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Part the Third contains Hampton Court, the Isle of Thanet, Manchester, and Norwich, all of them most attractive themes, but each of which would require a paper to itself, to do it anything like justice. We shall therefore pass over the three first with this brief allusion to them, and pause for a few moments upon Norwich, that city which was so characteristically described by Fuller, in his "British Worthies," as being "either a city in an orchard or an orchard in a city, so equally are houses and trees blended in it." Much of this character has ceased to exist in the present day, yet it still occupies an unusually large space in proportion to its population, and seen from a distance there is a considerable blending of trees and houses. It is only upon a nearer examination that we discover close and crowded districts, and that the impression made by the distant view is, if not destroyed, yet considerably weakened. The suburbs, however, are richly wooded, and the whole is situated in a fine open country, remarkable for its fertility.

Norwich was at one time the principal city in the East of England; its population is said to have been much greater than at the present day, but to have suffered considerable diminution in 1348 from the plague. This, however, does not seem very probable, as the number of houses has increased since then-a tolerably plain proof of an increasing population. The surest testimonial of its past greatness is the cathedral, which, though neither the largest nor finest in the country, is yet a magnificent and imposing edifice. It is surrounded too by everything that can enhance its interest-the beautiful gardens of the episcopal palace the palace itself the gateways leading to the cathedral precincts, with all their richness of architectural ornament-the chapel constructed upon one of its arches-the Sandling Ferry-and the Bishop's Bridge. Some of these objects have begun to shew that time has been at work upon them; but though we may regret the ignorant neglect that has allowed them to be thus fast going to ruin, yet it cannot be denied that the interest of the whole is infinitely increased by such touches of decay. The associations of other times gather more vividly about the old building as the ornaments crumble and the buttresses are broken; infirmity has hollowed it; decay has rendered it venerable; and a sort of sympathy arises with the senseless stone for the neglect it is enduring.

Six and thirty churches-an immense number for a city like Norwich— attest the piety of the past or present inhabitants. They belong to different ages, and of course exhibit different styles of architecture, and yet they have that family likeness amidst all their variety of feature, which is so aptly called by artists and antiquarians provincialism. We may observe as an instance of this, that not one of them has either spire or steeple, and most have square towers constructed of black flint, a few only having round towers. Many of these are highly interesting, and the same may be said of some of the churches, more particularly of St. Peter's, Mancroft, in which is the monument of Sir Thomas Browne, the celebrated author of Hydriotaphia and the Inquiry into Vulgar Errors.

We have thus given a very. hasty and imperfect sketch of what may be expected in these interesting numbers, and now dismiss them with our warmest recommendations.


Abbes, Rachel, wife of Brian Abbess, esq., J. P. for co. Durham, 8th September, at Cleadon House.

Aguilar, Grace, only dau. of the late Emanuel Aguilar, of Hackney, 10th September, aged 32.

Albertazzi, Madame, 25th Sept., aged 33, of rapid consumption. This favourite vocalist, whose maiden name was Howson, was born in 1814, and was placed by her father, a teacher of music, under Signor A. Costa, where she met with M. Albertazzi, to whom she was married at the early age of fifteen. After residing abroad for several years she made her debut at her Majesty's Theatre, the 19th of April 1837, in Rosini's "Cenerentola," and was highly successful. She sang frequently at the Ancient and Philharmonic Concerts, and in 1840, she was engaged at Drury Lane. She last year sang at the Princess's Theatre, but, in consequence of indisposition, her voice frequently failed her, and, at length she was obliged to relinquish all her dramatic engagements. Madame Albertazzi's voice was a mezzo-soprano inclining to the contralto, of a very extensive compass; and her style of singing, when in her zenith, was of the florid school. The manner of her execution of "Non piu mesta," on her appearance at the Italian Opera, created a perfect sensation; audiences were in raptures, and the press was loud in her praise.

