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Harvey, Commander Charles Bernard,
R.N., 4th Oct., aged 63.
Haynes, Elizabeth, relict of David Haynes,
Esq., of Tillingbourne Lodge, Surrey,
27th Sept.

Hayward, Richard, Esq., Colonial Sur-
veyor and Engineer for Sierra Leone,
2nd July, at Sierra Leone.
Hayward, Charles A., Esq., 3rd Oct., at

Hele, Sarah, wife of the Rev. George Selly Hele, and youngest dau. of the late William Stanford, Esq., of Preston, 4th Oct.

Henry, Mary, wife of Captain Clifford Henry, 48th Regiment, 11th Oct., aged


Herbert, Horatio, Esq., of Oxford-terrace,

12th Oct., aged 57.

Heron, Catherine Jane, youngest dau. of the late Major Basil R. Heron, of the Royal Artillery, 23rd Sept.

Hill, Mrs. James Barton, 7th Oct. Hillas, Captain, 26th Sept., at Bayswater, aged 77.


Hodgson, the Rev. William, D.D., Master of St. Peter's, Cambridge, 16th Oct. Dr. Hodgson was the thirty-seventh Master of St. Peter's, since the foundation of the College. At the period of his decease, he was in the forty-seventh year of his age, and the tenth of his mastership. His entrance at the University bears date in 1819, and his Bachelor's degree in 1823-a year known as Airey's 's year," from the fact of the Astronomer Royal having been Senior Wrangler on that occasion. Mr. Hodgson held the place of Eleventh Wrangler. In 1826, he proceeded to his Master's degree; in 1833, was created B.D.; and, in 1838, obtained the Presidency of St. Peter's, at the death of the Venerable Dr. Barnes; and, very shortly after, he became D.D. Few members of the learned community of which he formed part were more universally beloved and respected. For some time past, he had been in a declining state of health, but no immediate danger was apprehended until shortly before the fatal termination of his illness. The College Chapel will be hung with black, and all outward testimonies of respect to the deceased Principal will be observed by the authorities. Dr. Hodgson married, in 1838, Charlotte, daughter of General Tarleton, of Chester, and leaves issue, two sons and one daughter.

Hood, Mrs. Henry S., eldest dau. of the

late John Sweeting, Esq, of Huntingdon, 4th Oct., aged 27.

Hood, Mrs. Charlotte, at Ramsgate, 4th Oct.

Horseley, the very Rev. Heneage, Dean of Brechin, 6th Oct., aged 72. Howard, Henry, Esq., R.A., 5th Oct., aged 77. Mr. Howard, the Royal Academician, was Secretary to the Academy, and the Professor of Painting in that Institution. The professional career of this distinguished artist commenced in 1794, when he sent from Rome, where he was then residing, "The Dream of Cain," from Gesner's, "Death of Abel," for the Royal Academy Exhibition of that year. In the following season he was living in the Strand, and exhibited at Somerset House "Puck," from "Midsummer Night's Dream," "Ariel and Satan awakening in the Burning Lake," and, for nearly forty years, he continued to contribute without intermission to the annual displays of the Royal Academy. In 1801 he was elected an associate; and, in 1808, an Academician of that Corporation; and, at the period of his decease, was the third senior Royal Academician. On the death of Mr. Richards, in 1811, Mr. Howard was appointed Secretary to the Academy, the duties of which office he continued to discharge till his advanced years rendered the services of a deputy necessary, and Mr. Knight was nominated as such. Mr. Howard filled for some years the important office of Professor of Painting to the Academy, to which he was appointed in 1833. Although devoted throughout a long life to the poetic portion of his art, Mr. Howard at one time applied much of his practice to portrait painting. Numerous and excellent as were his early productions, he does not appear to have met with many patrons. One, however, was a host in himself, and this was Sir John Soane, who was a valued friend. Several of Mr. Howard's pictures now adorn the Soane Museum in Lincoln's-inn-fields. Howard, Henrietta Maria Charlotte, relict of the late Edmund Alexander Howard, Esq., of Thropnall Hall and York-place, 27th Sept.

Hume, Anne, relict of the Rev. Thomas Henry Hume, late one of the Canons Residentiary of Salisbury, at Torquay, after a short illness, 13th Oct., aged 78. Jackson, Frances Amelia, the beloved wife of Thomas Jackson, Esq., and only daughter of the late Mr. Geo. William Prall, of Fleet street, London, on the 24th of August last, at Bathurst, on the River Gambia, in the 22nd year of her


Keddel, Ambrose, Esq., 7th October, aged 79.

