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TITLEs, AUTHors’ NAMEs, &c. of the Publications reviewed in this Volume.

N. B. For REMARKABLE PAssages in the Criticisms and Extracts, see the INDEX, at the End of the Volume.

13° For the Names, also, of those Writers who are the Authors of new Dissertations, or other curious Papers, published in the ME Mo i Rs and TRANs Act 1o Ns of the Scientific AcAD e M1 es at Home or on the Continent, and also for the Titles of those Dissertations, &c. which they include, and of which Accounts are iven in the Review, see our Index, printed at the End of each olume.

A Barrué. Memoirs translated, 2


—- Vol. II. Partif.

B DT's Sermon, i 18 348 ...Abernetby's Surgical Essays, Part111. Bayley on the Law of Bills, &c. 33o 47 Beddoes's Reports cn Nitrous Acid, 224

Akhmed Ardebeili, Poems of, 83 Bell's Anatomy, Vol. II. 216 Acts of Parliament, Abstracts of, 451 Berjain's Translation of Jonah, 161 Address to the Nation, 87 Bent's Meteorological Journal for 1796,

to the Professors of Surgery,344

Age of Folly, a Poem, 2c%
Alcock on the Rise of Mahomet; 107
Alfieri, Count, his Tragrics, , 527
4lmanac for 1797, . . . . . . .236

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America. See Brissot. . . . . . . . Biographical Anecdotes of the Four:
American Congress, Debates in, Qbservo , , of...the French Republic, 365
ations on, 2.72. Biographies of celebrated Men, 507
Anatomy. See Wells. See Bell. Birds, , , Sce Lewin,
Anecdotes of the Empress Catharine, ;35. Azado's Jtalian Monk, a Play, 464
Annales de Chimie, Vols. XXI. : ; , Boat? wet and Puller–Reports, 330

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Parore on the Scheme of Covernment,

Botanical Doak gues, 449
Böttger on Grecian Paintings on Vases,

574 Bouillé, Marquis de, Memoirs of the

Fre rh Revolt,tion, 256 Bowles's French Aggression, 223 Brand's Essay on Associations, 4°5

Brissot on the Commerce of Americo,

2 : Edit. 237 Britannia, a Poem, 454 British Crisis, 1c3

A * Brities

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Darwin on Female EA: n, fj
Debt, national. See Hi. See Observ-

Defence of the Prisoners. 'ork^castle,


Defence, Plans of 39 J

Delametberie'% Theory of the Earth, c, 56
De rislc. Lcttrcs a Louis XV1U. \o%
D.'/VWa Scheme or itniversalLanguagt,


Derby, Countess of, Memoirs of 10 j

, Testimonyof Truth to Do. ib.

Devil, Disputation on, 47*

DinmS Plans of Defence,' . 392,

D'lsrach'i Miscellanies, 374

Dissertation on Virgil, 351



Divinity, System of,

Donald Banc, a Poem,
Donn'% Hortus Cantabrigiens'tty
Dore on the Resurrection,
Dumsuricx't Account of Portugal, 10S
Dstnlap't Tell Truth and shame the
Devil, atS

Archers, an Opera, ib.

Dunn't Investigator, . 109

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Gerdening, Introduction to, 347

Gay's Fables, new Edition of, 85

Gisborne, (Thes,) on the Duties of the

Female Sex, 361

—'s (J.) Vales of Wever, 43o

Glinders and Farcy, Treatise on, 79

Godfrey on the Venereol Disease, 73

Government. See Barère.

Graham's Sketch of Vermofit, . 379

Greece, History of, I 54

Greek Painings on antient Vases. See

Tisclbeir. See Bootiger.

Grew's History of Worcester, 178

—- Account of the Discovery of K.

John's Body, 236

Grotoy's Musical Memoirs, 481


Harri's French Grammar, , a 49

- Exercises, - iş.

Harro, Voyage of, so

Harwood–Alumni Etonenses, 472.

Haywood on the Law of Borough Elec-

tions, 45o

Head's Sketch of an Act of Parliament,
- 474.

He job, Guide to, 19

Hebrew, Biblical. See Fitzgerald.

Helvetius. See La Harpe.

Hirtzner's Travels in England, 471

Herries, Sir Robert, on Financial Affairs,


Hints for reduciag the National Debt,
-" 477
Histories of Families 565
History of the French Revolution, Vols,
Wi.—IX, , 5oo

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Militia, 21q.

jenks's Azemia, 338
Illustration of present Occurrences, 354
Illustrations of Prophecy, 139
Il passatempo Italiro, 231
Imlay's Discovery of Kentucky, 3d Edit,
2 so-

Impolicy of partial Taxation, #:

Indian Antiquities, Vol. VI. 37

Ingram’s Sermon, 78

Iniquity of Banking, Part II. 22 o

Insects, short History of, 45c

Instructions for the Treatment of Negroes,

I of

joko, King, Account of the Discover,

, of nii Body," . . 236

Yonah, Translation of, 162

jones's (Stephen) new Biographical Dis-
•tionaty, 1c 5, 106

— — —------ Masonic Miscellanies,

. . . . . " 473

+-o. (John) Windication of the Bishop
of fandaj, ’ 217
on Medical Errors, 234.
joice ina, a Novel, 339
Italian Monk, a Play, 464
juveni'. Speaker, 323

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