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An act for organizing the general staff, and making further provision for the army of the United States.*

yromiMuoftke Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re

act of 3d Marco, . *,»▼«■ /• •

1813, wiib ro presentatives of the l/nited States of Jlmerica tn Congress wra!,«onMassembled. That, in addition tn the act providing for a euabiisiiCTi, &c. military peace establishment,! the provisions of the act of March third, one thousand eight hundred and thirteen,f for the better organization of the general staff, be, and the same are hereby, so far established, that the general staff shall, in future, consist of one adjutant and inspector-general of the army, and one adjutant general, one inspector-general, three topographical engineers, and one quartermaster-general, with one deputy quartermaster general to a division; and an assistant of each to every brigade, which shall supersede the brigade-quartermasters and inspectors now existing; and that the apothecary-general, as heretofore authorized, be allowed two assistant apothecaries. Mrficai »t«8 ex. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the medical staff shall be so extended, that there shall be four hospital surgeons, and eight hospital surgeon's mates, to each division, with as many post surgeons as the service may require, not exceeding twelve to each division; who shall receive the same pay and emoluments as hospital TLrcejudgesd-surgeon's mates; and that there he three judge advo^s»i*id0»ath.Vplcates to each division, and one chaplain to each brigade J^J0 tach bn" of the army, who shall receive the pay and emoluments

of major, as heretofore allowed. Pay department Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the pay deJ^yn!aiei°^ne- partrnent shall consist of one paymaster-general of the "'jjisoo'uel'an^ ar,l,y* w>tn tne a"nua' salary of two thousand five hunniun.' dred dollars; and that, in addition to regimental pay

Battaiiou pay- masters, there be appointed one paymaster to each bateer^ofartii'erj-.talion of the corps of artillery, who, as well as the regimental paymasters, in addition to the regular and punctual payment of their respective regiments or corps, shall discharge the duties of district paymasters, within such district as shall, from time to time, be assigned them by the paymaster-general, under the direction of Ikfemtov pSnt*'ie secretary of war: Provided, That regimental and t»epaymasters battalion paymasters may be taken either from the su

•The organization here given to the staff, is materially modified by act of 14th April, 1818, chapter 109, which, with so much of this act as refers to organization, may be considered superseded by that of 2d March) 1821, chapter 122.

•(■See chapter 95. JSee chapter 80,

Items of the army or citizens, and appointed by the from subalterns esitlent of the United States: Provided also, That re- t^my m mental and battalion paymasters shall receive the pay £TMvi,*';P"!tm8id emoluments of major, and shall each be allowed a ^e pay and eTM. 11 table non-commissioned officer as clerk, who, while sojoiTand auoved 11 ployed, Shall receive double pay, and the actual ex- 5SS^» eiise of transportation while travelling under orders inaclerk<&eic discharge of his duty.

Sec. 4. Jnd be it further enacted, That it shall be paymMtera t0 lie duty of the regimental and battalion paymasters to [">>a"the res»iay all the regular troops; and, to insure punctuality and TM '°"1"" •esponsibility, correct reports shall be made to the pay- corre« reports naster-general once in two months, showing the dispo-TMjj£Pa*raas,?r" ;ition of the funds previously transmitted, with accurate two month,, &c. estimates for the next payment of such regiment, garrison, or department, as may have been assigned to each; and whenever any paymaster shall fail to transmit such ta|^trS»..,St" estimate, or neglect to render his vouchers to the pay- kSg"'"^ master-general for settlement of his accounts, more thand"*°^i"'«Sj six months after receiving funds, he shall be recalled,ret«vli,sf"1K,»

and another appointed in his place.* *£ &J^"*"""

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the pur- purchasing dc.

chasing department shall consist of one commissarv-gcPar,mem l0

1 Tx» , . .« .... . \ ". consist of a com

neral ot purchases, as heretofore authorized, with thenvissarygmerai; annual salary of three thousand dollars, and one deputy-miw^VSS. commissary to each division, with the annual salary of^fSJ^r two thousand dollars, and six assistant commissaries of *rt ^S"' issues, with the annual salary of one thousand threeswektepS! hundred dollars; and as many military storekeepers as the service may require, whose salaries shall be regulated by the secretary of war, according to the duty they may perform: Provided, That the. pay and emoluments shall not exceed that of a captain of infantry.

