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Surgeons, who shall be liable to serve in the field, and who shall have the immediate charge and direction of such military hospitals as may be committed to their care, respectively. A suitable number of hospital mates, who are to observe the directions of the hospital surgeons, and shall diligently perform all reasonable duties required of them for the recovery of the sick and wounded.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That each mili- jjjj^j^^ tary hospital shall have a steward, with a competent a rtSrard,°&c number of nurses, and other attendants; which steward shall be charged with the procuring of such supplies as may not otherwise be furnished; and with the safe keeping and issuing of all supplies.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said phy- PhsyMan Etm

. . . , y J. end, fee. to be

sician-general, hospital-surgeons, purveyor, and apothe- appoints »» cary and apothecaries, deputy or deputies, shall he ap.M,Kroflte*8tc' pointed as other officers of the United States: that the said mates and stewards shall be appointed, by the authority, and at the direction, of the said physician g-p. M»««, «nd«ew. Herat, subject to the eventual approbation and control pointed by the of the president of the United States, and shall be re- ai^sl".""Eau;''" movable by the authority of the said physician-general; and that the surgeon of each hospital shall appoint, employ, and fix the compensations of, the nurses and other Hospital surattendants of such hospital, subject to the control of thef.ur'i'sl&c'.'1""" said physician-general, or the hospital surgeon, of senior appointment, with a separate army, or in a separate district.

Sec 4. And he it further enacted, That as often asHegimentai 8lir. the regimental sick will not suffer by the employing off^^^t regimental surgeons or mates in the temporary or other general to a>te.,d

l -i 1 » ., Ti -a. j C5A . .i ■ ■ • i »n the: lHiipuals.

hospitals ot the United States, the pliysician-general,&c.
or the hospital-surgeon, of senior appointment, with a
separate army, or in a separate district, with the con-
sent of the general and commander-in-chief, or the offi-
cer commanding a separate army, may require the at-
tendance of such surgeon*, or surgeon's mates, as, in his
opinion, can be with safety so withdrawn from their re-

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That it shall be theTM^*»gTM» duty of the nhvsician-general, with two or more hospital "TMrd'n»ion«

w ■ •/ o * * icj line to the

surgeons, to frame a system of directions relative to the admission ofu»: description of patients to be admitted into the hospitals; 1^"'^".''" "m to the means of promoting cleanliness in the hospitals; to the prevention of idleness, skulking, and gambling, in the hospitals; to the prevention of the spread of infec

tious distempers in the ramps and hospitals, and the gjo^ vei'iiment of nurses, and all others charged with the care of the sick in camps or hospitals, subject, in the first instance, to the approbation and revision of the commander-in-chief, the commander of a separate army, or in a separate district, as the case may he, and. evenProviso;thedi- tually, to the approbation and control of the president of ram''i<"«Ti. "&. the United States: Provided always. That the said diunk»°'&"m' rections. having received the sanction of the commanderin-chief, or the commander of a separate army, shall be operative, and remain in full force, unless altered or annulled by the president of the United States, compensntion & Sec. <3. Jind be it further enacted. That the rompennii wance i;,r sati nis of the said several officers shall be as follows: ■m-raioiifceri of the physician-general, one hundred dollars pay per mentioned. month, and fifty dollars per month, which shall be in full compensation for forage, rations, and travelling expenses: of the purveyor, one hundred dollars pay per month, in full compensation for his services, and all expenses: of the apothecary general, eighty dollars pay per month, and thirty dollars per mouth, in full compensation for forage, rations, and all expenses: of each of his deputies, fifty dollars pay per month, and sixteen dollars per month, in full compensation for forage, rations and all expenses: of each hospital surgeon, eighty dollars pay per month, and forty dollars per month, in full compensation for forage, rations, and all expenses: of each mate, thirty dollars pay per month, and twenty dollars per month, in full compensation for foi age, rations, and all expenses: of each steward, twenty-five dollars pay per month, and eight dollars per month, in rroviso; none of full compensation for forage, rations, and all expenses: iild'iii p/y.^e." Provided, That none of the officers aforesaid shall be cnMtuLfKrvic"'" titled to any part of the pay or emoluments aforesaid, until they shall, respectively, be called into actual service. Temporary aod Sec. 7. Jlnd be it further enacted. That, for the ar£u!ur£yte*" commodation of the sir k of the army and navy of the provided, &e. United States, the physician-general, and hospital surgeon of senior appointment, with the approbation of the general commanding the army within the district where he shall he. shall have power to provide temporary hospitals; and the physician-general, with the approbation of the president of the United States, shall have power TheofnVersor t() Prm',lc an" establish permanent hospitals. ti.em.dir"".. Sec. 8. Jlnd he it further enacted. That all the said lwlu'Votn't'Iuim officers, and others, shall, as touching their several offi■ind regulation. ces ancj uulies> be l,Hble to the rules and regulations lor

