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Bells, Arthur, Esq. of Brompton Grove,|

aged 73, 14th Sept. Birch, Jonathan, Esq. at the Palace of Belle Vue, near Berlin, where the poet had the honour to reside by favour of the King of Prussia, aged 64, 8th Sept. Mr. Birch was the translator of Goethe's Faust," both parts; and had, just before his death, completed a poetical translation of the popular German legend,

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The Nibelungen Lied," which, under
Royal patronage, will be published in
German and English.

Bishop Thomas, Esq. Surgeon, R.N., at
Islington, aged 59, 23rd Aug.
Bishop, Elizabeth Kyd, youngest daughter
of Lieutenant William Edward Bishop,
R.N., and sister of William Edward
Coyte Bishop, surgeon, Easington, of
consumption, at Easington, Durham,
aged 18, 10th Sept.

Bowyer, William, Esq. at Hitchin, Herts,
aged 69, 31st Aug.

Bramston. Charlotte, relict of Thos. Gar-
diner Bramston, Esq. of Skreens, and
second daughter of the late Sir Henry
Hawley, Bart., of Leybourn-grange,
Kent, at Sprinfield Lyons, Essex, aged
65, 25th Aug.

Broad, Mary Boase, only daughter of
Francis B. Broad, at Beaconsfield, 7th

Brodie, Ellen, eldest daughter of the late
David Brodie, Esq. of Calcutta, at Brix-
ton, 25th Aug.

Buckland, Mrs. Elizabeth, at Plumstead, 13th Sept.

Budd, Caroline Anne, youngest daughter of the late Richard Budd, Esq. of Haverstock Hill, 14th Sept.

Mary, eldest daughter of the late Right Hon. John Calcraft, M.P., and leaves six sons and two daughters of the former the eldest is now Sir Thomas John Burke, Bart., of Marble Hill, M.P. for the county of Galway. Burnaby, Rita Briones, the youngest dau. of Major R. B. Burnaby, Royal Artillery, in Dublin, after a short but severe illness, aged three years and eight months, 13th Sept.

Burton, Rev. W. G. P, upwards of 32 years rector of St. Thomas in-the-Vale, in Spanish-town, Jamaica, 29th July. He was the second son of the late Rev. W. Burton, formerly rector of Faccomb cum Tangley, Hants, and latterly of Falmouth Trelawney, in the Island of Jamaica.

Caddell, Capt. Walter, E.I.C S., 22d June.
Cane, Thomas, Esq. late of Norwood Green,
aged 71, 15th Sept.

Carlisle, Nicholas, Esq. K.H., D.C.L.,
F.R.S. &c., upwards of 40 years one of
the Secretaries to the Society of Anti-
quaries, aged 77, 27th Aug.
Cartwright, Thomas, Esq. at the Hill,
Bewdley, aged 80, 10th Sept.
Chamberlain, John, Esq. of Teignmouth,
at London, aged 70, 26th Aug.
Chandless, Henry Burton, only child of
John Chandless, Esq. 8th Sept.
Chapman, Sarah, wife of Thomas Sands
Chapman, Esq. at the Park, Ashton
Clinton, 14th Sept.

Christie, Lieut.-Col. G. L., late of the
3rd Regiment or Buffs, at Belmont, Bath,
16th Aug.

Clarke, Dinah Mary, wife of W. Lawrence
Clarke, Esq. at Pentonville, 28th Aug.
Clarke, Charles, Esq., at Dulwich, aged 75,
7th Sept.

Clement, Sarah, wife of James Kinlock
Clement, Esq. of Leytonstone, Essex, at
Brighton, 22nd Aug.
Cooch, William, Esq. of Kennington, for-
merly of Vale Cottage, near Markgate
Street, Herts, aged 77, 10th Sept.
Cook, Charles, Esq. of Montpelier, South
Lambeth, aged 50, 14th Sept.
Cotton, Charles B., Esq., of Kingsgate,
Isle of Thanet, at Montague Place,
aged 80, 5th Sept.

