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- For civil practice. Commentaries on the written laws and their in

terpretation. Boston, 1882. Bissell, J. H. Cases argued and determined in the circuit and district

courts of the United States for the seventh judicial circuit. Vols. 8. 9.

Chicago, 1882. 2 vols. Blatchford, Samuel. Reports of cases argued and determined in the circuit

court of the United States for the second circuit. Vol. 18. New York,

1882. Blount, William. Proceedings on the impeachment of, a senator of the

U. S., from Tennessee, for high crimes and misdemeanors. Philadelphia,

1799. [In trials, vol. 3.] Boone, C. T. A manual of the law applicable to corporations generally;

including, also, general rules of law peculiar to banks, railroads, societies, municipal bodies, and voluntary associations, as determined by the leading courts of England and the United States. San Francisco, 1882.

12mo. Bracton, Henrici de. De Legibus et consuetudinibus angliæ. Libri quinque

in varios tractatus distincti, ad diversorum, et vetustissimorum codicum callabiouens typis vulgati. Edited by Sir Travers Twiss. Vol. 3.

London, 1882. Bradwell, James B. Reports of the decisions of the appellate courts of the

state of Illinois. Vol. 10. Chicago, 1882. Bridgman, R. W. A short view of legal bibliography, containing some

critical observations on the authority of the reporters and other law

writers. London, 1807. Broun, Archibald. Reports of cases before the high courts and circuit

courts of justiciary in Scotland, during 1842-5. Vols. 1, 2. Edinburgh

1844-1846. 2 vols. Roy. 8vo. Brown, John. Life, trial and execution of, with a full account of the at

tempted insurrection at Harper's Ferry. New York. Browne, G. L. Narratives of state trials in the nineteenth century. Vols

1, 2. Boston, 1882. 2 vols. Bruce, Alexander. Decisions of the lords of council and session in cases of

most importance in 1714–15. Edinburgh, 1720. Folio. Buchanan, William. Reports of certain remarkable cases in the court of

session, and trials in the high court of justiciary. Edinburgh, 1813. Bump, O. F. A treatise upon conveyances made by debtors to defraud cred

itors, containing references to all the cases, both English and American

3d ed. Baltimore, 1882. Burch divorce case; complete report of; containing a history of the case,

speeches of counsel, depositions and testimony. New York. [In trials.

vol. 1.] Burge, William. Commentaries on colonial and foreign laws generally,

and in their conflict with each other, and with the laws of England. Vols. 1-4. London, 1838. 4 vols.

Burke, Peter. Celebrated trials connected with the aristocracy in the rela

tions of private live. London, 1849.

California. Supplement to the codes and statutes of; being a compilation

of the amendments and statutes of 1877–8 and 1880. By T. H. Hittell.

Vol. 3. San Francisco, 1880. Cameron, J. H. A collection of legal opinions on cases submitted to.

Compiled by W. A. Orr. Toronto, 1878. Cameron, M. G. A treatise on the law of dower. Toronto, 1882. Campbell, John, Lord. Life of, lord high chancellor of Great Britain, con

sisting of a selection from his autobiography, diary and letters, edited by his daughter, the Hon. Mrs. Hardcastle. Vols. 1, 2. Jersey City,

1881. 2 vols. Campbell, R. V. Principles of mercantile law, in the subjects of bank

ruptcy, cautionary obligations, securities over movables, principal and

agent, partnership, and the companies' acts. Edinburgh, 1881. Campbell, Robert. The law relating to the sale of goods and commercial

agency. London, 1881. Canada. Reports of the supreme court of. George Duval, reporter. Vol.

5. Ottawa, 1882. Canadian Law Times. E. D. Armour, editor. Vol. 2. Toronto, 1882. Carpenter, J. S. Reports of the trial of D. T. Chase and J. W. Fellows for

an alleged conspiracy, and of Jireh Bull for perjury. New York, 1829.

[In trials, vol. 3.] Cavanaugh C. The law of money securities. 1, personal securities;

2, securities on property; 3, miscellaneous. London, 1879. Central Law Journal. Vols. 14, 15. William L. Murfree, Jr., editor. St.