Sec 6. And be it further enacted, That all officers of o/ncm oni.e the pay, commissary, and quartermaster's department, ffi'SSSSS:shall, previous to their entering on the duties of their Jj^ *>!»«' respective offices, give good and sufficient bonds to tlie^>"d"''0S"e United States, fully to account for all moneys and public property which they may receive, in such sums as the secretary of war shall direct. And all paymasters, PaJTM?*«->. commissaries, and storekeepers, shall be subject to the S^rSm, rules and articles of war, in the same manner as com- r&UVi missioned officers: Provided also, That all officers offe^S*,. the pay and commissary's departments be submitted toof,he.''a';a"d the senate for their confirmation, in the same manner as pS«5<.y"o £ the officers of the army. "££"* t0 *"

•See chapter 125, sections 2 and 8.

rhcprMMfiitto Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the president pr«crihe ite 0f jne United States be. and lie hereby is. authorized to kind of clothing. |,resrri|je the quantity and kind <>l clothing, to be issued So^'rtinn'lhJ annually to the troops of the United States. Provided, luthorteed quan-'piiHt whenever more than the authorized quantity is rereqoV^the^v" quired, the value of the extra articles shall be deducted du'ifA^the from the soldiers' pay; and, in like manner* the soldiers glow pay, 8na|i receive pay arcording to the annual estimated value

for such authorized articles of uniform as shall not have rrovho;theman-neen jSSUPd to him in each year. Provided also, That ci'Jth'ins, &c. to the manner of issuing and accounting for clothing, shall £.!JJaib8oi-,n be established in the general regulations of the war de'•""• partment.

where a soldier Sec. 8. And be it further enacted. That in all cases diamond where a soldier of the regular army shall have been disduTto'hhnhthneB charged from the service of the. United States, and pajTiuMter-'f-ene- rloiliing shall be due to said soldier, it shall be the duty to be paid for. of the paymaster-general to cause the same to be paid

for, according to the price paid in the. seventh section of

this act. officers of the Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That the several Sre'pVVnd officers of the staff shall, respectively, receive the pay c mmTM,, iimi an(] emoluments, and retain all the privileges, secured

to retain pmi* t . . *.■»«,.,•■

h-grs, according to the staff of the army, by the act ot March third, one March,"si!,&cthousand eight hundred and thirteen,* and not incompatible with the provisions of this act: and that the reRee/uiaiiraisin gulations in force before the reduction of the army, be reuuTM'oToi"i,eerecognized, as far as the same shall be found applica"iCjec^H'^^'ble to the service; subject, however, to such alterations as the secretary of war may adopt, with the approbation of the president. officer, of ti.c Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That the officers "n'th£?TMTMte of tne staff> provisionally retained by the president, and recognized in ^ in this act enumerated and made permanent, be recogrison wrgeoni nized in service under this act, and that the garrison eomWered polT surgeons and mates be hereafter considered as post surSTrom ihe geons; and hereafter the staff of the army may be taken line or citizens, from the line of the army, or from citizens. ordnance depart. Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That the ordnance mor^nia-dby department be continued, as at present organized under 1815; Feh" ^,e ac* °^ February eighth, one thousand eight hundred ordnance off- and fifteen, and that ordnance officers be assigned to

idrto"dmieTSt,,c'r duties witn tne stan*"(,f tl,p army, in the same manthcstaff; &e. ner as from the corps of engineers.

Sec. 12. And be it further enacted. That when forage is not drawn in kind by officers of the army entitled

•See chapter 80.

eto* eight dollars per month, for each horse, not ex- Eight dollars pa ling the number authorized by existing regulations.'TM^'hWh°unot II be allowed in lieu thereof: Provided, That neither ;1i^-,<,reach isre nor money shall be drawn by officers, but for j*TM*neither

.. ■ . ■ . •*»*iit forage nor mo

ses actually kept by them in service: Provided ateo, m-y, for at none, except company officers, shall be allowed toS^Sf" y e as servants or waiters soldiers of the army; and fTMTM;TM,^^ t all officers be allowed, for each private servant ac-;.° »ke«owien

,. i , ..for servants.

lly kept in service, not exceeding the number authoed by existing regulations, the pay, rations, and Pay. rations,ami thing, of a private soldier, or money in lieu thereof,dier ffisMh'p* a certificate, setting forth the name and description m^tou^ the servant or servants, in the pay account: Provided ^vi an ad(li. o, That one additional ration be allowed to all subal-"°TMi «*» <» n officers of the army. [Approved, April 24,1816.] «rmy.'

