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criminal court and court of exchequer, and interspersed with a variety of historical facts and many curious anecdotes. Vols. 1, 2. Edin

burgh, 1759. 2 vols. Folio. Frazer, Alexander. Judicial proceedings before the high court of admir

alty, the supreme commissary court, and the sheriff, bailie, dean of guild, justices of peace, baron and small debt courts in Scotland.

Edinburgh, 1814 Freedley, A. T. The general corporation law of Pennsylvania, and supple

mentary acts, with notes, forms and index. Philadelphia, 1882. Fuller, T. K. The general act for the incorporation of villages, and by-laws

legal under the act. The union free school law, and the rules of practice on appeals to the department of public instruction. The assessment and collection of taxes. A brief on the liability of municipal corporations for injuries resulting from defective sidewalks. The law as to line fences. Strays, cattle damages feasant, animals at large in highways, dogs killing sheep, weeds, etc., in highways, with adjudications of the

courts under each statute. Fuller, H. W. Noted French trials, imposters and adventurers. Boston,



Gilmour (John) and David Falconer. A collection of decisions of the lords

of council and session, from 1661 to 1686. Edinburgh, 1771. 4to. Goodwin, R. M. The case of, charged with killing James Stoughton, con

taining the whole of the proceedings, arguments, motions and points of law and practice, in the court of sessions, supreme court, court of

sittings, and at chambers. By William Sampson. New York, 1821. Gould's annual digest of New York report for 1881. A digest of all the

cases decided by all the courts of the state of New York, published in all the publications during the year 1881. By Charles T. Boone.

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Ontario. Vols. 28, 29. Toronto, 1882. 2 vols. Green, C. J. Trials for high treason, in Scotland, under a special commis

sion held at Stirling, Glasgow, Dumbarton, Paisley and Agr, in 1820. Vols. 1, 2, 3. Edinburgh, 1825. 3 vols.


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decisions to the court of commissioners of Alabama claims. Boston,

1882. Hailes, D. D. Decisions of the lords of council and session, from 1766 to

1791. Vols. 1, 2 (bound together.) Edinburgh, 1826. 4to. Hamilton, Leonidas. A compilation of Mexican legislation affecting vari

ous subjects. San Francisco, 1882.

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court of New Brunswick, from 1867 to 1871. Vols. 1, 2. St. John,

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reports of cases arising under the municipal and school laws of Upper

Canada. Vol. 1. Toronto, 1863. Hassler, C. W. Powers of consolidated railway companies; being an argu

ment in the case of Dimpfel vs. the Ohio & Mississippi Ry. Co. in the U. S. circuit court. for the southern district of Illinois. New York,

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supreme courts of Scotland and on appeal by the house of lords, from

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Reported by D. M. Barnes and W. S. Hevenor. Albany, 1853. Heyward, I. W. Table of cases cited and compared in the 62 vols. of

Georgia reports. Jersey City, 1881. 16mo. Hine (C. C.) and W. S. Nichols. New digest of insurance decisions, fire and à marine, together with an abstract of the law on each important point

in fire and marine insurance. New York, 1882. Homes. Decisions of the court of session from 1735 to 1744. Edinburgh,

1791. Folio. Howison, R. R. Reports of criminal trials in the circuit, state and U. S.

courts, held in Richmond, Va. Richmond, 1851. [In trials, vol. 2) Howson, H., Sr. Re-issued patents. Comments on the decision of the

United States supreme court in the case of Miller vs. The Bridgeport

Brass Co. Philadelphia, 1882. 12mo. Hume, David. . Decisions of the court of session from 1781 to 1822 in the

form of a dictionary. Edinburgh, 1839. 4to. Huntington, C. B. Trial of, for forgery. Defense insanity. New York,

1857. Hurd, J. C. The theory of our national existence, as shown by the action

of the government of the United States since 1861. Boston, 1881.

Index-Reporter. An index-digest of current decisions, containing all re

ported cases decided in the courts of the United States, England and

Ireland. Vol. 1. Albany, 1882. Indiana. The revised statutes of; collected and annotated by J. S. Frazer.

J. H. Stotsenburg and David Turpie, commissioners. Chicago, 1881. In 2 parts.

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court of Georgia, from vol. 1 to vol. 40, inclusive. Macon, Ga., 1872. Jackson (Tatlow) and J. P. Gross. A practical treatise on the law of land

lord and tenant in Pennsylvania, with a complete discussion of eject

ment and replevin. Philadelphia, 1882. Jacob, E. A. An analytical digest of the law and practice of the courts of

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statutes. Vols. 8, 9. New York, 1882. 2 vols. James, Alexander. Reports of cases argued and determined in the supreme

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City, 1882. Kentucky Law Reporter. W. P. D. Bush and Findlay F. Bush, editors.

Vols. 3, 4. Frankfort, 1882. 2 vols. Kentucky. "The general statutes of, as compiled and adopted April 22. 1873,

to which is added an appendix containing all acts of a public and permanent nature since adopted, with notes and references to decisions of

the court of appeals. Frankfort, 1881. Kerr, D. S. Reports of cases argued and determined in the supreme court

of New Brunswick, from 1840 to 1848. Vols. 1, 2, 3. St. John, N. B.,

1840–48. 3 vols. Kilkerran, J. F. Decisions of the court of session, from 1738 to 1752. Ed

inburgh, 1775. Folio.
b-S. J. APP.