Ashby, Robert, Esq., of Camberwell, 18th September, aged 68. Atkinson, Joseph, Esq., of Sewardstone Green, near Waltham Abbey, 13th of October, aged 86. Austria, the Archduke Frederick Ferdinand Leopold, fourth son of the late eminent Field Marshal, the Archduke Charles, uncle of the present Emperor, 5th inst. The Archduke Frederick was born on the 14th May, 1821; and, beside being a military officer, served in the Austrian navy. In 1844 he succeeded, as Commander-in-Chief of the Marine Forces of Austria in the Adriatic, to the late Admiral Bandiera the father of the unfortunate young men who were shot in Calabria. The Archduke Frederick died on the 5th instant, at Venice, of fever, or, as it is believed, by many of cholera. His Imperial Highness was unmarried. Awdry, William Henry, Esq., of the Pad

docks, Wilts, 8th October. This gentleman was the member of an ancient and honourable house, whose ancestor came to this country in the retinue of William the Norman.

He was the third and last survivor of four sons, the issue of Ambrose Awdry, Esq., of Sund, by the daughter and heiress of John Deline, Esq., of Ronde Ford House, and Earl Stoke Park, in the same county. During many years he held the responsible office of Deputy Receiver General of Wilts, as well as several other important private trusts; and executed the duties of all with the zeal and integrity of a man of business, and the urbanity and complaisance of a gentleman. In every relation of life he was distinguished by conduct and habits the most amiable and unobtrusive, exemplary and pious; and to a numerous family (six sons and two daughters) he leaves the noble inheritance of a "good name." Bannatyne, John, Esq., of Bernard-street, 7th Oct., aged 83.

Barclay, Emma Lucy, dau. of Robert

Barclay, Esq., Banker, 21st Sept. Barker, Ann, relict of the Rev. Alfred Barker, Landawie, co. Radnor, 19th October.

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bassador from Sweden at the Court of St. James's, General Inspector of Artillery, and Knt. of various Orders. This distinguished soldier and able diplomatist was son of the late Count Bjornstjerna, Swedish Ambassador of the Diet of Rosenburg, by his wife Wilhelmina Van Hager, a German lady. He was born 20th Oct., 1779, and early entered the military service of his country. In 1808, he fought with distinction in the campaign against Russia; and in 1813, went to Hamburg, and with his regiment occupied Vierlander. He served likewise in the battles of Dennewetz and Leipsic; and concluded the Lubeck capitulation with Lallemand, and the armistice with the Prince of Hesse. Count Bjornstjerna was known as a writer on politics, and national economy, and published several works on the East Indies.

sons: Samuel, of the Forest House, Essex, and of Dingestow, co. Monmouth; Charles, of the Rock, Northumberland; and John-Bernard, the learned Judge, whose death we record. His Lordship married, in 1804, Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Richard Lewis, Esq., of Llantillo Grossenny, and had one son Lewis Bernard, who predeceased his father, without issue. Bourchier, Emma Audrey, youngest dau. of the late James Bourchier, Esq., of Little Berkhampstead, 18th Oct. Burgess, John, Esq., at St. Leonard's,

Bucks, 13th Oct., aged 74. Burgoyne, Thomas John, Esq., of Strafford-place, Oxford-street, 20th Oct., aged 72. Mr. Burgoyne has died deeply lamented. He claimed descent from John, second son of Sir John Burgoyne, Bart., of Sutton Park, co. Bedford. He leaves two sons, Thomas and John Charles, and several daughters. He was the trustee (with the late Dr. Otter, Bishop of Chichester) of the Charities for Sutton, bequeathed by his kinsman, Montagu Borgoyne, Esq. Burn, Sarah Sophia, wife of John S. Burn, Esq., 21st Sept.