Chapter Xcix.

\ act to provide for cases of lost military land warrants, and discharges for faithful services.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re- SoHimof ih« •esentatives of the United States of America in Congress&^JSlSLi ssembled, That when any soldier of the regular army,^TM^"^' avine obtained a military land warrant, shall |iave,;.,i;fHt,,,)i""<'f

° . ii ■ ». i ,i ,, . , of the fai-i to the

>st, or snail hereafter lose, the same, or the said war-secretary of war, ant shall have been, or may be, by accident, destroyed, J«1enti'" very such soldier shall, upon proof thereof, to the satisfaction of the secretary of war, be entitled to a paent, in like manner as if the said warrant was prolucecl. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That in all cases when it appear,,

,. »■ i t- r» ■ ■•. . « ., Tt *i i toihesaii*(aetion

of discharges from the military services of the United of uv secretary States, of any soldier of the regular army, when it shall ifnraus'ofVaith. appear to the satisfaction of the secretary of war that af^of'ths-'" certificate of faithful services has been omitted by the <*»*<= f"Mn mineglect of the discharging officer, by misconstruction ot^.mVenomutWe law, or by any other neglect or casualty, such omis-n^'Lmfciion, sion shall not prevent the issuing of the warrant and pa- TMSn'£'n|X tent as in other cases. And when it shall be proved, .as prevent the is«iaforesaid, that any soldier of the regular army has lost and patents, his discharge and certificate of faithful service, the se- JhlTmrfaoC cretary of war shall cause such papers to be furnished t^gTM]^' such soldier of the regular army as will entitle him to'an.°; »»> i. to

_ , , . . 0 * . , , n , furnish papers,

his land warrant and patent: Provided, Such measure &c. be justified by the time of his enlistment, the period «££ii^ bejulti. Bed by Ac time of service, and the report of some officer of the corps t» ^enlistment, wnjch ne was attached. [Approved, April 27, 1816.]


An act concerning the annual sum appropriated for arming and equipping the militia.*

The snm of Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Reym,f^riZ,v^.presentatives of the United States of America in Congress te%wcitohn£assm^e<*» That the annual sum of two hundred thoufur' notoih!T"san(' dollars, as appropriated for the purpose of prowl*:'appropn- viding arms and military equipments for the militia, cither by purchase or manufacture, according to the act of the twenty-third of April, one thousand eight hundred and eight, entitled "An act making provision for arming and equipping the whole body of the militia of the United States," shall be paid, for each year, repectively, out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. The »TM appro- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the sum appiiS accordin|" propriated, to be paid as aforesaid, shall be applied for APriui806°li!h-the purpose, and according to the intention, specified in rftjto"18a,d act' without being liable, at any time, to be carried Nothin in the *° ",e account °f t'lc surplus fund. And nothing in the »«of 3d March.act of the third of March, one thousand eight hundred riw'ammVofand nine, entitled "An act further to amend the seve'Z Tum'^alry Ial acts for the establishment and regulation of the treamher bramh of sury, war, and navy, departments," shall be construed

expenditure. t i n • 11

to autliorize the transferring of the sum annually appropriated as aforesaid, or any portion thereof, to any other branch of expenditure.! [Approved, April 29, 1816.]


An act to increase the compensation of the superintendents of the manufactories of arms at Springfield and Harper's Ferry.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Reg.TO per momh presentatives of the United States of America in Congress ■■ay''additional, assembled, That, in addition to the pay and rations, as tendentiXim* at present fixed, of the superintendents of the manufacanmtaS'isVing.toriesof a,"ms at Springfield and Harper's Ferry, they fiertaFe'H°r" shall receive thirty dollars per month, and one ration. j.u, erry,, ^ ^^ [Approved, April 29, 1816.]

*See chapter 56, with the note thereon.
tSee note to chapter 105.

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