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any flitnc: in the "Art for the bettor organizing of tk troops of the United States, and for other purposes,"' to the contrary notwithstanding.

Ttii- pa; oftiic Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That the pay of tb

JihiSJ y„eral assistant of the adjutant general, in addition to his pai mo'iT.h 4uj!!i.'ioii-a,1(l "ther emoluments in the line of the army, shall be •i, &d forty dollars per month, which shall be in full compensa

tion for his extra services and travelling expensrs. to be computed from the time of his entering upon actual sen ice. [Approved, April 22, 1800.]

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An act for the regulation of public arstnals and magazines.f

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of ft*

fmMion'aSn-presentatives of the United States of America in Congrm

^to.the*nn°"assembled, That the several officers who now are, w

hereafter may be, employed in the armories of til

United States, shall be entitled to, and shall receive, tk

„, following compensations, in addition to their iiav as es

Three rations V ,» *

perday to«fu-tabnshed by law, to wit: A superintendent or such sr

ptrintemlent; ., ^ . , , . .

nvo rations to ■min'v, three rations per day, or an equivalent in monev: ma«erarmoureran<j a mag--ep armorer, two rations per day, or an equivalent in money. Fineorimpn- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That if any person

sonnient iiir en- in .- •• n t

riiinj- artuicen shall procure, or entice, any artificer, or workman, re"avl"ne"m.n'"isti,'ne(' or employed in any arsenal, or armory, of the warmori«ofibe United States, to depart from the same during the continuance of his engagement, or avoid or break his contract with the United States, or who, after due notice of the engagement of any such workman or armorer, in any arsenal or armory, shall, during the continuance of such engagement, retain, hire, or in any wise employ, harbor, or conceal, such artificer or workman, the person so offending shall, upon conviction, be lined, at the discretion of the court, not exceeding fifty dollars, or be imprisoned, for any term not exceeding three months. Artificers w Sec 3. And be if farther enacted, That if anv artifi

not i-weiih.e; cer, or workman, hired, retained, or employed, in any iri:e.'i'r<,yingin> public arsenal or armory, shall, wantonly and carelest!nInX'TMi«io7m'.v- break, impair, or destroy, any implements, tools, or fully asTnai"" tlfclls'ls- or any stock, or materials for making guns, &«• 'the property of the United States; or shall, wilfully and

obstinately, refuse to perform the services lawfully assigned to him, pursuant to his contract, every such per

*See chap. 41.

tSee act of 2d April, 179V, chapter 19.


son shall forfeit a sum, not exceeding twenty dollars, for every such act of disobedience or breach of contract, t>> be recovered in any court having competent jurisdiction thereof.

Sec. 4. And be it fuYlher enacted. That all artificers, Artificers and and workmen, who are or shall be employed in the said arm^eTeTM**. armories, shall be, and they are hereby, exempted,s4viTMandi'fYum during their term of service, from all military service, anting aijuron, and service as junors in any court.

[Approved, May 7, 1800.]


An act supplementary to the act to suspend.part of an act, entitled "An act to augment the army of the United States, and for other purposes."

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re-ThrpmvTMt ■preventatives of the United States of America in Congress "^-"^t^' assembled, That it shall be lawful for the president of ",L"t,"nl!er V"

TT . . , (. , >■• acts nKr.tumia,

the United States to suspend any further military ap- &c pointments under the act to augment the army of the United States, and for other purposes;* and under the ninth section of the act for the better organizing of the troops of the United States, and for other purposes,! ac" cording to his discretion, having reference to economy and the good of the service.

Sec 2. And be it further enacted, That the president The president of the United States shall be, and hereby is, authorized ■,"ll",ri2e,'""'1< and empowered to discbarge, on or before the filtccnth priv»in, «.*.op.