Langdell, C. C. Cases in equity pleading, selected with special reference to

the subject of discovery. Cambridge, 1878. Lauck (H. J.) and H. D. Clarke. Table of cases in the supreme court of the

United States. 2 Dallas to 103 U. S. Boston, 1882. Law Chronicle, or Journal of Jurisprudence and Legislation. Vols. 1-4.

Edinburgh, 1829–32. 4 vols. [Bound with Deas and Anderson's reports.] Law Journal Digest. An analytical digest of the cases published in the new

series of the Law Journal Reports and other contemporary reports in the house of lords, the privy council, the court of appeal, the chancery, queen's bench, common pleas, exchequer and probate, divorce and admiralty divisions of the high court of justice, the court of bankruptcy, the court for crown cases reserved, and the ecclesiastical courts, from

1875 to 1880. By C. C. M. Dale. London, 1881. Law Journal Reports for 1882. M. Chambers, F. H. Colt, J. G. Witt, ed

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quarterly digest of all reported cases, 1880–81. T. P. Taswell Langmead and C. H. E. Carmichael, editors. 4th series. Vol. 7. Lon

don, 1882 Lawrence, William. A brief of the authorities upon the law of impeacha

ble crimes and misdemeanors. Revised and presented by B. F. Butler, one of the managers, as a part of his opening argument upon the impeachment of President Johnson. Washington, 1868. [In law pam

phlets, vol. 10.) Law Reports. Appeal cases before the house of Lords and the judicial

committee of the privy council, also peerage cases. Edited by J. R. Bulwer. Vols. 6, 7. London, 1881-82. 2 vols.

Cases determined in the chancery division and in bankruptcy and lunacy, and on appeal therefrom, in the court of appeal. Edited by G. W. Hemming. Vols. 18, 19, 20, 21. London, 1881-1882. 4 vols.

Probate division. Cases determined in the courts of probate and divorce, in the admiralty and ecclesiastical courts, and on appeal therefrom in the privy council, and in the court of appeal. Edited by J. R. Bulwer. Vols. 6, 7. London, 1881-2. 2 vols.

Cases determined in the queen's bench division and on appeal therefrom in the court of appeal, and decisions on crown cases reserved. Edited by J. R. Bulwer. Vols. 7, 8, 9. London, 1881-2. 3 vols.

The public general statutes. Vol. 18. London, 1882. Law Reports (Ireland). Containing reports of cases argued and determined Lawson, J. D. Leading cases simplified. A collection of the leading cases

in the court of appeal, the high court of justice and the court of bank

ruptcy in Ireland. Edited by William Green. Vols. 7, 8. Dublin, 1882 Law Reporter. Journal de jurisprudence, by T. K. Ramsay and L S.

Morin. Montreal, 1854.

of the common law. St. Louis, 1882. Law Times. The journal and record of the law and lawyers. Vols. 72, 73.

London, 1882. 2 vols. Folio. Law Times. Reports of cases decided in the house of lords, the privy

council, the court of appeal, the chancery division, the queen's bench division, the probate, divorce and admiralty division, the court of bankruptcy, and the court for the consideration of crown cases re

served. Vols. 45, 46. London, 1882. 2 vols. Leggett, Eugene. A treastise on the law of bills of lading, comprising the

various legal incidents attaching to the bill of lading; the legal effects of each of the clauses and stipulations; and the rights and liabilities of consignors, consignees, indorsees and vendees, under the bill of

lading. With an appendix of forms. London, 1880. Littlejohn vs. Greeley. The case of, tried at the Oswego term of the su

preme court of New York, September 10–13, 1861; containing the rulings of the judge, arguments of Messrs. Marsh, Porter, Sedgwick and

Foster. New York, 1861. [In trials, vol. 1.] Littleton, (H. A.) and J. S. Blatchley. Digest of fire insurance decisions in

the courts of Great Britain and North America. With notes to the second edition by S. G. Clarke. Third ed. revised and enlarged by Clement

Bates. New York, 1873. Louisiana. Revised statute laws of, from the organization of the territory

to 1869, inclusive, with the amendments thereto enacted up to and including the session of 1876, and references to the civil code, the code of practice, and the decisions of the supreme court of Louisiana. Com

piled by Albert Voorhies. New Orleans, 1876. Lower Canada Jurist. Collection de decisions du Bas-Canada. Vol. 25,

Montreal, 1881. Lower Canada Law Journal. Edited by James Kirby. Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Montreal, 1866-68. 4 vols. Lower Canada Reports. Decisions des tribunax du Bas-Canada. Vols. 1-17.

Quebec, 1851-67.

Seigniorial questions; a compilation containing the seigniorial act of 1834; the questions submitted by the attorney general for Lower Canada; the counter-questions submitted by divers seigniors; the proceedings and decisions of the special court, etc. Edited by M. M.

Lelievre et Angers. Vols. a. b., 1856. 2 vols. Luzerne Legal Register Reports. Containing cases decided in the supreme

court of Pennsylvania, and in the court of common pleas, orphans' court, and court of quarter sessions of the county of Luzerne, and in the courts of the 2nd, 5th, 8th, 12th, 15th, 19th, 21st, 26th, 31st, 32nd 43d, 44th and 45th judicial districts of the state of Pennsylvania Edited by G. B. Kulp. Vol. 1. Philadelphia, 1882.

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