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there was no danger in the rest; all along prevailed among ChrisI see him at the tree forbidden. tians, it has been greatly kept How true a serpent he is in ever under restraint. In every age, ry point! in his choice of the tree, however, it has subsisted, and, it in his assault of the woman, in is to be hoped, is at present his plausibleness of speech to warm and vigorous in the breasts avoid terror, in his question to of multitudes. In the whole of move doubt, in his reply to work his conduct, the great HOWARD distrust, in his protestation of shewed that he was animated by safety, in bis suggestion to envy this sacred principle. Amongst and discontent, in his promise of the many circumstances that gain.

might be produced to prove this And if he were so cunning at fact, the following,

following though the first, what shall we think of unnoticed by biographers, to him now, after so many thousand whom it was probably unknown, years experience ? Only thou, is not the least worthy of preser. God! and these angels, that see vation : thy face, are wiser than he. I do When on a visit to Glasgow, for not ask why, when he left his the purpose of viewing its prison goodness, thou didst not bereave & public institutions, some of his him of his skill? Still thou friends were pointing out to him wouldst have him an angel, the various places of worship be. though an evił one ; and thou longing to the different denomiknowest how to ordain his craft nations of Christians in that to thine own glory. I do not de- large and populous city ; lifting sire thee to abate of his subtility, up his hands he said, with deep but to make me wise ; let me einotion,“ May great grace, merbeg it, without presumption, cy and peace be on all them, that make me wiser than Adam; love our Lord Jesus Christ in even thine image, which he bore, sincerity.” made him not (through his own Reader, if ever thou art disweakness) wise enough to obey posed to repine at the divisions thee ; thou offeredst him all that exist in the Christian world, fruits, and restrainedst but and at the smallness of the numone ; Satan offered him but one, bers in the denomination with and restrained not the rest which thou art associated, copy When he chose rather to be at the spirit of St. Paul, Phil. i. Satan's feeding than thine, it was 18; think of the conduct of just with thee to turn him out of Howard, and go and do likewise. thy gates with a curse : why

Religious Monitor. shouldest thou feed a rebel at thine own board ?

It is with a Christian as with

the Sicilian vines,- An old ANECDOTES.

proprietor, (says Swinburne)

informed me, that the strength HOWARD, THE PHILANTHROPIST. of the liquor depended on the A TRULY catholic spirit is

close pruning of the vine." amiable wherever it appears. Amidst the contentions, which cations are on hand, but deferred to

Several reviews of new publi. in a greater or less degree have give place to other matter..

Beligious Intelligence.




56 Williamsburgh,

28 50 Extract from the report of the trustees Worthington, of the Hampshire Missionary Society.

Total towns,

860 91 (Concluded from p. 275.)

New Settlements, New-York. BOOKS SEXT FOR DISTRIBUTION IN Pompey,


3 28 Holy Bibles, in 1802, 72-1803, 24 Marcellus Creek,

10 -1804, 52–1805, 72–Total, 220. Marcellus Lake,

3 Tracts, of various kinds, in 1802, Tully,

12 1746–1803, 1441–1804, 2230--1805, Herkimer,

3 1648—Total, 7065.


6 Fabius upper settlements,

2 Books remaining on hand for future use, viz.bound books, 586m-pamphlets, Total, new settlements, 32 62 3574.

Names of Persons. Monies received for the funds of the Rev. Noah Atwater's (of Hampshire Missionary Society for

Westfield) legacy, 1805.

Charles P. Phelps, Esq.
Names of the Towns.

dolci cts,

Amherst, 1st par.
35 33 John Tappan, do.

10 Amherst, 2d par.


Thaddeus Osgood, Methuen, 5 Ashfield,

17 90 On the profits of the sale of Belcherstown,

11 19

Doddridge's Rise, &c. 82 70 Charlemont, 19 60 On the sale of books,

3 83 1-2 Chesterfield,


Total from Female Associa.


278 881.3 Conway,

38 83 Deerfield, 28 66 Total receipts,


95 Easthampton,

13 Granby,

10 50 N. B. Several sums were received for Granville, middle par. 11

the funds of the society, after the report Granville, west par.


was drafted, from the charitable Greenfield,


female association and other donors,

52 15 which could not be inserted, but will Hatfield,

69 81 be noticed in the next annual report. Hawley,

5 The Society have lately received Heath,


46 from William Phillips, Esq. of Boston, Leverett,


850. Longmeadow,

40 42 Northampton,

73 57 Amount of expenditures of the Norwich,

2 Hampshire Missionary Society, be. Palmer,

76 tween Aug. meeting 1804, and do. Plainfield,


1805, viz. 8963,281.2cts. Shelburne, Southampton,

45 42 The Committee appointed by the Southwick,

50 Hampshire Missionary Society, at South-Hadley,

32 58 their meeting at Northampton, Aug. Springfield, 1st par,

3299 1804, to examine into, and report to Sunderland,

55 65 the society, the state of the Treasurer's Westhampton,

35 19 accounts, þeg leave to report as fol. Westfield,

21 60 lows : W. Springfield, 1st par,

Having examined the Treasurer's Whately,

16 15 books, find his accounts well vouched




and right cast, and that there is now in Officers of the Hampshire Missionary, the Treasury in money the sum of Society, appointed at their annual

817 901-2 meeting the last Thursday in Aug. Also in promisory notes

1805. with good security, the

His Excellency CALEB STRONG, sum of 1801 23

Ese. President.

