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chapel, owing to the circumstance waiting for my visit to Long Islandto that on the day and hour originally be over before others will follow their fixed, there was a great funeral Lord through the water, at Inagua procession to convey Lord Mayo’s It seems to have been thought an remains from the ship that brought easy affair to draw off the children them to town, to Government House; and young people, and I really and in the absence of brethren Lewis thought myself that, for a time, we and Williams, and brother Kerry's should suffer damage. We want inability to attend, it appeared be- reading matter for the young people

. coming on my part to join the I wish some of our English friends procession as a representative of our would help us. We are having a body. In fact I had received, un- hard struggle. Did they know of solicited and unexpected, a ticket, it, they might come to our assistequivalent to a request from Government, which I did not feel at liberty Cuina. The Rev. T. Richard of to disregard.

Chefoo, writes: "During this year “I have heard indirectly that I made five trips to the country; Tarachand Banerjea will lose his four of them were short ones, in the situation and salary. The address neighbourhood of Chefoo. The fifth which he gave at the water-side, however, in which I was accomaccounting for his resolution to be

panied by my friend Mr. Lilly, took baptized, was very effective."

me to a distance of 600 miles from It is gratifying to notice that the home, and was intensely exciting; spirit of attachment to convictions, sleeping like watch-dogs at night, in spite of personal loss and perse- and proceeding carefully during the cution, still lives. This high çaste day, for our route lay through a Hindoo convert is obviously of the country overrun by highwaymen, same stuff of which martyrs are and on the borders of that dark land made.

where the transported convicts & BAHAMAS. Our missionary, the China are settled. Of course, there

, Rev. William Littlewood, of Inagua, everywhere else writes :-“ Church prospects

Chinese, China on their maps is the still more cheering, We are having only great continent in the world. quite a little fuss about believers' We foreigners inhabit small islands baptism. The Church minister made which dot the coast of China, and are himself very busy upon the subject; wretched barbarians, ignorant the young folk talked and argued. beasts of the forest, and wicked as We are gaining by it, as they might the devil himself. Although have known we should. I advised

stay was very short in each place, them to give us no rest; why should for we generally moved on every they? We are poor, ignorant, of day, yet we were able to correct a' recent origin, and made our advent few of their ideas. amid much superstition; it cannot “One day, no sooner had I com, be but they can overthrow us with menced to preach to a large crowd the first breath of argument.

in an important city, than up, came Brother Hall says, “I don't know

a high mandarin with a number of anything about history and baptism, soldiers. They drove the people etc., but I know people mentioned

away, and stood there to prevent in the Testament went down into their return. Thereupon I preached the water and were baptized, and I to them, for it was the same to me, am doing the same.” Twenty-four





as the

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and was enabled to do so with more persons were baptized at Rum Cay; freedom than usual., Having listtwenty at Watlings, and a number ened to me for fully two hours, the at Crooked Island; and I am only | mandarin bought a copy

of the

criptures, walked away, leaving God. We thank God for such proofs he people to return to me and of sincerity. isten to their heart's content. He "Tsung and Sun, our native eemed greatly surprised to find the preachers, went three times into the gospel we preached not so bad as country, and were prevented from he had imagined it to be.

making a fourth journey by the early "Another time, six armed mounted fall of snow this year. They know soldiers were sent along with us for what it is to bear the cross for a whole week, under the pretence of Christ. Tsung's relatives would not scorting us, but really to spy us: speak to him for three years after he At first they did all they could became a Christian. They were set :0 hinder uş, by secretly threatening upon by the people last summer, and the people for listening to us; but beaten out of a village; but they they soon turned round, became our were not discouraged. They had friends, and even volunteered to counted the cost beforehand. carry our Scriptures and recommend “We have had six additions by their countrymen to buy them. baptism this year; four at Chefoo,

“The rest of my time, which Í one at Tsungkie, and one at Hankian. spent at home, was chiefly devoted At Tsungkie there are several who to improving myself in the language. do not practice idolatry, and they However I took five of our native join us in singing Christian hymns, helpers through a short course of many of which they have committed the evidences of Christianity.

to memory "Ching made three trips, but spent “Although some of our missionary most of his time at Chefoo. He brethren in China have suffered read the Gospels with a native, called considerably by being persecuted in Lew, who prepares himself to help their work, we close our year, having us in preaching. Lew has given up enjoyed comparatively perfect freea more lucrative employment, choos- dom from any molestation, for which ing rather the scorn of his fellow- our hearts are lifted up to God with countrymen, and the approbation of feelings of devout gratitude."