King, the Rev. Thomas, aged 78, at Bedford, 13th Oct.

Kerby, Capt. Waller, 29th Regiment, 4th Aug., in India, aged 27. Ladbroke, Henry, Esq., 7th Oct., aged


Laing, Mrs. Margaret, of Villiers street, Strand, 14th Oct.

Laking, Mrs., relict of the late Francis Laking, Esq., at Brompton, 21st Sept. Lancaster, Emma Elizabeth, eldest dau. of John Lancaster, Esq., of Odiham, Hants.

Leece, Mrs., at Queen Anne street, 19th Sept., aged 93.

Lewis, Herbert, Esq., Alderman of Reading, 31st Sept., aged 71.

Lobb, Charles Graham, son of William
Lobb, Esq., 18th Oct., aged 15.
Locke, Henry Sampson, Esq., youngest
son of the late John Locke, Esq., of
Walthamstow, Essex, 10th Oct., aged


Lofft, Robert Emlyn, Esq., of Troston
Hall, near Bury St. Edmunds, 20th
Sept., aged 64.

Lowry, James, Esq., Com. R.N., 8th
Mac-Alester, Charles Somerville, of Loup,

at his residence, Kennox House, Ayrshire, on Friday, 7th Oct., in the 83rd year of his age. This gentleman, Lieut.-Colonel-Commandant of the 1st Regiment of Ayrshire Local Militia, and a Deputy Lieut. of the County, was Chief of the Clan Allaster of Kintyre, and descended in a direct line from Alexander, eldest son of Angus Mor, Lord of the Isles, a. D. 1824. He married, in 1796, Janet, dau. and heiress of William Somerville, of Kennox, who still survives him. By this lady he had three daughters and two sons, the eldest of whom, : Charles Somerville Mac-Alester, succeeds to the honours and estates, Mackay, Lieut.-Colonel John, 82nd Regiment, 9th July, at the age of 62 years, of an attack of dysentery, at London, Upper Canada, where his regiment was stationed. Colonel Mackay, who was the only son of the late Rev. John Mackay, Rector of Loughgeil, in the co. of Antrim, entered the army in the year 1804, at the early age of 18, as Ensign in the 82nd Regiment, and had, therefore, served upwards of 42 years. He took part in nearly the entire of the Peninsula War; was present at the seige and capture of Cindad, Rodrigo, Talavera, &c.; was twice wounded at Barossa, and was specially complimented by General Grahame, for his gallant conduct upon that occasion. He fought also at the battle of Corunna,

where General Sir John Moore fell; and, at the siege of Copenhagen, he volunteered, and led the Forlorn Hope, which, at his special request, was entirely composed of Irishmen. He accompanied his regiment to America in the last war, and was present at the battles of Quebec, Niagara, Montreal, &c.; subsequently, after remaining thirteen years in the Mauritius, and seven years in Jamaica, he was on duty for the second time, in North America, where he fell a victim to the pestilence and disease with which that country has been unfortunately visited this last summer. Though a rigid disciplinarian, Colonel Mackay was greatly be loved by his officers and men. family, which was a branch of the ancient and noble family of Mackay, Lords of Rea, in Scotland, settled at an early period in Lisburn, in the co. of Antrim. His grandfather, Joseph Mackay, Esq., was magistrate of the county for upwards of forty years; and removed from Lisburn to the town of Antrim, where he possessed considerable property. Colonel Mackay died unmarried; and his property is inherited by the children of his only sister, who was married to Dr. O'Neil, of Comber, co. of Down.


Mackenzie, John Andrew, Esq., at St.
Helens, Jersey, 25th Sept.

Mackintosh, James, infant son of H. E.
Robert James Mackintosh, Governor
of St. Christophers, 29th Aug.
Mathias, Jane, wife of Major William
Mathias, 62nd Regiment, 21st of Sept.
Maynard, Georgina, wife of Charles May-

nard, Esq., J.P., 22nd of July, at Graham's Town, Cape of Good Hope. M'Clintosh, Elizabeth Katherine, wife of G. F. M'Clintosh, Bengal Civil Service, 5th Aug.

