July.
Barton, Lucinda, youngest dau. of the late
John Barton, Esq. at Leatherhead, 23rd

Boynton, Mrs. Lydia, at Kensington, aged
85, 9th August.

Boys, The Rev. Henry, Assistant Chaplain,
E. I. C S. Bengal, youngest son of the
late John Boys, formerly of Ashcombe, at
Simla, aged 37, 20th May.

Braddon, Louisa Charlotte, youngest dau.
of William Braddon, Esq, of Lifton-park,
Devon, 8th July.

Braine, Joanna, wife of George Thomas Braine, Esq. late of Canton, and dau. of Adam W. Elmslie, Esq. in Great Cumberland-place, Hyde-park, 29th July. Brockman, The Rev. William, of Beachborough, Kent, a Magistrate for that county, aged 58, 3rd August. The old Kentish family of Brockman appears on record so early as the time of Richard 11. when a grant, enrolled among the patents in the Tower, was made to John Brockman, of the Manor of Pirrie, extending to Old Romney, in the co. of Kent. The male line terminated in 1767, at the decease of James Brockman, Esq. of Beachborough, who devised his estates to his cousin, The Rev. Ralph Drake. That gentleman adopted the surname of the testator and died in 1781, leaving a son and successor, James Drake Brockman, Esq. of Beachborough, High Sheriff of Kent in 1791. He married CatherineElizabeth, dau. of the Rev. William Tatton. D.D. and dying in 1832, was succeeded by his then elder and surviving son, the Rev. William Brockman, whose decease we record.

Begbie, Thomas, Esq. at Maines, co. Ber- Broughton, Sir John Delves, Bart. 9th Auwick, 5th August.

Blackburn, Mrs. widow of the late James!

Blackburn, Esq. of Whitby, co. York,
aged 51, 3rd August.

Blood, Lieut.-Col. late of the 68th Light
Infantry, at Bath, 22nd July.
Borthwick, William Thomas, Esq. Surgeon,
of Chepstow, aged 29, 11th August.

gust. Sir John, the seventh Baronet of Broughton, whose death occurred at Bank Farm, Kingston-upon-Thames, possessed considerable estates in the counties of Stafford, Chester, and Lincoln. He entered the army at the age of sixteen, in 1785, and became a full General in 1837. He was the eldest son of the Rev. Sir

1821 to 1831 acted as Commandant of Chatham; and in the latter year was made Deputy-Governor of Stirling Castle. The family from which the deceased gentleman descended-the Christies of Stenton, co. Haddington-was one of considerable respectability in East Lothian. Sir Archibald's immediate progenitor, James Christie, Esq. of Stenton, married Jane, daughter of James Foulis, Esq. of Ratho, and was grandfather of Archibald Christie, Esq. of Ratho, who wedded Anne, daughter of Sir Alexander Gordon, Bart. of Lesmore, and had a son, the late James Christie, Esq. of Riddry. Sir Archibald himself married Jane, only child of George Dwyer, Esq. third son of John Dwyer, Esq. of Singland, co. Limerick; and has left a son, Frederick Gordon, and other issue.

Thomas Broughton, sixth Baronet of Broughton, and grandson of Sir Brian Broughton, fifth Baronet, who assumed the surname of Delves, in compliance with the will of his maternal grandfather, Sir Thomas Delves, Bart. of Doddington. Paternally, the deceased Baronet derived from Richard de Vernon, Lord of Brough. ton, fourth son of Hugo de Vernon, Baron of Shipbrook at the time of the Conquest. His ancestors in the female line, the Delves', were of consideration for centuries in the counties of Stafford and Chester, and derived in direct descent from Sir Henry Delves. of Delves Hall, brother and heir of Sir John Delves, who, in the 20th of Edward III. was one of the four Esquires who attended James, Lord Audley, K.G., in the French wars of the Black] Prince, and who, for their services at the Battle of Poictiers, were rewarded with Clark, George, Esq. at Sion-place, Islean annuity of five hundred marks among worth. 26th July.

them, and were allowed an addition to Clarke, Thomas, Esq. of Burton Crescent, their arms bearing a similitude to their

aged 68, 11th August.