NEWS OF THE CHURCHES. A new church has been formed

for the pastorate of the Rev. M. at Irvine, N.B., under the pastorate

Morris.-A new chapel has been of the Rev. A. G. Short, late of the opened in Devonport-street, ComMetropolitan Tabernacle College, mercial-road, London, for the pastor

ate of the Rev. G. Jennings. A new chapel has been opened in The Rev. W. Morgan, late of South-street, Greenwich, for the Monmouth, has been recognised as pastorate of the Rev. B. Davies. pastor of the churches at Usk and The foundation-stone of a

Langebby.—The Rev. W. Sutton, chapel has been laid in Newport

late of Ballarat, Australia, has been road, Middlesborough, for the pastor- recognised as the pastor of the ate of the Rev. W. H. Priter.-A church at Oakham, Rutland.—The new chapel has been opened at

Rev. S. B. Rees, late of Evenjobb, Tonbridge, for the pastorate of the

Radnor, has been recognised as the Rev. J. Turner.— A new chapel has

pastor of the church at Great been opened at Consett, Durham,

Missenden, Bucks.-The Rev. J. F.


Frewin has been recognised as the | Aberdare, to Penarth; the Rev. N pastor of the church in Surrey-lane, Richards, of Treherbert, to Zioi Battersea, Surrey.-The Rev. J. Chapel, Yystrad, Rhondda Valley Tuckwell has been recognised as the Rev. W. L. Mayo, of Helston the pastor of the church in Union Cornwall, to Rochdale Road, Hey Chapel, Luton.—The Rev. C. White wood, Lancashire; the Rev. F. J has been recognised as the pastor of Masters, late of Ravensthorpe the church in Little Wild-street, Northamptonshire, to Helston London.—The Rev. J. Jolly has Cornwall; the Rev. T. Hanger, of been recogised as the pastor of the Lifton, Devon, to Highbridge, church at Boston, Lincolnshire, Somerset; the Rev. T. Hanson, recently under the care of the late of Burton-on-Trent, to Bingley, Rev. T. W. Matthews.—The Rev. H. Yorkshire; the Rev. W. D. RoseD. Brown, late of Rawdon College, vear, of Glasgow, to his former has been recognised as the pastor of pastorate at St. Michael's, Coventry, the church at Barrow-in-Furness, The Rev. H. A. Fletcher has, on Lancashire.-The Rev. W. Ander account of ill-health, resigned his son, late of Warkworth, North pastorate at Potter Street, Harlow, umberland, has been recognised as Essex. The Rev. G. W. Bannister the pastor of the church in King's has intimated his intention to resign, road, Reading

sometime in the summer, his charge

at the Lower Baptist Chapel, The following reports of MINIS Amersham, Bucks. The Rev. T. A. TERIAL CHANGES have reached us Williams has resigned his pastorate since our last issue : The Rev. J. of the church at Swaff ham, NorF. Smythe, of York, to St. George's folk, and is open to receive complace, Canterbury; the Rev. G. B. munications from churches desiring Thomas, late of Leeds, to South a pastor. The Rev. R. J. Mesquitta Parade, Tenby; the Rev. E. Dyson, has resigned the pastorate of the of Long Crenden, Bucks, to Ossett, church at Pershore, Worcestershire. Yorkshire; the Rev. D. Davies, of The Rev. J. Parnell has resigned Bristol College, to Mount Stuart his pastorate at Mornea, Cambridge. Square, Cardiff; the Rev. S. Cou shire. The Rev. J. P. Williams ling, of Oakengates, Salop, to_Chip has resigned the pastorate of the perfield, Rickmansworth, Herts; churches at Swimbridge and Little the Rev. J. J. Irving, late of Melton Hill, North Devon. The Rev. R. A. Mowbray, to South Portland Street, Griffin has resigned his pastorate at Glasgow; the Rev. W. Cuff, of Bury | Bank Buildings, Weymouth, and has St. Edmunds, to Acton, Middlesex; sailed for America. The Rev. J. the Rev. J. Wilshire, of Taunton, Jack has resigned the pastorate of Somerset, to St. Mary's Gate, Derby; the church at Penzance, Cornwall, the Rev. J. Roberts, of Mumbles, The Rev. P. F. Pearce has resigned near Swansea, to Upton Chapel, his pastorate at Darlington, DurLambeth, London; the Rev. J. 0. ham. The Rev. H. Moyan has Griffiths, of Llandilo, to Ton resigned his pastorate at Park Road Yystrad, Glamorganshire; the Rev. and Yorkley, and will shortly go to T. Humphreys, of Cwmaman, | Adelaide, South Australia.