Burke, Colonel Sir John, Bart., of Marble
Hill, co. Galway, at his son, Mr. Charles
Granby Burke's House,, in Dublin.
This gentleman inherited a very consider-
able estate from his father, who acquired
it by successful agricultural pursuits.
That gentleman, the late Sir Thomas
Burke, on whom the title was conferred,
died in 1813, leaving one son, the Baronet
just deceased, and five daughters; first,
Maria, wife of Maurice O'Connor, Esq. of
Mount Pleasant, and mother of the Coun-
tess Dowager of Dysart; second, Julia, m.
to Malachy Daly, Esq. of Raford; third,
Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Clanri-
carde; fourth, Anne, widow of the late Sir
Henry Tichbourne, Bart., and Eleanor,
who m. first Nicholas Browne, Esq. of
Mount Heazle, and secondly, Percy,
present Viscount Strangford. Sir John
Burke, the only son, whose death we now aged 62, 24th Aug.
record, sat, for a period, in the House
of Commons, as Knight of his native
shire, and always supported the Whig
Government. He m. in 1812, Elizabeth

Crafer, John Esq. Collector of Customs at
Galle, at Columba, Ceylon, aged 34, 29th

Croasdaile, Mrs., widow of the late J. A.

Croasdaile, Esq., at Hargrave-lodge, Stansted, 11th Sept.

Cundy, John William, Esq. at Ramsgate,

Cust, General Frederick, Esq. of the 51st
N. I., third son of the late Hon. W.
Cust, Commissioner of Customs, at La-
hore, 8th June.

Dayshe, Esq. formerly of New Grove,
near Petworth, 18th Sept.

Deane, Anne, widow of the late Captain
Charles Meredith Deane, of the 24th
Dragoons, at Bath, 20th Aug.

de Horne, Esq. of the Stock Exchange, at Thetford, aged 27, 13th Sept.

Dent, Mrs., of Fitzroy Square, aged 54,

Square, the eminent lecturer on anatomy and surgery, aged 45, 12th Sept. Desbrisay, Harriet Anne, wife of the Rev. T. H. Desbrisay, at Yealmpton Vicarage, 20th Aug.

Dillon, La Baronne Henrietta Sophia Isa-
bella, at Blackheath, 25th Aug.
Dimond, John Baker, Esq. of Torquay,

Dalrymple, Lieut.-Col. Campbell James, at the Havana, on the 17th of July, after a long and painful illness. This gentleman formerly A. D. C. to Lord Viscount Combermere, when Governor of Barbadoes and H. M. Commissioner of Arbi- De Horne, George, second son of Abraham tration in the mixed court of justice, established at the Havana between Great Britain and Spain for the suppression of the slave trade, fell a victim to the un- 17th Sept. healthy tropical climate of Surinam and Dermott, George Darby, Esq. of Bedford the Havana, in which he served his Queen and country nineteen years. He leaves a widow and five children to lament his loss. Colonel Dalrymple was the eldest son of Hew Dalrymple, Esq., Major of the 49th Regiment and A. D. C. to the Duke of Rutland when LordLieut. of Ireland, by Maryanne, his wife, daughter and heiress of James Straker, aged 62, 31st Aug. Esq., Barrister-at-Law, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of the Hon. James Bruce, of Gartlet, co. Clackmanan, Chief Judge of the Island of Barbados, grandson of Robert Bruce, Esq., of Kennet. The Colonel's father, Major Hew Dalrymple, was third son of General Campbell Dalrymple, Col. of the 3rd Dragoons and Governor of Guadaloupe, who first taught the British Army the broad sword exercise and published in 1761, "A military essay on the raising, arming, clothing, and discipline of the British infantry and cavalry." General Dalrymple was a younger son of the Hon. Sir Hew Dalrymple, Bart, M.P. for North Berwick, Lord President of the Court of Session, and one of the Commissioners appointed to accomplish the treaty of the union, third son of James, 1st Viscount Stair.

