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thing to lower the high standard already achieved by NOTES.

this valuable quarterly, which is just entering upon its Two “ Lark Classics” are the sonnets of Shakespeare

ninth annual volume. and a selection from the lyrics of Mr. Swinburne. They “ The Stories of My Four Friends" is a little book are trim little volumes published by Mr. Doxey, New of nature studies for children, left in manuscript by the York.

late Jane Andrews, and now prepared for publication The Chicago “ Daily News Almanac” for 1901, com- by her sister, Mrs. Margaret Andrews Allen. This piled, as for many years past, by Mr. George E. Plumbe, small volume, pleasantly written and charmingly illushas just been sent to us, and is a welcome addition to trated, is published by Messrs. Ginn & Co. the reference shelf.

The American branch of the Oxford University Press • The Rigveda," by Mr. E. Vernon Arnold, is a new has arranged with the Rev. F. N. Peloubet, D.D., pamphlet in the series of popular studies in mythology,

author of « Peloubet's Select Notes on the International romance, and folklore which Mr. David Nutt has been Lessons,” to issue a Teachers' Commentary on the New publishing from time to time.

Testament. The work will be complete in ten volumes, Messrs. G. P. Putnam's Sons publish a third edition,

the first of which, a Commentary on Matthew, will be

issued at once. considerably enlarged, of “Cabin and Plantation Songs as Sung by the Hampton Students.” A few Indian “ The Etiquette of Correspondence," by Miss Helen songs are also comprised within the collection.

E. Gavit, is a publication of the A. Wessels Co. From “ The Book Hunter," by Mr. John Hill Burton, is a

it one may learn how to write properly all kinds of letbibliographical classic that needs no description at

ters, and obtain at the same time much useful informathis late day. The J. B. Lippincott Co. have just repub

tion respecting such incidental matters as heraldry, lished the work in an edition that is both neat and inex

postal regulations, the use of abbreviations, and of forpensive.

eign words and phrases. " Rouen,” by the Rev. Thomas Perkins, and “Char

“On Southern Poetry prior to 1860,” by Mr. Sidney tres," by Mr. H. J. L. J. Massé, are the two most

Ernest Bradshaw, is a doctoral dissertation presented recent additions to the series of “ Bell's Handbooks to to the University of Virginia. It is a conscientious Continental Churches,” issued in this country by the

piece of investigation, and adds one more stone to the Macmillan Co.

cairn to which the twentieth century historian of our "A New Greek Method," by Mr. William James

American literature will have recourse when he lays

the foundations of his work. Wooster, Obio. It is a modest little book, intended to

“ The Historical Development of Modern Europe,” provide beginners with as short a cut as possible to

by Dr. Charles M. Andrews, has now been before the their “ Anabasis."

public for three or four years, and has approved itself “ Moore's Meterological Almanac and Weather to judicious students of history. Messrs. G. P. Putnam's Guide” for 1901, is published by Messrs. Rand, Mc

Sons now reissue the work, two volumes in one, and Nally & Co. It bears the name of Professor Willis L.

call it a “student's edition." There are nearly a thousMoore, but we marvel that he should have authorized and pages in the volume, and the price is moderate. so unscientific a title.

“ A Short History of French Literature,” by Messrs. Two volumes of biographical and critical interest, L. E. Kastner and H. G. Atkins, is published by Messrs. to be issued shortly by Mr. M. F. Mansfield of New Henry Holt & Co. It provides a convenient manual York, are a life of Samuel Ricbardson, by Miss Clara

for examination candidates, and at the same time a L. Thomson, and an account of “J. M. Barrie and his readable conspectus of the whole of French literature, Books,” by Mr. J. A. Hammerton.

down to the latest (or next to the latest) of the decadent Messrs. Frederick Warne & Co. call our attention

writers of to-day. These closing chapters, indeed, while to the fact that their “ Nuttall Encyclopædia,” recently

the most questionable, will probably be found the most mentioned in these pages as "reissued,” is an absolutely

useful in the book, for it is not always easy to obtain new work, although the title-page does not make this

even such meagre information as is here offered conaltogether clear. We cheerfully make the desired cor

cerning the French poets and novelists of the younger

school. rection. Professor T. N. Toller's “Outlines of the History of

Following up the edition of Dante's “ Paradiso " the English Language," published by the Macmillan

issued in the series of “ Temple Classics ” (Macmillan) Co., is a serviceable text-book for students, whether in

a few months ago, we now have the “ Inferno" in simor out of school. It is essentially a treatise on Old

ilar satisfactory form. The Italian text and the wellEnglish, although three chapters are devoted to the

known translation of Dr. John Aitken Carlyle are Middle and Modern periods.

presented on alternate pages, with the necessary edito

rial material supplied by Mr. H. Oelsner. Other volProfessor Simon Newcomb's “ Elements of Astron

umes in the same series that have come to us during omy,” published by the American Book Co., is a small

the past few weeks include Vol. VII. of Caxton's book but a comprehensive one. It is particularly well- “Golden Legend,” Vols. IV. and V. of Macaulay's fitted for use in such high schools and academies as are Essays, Vol. III. in Mr. F. S. Ellis's edition of “The unable to devote more than a three or four months'

Romance of the Rose," and Vols. IV. to VIII. in Mr. course to the subject of astronomy.