Blick, J. G., Esq., of the Middle Temple,
Special Pleader, 21st Oct.
Boddington, Susannah, dau. of the late

Thomas Boddington, Esq., 5th Oct. Bosanquet, the Rt. Hon. Sir John Bernard, late Judge of Common Pleas, 25th Sept. This learned Judge, who sat on the Bench of the Common Pleas for twelve years, from 1830 to 1842, received his education at Christ Church, Oxford; was called to the Bar in 1800; obtained the Coif in 1814; and became King's Sergeant in 1827. In 1835 and 1836, he was one of the Commissioners for executing the office of Lord Chancellor. Sir John Bosanquet descended from an ancient family of Languedoc. His immediate ancestor David de Bosanquet, sought refuge in England at the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes; and married, in 1697, an English lady, Elizabeth, daughter of Claude Hayes, Esq. By her he left several children, the eldest of whom, David Bosanquet, a merchant of London, gained distinction as an antiquary; many of the most valuable of the Greek Medals in the Hunterian Museum were collected by him, during his travels. This gentleman's next brother, Samuel, of the Forest House, Essex, was father of Samuel Bosanquet, Esq., Governor of the Bank, A.D. 1792, who, in that year presided at the memorable meeting of the merchants, bankers, and traders of the city of London, held for the purpose of declaring their attachment to the British Constitution, as established in 1688, in opposition to the republican principles of the French Revolution. This eminent banker died in 1806, leaving, by Eleanor his wife, daughter of Henry Lanney Hunter, Esq., three

Byles, Nathaniel Byles, Esq., of the Hill House, Ipswich, 26th Sept., aged 75. Cabell, Thomas S., Esq., of Clapham, and formerly of the East India House, 6th Oct. Campbell, Capt. James, R. N., 2d Oct. Campbell, Elizabeth Hume, wife of Archibald Campbell, Esq., of Glendaruel, at Glendaruel, Argyleshire, 16th September, daughter of Dr. Hume, of Curzon-street, London. Capper, Samuel James, Esq., at Leyton, Essex, 12th Oct., aged 57. Capron, John Skuckburgh, Esq., late of the 23d Royal Welch Fusileers, and a Captain in the Northamptonshire Militia, 18th Sept., at Southwick Hall, aged 32. Cave, Louisa Rosamond, eldest dau. of Sir John Cam Browne Cave, 39th Sept., aged 28. Claughton, Miss, 5th Oct., aged 68. Cooper, Charlotte Matilda, wife of William Cooper, Esq., of Turnham Green, 15th Oct. Coulthart, William, Esq., of Coulthart, co. Wigtown, and of Collyn, co. Dumfries, Chief of the name Coulthart, on the 7th of October, at his residence, Pasture House, co. Cumberland. This gentleman was born in 1774, and, like many of the landed gentry, the incidents of his well-spent life were chiefly confined to his native county. There, however, he was well known by his agricultural improvements, charitable

donations, superior intelligence, and high moral rectitude. Few men, comparatively speaking, ever enjoyed so large a share of private esteem and regard as did Mr. Coulthart, and his deeply regretted death has created a blank amongst his friends, and in the neighbourhood where he resided, that is never likely to be filled up. He was the sole surviving son and heir of the late William Coulthart, Esq., of Coulthart, by Janet, his wife, daughter of John Macnaught, Esq., of Milton Hall, in the stewartry of Kirkcudbright, and was thus, paternally, the direct lineal descendant of that ancient and honourable Scottish chieftain, Sir Roger de Coulthart, knight, who distinguished himself at the Battle of Aberbrothic, 13th January, 1445-6, and fell at the siege of Roxburgh Castle, 17th Sept. 1460. By Helen, his wife, (who survives him), daughter of the late John Ross, Esq., of Dalton, co. Dumfries, a descendant of the Rosses, of Hawkshead, co. Renfrew, and a collateral relation of the Boyles, Earls of Glasgow, Mr. Coulthart has left a son and a daughter, namely Mr. John Ross Coulthart, of Croft House, Lancashire, who succeeds to the estates of the family and the chiefship of the name; and Margaret, wife of James Macguffie, Esq., of Bolton-wood House, co. Cumberland. Crawford Charles Venner, Esq., formerly

of the India House, 8th Oct., at Bristol, aged 47.

