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shall be finally closed. Said election shall be by ballot and, Election, except as herein otherwise directed, shall be conducted in all ducted, etc. respects, including the manner of selecting candidates, the placing of names of candidates upon the ballots, the printing of the ballots, erection of booths, etc., in the manner and in conformity with the provisions of law governing in the case of annual township elections. All the penalties of the Penalties. general election law relative to neglect of duty or violation of the terms of this act shall be applicable. The members of the said school board shall be governed by the same restrictions and shall perform similar duties to those prescribed for the township board at annual township meetings. Notice Notice of of the time and places of holding such elections shall be given by the secretary of the board not less than fifteen days before the said election by placing such notices in three of the most public places in each ward of the city, and by publishing a copy thereof in one or more newspapers published in the city for the same length of time before the election. On or before the twentieth day of June in each year the board of education shall appoint three election commissioners. All nominations for the office of trustee shall be Nominations. made by petition signed by at least twenty-five qualified electors of said district. All nomination petitions shall be filed by the respective candidates with said election commissioners at least five days before the election. The said elec- Election comtion commissioners shall, after the time during which nomi- missioners, nation petitions may be filed has elapsed, proceed to determine by lot the place which each candidate shall have upon the official ballot; and thereupon said commissioners shall cause to be printed ballots in the same manner and form as near as may be as now used in the election of city officers. They shall deliver said ballots when printed to the secretary of the board of education the day preceding the day of election. Nothing contained herein, however, shall be construed

as to prevent any elector from voting for any person by pasting or writing the name of his candidate or candidates in pencil on his ballot.

(629) § 3265. SEC. 4. The board of education of such Election public schools shall choose one member of said board and inspectors. also another qualified elector of said city to act as inspectors of election in each polling place, and the electors present at the opening of each polling place shall choose another qualified elector of said district and the three together shall constitute a board of inspectors for such election at such polling place: Provided, That no candidate for trustee shall act as Proviso, inspector of election and if any of said trustees are so dis- vacancies. qualified the board of education shall choose another qualified elector to act as such inspector of election, and if the persons so chosen as inspectors of election shall not be present at the opening of the polls or remain in attendance, the electors present may choose viva voce such number of electors present as shall constitute a board of three inspectors



Proviso, polling places.

of such election, and if the two inspectors of election chosen
by the board of education shall be present at the opening of
the polls and remain in attendance the electors present shall
choose one elector present who together with the two inspect-
ors chosen by the board of education shall constitute a board
of three inspectors of election for each polling place. Each
of said inspectors shall take the required oath to faithfully
perform the duties of inspector of such election. Said board
of inspectors of election in each polling place shall elect one
of its number as chairman and one of its number as secretary
of the board of inspectors. The qualifications of voters at
such election or the school district meetings shall be such as
are or may hereafter be prescribed by the general school law.
The board of inspectors shall have the same authority and
power in maintaining and enforcing order and obedience
to its lawful commands at such elections and during the
canvass of the votes as are conferred by the general laws of
the state upon school officers in similar cases : Provided)
however, that electors shall cast their votes at the polling
place in the ward in which they reside if there be a polling
place in such ward, and if no polling place is provided or
held in such ward then the board of education of the said city
shall designate the polling places where the voters of such
ward having no polling place shall vote, and in such event the
board of education shall name in the notice of election the
said polling places.
Am. 1917, Act 10.

(630) § 3266. Sec. 5. The board of inspectors of each polling place shall make a poll list of names of persons voting at such election in that polling place. It shall also have the last school census or a copy thereof present at such election, open for inspection by any citizen; it shall also have the right of access to the registration books of the several polling place in the ward in which they reside if there be a polling pose it may require the city clerk to attend such election with such registers in the voting places designated by the board of education.

(631) § 3267. SEC. 6. When said polls shall be finally closed the board of inspectors of the different polling places shall proceed publicly to count, determine and declare the number of votes cast and for whom, and shall on the same or on the next succeeding day make up and sign a statement in writing showing the whole number of votes cast and the number of votes cast for each person for whom votes were cast; such statement, together with the minutes and other papers of election, shall be filed with the secretary of the board of education. The inspectors of the several voting places shall forthwith report in writing to the secretary of said board the number of votes cast and for whom, and the number of votes cast for each person, which shall be filed with the secretary of the board of education. The person or persons who shall have received the highest number of votes for

Inspectors, duty of.



Report to board.

Declaration of result.

such office of trustee for the several terms designated upon the ballot shall be declared elected by the board of trustees without delay, and two or more persons shall have received an equal number of votes where only one trustee is to be elected, the said board of trustees shall choose one of said persons by lot as such trustee. The ballots shall, when the Ballots, disvote shall have been declared, be returned to the boxes and posal of. the boxes be locked and sealed and deposited with the secretary at the time of the filing of said statement. Each person Oath of office. so declared elected to the office of school trustee under the provisions of this act shall, within five days after he has been declared elected, qualify by taking and subscribing the required oath of office and filing the same with the secretary of the board of education.

(632) § 3268. SEC. 7. The board of education shall pay Expense of all the expenses of such election from the contingent fund election, how of the district, and shall allow each inspector of election the same compensation as is allowed to inspectors at city elections.

(633) $ 3269. SEC. 8. At the first regular meeting of officers the board after each annual election, the board shall elect from elected cat their own number a president, and they shall also at such meeting. time elect a secretary, who may or may not be a member of the board, and whose duty shall be fixed and prescribed by the board: Provided, That whenever a secretary shall be proviso. elected who is not a member of the board, he shall have no vote therein. They shall meet from time to time, as they may determine for the transaction of business, and shall keep a record of all their proceedings. The city treasurer shall be the treasurer of the public schools, as hereinbefore in this act provided.