Rev. SAMUEL HOPKINS, D. D. Amounting to 1819 131-2

Vice-President. The Treasurer has paid out by order of the Com

TRUSTEES. mittee of Trustees the

Hon. JOHN HASTINGS, Ese past year,



Rev. Joseph LYMAN, D. D.

Monies received from the charitable fe- Rev. SOLOMON WILLIAMS,

male association, for 1805, viz. WILLIAM BILLINGS, Ese Names of the Towns.

dols. cts.

Rev. DAVID PARSONS, D. D. Amherst, 1st parish, 14 00 CHARLES PHELPS, Esq. Charlemont,

7 761-2 Rev. RICHARD S. STORRS. Chester,

15 25 Cummington,

6 00 RUGGLES WOODBRIDGE, Esq. Deerfield,

19 34

Treasurer. Granville, middle parish,

10 50

Rev. Enoch HALE, Corresponding SeeHadley,

24 88

retary. Hatfield,

18 07 Rev. PAYSON WILLISTON, Recording Hawley,

5 50

Secretary. Longmeadow,

20 07 Northampton,

32 33 Standing Committee of the Trustees. Norwich,

4 50 Rev. JOSEPH LYMAN, D. D. Plainfield,

4 89 Rev. SOLOMON WILLIAMS, Southampton,

28 96 WILLIAM BILLINGS, Esq. South-Hadley,

11 44 CHARLES PHELPS, Ese. Westhampton,

22 25 Rev. Enoch HALE. Westfield,

9 64 West-Springfield, first par. 13 00 Williamsburgh,

10 50

SER, 278 881-2

Balance of last year in the

43 41

(Concluded from p. 272.) 322 291-2

On the 16th inst. the Tate puhộsch, Sa. An account of monies expended out of the

chem of Delaware Nation, delivered fund of the female association since the the following reply: last Report, viz.

“GRANDCHILDREN, attend! The For 72 Bibles,

49 75 Chiefs, Heroes, Young Men, Women, For 165 copies of the Trus

and Children, thank you for your kind tees Report, 1804, taken

visit with such important concern, for distribution,

11 00

which you laid before your grandfaFor 300 Hale's sermon before

thers. the society,

“I am glad the great and good Spirit For 100 Emerson's sermon at

has helped you to renew the ancient Mr. Wood's ordination, 6 00 covenant of friendship, that has subExpense for boxes and trans

sisted between my ancestors and yours. porting books,

14 09 Grandchildren, listen! I also take

hold of that friendship and begin to reTotal expenditure, 1805, 87 84

new it. Deposited in the Treasury, 234 451-2 “Grandchildren, in your speech you

said that you have tried to follow the 322 291-2 civilization and Christian religion, and



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14 00

found it to be good for your nation, and Mr. Kiesling, a respectable mer. being well acquainted with the dismal chant of Nuremberg, thus writes, situation of your grandfathers, as well “ Your letter aborded me such joy as other tribes, and having compas. that I could not contain myselt, but sionate feelings towards us induce immediately went to the Rev. John you to come so far to offer or recom- Godfried Schoener, one of the most mend to us the same, I thank you for respectable ministers of our city, in this also.

order to communicate to him the joy. "Grandchildren, I now declare unto ful news from a far country. He was you, that we have well considered the no less affected than myself; and we matter you propose to us : and I and agreed to appoint a meeting of Chris, my chiefs, heroes, young men, women, tian friends on Ascension-Day, at and children, unanimously agreed to which we unanimously resolved to accept and take hold with both hands unite for the formation of a Bible all what you have recommended to us. Society, and by a printed letter, to inOur eyes are now on you."

vite our Christian friends throughout A large white Belt of Wompom Germany and Switzerland, to assist us near 4 feet in length delivered, in so noble an undertaking. containing 6000 wompom.

“When sometimes I am privileged

to give away a Bible or New TestaNote. The above is copied ver- ment, father and mother, son and batim from the Indian manuscript. daughter, are running after me, N. B. The above mentioned Dela. sand times, kissing my hand, and my

thanking me a hundred, and a thou. Wares are numerous, and are consider.

coat; shedding tears of joy, and loud. ed as the head of all the other tribes. ly exclaiming"; "May God bless The belt and speech recommending civilization and religion will, in due you may the Lord Jesus bless you

in time and to all eternity.' Really I time, be communicated by the Dela. felt sometimes a toretaste of heavenly Fares to all the other tribes. The joy, so that I could not sufficiently Delaware and one other tribe told

bless God, for having entrusted me pur Messengers, that they were now ready to accept a minister and school steward of the kind benefactions of

with the honourable commission of master, but they must come recom. others. But the more I disperse, the mended by them.

more the petitions both of Ministers and Schoolmaster's increase, not only

from Austria, but likewise from Stir. FOREIGN

ia, Carinthia, and Hungary, inso.

much that I am afraid to present Interesting Extracts from the Appendix their petitions.". (p. 36.) to the Report of the British and For

The address circulated by the Nu. eign Bible Society, taken from the remberg Bible Society throughout CHRISTIAN OBSERVAR.