Cristall, Joshua, one of the originators of the Society of Painters in Water Colours, and many years President of that Institution, at his residence St. John's Wood, on the 8th Oct., aged 80. Croft, Margaret, relict of the late Sir Richard Croft, Bart., M. D., 24th Sept. Crook, James Martin, Esq., of Brook-st., late of Bletchingly, 28th Sept. Croucher, Joseph, Esq., late of James'sstreet, Buckingham Gate, 16th Oct., aged 48.

Curran, Miss Amelia, at Rome, 30th Oct. Curzon, Alfred, only child of the Hon.

Sidney Roper Curzon, 3d Oct., aged 6. Custance, A. F., King's Scholar, Eton,

16th Sept., aged 18.

Dallas, Marianne, wife of the Rev. Alex-
ander Dallas, Rector of Wonston,
Hants, 6th Oct,
Dashwood, Vice Admiral Sir Charles,
K.C.B., 21st Sept.

Davies, the Rev. James, M.A., Rector of
Shire, Newton, &c., 19th Sept
Dawes, the Rev. William, Rector of St.
John's, Montreal, 5th Sept., aged 38.
Dealtry, the Venerable Archdeacon, Rec-
tor of Clapham, 15th Oct. Dr. Deal-

try, a sound Churchman, a classical scholar, and an eloquent Divine, has died deeply and sincerely lamented. The melancholy event occurred at Brighton, on the 16th instant. He received his education at the University of Cambridge, where he graduated in 1796, as Second Wrangler, and where he afterwards obtained a Fellowship at Trinity College. The important Rectory of Clapham he held for thirty years, and to the ministerial duties of that large parish he was incessant in his devotion. On the preferment of Dr. Wilberforce to the see of Oxford, Dr. Dealtry was appointed to the Archdeaconry of Surrey; and in a visitation charge delivered almost immediately after by the newly-consecrated Diocesan, his Lordship spoke in the highest terms of the Archdeacon, alluding to him "as one of the most practical men in the Church, an accomplished scholar, a sound Divine, a generous friend, and one deeply imbued with that holy faith of which he was the eloquent expounder." By his death, the Rectory of Clapham, as well as the Archdeaconry of Surrey, become vacant. The latter is in the gift of the Bishop of Winchester.

Dickers, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Samuel Trevor, K.C.H., Senior Col. Commandant of Royal Engineers, 11th Oct., aged 83. Donald, Mrs., relict of the late Capt.

James Donald, 94th Regt., 23d Oct. Douglas, Major Charles, of Her Majesty's

61st Regiment, eldest son of Lieut.Gen. Sir Howard Douglas, Bart., G.C.B., at Umballa, on the 29th of July.

Dowler, John, Esq., 1st Oct., at Ashingthon, Essex, aged 36.

Duff, Mary Barbara, elder dau. of Charles Robert Duff, Esq., of Dundee, 7th Oct.

Dyne, Mrs. Lucy, at Hammersmith, 15th Oct.

East, Lillie Campbell, wife of Charles W.

C. East, Esq., Lieut. H.M. 15th Regt., 3d August, at Candy, Ceylon. English, Mrs. Thomas, at Spring gardens,

near Hull, 26th Sept., aged 70. Essex, Timothy, Esq., Music Doctor of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, 27th Sept., aged 83.

Fernandes, Alexander, Esq., Deputy
Commander General, 23d Sept., at
Spa, Belgium, aged 82.

Fisher, Isaac, Esq., 9th Oct., at Lenton
Abbey, near Nottingham.
Fisher, Major Thomas, Commander 1st
Assam Light Cavalry, eldest son of the
late Thomas Fisher, of London, 24th
July, at Assam.