(634) § 3270. Sec. 9. The board of education shall have Board to the control and management of the property, interests and control, etc.,

. affairs of the district, and of the schools organized, or that may be organized therein. They shall establish and maintain such primary and graded schools as the public interests may require; and when deemed expedient shall establish a high school for instruction in the higher branches of education, authorized by the school laws of the state. The schools of the district shall be public, and free to all children between the ages of five and twenty years, residing within the city; and shall be taught for such length of time, at least, during each year as is or may be required by law in respect to school districts having a like number of children of the ages aforesaid.

(635) § 3271. Sec. 10. The board of education shall ap- Board to point and employ a superintendent, and the teachers and in- employ super

intendent, structors for the public schools, and determine their salaries etc. and define their duties. They shall prescribe the courses of study to be pursued, the books to be used, classify the pupils as may be expedient, and provide the necessary apparatus and facilities for instruction, determine the rate of charges for


libraries of cities.

Board to


instruction to pupils not resident in the city, make all regulations necessary or required for the examination of teachers, determine the length of time the schools shall be taught each year, adopt rules for the regulation and government of the schools, and do whatever may be required to advance the

interests of education. Board to (636) § 3272. SEC. 11. Said board shall maintain a disdistrict trict library, and may apply to the purchase of books therefor library. in addition to the amount received on account of fines and

forfeitures such sum annually as they may deem expedient. If in any city re-incorporated under and made subject to the provisions of this act there shall be a public library belonging to such city then the council of such city may transfer such library to the public schools of such city to be thereafter

owned and maintained by the board of trustees of such Proviso, school district: Provided, That in all cities where a free free public

public library and reading room has heretofore been organized, under any general law of the state, such free public library and reading room may be continued under such law with all the rights, privileges and immunities appertaining thereto as at present enjoyed, however the same may be derived, anything herein contained to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.

(637) § 3273. Sec. 12. The board of education shall establish sites have authority, and it shall be their duty, to designate and

establish such number of sites for schoolhouses in the dis-. trict as may be necessary, and to purchase and procure the lands therefor, and to erect and maintain thereon, in proper repair, convenient and suitable schoolhouses and buildings for the use of the public schools, and to provide the proper furniture and appurtenances for such buildings and grounds. They may also lease lands and buildings for the use of the schools; and may sell and dispose of any lands and property of the district when no longer needed. They shall make and enforce all needful regulations for the protection and preservation of the school buildings, property and improvements of the district; and the council shall also pass all necessary

ordinances for that purpose. Census of (638) § 3274. Sec. 13. The board shall cause a census

to be taken annually of all the children between the ages of five and twenty years, residing in the district, within the time and in the manner required by law, and report the same and make and transmit all other necessary reports to the proper officers, as designated by law, in order that the district may

receive its share of the primary school funds and library Distribution moneys. For the purposes of distribution of the primary of primary school funds.

schooi funds and moneys collected from fines and penalties the city shall be considered the same as a township, and said board shall be entitled to receive from the county treasurer or other officer, for the use of the public schools, all moneys appropriated or apportioned to the city for primary schools and district libraries.

school children.

of board.

(639) § 3275. SEC. 14. The board shall, during the last Annual report week of the month of August in each year, publish in some newspaper in the city a statement of the number of schools in the city, the number of teachers employed, and of the pupils instructed therein during the preceding year, and the branches of education pursued in such schools, and at the same time make and publish a statement of all the receipts and expenditures of the district for the preceding year, showing the items thereof, the sources of income, the amount of salaries paid to officers, teachers and employes, and to whom paid, the obligations incurred during the year and the amount of indebtedness outstanding and to whom payable; and also the estimates required to be made, as in the next section mentioned of the expenditures for grounds and buildings and for the support of the schools for the ensuing year, and the items thereof, all of which shall be recorded with the proceedings of the board.

(640) § 3276. Sec. 15. The board shall also make and Board to deliver to the city council, annually, in the month of Septem-estionate ber, an estimate and report of the amounts necessary to be raised. raised in addition to other school funds for the entire support of the public schools, including fuel, pay of teachers and indebtedness falling due, and for the purchase of grounds and the construction of school buildings and support of the library, and for all purposes of expenditure which the board is authorized or required to make during the ensuing year, specifying the different objects of expense as particularly as may be; which sums so reported the council shall cause to be raised by tax upon all the taxable property in the city, with the state, county and delinquent city taxes thereafter to be raised: Provided, That the amount so to be raised in any one Limit of. year for the purchase of grounds and the erection of buildings, and for the payment of indebtedness and interest thereon incurred for grounds and buildings shall not exceed one-half of one per cent, and the amount for the support of the schools and for all the other purposes above mentioned shall not exceed one and one-fourth per cent on the dollar of the taxable valuation of the real and personal property in the city as shown by the tax roll of the preceding year.

(641) § 3277. SEC. 16. For the payment of current ex- Amount may penses the board may borrow from time to time in anticipation borrow. of the collection of taxes levied, or herein authorized to be levied, during the same year for school purposes, such sum not exceeding twenty-five per cent of the tax, to be paid therefrom as it may deem expedient. Should any greater sum be in case required in any one year for the purchase of grounds, the greater sum erection of school buildings, and for the payment of indebtedness incurred for such purposes than can be raised under the provisions of the foregoing sections, such sum, not exceeding five per cent of the taxable valuation of the property in the city for the preceding year, may be raised by tax or loan, and should any greater sum than one and one-fourth per cent

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