Dalziel, Sarah, widow of the late R Dalziel,
Esq. artist, 3rd Sept.
Davenport, Edward Davies, Esq. at Capes-
thorne Hall, aged 69, 9th Sept. Mr.
Davenport, who possessed the estates of
Calveley, Woodford, and Capesthorne in
Cheshire, and that of Court Garden,
Bucks, was the eldest son of the late
Davies Davenport, Esq. of Capesthorne,
M.P. for Cheshire from 1806 to 1830, by
Charlotte, his wife, daughter of Ralph
Sneyd, Esq. of Keel, co. Stafford.


was born 27th April, 1778, and m. 8th
November, 1830, Caroline Anne, dau. of
Richard Hurt, Esq. of Wirksworth, and
has left a son and heir, Arthur Henry,
Few families in Cheshire, a county
abounding in ancient and eminent houses.
hold a higher possession than that of
Davenport, deriving as it does from
Ormus de Davenport, living temp. Con-

Day, Agnes, Eliza, daughter of Dr. Day,
of Southwick-street. 17th Sept.
Dayshe, Elizabeth, relict of the late George

Disney, Augusta Georgina, relict of Wm. Disney, Esq. at Kingston-on-Thames, 18th Sept.

Dobson, Sir Richard, M.D., F.R.S. &c., Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets, aged 74, 1st Sept. This gentleman, descended from a branch of an ancient Westmoreland family, was born in 1744, entered the navy as a surgeon in 1797, and, after a service of seven and twenty years, was appointed Chief of the Medical Staff of Greenwich Hospital, with a salary of £500 a year.

In 1814 he became a Knight of St. Wladimir, in 1815 received the insignia of the Order of the Danuebrog, and in 1831 was knighted by his own Sovereign. Sir Richard married, first, in 1841, Miss Alsten, second dau. of the late Wm. Alsten, Esq. of Rochesster; and secondly, in 1824, Miss Purves, third daughter of Sir Alexander Purves, Bart., of Purves Hall.

Drake, Elizabeth Anne, only surviving dau.
of Capt. John Drake, R.N., aged 27, 5th

Duffield, Mrs., of Duke-street, Portland
Place, aged 79, 21st Aug.

Farrar, Thomas, Esq. late of Cheltenham,
and formerly of the Exchequer Office,
Somerset House, aged 76, 21st Aug.
Fead, Lieut.-Col., Geo. C.B., late of the
Grenadier Guards, son of the late
Lieut-General Fead, Royal Artillery,
aged 65, 13th Sept.

Follett, Lady, relict of the late Sir Wil-
liam Webb Follett. Attorney-General,
9th Sept. Lady Follett was the eldest
dau of Sir Ambrose Hardinge Giffard,
Chief Justice of Ceylon, by Harriett,
his wife, dau. of Lovell Pennell, Esq.
of Lyme-Regis, and grand-daughter of
John Giffard, Esq., Accountant-General
of H. M. Customs at Dublin, whose fa-
ther Henry Giffard, was the eldest though
disinherited son of John Giffard, Esq.,
of Brightely, co. Devon.

Forster, Sarah, widow of Joseph Forster,

Gresley, Bart. The family of Gresley ranks in antiquity with the oldest in the empire, and was founded in England by one of the companions in arms of the Conqueror, Nigell, the youngest son of Roger de Toeny, standard bearer of Normandy.

Esq. late of Bromley, 8th Sept. Fraser, Vincent Hanson, medical pupil of King's College, second son of Simon Fraser, Esq., member of the Board of Commissioners at Meerut, in the Hon. East India Company's Bengal Establishment, a most amiable and promising young man, aged 21, 7th Sept. Freeth, Miss, of Standard Hill, near Nottingham, at Brighton, 14th Sept. Fullerton, George Alexander, Esq. of Bal. lintoy Castle, co. Antrim, and Tocking- Hamilton, John, Esq. Advocate of Edinton Manor, co. Gloucester, aged 71, 16th | burgh, 3rd Sept.


