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ENTERED according to Act of Congress, in the year 1831.

By Gray & Bowen, in the Clerk's office of the District Court of Massachusetts.


UNITED STATES.-Inauguration of General Jackson.-State of Public Affairs.

- Political Principles of President.—New Cabinet.-Removals.-Opposition in

Senate.-Post-office Department.- Dissensions in the Cabinet.-Controversy

between the President and Vice President.-Cause and consequence thereof. ·


Situation of the Country.-Claims upon France; origin of Claims.-Claims

upon Denmark; settlement of.-History of French Claims; negotiations con-

cerning same.-Brazil.–Negotiations with Turkey; Treaty.-Great Britain;

Colonial Controversy; History of Dispute.-Policy of Great Britain; of United

( States.-Law of 1818; of 1820.-Negotiation.—British Law of 1822.-Law of

1823.-American Ports opened.-British Law of 1925.—Colonial Ports closed.

Negotiations renewed.-Proceedings in Congress.-Concessions by United

States.-American Ports opened.-Colonial Ports opened.


Treaties between the United States and Cherokees.-Condition of Cherokees.-

Constitution adopted by do.-Policy of Georgia.-Views of Federal Govern-

ment.--Question between the Cherokees and the United States.-Conduct of

Georgia.-Proceedings in Congress.--Bill reported in Senate.-Proceedings in

Senate.-In House. -Passage of Bill.-Character of Bill.


Opinions in South Carolina.—Proceedings in Southern States.-Nullification.-

Public Lands; system of disposing of same.-Pretensions of Indiana and Illi-

nois.-Graduation Bill.-Mr Foot's Resolution ; Debate thereon.-Mr Hayne's

Speech.-Mr Webster's Reply.-Effect of Discussion.-Graduation Bill passes

the Senate.-Laid over in House.—Nullification Party.


Opening of the First Session of Twentyfirst Congress.-President's Message.-

Retrenchment.-Amendments to Constitution.-United States Bank.–Tariff ;

Bill to enforce ; Policy; Discussion of and Passage.-Bills to reduce Duty on

Salt; on Molasses; on Tea and Coffee.-Tonnage Duties.-Cash Duties.-Mr

Benton's Scheme.- Mr Cambreleng's Navigation Bill.-Discussion concerning

prosperity of Country. -


Treasury Report for 1829.-Appropriations for 1830 —Support of Government.-

Discussion on Bill.-Naval Service.—Marine Corps.-Fortifications.-Engineer

Department.—Military Service.--Indian Department.—Massachusetts Claim. 176

Progress of Internal Improvement.-Act of 1824.–Opposition to System.-Cour

of Discussion.-President's Opinion.-Orleans and Buffalo Road Bill.-Survey

Bill ; Discussion concerning same.-Conditional Approval.-Maysville Ro

Bill ; Rejected.-Discussion on Message.-Washington Turnpike Bill ; Reject-

ed.-Louisville Canal and Lighthouse Bills; Retained.—Harbor Bill.


MEXICO.-Condition of Country.-Invasion from Havana.-Defeat and Capitula-

tion of Invaders.-Revolution.-Separation of Yucatan.—Abdication of Guerre.

0 - Bustamente chosen.


COLOMBIA.—Mosquera elected President.-Castillo's project of a Constitution.

-Congress convoked on January, 1830.–Attempt to introduce a Monarchy.-

Revolt of Cordova.- Arrival of Bolivar at Bogota.- Resigns his office to Con-

gress.—Message to Congress ; Character of do.-Separation of Venezuela.

Causes of Discontent.-Overthrow of Government.--Negotiations, Mosquera

chosen by Congress.-Commotions at Bogota.-Constitution accepted.-Sucre

assassinated.-Movements in favor of Bolivar.—Dissolution of the Government.

--Bolivar reassumes the Government.--Bolivar's death.

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