A History of the New York Stage from the First Performance in 1732 to 1901, Volume 1


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Página 28 - I disclaim all intention of offering any thing in the shape of disrespect towards the inhabitants of New York ; they received me from the first with an enthusiasm, grateful in those hours to my pride, in the present to my memory. I cannot recall to my mind any act or thought, that did not prompt me to an unfeigned acknowledgment of their...
Página 5 - Estates, it cannot be supposed that we have a Fund sufficient to bear up against such unexpected Repulses. A Journey by Sea and Land, Five Hundred Miles, is not undertaken without Money. Therefore if the worthy Magistrates would consider this in our...
Página 367 - This silenced all but the rioters, who continued to drown all sound of what was said upon the stage. Not a word of the first act could be heard by any one in the house.
Página 279 - The sun is but a spark of fire, A transient meteor in the sky; The soul, immortal as its Sire, Shall never die I
Página 28 - That I have committed an error appears too evident from the all-decisive voice of the public ; but surely it is but justice to the delinquent (whatever may be his enormities) to be allowed to make reparation where the offences were committed.
Página 367 - WORKING MEN Shall AMERICANS or ENGLISH RULE in this city? The crew of the British steamer have threatened all Americans who shall dare to express their opinion this night at the English ARISTOCRATIC Opera House! We advocate no violence, but a free expression of opinion to all public men.
Página 15 - ... of Yankee-doodle. The monument, erected by Edmund Kean, consists of a pedestal, surmounted by an urn, with this inscription: — "Erected to the memory of George Frederick Cooke, by Edmund Kean, of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 1821;" and, beneath, this not very choice, nor very accurate distich : "Three kingdoms claim his birth. Both hemispheres pronounce his worth...
Página 367 - SHALL AMERICANS OR ENGLISH RULE IN THIS CITY? The crew of the British steamer have threatened all Americans who shall dare to express their opinions, this night at the ENGLISH ARISTOCRATIC OPERA HOUSE!
Página 4 - Hallam advanced no inconsiderable Sum. But Mr. Upton, on his Arrival, found here that Sett of Pretenders with whom he joined and, unhappily for us, quite neglected the Business he was sent about from England. For we never heard from him after.
Página 264 - ... over his arm, the stove-pipe hat . . . drawn down over one eye, his trousers tucked into his boots, a stump of a cigar pointing up from his lips to his eye, the soap locks plastered flat on his temples, and his jaw protruded into a half beastly, half human expression of contemptuous ferocity. . . . Taking the cigar stump from his mouth and turning halfway round to spit, he said, "I ain't a goin...

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