M'Cormick, George, son of the late William M'Cormick, Esq., of Upper Gower street, formerly of the Island of St. Croix, 11th Oct., aged 42. M'Nair, Philip Barton, third son of the late Lieut-Colonel James M'Nair, K.H., 73rd Regiment, of Greenfield, near Glasgow, at Argyne-house, Argyleshire, 11th Oct., aged 19. Meek, Daniel B., Esq., of Holmesdale House, Rutfield, Sussex, 18th Oct., aged 38.

Meriton, Jane, relict of the late Capt. R. Meriton, E. I. C., 11th Oct.

Miles, Lieut. James, 29th Bombay, H. I. Miley, Anne, wife of Miles Miley, Esq., at Kensington, 14th Oct. Mitchell, Mrs. Jemima, 27th Sept. Moeller, Sir Lewis, K.G.H., 24th Sept. aged 77.

Moggridge, the Rev. W. H., M.A., at Streatham, 15th Oct. Morgan, Mary Anne Susanna, eldest dau. of Charles Morgan, Esq., of Bedford Row, 16th Oct.

Morgan, John, Esq., Member of Council,

R. C. Surgeons, &c., 4th Oct., at

Morrison, Lamare, Esq., of Gray's Inn, 27th Sept., aged 33.

Moss, Mrs. Sophia, of Sloane street, 30th Sept.

Neville, Julia, 5th dau. of the late Jonathan Neville, Esq., of Highbury place, 28th Sept.

Nicholas, Captain, at Bath, 14th Oct., aged 75. He was formerly in the 3rd Regiment of Foot, (or Buffs), and served with Lord Hill's division of the army throughout the Peninsula war, at the close of which, through illhealth, he retired into the 2nd R. V. B. Nockalls, Lewis, Esq., Architect, 13th Oct., aged 59.

Norderling, Capt., of the Swedish Life

Guards, at Stockholm, 10th Sept. North, Miss Mary, of Clapham Common,

29th Sept., aged 67. Oddie, Henry Hoyle, Esq., of Colney House, Herts, 22nd Sept., aged 69. Oddy, Samuel Augustus, Esq., late of Brighton and Islington, 10th Oct. O'Gorman, Charles T. Esq., late II.B. M. Colonel-General in Mexico, 29th Sept. Ottey, Anna Frederica, wife of Lieut.Colonel Philip D. Ottey, Bombay Army, 25th Sept.

Panlet, the Lady Charles, at Lombardy, 6th Oct.

Peake, Richard Brinsley, Esq., 4th Oct., aged 55.

Penn, Isabella, relict of the late Granville Penn, Esq., of Stoke Park, Bucks, 30th Sept., aged 76.

Pennington, Miss, formerly of Kensing ton, 25th Sept.

Perevia, Lieut.-Colonel, Bengal Artillery, at Calcutta, 9th Aug.

Perigal, Arthur, Esq., at Edinburgh, 19th Sept, aged 63.

Perkins, Ambrose Douglas, Esq., at
Darlington, 13th Oct., aged 20.
Phillips, the Rev. George Peregrine,
M.A., Curate of Glenfield, co. Leices-
ter, 25th Sept.

Philips, Sir George, Bart., 3rd Oct.,

aged 81. This gentleman was only son of the late Thomas Philips, Esq., of Sedgley, by Mary, his wife, dau. and heir of John Rider, Esq., of Manchester; and grandson of John Philips, Esq., of Heath House, co. Stafford, the representative of a family, seated, for some centuries, in that county. Sir George obtained his

Baronetcy by creation, 21st Feb., 1828. He married, 16th Oct., 1788, Sarah Anne, eldest dau. of Nathaniel Phillips, Esq., of Hollinghurst; and by her, who died in 1844, has left an only son, the present Sir George Richard Philips, second Baronet of Weston and Sedgley, who has long had a seat in the House of Commons, as Member, successively, for Steyning, Kidderminster, and Poole. He is married to the eldest daughter of the second Lord Waterpark, and has three daughters, the eldest of whom married, in 1839, Adam, Viscount Duncan. Mr. Mark Philips, the late representative in Parliament for Manchester, is nearly related to the Baronet's family.

Pigott, Sir Thomas, Bart., 7th Oct.