Grosvenor, Margaret, wife of W. L. Grosvenor, Esq. at Lower Edmonton, 17th Sept.

Hague, Miss Judith, of Tottenham, at Hastings.

Hornsey, 12th Sept.

Sept. He was the son of Dawson Down-Harman, Anne, wife of H. W. Harman, ing, Esq., of Rowesgift, co. Londonderry, Esq., C. E. of Northfleet. Kent, 31st Aug. and great grandson of the famous Cok Harvey, Elizabeth Frances, eldest child of Adam Downing, a distinguished adherent the Rev. Richard Harvey, rector of of William III., in the Irish war. The surname of Fullerton he assumed on inheriting a considerable property from his maternal grand-uncle, Alexander Fullerton, of Ballintoy. The family of Downing is of very ancient descent, and was settled, in the time of Henry VIII., in the county of Essex, the head of the house, Geoffrey Downynge. Esq., of Poles Belcham, being then described as a person of rank and fortune. To the munificence and public spirit of one of his descendants, Sir George Downing. Bart., K.B., of East Hatley, the University of Cambridge owes the foundation of Downing College. Mr. Fullerton, whose decease we record, has left several children. His eldest daughter, Frances, is wife of Sir Andrew Armstrong, Bart., M.P.; and his eldest son, Captain Alexander George Fullerton, married in 1833, Lady Georgiana Leveson Gower, second daughter of the late Earl Granville, a lady well known in the literary world by her popular novels of "Ellen Middleton " and "Grantley Manor.

Gell, Mary-Ann, wife of F. T. Gell, Esq.

of Devonshire-street, Portland-place, 16th

Gordon, Rosa, relict of the late James
Gordon, Esq. of Xerez-de-la-Frontera,
near Cadiz, aged 83, 14th Aug.
Gregg, Maria, widow of the late Henry
Gregg, Esq., at Park-square, aged 75,
2nd Sept.

Green, Theophilus, Esq., at Brighton, aged
77, 15th Sept.

Gresley, the Rev. Sir William Nigel, Bart. He was eldest son of the late Rev. Wm. Gresley, of Netherseale, and succeeded to the Baronetcy at the demise of his kinsman, Sir Roger Gresley, M.P., of Drakelow, co. Derby. He was born in 1806, and married in 1831, Georgina Anne, second daughter of the late Geo. Reid, Esq., by whom he has left issue, the eldest son being the present Sir Thos.

Havers, William Joseph, second son of
Thomas Havers, Esq. of Thelton Hall,
co. Norfolk, at Rio Janeiro, 27th June.
Hawtayne, Esther, wife of the Rev. W. G.
Hawtayne, at Blackheath, 25th Aug.
Higgins, the Rev. Joseph, rector of East-
nor, (to which he was instituted in 1795),
and of Pixley, co. Hereford, a Deputy-
Lieutenant for that shire, and in the com-
mission of the peace for the counties of
Hereford, Worcester, and Gloucester;
aged 76, 7th Sept. The following day
his widow, Mary, daughter of T. Hussay,
gent., died aged 75. They have left issue,
1st, Thomas, in holy orders, of Stoulton,
co. Worcester; 2nd, Joseph Allen, of
West Bank, near Ledbury; 3rd, Samuel,
of Berrow Court, co. Worcester 4th,
Edward, in holy orders, of Bosbury House,
near Ledbury; 5th, Robert; 6th, Wil-
; 7th, Francis; 1st, Ann m. to the
Rev. Joseph Lawson Whatley, and 2nd,
Mary. The family of Higgins represents
the ancient house of Clynton of Castle-
ditch, which owned in early times the
greater part of the parish of Eastnor.
Hill, James, Esq. late of Gray's-Inn, at
Islington, aged 46, 26th Aug.
Hobson, Miss Louisa, youngest daughter of
the late Samuel Hobson, Esq. of West
Burton, co. York, at London, 13th Sept.
Hohenzollern Hechingen, The Princess.
The Catholic princedom of Hohenzollern-
Hechingen lies in Suabia, one of the cir-
cles of the Germanic Confederation. The
reigning princess Eugenia, whose death
we record, was the second daughter of the
famous Eugene Beauharnois, Duke of
Leuchtenberg, by his wife Augusta, dau.
of Maximilian, late King of Bavaria.
The Princess Eugenia was born the 23rd
December, 1808, and was married the
22nd May, 1826, to Frederick William
Hermann Constantine, reigning Prince
of Hohenzollern-Hechingen, and Duke
of Sagan, by whom she had no issue.