Captain, Lord Audley's coat. The Ba-Clark, Arthur, Esq. M.D. youngest son of ronet whose decease we are recording was born in 1769, and married, in 1792, Eliza-| beth, sister of Sir John Egerton, Bart. of Oulton-park, co. Chester, but leaves no issue. His successor to the title is his brother, the present Rev. Sir Henry Delves Broughton, eighth Baronet, who is married, and has several children. Browne, Thomas Braine, Esq. at Pimlico, aged 35, 7th August.

Butler. Thomas Delves, Esq. son of Thomas
Butler, Esq. of Brighton, at Finchley,
23rd July.

Campbell, Colin, Esq. late of London and
Rotterdam, at Edinburgh, aged 69, 29th

Carter, Noel Norton, Esq. at York, 28th

Charlton, Henry, Lieutenant in Her Ma-
jesty's 7th Royal Fusiliers, youngest son
of W. J. Charlton, late of Rochester,
Esq. at Southampton, aged 21, 9th Au
Christie, Charles Forbes, Esq. Captain,
Bombay Army, at the Isle of Wight,
aged 30, 7th August.

Christie, Sir Archibald, K.C.H. 10th Au-
gust. This gallant officer, Colonel of the
1st Royal Veteran Battalion, and Deputy
Governor of Stirling Castle, was born in
1771, the eldest son of the late James
Christie, Esq. of Riddry, co. Lanark, by
Lucy, his wife, daughter of John Beard-
esley, Esq. of Glascot, co. Warwick. At
the age of nineteen he entered the army,
by purchase, as Ensign in the Royal
Highlanders, and served in Flanders, and
Holland, where he was wounded. In 1811
he received the appointment of Comman-
dant-General of Army Hospitals, from

the late John Clark, Esq. formerly of Poole, co. Dorset, in Stanhope-street, Regent's-park, three days after his arrival from the United States, 26th July. Cochrane, Sarah, wife of J. G. Cochrane, Esq. at St. James's-square, 20th August. Cockburn, General Sir George. This veteran soldier and politician died on the 18th Aug. at his seat, Shanganagh Castle, near Bray, Ireland. He was eldest son of George Cockburn, Esq. of Dublin, by Anne, his wife, eldest dau. of Charles Caldwell, Esq. and sister of the late gallant Admiral Sir Benjamin Caldwell, G.C.B. His family claimed to be a scion of the ancient Scottish house of Cockburn, of Cockburn and Ryslaw, now represented by Sir William S. R. Cockburn. General Cockburn, who had been for a long period on the retired list of the army, was well known for his attachment to Cobbett, and always advocated the principles of reform. The passing of the Reform Bill he commemorated by a column erected near his residence, but this he afterwards swept a way, for the Whigs went too slow for him, and he gave in his adhesion to Conservatism and Sir Robert Peel. He died at the age of 82. His military career dated from the year 1781, when he entered the Army as Ensign in the 1st Reg. of Foot Guards. At the famous Siege of Gibraltar, he acted as Aid-de-Camp to General Elliott; and in 1785, he purchased the Captain-Lieutenancy of the 65th Regiment, then quartered in Dublin, and commanded by Lord Harrington, who was thenceforward a kind friend to him. Shortly after he embarked with the regiment for Canada; but, before

sailing, an order to leave a Captain at Digby, Loftus, youngest son of the late home to recruit, fell on Mr. Cockburn as Rev. John Digby, on his passage from junior. Passing through the subordinate Jamaica, aged 18.

gradations, he became, in 1793, Lieut.- Douglas, Admiral John Erskine, at SparColonel, by purchase, of the 92nd Reg. rows, near Watford, aged 89, 25th July. and attained the rank of Major-General Du Bois, Edward, only son of Mr. Du in 1806, when he was placed on the Staff Bois, of the Middle Temple, aged 13, in England. In 1810, he joined Sir J. 16th August. Stewart's Army in Sicily, and was present when Murat landed 3,000 men near Stephano. Being made Lieutenant-General in 1811, he returned home, and was never employed afterwards, although he made many applications. Sir George was born 21st Feb. 1764, and married, 8th March, 1790, his cousin Eliza, eldest daughter of Phineas Riall, Esq. of Clonmell, by whom He had two sons, George and PhineasCharles, and four daughters, the eldest of whom, Catherine, married, in 1817, Capt. Hamilton, R.N

Cohen Grace, relict of the late Judah Cohen,

Esq. of Nottingham-place, 15th August. Coley, Charles, Esq. of Tuffnell-place, Upper Holloway, aged 74, 8th August. Cooke, Josiah J. Esq. late of the Army Victualling Department, at Camberwell, 31st July.

