Papal Apology

Capa, 08/11/2015 - 170 páginas
According to Pope Francis, the conduct of the Church in regard to the Waldenses has been not only non-Christian, but also non-human; in other words inhumane. For this reason he feels it necessary and urgent to apologize from the bottom of his heart. In so doing, however, he is creating a huge rift (with his Church past) and a double antagonistic effect (with his Church past and present), because while trying to befriend the Waldenses, he antagonizes and infuriates his predecessors-starting with Innocent III (one of those responsible for the Waldenses' excommunication) to Pius IX excommunicating the entire modern world, not to mention his own founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola, whose principal aim in founding the Jesuit Order was to combat the Protestant Reformation.

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Catholic Church and the Waldenses
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Dario Lisiero holds degrees in Humanities (History, Religion, and Languages). He took some courses of Marxism and Economics at Oxford University. In his free time, he traveled extensively through Europe and Latin America. Among his jobs, he is proud of his experience as Aid in a Psychiatric Hospital.

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