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orders, etc.


five days prior to such meeting: Provided further, That on Further

proviso. the petition of at least one-tenth and not less than twenty-five of the qualified voters of the township district presented to the secretary or president for the purpose of calling a special school meeting, the secretary shall give the notice as hereinbefore provided;

Fourth, To draw and sign warrants upon the township Warrants, treasurer for all moneys raised for district purposes or apportioned to the district by the township clerk or other officer and payable to the treasurer of the district, and orders upon the district treasurer for all moneys to be disbursed by the district, and present such warrants or orders to the president to be countersigned by that officer. Each warrant and order Numbering. shall be properly numbered and dated, and each warrant shall specify the sources of the funds called for, and each order the purpose for which and the fund upon which it is drawn;

Fifth, To draw and sign all contracts with teachers, Sign superintendents or other employes, when directed by the dis- contracts. trict board, and present such contracts to the other members of the board for further signature;

Sixth, To purchase the necessary appendages and inci- Purchase dentals for school use as hereinbefore provided, and to see that such apparatus and material is kept in good repair at all times;

Seventh, To keep an accurate account of all expenses in- Accounts, curred by him as secretary, such accounts to be presented to payment, and audited by the board, and on its written order paid out of the appropriate fund;

Eighth, At the regular meeting of the board in the month Estimates, of June, to present an estimate of the expenses necessary to whom to be incurred during the ensuing year, and an estimate of the presented. amount of money necessary for buildings, sites or repairs, and upon these estimates the board shall act and fix the amount to be presented to the people at the annual meeting; and the board shall vote the several amounts for taxes to be levied for teachers' wages and the general running expenses of the school as herein before provided;

Ninth, To preserve and file copies of all reports to the File reports, township clerk or county clerk and the superintendent of etc. public instruction, and to preserve and keep all books, papers, records and other documents belonging to the office of secretary or to the district when not otherwise provided for, and to deliver the same to his successor in office;

Tenth, The secretary shall, at the end of the school year Annual and previous to the second Monday in July, prepare an annual repart: report of the school district, said report to contain:

tain, etc. (1) The whole number of children belonging to the district five years of age and under twenty, according to the school census of said district;

(2) The number attending school during the year;
(3) The number of non-resident pupils attending during

when and

what to con

the year;

Other statistics.

Form of report, filing of, etc.

Treasurer, duties.

(4) The whole number that have attended school during the year;

(5) The length of time school has been taught, the name of each teacher and the length of time taught by each and the wages paid to each ;

(6) The average attendance and the percentage of attendance of pupils during the year;

(7) The amount of money received from the township treasurer apportioned to the district by the township clerk;

(8) The amount of money raised by the district and the purposes for which it was raised, the amount of primary and library money and the amount received from all other sources;

(9) The text-books used in the school;

(10) Such other facts and statistics in regard to the schools and the subject of education as the superintendent of public instruction shall direct. Said report shall be in such form as said superintendent may prepare and direct. In all township districts one copy of said report shall be filed with the township clerk on or before the first Monday of August in each year, and the other two, together with all others, forwarded immediately after the first Monday in August to the county commissioner of schools;

(11) To perform such other duties as are or shall be required by law or by the board of education.

(324) § 5920. SEC. 12. It shall be the duty of the treasurer of the board of education :

First, Within ten days after his election or appointment to execute to the district and file with the secretary of the board a bond in the full amount of money to come into his hands during each year as such treasurer, as near as the same can be ascertained, with two or more sufficient sureties, each of whom shall justify under oath and before a proper officer, to the amount for which he is held in the bond, and the sum of such amounts shall be equal to the full amount of the bond; or the treasurer may provide, at the expense of the district, a similar bond of some surety company authorized to do business in this state, said bond to be approved by the president and secretary of the board, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties under this act and honestly accounting for all moneys coming into his hands belonging to said district according to the general accounting laws of the state. Said bond when approved shall be filed with the secretary of the board, and none of the books, money or property of the district shall be placed in the hands of the treasurer until such bond has been so filed and approved: Pro.vided, That if for any unforeseen reason a larger sum of money should become due the district than the bond would cover, the treasurer shall increase the bond to the proper amount before such money comes into his hands. In case of any breach of the conditions of said bond the president shall cause suit to be commenced thereon in the name of the district, and any

To file bond, sureties.

Surety company.

Where filed.

Proviso, increase of bond.

When suit commenced.


moneys collected thereon shall be paid into the township treasury, subject to the order of the district, and such moneys shall be applied to the same purposes as the money lost should have been applied by the treasurer;

Second, The treasurer shall have the care and custody of Custody of all the moneys of the district coming into his hands, and he moneys. shall not loan the same, nor use the same for his own purposes, nor permit other private individuals or corporations to use the same except as provided by law, nor shall he mix such money with his own money, but he shall keep it separate and apart from all other funds;

Third, He may, with the consent of the board of education, Deposits, deposit school moneys with any bank or banking corporation interest, or trust company for safe-keeping, and require such bank or company to pay interest thereon. Such deposit shall be made in his name as treasurer of the district, and such interest shall be accounted for to the district and become a part of the general fund of said district: Provided, That any deposit Proviso, of such funds shall not be privileged, but shall be open to in- inspection. spection of any trustee of the district or any person authorized to audit school accounts;

Fourth, To pay all orders of the secretary when lawfully Pay orders. drawn and countersigned by the president, out of any moneys in his hands belonging to the fund upon which such orders may be drawn;

