Specimens of the Pre-Shaksperean Drama, Volume 2


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Página 291 - Is the warlike sound of drum and trump turned to the soft noise of lyre and lute, the neighing of barbed steeds, whose loudness filled the air with terror and whose breaths dimmed the sun with smoke, converted to delicate tunes and amorous glances?
Página 572 - But after them doth Hymen hie as fast, Clothed in sable and a saffron robe, And blows them out, and quencheth them with blood, As discontent that things continue so.
Página 558 - I do wonders : but reason abuseth me, and there's the torment, there's the hell. At the last, sir, bring me to one of the murderers; were he as strong as Hector, thus would I tear and drag him up and down. 175 He beats the Painter in, then comes out again, with a book in his hand.
Página 496 - Welcome, Don Balthazar! welcome, nephew! And thou, Horatio, thou art welcome too. Young prince, although thy father's...
Página 256 - ... and hearing him oft call the wretched name of mother, and to cry to her for aid, whose direful hand gave him the mortal wound, pitying, alas, (for nought else could we do) his...
Página 76 - Roister. Nay, as for they, shall every mother's child die. And in this my fume a little thing might make me To beat down house and all, and else the devil take me ! 30 M.
Página 275 - Theseus being promised to be brought to an eagle's nest, and travelling all the day, found but a wren in a hedge, yet said this is a bird : so we hope, if the shower of our swelling mountain seeming to bring forth some elephant, perform but a mouse, you will gently say, this is a beast.
Página 210 - God's word they may not refuse, To correct all those that would her grace and grace's laws abuse: Beseeching God over us she may reign long, To be guided by trueth and defended from wrong. Amen, q. Thomas Preston.
Página 503 - twas my favor at his last depart. But now wear thou it both for him and me; For after him thou hast deserved it best.
Página 267 - Let vs, my lordes, with timely force resist The new attempt of this our common foe, As we would quench the flames of common fire. 95 MAND. Though we remaine without a certain prince To weld the realme or guide the wandring rule...

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