Cooke, Sarah, relict of the late Robert

Cooke, Esq. at Clapham, 14th August. Conolly, Matilda, third daughter of the late Valentine Conolly, Esq. of Portlandplace, 16th August.

Combe, Dr. Andrew, one of the Physicians

in Ordinary, in Scotland, to the Queen,
at Edinburgh, aged 40, 9th August.
Coulson, Mrs. George, at Cottingham Castle,
co. York, aged 67, 4th August.
Coventry, Twisleton Fiennes Arthur, second
son of Thomas William Coventry, grand-
son of George William, sixth Earl of
Coventry, in his 18th year, 1st August.
Craigie, Diana, of 42. Finsbury-square, only
surviving daughter of the late Captain
Craigie, at Chalk, near Gravesend, 3rd

Crozier, Mrs. K. B. at Westhill, Norton,
Isle of Wight, 17th August.
Cuerton, Richard, Esq. at Jersey, 9th Aug.
Cumberland, George, son of Sydney Cum-]
berland, and grandson of George Cumber-
land,, Esq of Bristol, at Guildford, in his
31st year, 18th July.

Dand, The Rev. Michael, M.A. Rector of
Clifton, Westmoreland, aged 39, 19th

Deare, Philip Charles, Second Lieutenant
in Her Majesty's 21st Fusiliers, only son
of the late Philip Deare, 69th Regiment
Bengal Native Infantry, at Cawnpore, of
acute dysentery, aged 18, 2nd June.
Dickson, George William, son of George
Frederick Dickson, Esq. of Hanover
Terrace, Regent's Park, at Monte Video,
29th May.

Dunsandle, James, Lord. His Lordship,
who died recently at his seat, Dunsandle,
co. Galway, represented for many years
his native county in Parliament, and was
created a Peer of Ireland 6th June, 1845.
He possessed a valuable landed property
in the West of Ireland, and was highly
esteemed as a worthy country gentleman,
and a kind and excellent landlord. His
father, the late Right Hon. Denis Daly,
of Dunsandle, Muster-Master-General of
Ireland, sat for a lengthened period in the
Irish Parliament, in which he became
eminently distinguished for his eloquence
and ability; he was a leading statesman
of those days so prolific in illustrious
names; and is described by Grattan as
"one of the best and brightest characters
Ireland ever produced." His wife was
only dau. and heiress of Robert, Earl of
Farnham, and, through that lady, Lord
Dunsandle derived in direct descent from
the Plantagenets as well as from the Kings
of Scotland and Robert Bruce. The de-
ceased Peer married, in 1808, Maria,
dau. and coheir of the late Right Hon.
Sir Edward Skeffington Smyth, Bart. and
has left two daughters and five sons. the
eldest of whom, Denis, succeeds as second
Lord Dunsandle. The Right Rev. Robert
Daly, the eloquent Bishop of Cashel, is
only brother of the late Lord.
Eaton Richard Jefferson, Esq. of Stethworth
Park, Cambridgeshire, 27th July. Capt.
Eaton formerly represented the county of
Cambridge in Parliament, and acted
with the Conservative party. His father,
Richard Eaton, Esq. was a banker at
Newmarket, and possessed a good estate
near that town. Capt. Eaton married,
26th Nov. 1839, Charlotte Elizabeth,
second daughter of Henry John Conyers,
Esq. of Copped Hall, Essex, and has left

Elliott, John Alexander, Esq. of Cowper
House, Old Brompton, aged 24, 12th

Ellis, Mrs. relict of Owen Ellis, Esq. at
Bath, 22nd July.

Ellis, Mary, widow of Francis Ellis, Esq. at
Westbourne terrace, 2nd August.

Egerton, Mrs. at Chelsea, aged 65, 3rd
August. This distinguished actress, of
the Kemble school and period, was the
daughter of the Rev. Peter Fisher, Rector
of Torrington in Devonshire. She was
born there in 1782. Her introduction to

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