This gentleman was eldest son of the late Sir Thomas Pigott, of Knapton, on whom the title of Baronet was conferred in 1808, and grandson, maternally, of the Right Hon. Thomas Kelly, one of the Judges of the Common Pleas in Ireland. The family from which he derived, a scion of the Pigotts of Dysart, claimed descent from Picot, Baron de Boorne, in Normandy, one of the forty knights who accompanied William the Conqueror. Sir Thomas, born 12th October, 1796, served early in life in the Horse Guards, in which distinguished regiment he attained the rank of Captain. He married, 24th Oct., 1831, Georgiana-Anne, daughter of William Brummell, Esq., of Wivenhoe, Essex, and has left issue. His decease occurred at Dullingham House, near Newmarket, the seat of his brother, William Pigott, Esq.

Poole, Barnet M., Esq., 17th Oct., aged 47.

Powell, Philip, Esq., late of H. M. Theatre, and the Philharmonic and Ancient Concerts, 15th Oct.

Prescott, William Budd, Esq., at Everton, near Liverpool, 26th Sept.

Price, Richard Alexander, Esq., Barrister at Law, at Boulogne, 27th Sept.

Ravenor, George, Esq., of Brompton, 5th Oct., aged 54.

Ray, Major-General Philip, at Eldo House, 14th Oct., aged 72.

Renell, William Trehawke, Esq., 26th Sept., aged 60.

Revell, Henry R., Esq., of Round Oak, Egham, 2nd Oct., aged 80.

Rickerby, Mrs. Francis, of Sloane street, 8th Oct.

Ricketts, Thomas, Esq., late of the R. N., 27th Sept., aged 86. Robinson, Elizabeth, relict of the late

Nicholas Robinson, Esq., of Great Marlow, 16th Oct., aged 73. Robinson, Sir Richard, Bart., 2nd Oct., Sir Richard was eldest son of the late Sir John Robinson, Bart., of Rokeby Hall, who was created a Baronet in 1819, under the designation, having changed his patronymic of Friend for the surname of his maternal ancestors, his mother, Grace, having been sister of Richard Robinson, Lord Rokeby, Archbishop of Armagh. Sir Richard was born 4th of March, 1787, the eldest of eighteen children, and married, in 1813, the lady Helena Eleanor Moor, daughter of Stephen, second Earl of Mount Cashel, by whom he has left, with other issue, a son and successor, the present Sir John Stephen Robinson, Bart., of Rokeby, an officer in the 60th Rifles, who is married to Miss Denny, granddaughter of the celebrated Lord Collingwood. The deceased Baronet, who succeeded to his father's estate in 1832, was a Deputy Lieutenant of the county in which he resided, and served as its High Sheriff in 1844.

Rochfort, Brevet-Major Cowper, 27th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry, 7th July.

Rolfe, widow of the late Capt. Rolfe, of the Tower Hamlets Militia, 30th Sept. Rooke, William Miche, Esq., Professor of music, 14th Oct. This eminent musician and composer was a native of Ireland, and was deservedly esteemed and admired in his profession. Many popular vocal pieces were of his composition. His two operas, "Henrique" and


Amelie," especially the latter, had signal success. As a teacher of music, Mr. Rooke, counted among his pupils Balfe, Hughes (the leader of DruryLane), the tenor Harrison, and Miss Forde (a well-known clever actress and singer). Mr. Rooke's death occurred at his residence, at Walham Green, after several months of intense suffering. He was in his 55th year, and he leaves a widow and numerous family to lament his loss.

Ross, William, Esq., formerly of Great Marlborough-street, 1st Oct., at Belmont House.

Rosser, Richard, Esq., of Southamptonrow, 30th Sept., aged 90.

Sadler, Anne, relict of the Rev. James Hayes Sadler, of Keynsham, Bury, 27th Sept.

Sandford, Mrs. John, dau. of the late Charles Bicknell, Esq., of Spring-gardens, 25th Sept.

Sapte, Anthony Meek, aged 21, fourth

son of Francis Sapte, Esq., of Eatonplace, 2d Oct., at Florence. Schonswar, Lydia, wife of George Schon

swar, Esq., at Cheltenham, 28th Sept. Scott, the Rev. Alexander, 30th Sept, at Bootle, co. Cumberland, aged 68. Selby, James Hull, fifth son of the late Predeaux Selby, Esq., of Maidenhead, 24th May, at Quebec.

Seymour, Henry Augustus, Esq., 17th Sept., aged 76.