the government and discipline of the army; and sliall be for the govern-;

bound to obey, in conformity with law and the usages {[£"Uf3Ll2£|yJ

and customs of armies, the orders and directions of thefcc* chief military officers of the respective armies, and

within the respective districts in which they shall respectively serve and he.

Sec 9. -And be it further enacted, That the physi-The physician cian-general, or, in his absence, the senior medical offi- raJiTmrfiiX3' cer, with the approbation of the commander-in-chief, or boMd«*8tccommanding officer of a separate army, be, and hereby is, authorized and empowered, as often as may be judged necessary, to call a medical board, which shall consist of the three senior medical officers, then present, whose duty it shall bu to examine all candidates for employment or promotion in the hospital department, and cer* tify to the secretary of war the qualifications of each.

[Approved, March 2, 1799.]


An act giving; eventual authority to the president of the United States to augment the army.*

Sec. 1. Beit enacted by the Senate and House of Re- in case of war, presentatives of the United States of America in Congress Z^X'"^"1 assembled. That it shall be lawful for the president of 'ional mi|itary the United States, in case war shall break out be-raised, tween the United States and a foreign European power, or in case imminent danger of invasion of their territory by any such power, sliall, in his opinion, be discovered to exist, to organize and cause to be raised, in addition to the other military force of the United States, twenty four regiments of infantry, a regiment and a battalion of riflemen, a battalion of artillerists and engineers, and three regiments of cavalry, or such part thereof as he shall judge necessary; the noncommissioned officers and privates 0f which to be enlisted for a term not exceeding three years, and to be entitled each to a bounty often dollars; one half to be paid at the time of enlistment, and the remainder at the time of joining the regiment to which they may belong.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That the president The president, of the United States be authorized, whenever it shall ",i,.,J'thta,lvice

. or the senate, or

appear to him expedient, if during the session of the alone,authorized senate, with their advice and consent, if in their recess, <£mEonoW

cers, Sec. "The 1st and 2d sections of this act expired by the operation of the 11th section; the powers thereby conferred, not having been continued for a longer time. . alone, to appoint anil commission all officers for the said troops, agreeably to the rules and regulations prescribed by law for the military establishment: Provided, That pm»iw,K<TOrai the general and field officers who may be appointed in ?o"1>.r"Suh"Suj the recess of the senate, shall, at the next meeting thereof, ItewwSSSii ')e nominated and submitted to them for their advice &c. 'and consent.

The officers. Sec. 3. Jhid be it further enacted, That the officers, «iuiflcrn,pri- non-commissioned oniccrs, and privates, of the troops, tt?d*i'<Mhe«nw which may be organized and raised pursuant to this act, imyduihing, m-siiail DP entitled to the like pav, clothirier, rations, foraere,

tions, &C. as ,11-1 •

oiherir.»p> &c.and other emoluments, and to the like compensation in Vuiiiwln'articles rase of disability by wounds, or otherwise, incurred in * w"r'5'c- the service, as the officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates, of other troops of correspondent denominations, composing the army of the United States; and, with them, shall be subject to the rules and articles of war, and to all other regulations for the discipline proviso; noTM and government of the army. Provided, That no ofliofflrerjr"nti.fe<i <*?>% except captains and subalterns who may be euiieYTnw^ctiS1 'pl°ye(l 'n the recruiting service, shall be entitled to any service. pay or other emolument until he shall be called into ac

