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A FEW coPIEs will BE PRINTED on CRow N ocTAvo,
With Proofs of the Plates on India Paper, price 24s.

And of the Plates, separate, Proofs on Imperial Paper, price 30s. In a Portfolio.

A very few Proofs before Letters (Colombier), price 3.5s.


This day is published, elegantly half-bound in Turkey Morocco, with gilt leaves, price 7s.6d.

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With numerons Wood Cuts, and 12 highly-finished Engravings on Steel, by Messrs. J. C. Edwards, Greatbatch, Engleheart, Fry, Baker, Sc. from Original Paintings and Drawings by Northcote, F. Howard, Gill, Wood, Hamilton, Good, Farrier, Green, and a Bust of Prince George of Cumberland, by Behnes.

The Literary Contents of the volume have been supplied by a great number of the most eminent Writers of the day; among others, by Mrs. Hofland, Mrs. Hemans, Miss Bowles, Mrs. Opie, Miss Mitford, Mrs. Charles Gore, James Montgomery, J. H. Wiffen, T. K. Hervey, the Rev. W. Lisle Bowles, Miss M. J. Jewsbury, Mr. and Mrs. Howitt, Delta, Alaric Watts, the Authors of the “Rival Crusoes,” “Solitary Walks in Many Lands,” and the “Old Sailor” of the Literary Gazette.

...With regard to the character of this department of the work, it may be remarked, that whilst the amusement of the Juvenile Reader has been a principal aim, the utmost care has been taken to exclude everything which could be liable to objection from the most scrupulous parent. With a trifling exception, the narrative portion of the volume is strictly true.

London: printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

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on H. Robinson

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