Charlotte of Wales, 2nd Sept.

John Jones, vicar of Foy, co. Hereford, aged 78, 7th Sept.

Keating, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Henry Shechy, K.C.B. Colonel of the 33rd Regiment, aged 70, 12th Sept. Sir Henry entered the army in 1794, and served in the West Indies, where, at Guadaloupe, he was severely wounded. In 1810 he commanded the attack upon St. Paul's, Isle of Bourbon, and also at the capture of the island itself. In 1837 he became Lieut.-General, and in 1845 obtained the Colonelcy of the 33rd Foot.

Her Serene Highness died on the 1st inst. Huddleston, Richard, Esq. at Sawston Hall, Jones, Margaret, relict of the late Rev. co. Cambridge, aged 79, 15th Sept. The Sawston branch of the ancient race of Hodelston, or Huddleston of Millum Castle, co. Cumberland, became fixed in Cambridgeshire some time in the 15th century through an alliance with the illustrious House of Nevill, an alliance which brought large estates to the family, and entitled its'descendants to quarter the Plantagenet arms. Major Huddleston, whose death we record, served as High Sheriff for Cambridgeshire and Hunts in 1834. He was 10th in lineal descent from Sir William Hoddleston, Knt., and the Lady Isabel Nevill, his wife, sister and coheir of George Nevill, Duke of Bedford. As he dies unmarried, the estates and representation of the family devolve on his brother EDWARD HUDDLESTON, Esq.

Hughes, Susanna, wife of the Rev. Henry
Hughes, Incumbent of All Saints, Gor-
don-square. 1st Sept.

Humby, Elizabeth Jane, wife of Edwin
Humby, Esq. and eldest daughter of
William Clarke, Esq. of St. John's Wood,
8th Sept.

Hume, Sally, relict of the late Abraham
Hume, Esq. formerly of Bilton Grange,
co. Warwick, aged 78, 24th Aug.
James, Richard, Esq. at Lower Phillimore
place, Kensington, aged 86, 3rd Sept.
Jeans, Jane, wife of Thomas Jeans, Esq. at
Naples, 5th August.

Jocelyn, the Hon. Mrs. Two years have
only intervened between the marriage of
this young lady and her death. The lat-
ter melancholy event occurred at Tolly-
more Park, 26th August. Mrs Jocelyn,
who had just completed her 25th year,
was daughter of Major-General Sir Neil
Douglas, K. C. B, Commander of the
Forces in Scotland-a gallant and highly
distinguished officer, who, following the
footsteps of his illustrious ancestors-

And Douglases were heroes every agecommanded the celebrated Highland Regiment, the 79th, at Waterloo. The branch of the noble House of Angus, from which he descends, was known as that of Cruxton and Stobbs." Cecilia, Sir Neil's second daughter, the lady whose early death we record, married, 19th February, 1845, the Hon. Augustus George Frederick Jocelyn, Captain in the 16th Dragoon Guards, youngest son of Robert, late Earl of Roden, by his second wife; and half-brother, consequently, of the present Earl. Johnson, John Bulkeley, Esq. of Mortlake