Simpson, Mrs., of Cartislo and Bowness, co. Cumberland, 22d Sept., aged 85. Slade, James Frederick, eld. son of Stephen Slade, esq., of Argyle-street, 13th Oct.

Slade, Elizabeth Anne, dau. of the late
Rev. William Slade, 22d Sept.
Soady, John, of the Indian Navy, son of
Capt. John Soady, R.N., lost in the
Cleopatra, in April.

Smith, Capt. Thomas, R.N., of Wood

lands, co. Surrey, 19th Sept., aged 57. Smythe, Robert, Esq., of Methven, 5th

Oct. Mr. Smythe of Methven, a Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for Perthshire, succeeded to the estate at the decease of his father, David Smythe, titulary Lord Methven, in 1806. He was born in 1778, married twice, but had no issue.

Stephens, Elizabeth, relict of the late Capt. Stephens, of the 5th Dragoon Guards. 10th Oct.

Stevens, the Rev. John, of Huntley-street, 6th Aug.

Sutherland, Mrs., widow of Commissioner Sutherland, R.N., aged 84, at Boulogne.

Tancred, Harriet Anne, eld. dau. of Sir
Thomas Tancred, Bart., 2d Oct.
Tarratt, Joseph, Esq., of Ford House, co.
Stafford, 27th Sept., aged 91.
Taylor, Major George, of the Bombay
Army, 26th Sept.

Thompson, Matthew, Esq., of Maning

ham Lodge, co. York, J.P. and D.L., 24th Sept.

Tidd, Elizabeth, widow of the late William Tidd, Esq., Barrister, 21st Oct. Townley, the Rev. William, Vicar of Orpington, &c., 24th Sept., aged 74. Tremlett, Richard Henry, only son of the late Samuel Tremlett, Esq., of Exeter, 1st Oct., aged 61.

Trollope, Edward, Esq., 7th Oct., aged 44, at Doughty-street.

Tuke, Francis, Esq., 29th Sept., at Dulwich.

Urquhart, Anne, relict of the late Capt.

David Urquhart, Paymaster 72nd Highlanders, and eldest dau. of the late Lieut.-Col. James Fraser, of Kilworth, N.B., 5th Oct.

Usborne, Mrs. Harriet, of Croydon, 30th Sept.

Waite, James Douglas, late of H.M.S. Terrible, 10th Oct., aged 18. Walmsley, the Rev. Edward Jones, Rector of Hilperton, Wilts, son of John Walmsley, Esq., of Ince, Lancashire, and grandson of the late Richard G. Long, Esq., of Rood Ashton, in the county of Wilts, at Dewlish House, near Blandford, on the 23d Sept., Walton, Emily Anne, only dau, of William Henry Walton, Esq., 26th Sept., aged 9.

Warre, Lieut. John Frederick, R.N., 3d July, at Hong Kong, aged 32. Warrington, Col. Hammer, late H.B.M.'s Consul-General at Tripoli, 18th Aug. at Patras.

Watson, Richard Moore C. Bowes, eldest son of the late George Bowes Watson, Esq., of Clapham Park, 30th Sept., aged 12. Whiteway, Samuel, Esq., of Oakford, Kingsteignton, Devon, 7th Oct.

Whitfield, the Rev. W. Brett, B.D., 26th
Sept., at Lawford Rectory, aged 78.
Wickham, Miss Eleanor Christian, 8th
Oct., at Hammersmith, aged 16
Wilkins, Emily, dau. of Č. B. Wilkins,
Esq., of Dover, 11th Oct.
Williams, Mr. Charles William Daniel,
nephew of John Harris, Esq., at
Springfield, near Bedford, 8th Oct.
Williams, Rose Chitty, dan. of the late
James Rice Williams, Esq., of Lee,
Kent, 29th Sept.

Willis, Samuel, Esq., of Richmond-place,
St. Leonard's, Exeter (late of Crew
Kerne, Somerset), 18th Oct., aged 61.
Wood, Charlotte, wife of Mr. Alderman
Thomas Wood, 12th Oct., aged 60.
Wood, John, Esq., of Seale Lodge,
Surrey, formerly of Hatton, co. Salop,
29th Sept., aged 81.

Wright, the Rev. John, Rector of Killee-
van, co. Monaghan, 24th Sept.
Wyatt, Adeline, wife of James Reeves
Wyatt, Esq., of Radnor-place, 28th

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