tual service. The laws ofthe Sec, 4. Jlnd be it further enacted, That the laws of ^i^.'S^J6*the United States respecting the regulations and emoforyeitabiish. Inmciils of recruiting officers, punishment of persons

mejii applicable . . .. ~ J > i n

to ihe tr.wus. he who shall procure'or entice a soldier to desert, or shall 'hisaa/e»cebpi, purchase his arms, uniform, clothing, or any part &c- thereof, and the punishment of every commanding offi

cer of every ship or vessel who shall receive on board his ship or vessel, as one of his crew, knowing him to have deserted, or otherwise carry away any soldier, or refuse to deliver him up to the orders of his commanding officer; and the law respecting the oath or affirmation to be taken, by officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates; and respecting the inserting of conditions in the enlistments; and all other laws respecting the military establishment of the United States, excepting in such cases where different and specific regulations are made by this art, shall be in force, and apply to all persons, matters, and things, within the intent and meaning of this act, in the sane, manner as they would were they inserted at large in the same. ihe president Sec. 5. And be it further exacted, That it shall be lawt'heVhoieTofany1'"! for the president of the United States, at his discre»»',°rahed un- ^'on'to discharge the whole, or any part, of the troops •jer *» act at which may be raised by virtue of this act, whensoever A[KKaaa- he shall think fit.

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted. That the president The ^^mi wfthe United States he authorized to organize all surhTM;^^TM; companies of volunteers, as have been, or shall be. ac-&«repted by him, pursuant to the art, entitled "An act authorizing the president of the United States to raise a provisional army,"* into regiments, brigades, and divisions, and to appoint all officers thereof, agreeably to the organization prescribed by law for the army of theVoluntPPrinot United States: And the said volunteers shall not he ci)in-°>TMi«|W,\

Hi i». • i ■ i i.i_ • i serve lunger than

pel led to serve out of the state in which they reside, longer time than three months after their arrival at theou,u l place of rendezvous.

Skc. 7. And be it further enacted, That it shall heThcvolameen lawful for the president of the United States to call TM>>'be called

„. . . ■ .. . |, . forth, rcc. lor all

forth and employ the said volunteers in all the cases, the purposes >«anil to eflfert all the purposes, for which he is authorized J^^'j^. to call forth arid employ the militia, by the act, entitled 4« An act to provide fur calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions, and to repeal the act now in force for these purposes."f

Sec. 8. And be itfnrtJier enacted. That it shall not be^ pr,,iaent lawful for the president of United States to accept a "ot ,0 ***v*"

■ . ni tP'ea,er number

greater number of the said volunteers, in any of the »f volunteers in states or territories of the United States, than is herein- &cy.thanCisShere after apportioned to them, respectfully; that is to say: **portianedj&c" To New Hampshire, three thousand; to Massachusetts, ten thousand; to Rhode Island, one thousand; to Vermont, two thousand; to Connecticut, five thousand; to New York, seven thousand; to New Jersey, five thousand; to Pennsylvania, ten thousand; to Delaware, one thousand; to Maryland, five thousand; to Virginia, ten thousand; to Kentucky, one thousand; to North Carolina, seven thousand; to Tennessee, one thousand; to South Carolina, four thousand; to Georgia, fifteen hundred; to North Western Territory, one thousand; and to Mississippi Territory, five hundred.

Sec. 9 And be it further enacted, That for the exe- K2,000,000 aPcution of this act, if it shall be found necessary to carry p/"pTM'«t.'°r

,,.....,„.,,, . J . , *, tbe execution of

it, or any part ot it, into effect, there be appropriated tMs act. the sum of two millions of dollars; and that the president be authorized to borrow, on behalf of the United States, a^no^dem the said sum, or so much thereof as he shall deem neces- borrow money, sary, (which the bank of the United States is hereby ^"^ empowered to lend) and upon such terms and conditions, as lie shall judge most advantageous to the United States: 'Seechapter 3*. ^See Appendix, chapters.

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