Fletcher, Henry, Esq., many years Capt. 77th Regiment, 17th Sept., aged 90. Floud, Henry Scott, Esq., of Withycombe

Cottage, near Exmouth, 26th Sept. Foakes, John, Esq., at Woodstead, co. Norfolk, 8th Oct., aged 58. Forbes, the Rev. Dr., 13th Oct. This learned and able Professor for thirty years filled the Chair of Humanity in King's College, Aberdeen. Dr. Forbes was not only a good scholar in the common acceptation of the word, but had devoted a great deal of time to scientific pursuits, in which his excellence was so marked, that the Senatus unanimously appointed him to lecture on Chemistry. In this department," says a Northern Contemporary," and, indeed, in everything connected with the progress of the human mind, the departed gentleman displayed great ingenuity and thorough independence of thought." At one time, Dr. Forbes performed the duties of minister at Boharm, but he was afterwards removed to Old Aberdeen.


[blocks in formation]

Giles, Anne Mary, dau. of James Giles, Esq., late of Haling Park, Croydon, 30th Sept.

command of a squadron of small vessels in the Douro, during the struggle between Dons Pedro and Miguel. A few days before his death, Captain Glascock had left Newry on retiring from the office of Inspector under the Poor Relief Act; and the fact of his having been presented with twenty-two public addresses from his District Committees, proves he was eminently calculated to command and to excite the co-operation of those who served with him. He leaves a widow and family. Gordon, The Right Hon. Sir Robert, G. C.B., late H.B.M., Ambassador at Austria, 8th Oct. This distinguished Diplomatist died suddenly, at Balmorral, Aberdeenshire. He was younger brother of the present Earl of Aberdeen, being fifth son of George, Lord Haddo, by Charlotte, his wife, youngest dau. of William Baird, Esq., of Newbyth. Sir Robert, who was born in 1791, graduated at Christ Church, Oxford, and entered the diplomatic service in 1810, when he accompanied the embassy to Persia. He subsequently acted as Secretary of Legation and Minister Plenipotentiary at the Hague; and, in the latter capacity, represented, for ten years, his Sovereign at the Court of Vienna. In 1826 he proceeded to Brazil, as Envoy Extraordinary; and, in 1828, was appointed Ambassador to Constantinople. His last official appointment was the important one of Ambassador Extraordinary to the Emperor of Austria.

Greenhill, Eliza Jane, wife of C. B. Greenhill, Esq., Ordnance Storekeeper, Corfu, 31st Aug.

Gribble, John Baker, Esq., late of Trinity College, Cambridge, 21st Sept., aged

Glascock, Wm. Nugent, Esq., Capt. R.N. This amusing writer, whose nautical novels and frequent contributions to periodical literature have so long delighted the public, died in Ireland a short time since. He had quitted Dublin apparently in perfect health and spirits, to pay a visit to his relations at Ballynrowan, near Baltinglass, but on stepping from the stage coach into a friend's carriage, he was seized with apoplexy, and died almost immediately. The gallant officer, whose commission as Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, bears date in 1808, stood high in the estimation of his profession, and the admiralty. In 1801, he fought in the Vengeance at Copenhagen; was Mate of the Barfleur in Sir Robert Calder's action, and served, while Lieutenant of, the Denmark, in the Walcheren expedition. In 1832, he was posted from the Orestes for his firm and prudent conduct in



Grierson, Andrew, of Edinburgh, 23rd Sept.

Grimble, William, Esq., of Albany-street, 14th Oct., aged 51. Grimwood, Thomas, Esq., of Woodbridge, Suffolk, 18th Sept., aged 65. Grosett, Rear Admiral Walter, 21st Sept., aged 80.

Haden, Annie, wife of the Rev. J. Clarke Haden, Rector of Hutton, Essex, 24th Sept.

Hall, William, Esq., of Leyton, Essex, 11th Oct., aged 89.

Hann, Maria Emma, youngest dau. of
George Hann, Esq., of Greenwich, 19th
Oct., aged 17.

Hardurck, Alfred, Esq., M.D., at Ken-
sington, 8th Oct., aged 59.
Harris, Henrietta St. Clair, wife of Dr.
Harris, and dau. of the late Lieutenant-
Colonel Kelly, at Boulogne, 17th Oct.


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