* Built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ Himself

being the chief corner-stone."

JUNE, 1872.



VI.-THE THEOLOGIAN. PROBABLY the most of us are less or more familiar with the doctrinal ideas of the Apostle Paul. They are the staple of Puritan theology. Starting from man's sinfulness in the presence of a law that is holy and just and good, and uprooting man's last hope of being his own Saviour, he exhibits God's way of dealing with guilt and with an evil heart, in the mediation of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit, leading us on to the final completion of salvation in the day of Christ, according to God's eternal purpose of grace which He purposed in Himself. As soon as we pass from the writings of Paul to those of John, we find ourselves in fellowship with a mind of a totally different cast-not at all dialectic, but intensely and profoundly intuitive. While he is equally the organ of the Spirit of God, and while the truths dealt with are in substance the same, yet the manner of conceiving and building them together is very different. The difference shows itself in the great words that are used. Paul's words are such as these,-sin, grace, righteousness, election, redemption, faith, reconciliation, salvation, the day of Christ; John's words are such as these, life and death, light and darkness, love and hatred, truth and a lie, the Son of God and the wicked one. Were I to select characteristic and corresponding utterances from Paul and John, they would be these two: from Paul,—“Just and the justifier of him who believeth in Jesus"; from John,-“ This is the true God and

In this brief paper I desire to exhibit the character of John's doctrine as distinguished from that of the other New Testament writers,-unto each of whom “is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.” We shall find that it is no mere theological jelly

, soft and luscious, but quite as strong meat as the doctrine of Paul. The starting-point for thought is the conception of the Eternal

_" the Word of life,' ' _"the Eternal Life which was with

eternal life.





A visible

the Father and was manifested unto us.” John did not originate the name, he found it already in existence; most probably it was beginning to be used in Asia Minor when he first went thither, perhaps in way! hostile to the truth. He unfolds the Divine idea contained in the name—the Jehovah-idea-in distinction from the false notions of men Just as Paul said at Athens respecting the Unknown God,—“Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, Him declare I unto you;" so in effect John says, "Whom ye ignorantly name The Word, Him declare ! unto you, in His timeless being, in His personality, in His Godhead, in His action in the universe as light and life, in His manifestation in the flesh, full of grace and truth, giving of His fulness, and declaring the Father unto men. All Divine revelations and workings in the universe are through Him.

In due time The Word was manifested humanly in Jesus of Nazareth, so that men heard Him, saw Him, looked upon Him with their eyes,

and their hands handled Him. The Word was made flesh; and dwelt among us.

Godhead and manhood were bound into one person, indissolubly and eternally, in the Only-begotten. It was not a mere phantom-appearance, as if an angel should become visible to the

eye in human form, but a true incarnation, only without sin. He is the fullest answer we have to the question-What is man? as He is also the fullest answer to the question-What is God ? human life becomes the medium of showing forth the divine and eternal life. A human face shines with the very brightness of the Godhead's glory. The Gospel of John is the telling forth of this manifestation by one who saw it on its glorious side; even as he writes,—“We beheld His glory, the glory as of the Only-begotten of the Father.” The mystery of the incarnation is not cleared away, --indeed, it is rather intensified than abated; but the fact is placed beyond debate.

The sphere within which the manifestation took place, world." In John's speech,

6 the world” is not the mere earth on which we have our dwelling, and which gives us our graves, but the whole human region as it is alienated from God. We all belong to it by birth. John conceives of it as dominated by sin. It is in darkness; it knows not God; it lies in wickedness"; it is in death, --not merely exposed to it as a penalty, but in it as a condition

. The " things” of it are such as these, —“ the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.” Dark and awful as this is

, there is a darker and more awful still. Lying behind the scene is a realm of evil unperceived by any of our senses, with a personal head. the devil, the slanderer, who misrepresents God to men, who is a and a murderer. * The world of men has fallen under the power of the * " A liar and a murderer from the beginning."

The expression is radically different from that which is used respecting the Word, that He was in the beginning There is no approach to an original dualism of good and evil in John. The devil appears as the first intelligence that sinned. The dark mystery of the origin of moral evil lies behind, with no light thrown on it, probably insoluble to man.

was "the globe of


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