Germany closes with the following

appeal. The first is an extract of a letter “ We confidently hope for the suic. from the Rev. Dr. Dalrymple, one of. cess of our undertaking. If in Engthe ministers of Ayr.

land, according to the latest ac. “I give you joy, and would take counts, even hard working artisans some small share of it myself, that have contributed their mite towards we have lived to the day of a British the support of the Bible Society, can and Foreign Bible Society. In the we suppose that less zeal for the 82nd year of my age, and 59th of my good cause will be displayed by our ministry, next to both deaf and German and Swiss reverers of the blind, it is little that I can do in an sacred writings? active way to assist in so glorious a “ The inherent value of the book, design; but that little shall not be the religious wants of the people, the wanting. This evening I intend to critical circumstances of the times, overture our Synod for a Collection, the present tranquillity of the States; after the good example of the Pres. · all these, besides many other urgent bytery of Glasgow, and I hope to suc- reasons, loudly call for attention to Eeed." (p. 34.)

this important undertaking.


“Oye, who know and revere the has never been prohibited to the Cathe Bible, which yet remains the Bible of olics. The Council of Trent only all religious parties, lend your aid in states,--Indiscriminate lectio Sacre promoting it: Ye who, on the brink Scripture interdicta est. Well-inform. of the grave, can dispose of your ed Catholics took this always in that property at pleasure, think on the sense only : that not all the books of words of the just Judge of the world, the Bible promiscuously, should be put I was hungry and ye gave me meat; } into the hands of the common people

, was thirsty, and ye gave me drink. If referring chiefly to some books of the the blessing be already so great for Old Testament. Besides, this pro. him who ministers to the bodily wants hibition of the Council of Trent has of his fellow-creatures, how much never been admitted as binding by the greater will it be for those, who, con- whole body of the Roman Catholic strained by the love of Christ, provide clergy in Germany ; but so much is for satisfying the hungry after the liv, true, that all blind bigots of our church ing word of God, and lead thirsty have always spread the opinion, that souls to the pure wells of salvation ? it was entirely forbidden for all laymen (p. 41.)

to read the Bible: and this prejudice From the Letter of a Roman is, alas ! still deeply prevalent among Catholic Priest in Swabia we gladly the greater part of the people. There extract a few passages.

however, at present, many of our “I had the pleasure to learn, from clergymen, both in Swabia and Ba. a copy of your letter, addressed by varia, who strongly recommend the Mr. 'Tobias Kiesling, of Nuremberg, reading of the Bible, chiefly of the the great number of zealous friends of New Testament; and do every thing the Bible in London, who are filled in their power to promote it. I have with a noble desire to send out the for my own part, distributed many pure word of God, as the best preach. New Testaments, and some Bibles, er, into the world. This account ex, among better enlightened Catholics cited in my breast the most heartfelt and several of my dear brethren in joy and gratitude towards that God, Christ do the same. We are, how.

who is the only Giver of every good & ever, not able to satisfy all the de perfect gift;' but I felt also lively mands for Bibles.” (p. 43, 44.) emotions of unfeigned lovc and affec. “ I am sure we could dispose of a tion for you, and for all the members good number of Bibles and New of that venerable Bible Society, for Testaments. The people seem to whom I wish a thousand blessings. get more and more desirous of the May the Lord Jesus, through whom Bible ; and the number of clergymen all blessings are communicated to us, is increasing, who not only would tol. be the beginning and end of their erate, but commend the reading of it. praiseworthy undertaking! and may I feel a very great desire to wit. his name be glorified for it to all eter ness the formation of a similar Bible pity !

Society amongst the Roman Catho. “What particularly induced me to lics; and indeed I will make some write, was your question, Whether attempts, though I foresee many dif. the Bible was still prohibited to the ficulties; and can hardly suppose that Catholics ? Being convinced thereby so many active and benevolent friends that you was mindful even of the poor of the Bible are to be found amongst Catholics, I was particularly moved the Roman Catholics, as would be and edified; for indeed nothing is requisite for such an undertaking. more affecting than that love which Your question, however, respecting embraces all, without the least dis, the Catholics, inspires me with the tinction ; «for God is love ; and he hope, that your Society is desirous to that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God extend its beneficial in/uence likewise and God in him. I felt myself, to the Catholics, wishing only to therefore, constrained to thank you know, whether a dispersion of Bibles in the name of all honest and well. amongst them would be practicable : disposed Catholics, for these your mind indeed it would not only be fraternal sentiments.

practicable, but desirable in the “ In answer to your question, I ob- highest degree.” (p. 44.) serve, properly speaking, the Bible “ Į cannot express, in terms suffi.

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