Louis, 1882. Chicago Legal News. A journal of legal intelligence. Myra Bradwell,

editor. Vol. 14. Chicago, 1882. Folio. Chipman, Ward. Reports of cases determined in the supreme court of New

Brunswick, commencing 1825. Edited with notes, by John C. Allen.

Fredericton, 1849. Clark, Willard. Report of the trial of, indicted for the murder of Richard

W. Wright, before the superior court of Connecticut, September 17,

1855. By H. H. McFarland. New Haven, 1855. [In trials, vol. 2.] Clement, G. A. Digest of fire insurance decisions in the courts of the

United States, Great Britain and Canada. From 1872 to 1882. New

York, 1882 Cochran, Fitzgerald. Reports of cases argued and determined in the su

preme court of Nova Scotia, in 1859. Halifax, 1860. Colby, J. H. The statute railroad laws of the state of New York, with

notes of judicial decisions, an appendix of forms. Albany, 1882.

Commissioner of Patents. Decisions of, for 1880. Washington, 1881. Connoly, Theodore. New York citations. Cases affirmed, reversed, modi

fied and cited in all the reports of the state of New York, from 1794 to

the present time. Albany, 1882. Cook, R. D. Manual of the highway laws of New York, with forms.

4th ed. Albany, 1882. Cookingham, Edward. A general index to Wait's actions and defenses.

Albany, 1882. Cooper, C. W. Reports of cases decided in chancery chambers and in the

master's office (in Upper Canada). Vol. 4. Toronto, 1873. Couper, C. T. Reports of cases before the high court and circuit courts of

justiciary in Scotland, during 1868–77. Vols. 1-3. Edinburgh, 1871-79.

3 vols. Roy. 8vo. Cox (E. W.) and John Thompson. Reports of cases in criminal law, argued

and determined in all the courts in England and Ireland. Vol. 14.

London, 1882 Criminal Law Magazine. A bi-monthly periodical devoted to the interests

of the bench and bar in criminal cases. Containing original articles on timely topics, full reports of important cases, and a digest of all recent criminal cases. Editors, Stewart Ralpalje and Robert L. Lawrence.

Vol. 3. Jersey City, 1882. Criminal Trials. Vols. 1, 2. London, 1832. 2 vols. 12mo. Crocker (U. H.) and G. G. Notes on the public statutes of Massachusetts,

Boston, 1882. Curtis, J. An authentic and faithful history of the mysterious murder of

Maria Marten, with a full development of all the extraordinary circumstances which led to the discovery of her body in the red barn; to which is added the trial of William Corder. London, 1849.


Dalrymple, Hew. Decisions of the court of session from 1698 to 1718.

Edinburgh, 1792. Folio. Daly, C. P. Reports of cases argued and determined in the court of com

mon pleas for the city and county of New York. Vol. 9. New York,

1882. Daniel, J. W. A treatise on the law of negotiable instruments, including

bills of exchange, promissory notes, negotiable bonds and coupons, checks, bank notes, certificates of deposit, certificates of stock, bills of credit, bills of lading, guaranties, letters of credit and circular notes.

Vols. 1, 2. 3rd ed. New York, 1882. 2 vols. Deas (George) and James Anderson. Cases decided in the court of session,

jury court and high court of justiciary from 1829 to 1833. Vols. 1-5.

Edinburgh, 1829–33. 5 vols. Roy. 8vo. Desty, Robert. The penal code of California. Enacted in 1872; as amended

in 1881. Annotated. San Francisco, 1881. 12mo.

- A compendium of American criminal law. San Francisco, 1882.

12mo. Dirleton, J. N. Some doubts and questions in the law, especially of Scot

land. As also some decisions of the lords of council and session.