House, Congleton, aged 75, 14th Sept. Jones, Mrs. Charlotte, formerly miniature painter to H. R. H. the late Princess

Kelsey, F. Esq. late of the Colonial Office,
at Newington, aged 86, 6th Sept.
Kennedy, the Rev. George John, M.A. late
Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge,
and one of the Masters of Rugby School,
at Rugby, aged 36, 11th Sept.
Kerr, Helena Augusta, infant daughter of
Niven Kerr, Esq. H. B. M. Consul,
Cyprus, 3rd July.

Kirby, Elizabeth, wife of R. C. Kirby, Esq.
of Blandford square, 25th August.
Kenmure, Adam Gordon, Viscount, the
chief of the house of Gordon, of Lochin-
var, died at Kenmure Castle, in the
Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, on the 1st
September. His Lordship was born 9th
January, 1792, and married, in Novem-
ber, 1843, Mary-Anne, daughter of the
late James Wildey, Esq. In early life
he served in the Royal Navy, and took
part in Sir R. Calder's action, and in the
glorious victory of Trafalgar. In 1808,
while in the Seahorse, he was present at
the capture of a Turkish frigate; and,
subsequently, gained further distinction
at the taking of the Islands of Peanosa
and Zuneta, as well as in a variety of
successful operations on the coast. His
Lieutenant's commission bore date 1st
July, 1815. As his Lordship has left
no issue, the family estates devolve on
his sister, the Hon. Louisa Bellamy
(widow of Charles Bellamy, Esq. of the
East India Company's Service), who as
sumes, under the terms of the entail, the
name and arms of Gordon. The succes-
sion to the title remains in doubt. Wil-
liam Henry Pelham Gordon, the deceased
Lord's brother, went to India many years
ago, and has not since been heard of.
Few branches of the illustrious house of
Gordon have held a more prominent place
in Scottish history than "Kenmure's
line." In the patriotic struggle of Bruce
and Wallace, at Halidon Hill, at Flod-
den, and at Pinkie, the chiefs of the
family fought with conspicuous gallantry;
and in the memorable rising of '15, the
sixth Viscount sealed by his death his
devotion to the Royal dynasty of the

Stuarts. Taken prisoner at Preston Pans, his Lordship was conveyed to London, where he was tried, condemned, and executed on Tower-hill. Lambert, General Sir John, G.C.B., K.S.W. and Knight Commander of Maximilan Joseph, Col. of the 10th Regiment of Foot, at Weston-house, Thames Ditton, aged 75, 14th Sept. This gallant officer served his country full fifty years, and fought in the Peninsula and at Waterloo. Lane, Ursula, wife of Lieut.-Col. Charles R. W. Lane, C. B. Bengal Army, aged 39, 9th Sept.

Lear, Jeremiah, Esq. of Lyminster, Sussex, aged 83, 18th Sept.

Lee, Mary Anne Elizabeth, eldest daughter

of the Rev. Henry Lee, at South Raynham Vicarage, 9th Sept.

Levett, Philip Stimpson, Esq. of Albert

Road, Regent's Park, aged 76, 3rd Sept. Lewis, James, Esq. lately one of the Chief Commissioners in London, and subsequently, in 1841, appointed sole arbitrator for adjudicating on claims to compensation under the act for abolishing slavery; formerly Speaker of the House of Assembly of Jamaica, and Advocate-General for that island; at his house in Park street, Grosvenor square, in his 70th year, 18th August.

Mackay, Alexander, Esq. at Brighton, aged 29, 31st Aug.