1 r I 11 i' n» i pointwl or raisul

day ot June next, all such officers, non commissioned luuiinheacts officers, and privates, as have heretofore been appointed, TMTM\TMcl,t£ commissioned, or raised, under and by virtue of the said '*«».&&• acts, or either of them, except the engineers, inspector ,

of artillery, and inspector of fortifications: Provided ul- Ptotmo; nothins ways. That nothing in this act contained shall be con- !i;,',!!i! "Imilicstrucd to authorize anv reduction of the first four reei ""","' '''!'"^ merits of infantry, the two regiments of artillerists and engineers, the two troops of light dragoons, or of the general and other staff, authorized by the several laws for the establishing and organizing of the aforesaid corps.|

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted. That to each officer, Thro- iwwtw non-commissioned officer, and private, who shall he tu'in-'aiiXi' iV

♦See chapter 36. J See chapter 41.

{This proviso superseded by the provisions of the act of 16th March, 1802—See chapter 46.

omcmami pri- «1 isrliarc:ofl from service by virtue of this art, there shall TMu-. di«iu.rg«!, bc a||ovve,| and paid, in addition to the pay and allowances to which they are now entitled by law, a sum of money equal to three months' pay of such officer, noncommissioned officer and private, respectively.

[Approved, May 14, 1800.]


An act fixing the military peace establishment of the United States.*

The miliary Sec. 1. lie it enacted by the Senate and House of Re

n^uV'w^x- presentatives of the United States of America in Congress pTM,i,.r.m.n- assembled. That the military peace establishment of the

£im< nt of art11le- • *

mti and two rr United States, from and after the first of June next,

',! >i'. oflllfatl- . i, , !!■ A P j.«ll - . I

try,&c shall he com|)osed of one regiment of artillerists, and

two regiments of infantry, with such officers, military agents, and engineers, as are hereinafter mentioned Organization of Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. 'hat the regiment tiiiciisis. of artillerists shall consist of one colon I. one lieutenant

colonel, four majors, one adjutant, and twenty companies, each rompany to consist of one captain, one first lieutenant, one second lieutenant, two cadets, four sergeants, four corporals, four musicians, eight artificers, and fifty-six privates: to lie funned into five battalions: proviso;ttie pre- Provided always, That it shall be lawful for the prrsi0isdTM',TM;f7h,;lin (lp,lt of tlle United States to retain, with their present 6mlieutenants, grade, as many of the first lieu'enants, now in service, as shall amount to the whole number of lieutenants required; but that, in proportion as vacancies happrn therein, new appointments be made to the grade of second lieutenants, until their number amount to twenty: Oimniiation of and each rep-iment of infantry shall consist of one colonel,

a regiment of in- .. ill "• i- .

fanny one lieutenant-colonel, one major, one adjutant, one ser

geant-major, two teachers of music, and ten companies; each company to consist of one captain, one first and one second lieutenant, one ensign, four sergeants, four corporals, four musicians, and sixty four privates, one brigadier Sec. 3' ^n(l be it further enacted. That there shall be KS^vkin'pl'trSone brigadier-general, with one aid-de ramp, who shall be taken from the captains or subalterns of the line;

•The provisions of this act in regard to pay, subsistence, clothing, allowances for wounds and disabilities, and beneft s and allowances generally, are adopted by act of March 3d, IS15 The ies>due may be considered as repealed and supplied by that act, and those therein refered to—See chapter 95, sections 4 and 7; see also acts additional to this act, chapters 47, 49, 54, and 4)0.

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one adjutant and inspector of the army, to be taken A<yuunt and infrom the line of field officers: one paymaster of the artnv. *iKC,or Stcseven paymasters, and two assistants, to be attached totfthearmj.tM. such districts as the president of the United States shall direct, to be taken from the line of commissioned olli ■ pay,naSirr«to cers, who, in addition to their other duties, shall have^eli',^f^of charge of the clothing of the troops; three military agents, and such number of assistant military agents, Mm«i7 agwus, as the president of the United States shall deem expedient, not exceeding one to each military post; which assistants shall be taken from the line; two surgeons, Surgeo,B'8te' twenty-five surgeon's mates, to be attached to the garrisons or posts, and not to corps.