Fifth, To keep a book in which all moneys received and Keep book of disbursed shall be entered, the sources from which the same have been received, and the person to whom and the objects for which the same have been paid;

Sixth, To present to the district board and to the district Annual at the close of the school year a report in writing containing reports. a statement of all moneys received during the preceding year and of each item of disbursement made, and exhibit the vouchers therefor, and said vouchers shall be filed in his office permanently;

Seventh, To appear for and on behalf of the district in all appear for suits brought by or against the same, when no other directions district shall be given by the qualified voters in a district meeting, except in suits in which he is interested adversely to the district, and in all such cases the president shall appear for the district;

Eighth, At the close of his term of office to settle with the Deliver district board and to deliver to his successor in office all books, etc. books, vouchers, orders, documents and papers belonging to the office of treasurer, together with all district moneys remaining on hand;

Ninth, To perform such other duties as are or shall be re- Other duties. quired by law of the treasurer.

(325) § 5921. Sec. 13. At each annual school meeting Board to esheld in said township district the board of education shall timate sum present its estimate of the amount of money needed to be buildings, etc. raised by tax during the ensuing year for buildings and sites

accounts, etc.

in suits.


Voters to determine.

and an estimate of the amount for which bonds shall be issued if needed: Provided, That all such buildings to be used for housing students shall be of the types known either as fire proof or fire-resisting construction. This estimate shall be presented by the board and considered by the qualified voters during the last two hours of the time during which the polls for the election of trustees are to be open, or between the hours. of three and five o'clock p. m. The qualified voters on the question of voting taxes present at that time shall determine the amount of money to be raised by tax for these purposes, and they may direct that the vote shall be taken by ballot or in any other way which shall be deemed best. The people shall have authority to increase or decrease the amount of the estimate submitted by the board and when such amounts have been voted by a majority of the qualified voters present the secretary of the board of education shall, on or before the first Monday of August, certify to the township clerk of the township the amount of such taxes, together with the amount of all taxes which the board of education is authorized to impose, and said township clerk shall report the same to the supervisor of the township, and if the township district is a fractional district said clerk shall report such taxes to the clerks of other townships in which said district may be in part situated, and such clerks shall report the amounts to their respective supervisors who shall spread the same upon the regular tax roll of such township or townships in the manner provided for by statute, and the same shall be levied, collected, and returned in the same manner as all township taxes: Provided, That if the qualified voters present as aforesaid do not or can not determine the amount of money to be raised by tax for the purposes specified, the board of education shall determine the same: Provided further, That special meetings of the district may be called to vote on the question of bonding the district for any of the purposes mentioned. Such vote shall be by ballot and a majority of the votes cast shall be necessary to carry the question. The form of ballot shall be:


Further proviso.

Ballot, form of.

“For bonding the township district for $........, Yes.”

"For bonding the township district for $........, No."

On the question of bonding, the board of education shall act as an election board and cause a poll list to be kept and a suitable ballot box used, and conduct the election and canvass the votes in the same manner as a regular school election. When bonds have been voted the board shall proceed to issue and sell the bonds and fix the rate of interest and term of payments thereon. The period of any school bonds shall not exceed thirty years and all bonds issued under the provisions of this act shall be made to mature serially in such installments that the first payment shall be due not more than

School taxes

three years after the date of issue and that the total amount
of principal and interest payable in any year thereafter shall
not exceed the amount payable in the preceding year: Pro- Proviso.
vided, That during the period during which any of such bond
issue or issues shall be unpaid all buildings constructed
therefrom shall be insured for at least eighty per cent of their
value: Provided, however, That no funds received from sale Proviso.
of bonds issued for a period of thirty years shall be used for
the construction of any building of which the outside walls
are not of fireproof construction: Provided further, That Further

when any money shall have been borrowed by any township
school district upon the bonds of said district the qualified
voters of such district shall have power at any annual or
special meeting to impose a tax on the taxable property in
such district for the purpose of paying the principal or any
part thereof and the interest thereon, to be levied and col-
lected as other school district taxes are levied and collected.
Am. 1923, Act 319.

(326) § 5922. Sec. 14. All taxes assessed within said township or township district for school purposes shall be in separate set forth in the assessment roll of the proper township in a

column. separate column, apart and distinct from all other township taxes. Any township district operating under the provisions of this act maintaining one-room schools in any of its subdistricts shall be entitled to two hundred dollars per annum under the same conditions as are provided in section five thousand six hundred sixty-seven of the compiled laws of nineteen hundred fifteen, as amended, for a primary district maintaining a one-room school. Am. 1923, Act 188. See compiler's sec. 45.

(327) § 5923. Sec. 15. The treasurer of the township When townshall at any time, on the written request of the board of ship treaseducation, report to said board the amount of school money in over moneys. his hands and shall, on the order of the secretary of the board countersigned by the president, pay to the treasurer of the board all or any of such moneys. The treasurer of the town- To collect ship shall collect from the treasurers of other townships in which the district may be in part located all school moneys belonging to such district on or before March first in each year and report the same to the township clerk.

(328) § 5924. Sec. 16. The said board of education shall Statement annually, on or before its regular meeting in the month of June, make a detailed statement of the number of schools in said township district, the number of teachers employed, the number of pupils instructed therein during the preceding year, the itemized expenditures of said board for all purposes, the resources and liabilities of said district and also an estimate of the necessary expenses for the ensuing year exclusive of the income from the primary school interest fund and one mill tax, which report or statement shall be entered at length Recording of. in the records of said board and shall be publicly read by

from other treasurers.

of board.

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