Bali chronicles: a lively account of the island's history from early times to the 1970s

Periplus, 15/11/2004 - 256 páginas
This is a story about the vulnerability and durability of an anachronistic system in a chaotically changing modern world. The Balinese-Hindu culture thrived undisturbed for centuries, but modern times threatened to destroy the island's heritage. This book details the struggle in full.

Bali had many traumatic encounters with the West. Spanning all of Balinese history, it sketches the economics, culture and politics of the island. This book is a must for students of Pacific studies or international relations.

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The Dewa Agung and the Radjas Pre1800
Western Intruders Pre1800
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The late Willard A. Hanna served with the US Navy, the US Foreign Service, and the American Universities Field Staff in Asia. He prepared hundreds of field reports and a dozen books on Asia.

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