Mackenzie, Henry, Esq. of Islington, aged 64, 21st Aug.

phus Meelkerke, Esq. of Julians, Herts,
21st Aug.
Montague, William, Esq. of Constitution
House, Gloucester, one of her Majesty's
Justices of the Peace for that city, and
son of the late John Montague, Esq. of
Cookham, Berks, suddenly, at the New-
arks, Leicester, the residence of his son-
in-law, the Rev. Octavius F. Owen, M.A.,
from disease of the heart, in the 37th year
of his age, 19th Aug.
Montesquiou, Count Alfred. The family of
Montesquiou is one of very ancient and
highly honourable descent in France.
Count Alfred de Montesquiou, whose me-
lancholy death we here record, was a much
respected member of this house. He was
the brother of Count Anatole de Montes-
quiou, Chevalier d'Honneur to the Queen
of the French, and uncle to M. de Mon-
tesquiou Deputy for the Department of
the Sarthe. Count Alfred had married
the daughter of General Peyron, and was
the father of eight children. He was in
the enjoyment of all the advantages of
rank and fortune; nevertheless on the
morning of Friday, the 27th August, he
stabbed himself to death in his sleeping
apartment, at his residence, in the Fau-
bourg St. Germaine. No satisfactory rea-
son can yet be given for this terrible sui-
cide, which forms a kind of minor tragedy
to that of the wicked Duke de Praslin,
and his unfortunate wife.

Moreton, Sophia, relict of William Moreton,
Esq. at Hornsey, aged 92, Sept. 6.
Morris, William. Esq. of Woodford Hall,
Essex, aged 50, 8th Sept.

Macleod, Col. Sir Henry George, K.H. late Governor of Trinidad, 20th August. The death of this gallant officer, a Colonel in the Army, occurred at Bishopsgate, Mott, John Thruston, Esq. at Barningham near Windsor His military services Hall, Norfolk, aged 63, 12th Sept. were highly distinguished. For his con- Munro Catherine, relict of the late David duct at the siege of Dantzic he received Munro, Esq. of Quebec, aged 63, 18th Sept.

the Order of St. Wladimir, and in the glorious conflict of Waterloo he had the Murray, Henry Charles, eldest son of James honour of taking part. At one time he Murray, Esq. of Queen Anne-street, was Lieutenant-Governor of St. Kitts; aged 8.

became, subsequently, Lieut.-Governor Murray, Ellen, wife of Lieut.-Colonel Kent of Trinidad; and was appointed, even- Murray, Knt. St. F. aged 25, 27th Aug. tually, Governor and Commander-in-Chief Newhouse, Frederick Dundas, son of the of that island. Sir Henry married, in 1843, Henrietta, daughter of the late Rev. | Sir John Robinson, Bart. of Rokeby. Hall, co. Louth. Macnabb, Mary, relict of the late James

Macnabb, Esq. of Arthurstone, co. Perth, aged 33, 27th Aug.

Marris, Mary Anne, widow of the late Wil-
liam Marris, Esq. of Gray's Inn, 6th Sept.
Mayers, Anne, wife of John Pollard Mayers,
aged 68, 6th Sept.

M'Caskill, Elizabeth Mary, sixth daughter
of the late Major-General Sir John M Cas-
kill, aged 15, 25th Aug.
Meelkerke, Maria Henrietta, wife of Adol-

late Col. Newhouse, R. Art. at Limerick,
aged 33, 23rd Aug.

Newton, Thomas, second surviving son of
Samuel Newton, Esq. of Croxton Park,
aged 43, 19th Sept.
Norton, Susanna, wife of William Norton,
Esq. late of Peckham, at Woodbridge
Abbey, Suffolk, 12th Sept.

Nortzell, Thomas, Esq. late of Abingdon,
aged 70, 3rd Sept.

Overend, Mrs. of Bolsover Hill, near Shef-
field, aged 71, 25th Aug.
Parker, Charles George. Esq. of Springfield
Place, Essex, aged 68, 21st Aug.
Pearson, the Rev. William, LL.D. rector of

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