Achaemenid Studies

Franz Steiner Verlag, 1996 - 226 páginas
Aus dem Inhalt: Cyprus before and under the Achaemenids: Problems in Chronology, Strategy, Assimilation and Ethnicity - The Parks and Gardens of the Achaemenid Empire - The Place of Persia in Athenian Literatur: Tragedy, Persian Landscape and Geography, Comedy, Orators and Philosophers, General Observations - Appendix: The Location of Places Mentioned in the Fortification Archive - Bibliography - Index

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The Parks and Gardens of the Achaemenid Empire
The Place of Persia in Athenian Literature

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Página 188 - Inscribed Prisms of Sargon II from Nimrud', Iraq 16: 173-201.
Página 186 - Early Greek Visitors to Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean'. In Tatton-Brown, V. (ed.), Cyprus and the East Mediterranean in the Early Iron Age: Proceedings of the Seventh British Museum Classical Colloquium, April, 1988 (London), 90-96. — . 1995: 'Amathus tomb NW 194: the Greek pottery imports'.

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