American Journal of Numismatics, and Bulletin of American Numismatic and Archæological Societies, Volumes 7-8

T.R. Marvin & Son, 1873

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Página 72 - ... plantation to another to the great prejudice of the trade of our subjects; and being sensible that the same cannot be otherwise remedied than by reducing of all foreign coins to the same current rate within all our dominions in America; and the principal officers of our mint having laid before us a table of the value of the several foreign coins which usually pass in payments in our said...
Página 31 - Patricks half-pence, shall, from and after the said Eighteenth Instant pass for half-pence Current pay of this Province, provided he, the said Mark, give sufficient security to the Speaker of this House for the use of the General Assembly from time to time being, that he the said Mark, his executors and administrators, shall and will change the said half pence for pay equivalent upon demand ; and provided also that no Person or Persons be hereby obliged to take more than five shillings in one payment.
Página 72 - Magistrates, Officers, and all other Our good Subjects, within Our said Colonies and Plantations, to Observe and Obey our Directions herein, as they Tender our Displeasure.
Página 4 - It may, however, somewhat mollify his anger to reflect, that perhaps none of the assembly which he describes, was capable of any nobler employment, and that he who does his best, however little, is always to be distinguished from him who does nothing. Whatever busies the mind without corrupting it, has at least this use, that it rescues the day from idleness, and he that is never idle will not often be vicious.
Página 13 - I do not see how the reins of government are to be managed, or how the Union of the States can be much longer preserved.
Página 68 - ... be one million, three hundred and twenty-six thousand, five hundred and thirty-nine pesos de oro, which, allowing for the greater value of money in the sixteenth century, would be equivalent, probably, at the present time, to near three millions and a half of pounds sterling, or somewhat less than fifteen millions and a half of dollars. The quantity of silver was estimated at fifty-one thousand six 251 hundred and ten marks.
Página 8 - NE, and on the other side, with the figure xiid, vid, and iiid, according to the valew of each peece, together with a privy marke, which shall be appointed euery three months by the Gouernor, and knowne only to him and the sworne officers of the mint.
Página 92 - God bless the King !— God bless the Faith's defender! God bless — No harm in blessing the Pretender. Who that Pretender is, and who that King, — God bless us all ! — is quite another thing.
Página 69 - Governor and Commander in Chief in and over his Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts-Bay; as also a Commission from the Right Honourable the Lords of the Admiralty, to be Vice-Admiral of the same, &c. * Error for "to.
Página 72 - Coins, whether of the same or Baser Alloy, shall, after the said First Day of January next, stand Regulated, according to their Weight and Fineness, according and in Proportion to the Rate before Limited and Set for the Pieces of Eight of Sevill, Pillar, and Mexico ; So that no Foreign Silver Coin of any sort be permitted to Exceed the same Proportion upon any Account whatsoever. And We do hereby Require and Command all Our Governours...

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