Sec. 4. Jind he it further enacted. That the inonthlv 1*"it!'1>'P"i *>

... _ J . . , a. . - til, .,m.t-,. noli

pay ol the officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, muiiM>ni of. and privates, be as follows, to wit: to the brigatlier-gr- &£"' pr,vltte,, neral, two hundred and twenty-five dollars, which shall be his full and entire compensation, without a right to demand or receive any rations, forage, travelling expenses, or other perquisite or emolument whatsoever, except such stationary as may be requisite for the use of his department; to the adjutant and inspector of tho army, thirty eight dollars, in addition to his pay in the line, and such stationary as shall be requisite lor his department; to the paymaster of the army, one hundred and twenty dollars, with nt any other emolument, except such stationary as may he requisite in his department, and the use of the public office now occupieil by him; to the aid de-camp, in addition to his pay in no line, thirty dollars; to each paymaster attache.I to districts, thirty dollars, and each assistant to stub paymaster, ten dollars, in addition to his pay in the line; to each military agent, seventy six dollars, and no other emolument; to each assistant military agent, eight dollars, in addition to his pay in tne line; except the assistant military agents at Pittsburg and Niagaia, who shall receive sixteen dollars, each, in addition to their pay in the line; to each colonel, seventy five dollars; to each lieutenant-colonel, sixty dollars; to each major, fifty dollars; to each surgeon, forty-five dollars; to each surgeon's mate, thirty dollars; to each a jutant, ten dollars, in addition to his pay in the line; to eai li captain, forty dollars; to each first lieutenant, thirty dollars; to earh second lieutenant, twenty-five dotiats; to each ensign, twenty dollars; to each cadet, ten dollars; to each sergeant major, nine doll.irs: t;> each sergeant, eight dollars; to each corporal, seven dollars; to

each teacher of music, eight dollars; to each musician, six dollars; to each artificer, ten dollars; and to each private, five dollars.

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the enmmisR«iomforcom-sioned officers aforesaid, shall he entitled to receive, for lois!ionedoffittrs their daily subsistence, the following number of rations of provisions: a colonel six rations; a lieutenant-colonel, five rations; a major, four rations; a captain, three rations; a lieutenant, two rations; an ensign, two rations; a surgeon, three rations; a surgeon's mate, two rations; a cadet, two rations; or money in lieu thereof, at the option of the said officers and cadets, at the posts, respectively, where the rations shall become due; and if at such posts supplies arc not furnished by contract, then such allowance as shall be deemed equitable, having reference to former contracts, and the position of the Ration for non-place in question: And each non-commissioned officer, Ik,rs,orivaies. musician, and private, one ration; to the commanding firadoiBttmni- officers of each separate post, such additional number of »»f^offl«»rations as the president of the United States shall, from

of separate post!, ■ *

&c. time to time, direct, having respect to the special cir

cumstances of each post; to the women who may be a!

nJitlOIU Tor WO"

men allowed to lowed to any particular corps, not exceeding the proporany corps, &c. ^Qn oj jo(|r ^ a corDpany# one ration each; to such im

2o"TMna'i,'TMSe!,trons and nurses as may be necessarily employed in the &c' hospital, one ration, each; and to every commissioned

officer who shall keep one servant, not a soldier of the

line, one additional ration.

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That each ration Each ration to shall consist of one pound and a quarter of beef, or

consist ot the ar- . A i /» i • i *

tides, ami the three quarters ot a pound ot pork, eighteen ounces ol Uoued.'"3'"'"" bread or flour, one gill of rum, whiskey, or brandy, arid at the rate of two quarts of salt, four quarts of vinegar, four pounds of soap, and one pound and an half of candles, to every hundred rations.

Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the following Ueuofforat'" officers shall, whenever forage is not furnished by the public, receive at the rate of the following sums per month in lieu thereof: each colonel, twelve dollars; each lieutenant-colonel, eleven dollars; each major, ten dollars; each adjutant, six dollars; each surgeon, ten dollars; and each surgeon's mate, six dollars.

Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That every non* teftenSSonfcoonoissioned officer, musician, and private, of the armi<,u.N«ioffl«r.tillery and infantry, shall receive, annually, the follow

aml privates of . * . * , .

the artillery and mg articles ot iiiiitf ii'iii clothing, to wit: one hat, one an"7' c* coat, one vest, two pair of woollen, and two pair of linen,

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