Edinburgh, 1698. Folio. Donnan, G. R. Annotated code of criminal procedure and penal code of

the state of New York, as amended in 1882. With forms and notes of

judicial decisions on pleading, practice and evidence. Albany, 1882. Donovan, J. W. Modern jury trials and advocates; containing condensed

cases, with sketches and speeches of American advocates; the art of winning cases and manner of counsel described, with notes and rules

of practice. New York, 1881. Dorr, T. W. Report of the trial of, for treason against the state of Rhode

Island, containing the arguments of counsel, and charge of Chief Jus

tice Durfee. By J. S. Pitman. Boston. 1844. [In trials vol. 2.) Doss Passos, J. R. A treatise on the law of stock brokers and stock ex

changes. New York, 1882. Dumas, Alexander. Celebrated crimes. London, 1843. Durie, A. G. The decisions of the lords of council and session, in most

cases of importance, debated and brought before them, from July, 1621, to July, 1642. Edinburgh, 1690. Folio.

Edgar, John. The decisions of the court of session for January, 1724.

Edinburgh, 1742. Edwards, Isaac. A treatise on bills of exchange, promissory notes, coupon

bonds and other negotiable instruments. Vols. 1, 2. 3rd ed. Revised and enlarged by Dudley, Dennison and Dudley. New York, 1882. 2

vols. Elchies, F. G. Decisions of the court of session, from 1733 to 1754, col

lected and digested into the form of a dictionary. Edited by W. M.

Morison. Vols. 1, 2 (bound together). Edinburgh, 1813. 4to. Emden, Alfred. The law relating to building leases and building contracts,

the improvement of land by, and the construction of buildings. With

a full collection of precedents. London, 1882. Endlich, G. A. The law of building associations; being a treatise upon the

principles of law applicable to mutual and co-operative building, homestead, saving, accumulating, loan and fund associations, benefit build

ing societies, etc., in the United States. Jersey City, 1882. English Reports. Reports of cases decided by the English courts, with notes

and references to kindred cases and authorities. By N. C. Moak. Vols. 29, 30. Albany, 1882. 2 vols.

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Faculty of Advocates' Decisions. First series, vols. 1-14. 1752 to 1808.

Edinburgh, 1787-1809. 14 Vols. Folio. - The same. Second series, vols. 1-7. 1808-25. Edinburgh, 1811-26.7

vols. Folio. - The same. Third series, vols. 1-16. 1824-41. Edinburgh, 1826-41. 16

vols. Roy. 8vo. Federalist, The. A commentary on the constitution of the United States.

A collection of essays by Alexander Hamilton, Jay and Madison. Also the Continentalist and other papers, by Hamilton; edited by John C.

Hamilton. Philadelphia, 1882. Federal Reporter. The cases argued and determined in the circuit and dis

trict courts of the United States. Vols. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. St. Paul, 1882.

5 vols. - Index-digest of. Vols. 1-8. St. Paul, 1882. Ferguson, James. Reports of some recent decisions by the consistorial

court of Scotland, in actions of divorce, concluding for dissolution of

marriages celebrated under the English law. Edinburgh, 1817. Field, G. W. The doctrine of ultra vires illustrated and explained by se

lected cases, classified and fully annotated. Des Moines, 1881. Fitch, N. T. The law of real estate ageney; having a general application to

principals, agents and third parties, as deduced from the decisions of the courts. Chicago, 1881.

law pamphlets, vol. 10.] Flippin, W. S. Reports of cases argued and determined in the circuit and

district courts of the United States for the sixth judicial circuit.

Vol. 1. Chicago, 1881. Florida. A digest of the laws of the state of, from 1822 to 1881, inclusi ve

Compiled by J. F. McClellan. Tallahassee, 1881. Forbes, William. A journal of the session, containing the decisions of the

lords of council and session in the most important cases from 1705 to 1713; and the acts of Sederunt made in that time, with a preface, containing an historical account of the session and the form of proceeding

therein. Edinburgh, 1714. Folio. Forest divorce case; containing the full and unabridged testimony of all

the witnesses, the affidavits and depositions, together with the Consuelo

Fortescue, John. De laudibus legum angliæ. A treatise in commendation

of the laws of England, with translation by Francis Gregor, notes by Andrew Amos, and a life of the author by Lord Clermont. Cincin nati,

1874. Fountainhall, J. L. The decisions of the lords of council and session, from

1678 to 1712; containing also the transactions of the privy council, of the

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