A. B. Hinds's translation of Vasari's Lives, The removal to New York of Professors Trent and pleting all four of these editions. Last of all may be Wells has devolved the editorial conduct of “The mentioned the reprints of La Motte Fouque's “SinSewanee Review” upon new hands. The work will tram” and “ Aslauga's Knight," with illustrations by now be taken up by Professors Henneman and Ramage, Mr. Charles Robinson, and Miss Mitford's “Our Vilof Sewanee, and we have no fear that they will do any- | lage.”




February, 1901. Anti-Scalping Bill, The Hugh T. Mathers. Forum. Armour, Philip D. Frank W. Gunsaulus. Rev. of Reviews. Barbara Frietchie, The True. Anne Fletcher. Lippincott. Booth, J. W., Recollections of. Clara Morris. McClure. Canal and the Treaty. J. D. Whelpley. World's Work. Cavalry vs. Infantry. Henry A. Greene. Forum. Chemistry, Unsolved Problems of. Ira Remsen. McClure. China, The True Situation in. T. F. Millard. Scribner. Christian Endeavor, Two Decades of. A. R. Wells. R. of R. Croker, Richard. William Allen White. McClure. Crowd, Beautifying the. Gerald S. Lee. Atlantic. Democratic Party, Rehabilitation of the. Forum. Election, Lesson of the. W.J. Abbot. Forum. Enspire by the Lakes. F. C. Howe. World's Work. Employees, Self Help to. R. E. Phillips. World's Work. Frye Shipping Bill, The. Review of Reviews. Germany under a Strenuous Emperor. World's Work. Graft, The World of. Josiah Flynt. McClure. Hamor, American, Essence of. Charles Johnston. Atlantic. Huxley, Reminiscences of. John Fiske. Atlantic. Immigration, Changing Character of. World's Work. Industrial Revolution, The New. Brooks Adams. Atlantic. Japanese Immigration. Review of Reviews. Kitchener. James Barnes. World's Work. Libraries, Travelling. George Iles. World's Work. Lincoln as an Antagonist. C. P. Button. Lippincott. Lincoln Phrase, Possible Origin of a. Review of Keviews. Literature, The Dark in. Richard Burton. Forum. Monroe Doctrine and Hay-Pauncefote Treaty. Forum. Napoleon, Last Phase of. Goldwin Smith. Atlantic. Naturalist, Day's Work of a. E. W. Nelson. World's Work. Negro and Education. Kelly Miller. Forum. New York, A Plea for. J. K. Paulding. Atlantic. Nonsense Verse, Study of. Carolyn Wells. Scribner. Pan-American Exposition, Decorative Sculpture at. R. of R. Pension Bureau and the South. T. A. Broadus. Rev. of Rev. Porto Ricans, Status of. Stephen Pfeil. Forum. Reconstruction Problem, The H. A. Herbert. Atlantic, Rhodes, Cecil. Ewart Scott Grogan. World's Work. Sheep and the Forest Reserves. C. S. Newhall. Forum. Spellbinders, The. William D. Foulke. Forum. Stage Reminiscences of Mrs. Gilbert. Scribner. State Guards, Nationalization of. T. M. Anderson. Forum. Trade-Unions, Am., and Compulsory Arbitration. Forum. Trans-Caspian Railway, The. Henry Norman. Scribner. War at Sea, Laws and Usages of. C. H. Stockton. Forum. Washington and Lincoln. Lyman P. Powell. Rev. of Rev. Woman's Education and Man's. C. F. Thwing. Forum. World Conquest, The New. P. S. Reinsch. World's Work.

The Story of Assisi. By Lina Duff Gordon; illus. by

Nelly Erichsen and M. Helen James. Illus., 16mo, gilt top, uncut, pp. 372. Mediæval Towns." Macmillan Co. $1.50.

GENERAL LITERATURE. A Treasury of Irish Poetry in the English Tongue. Edited

by Stopford A. Brooke and T. W. Rolleston. 12mo, gilt

top, uncut, pp. 578. Macmillan Co. $1.75. The Writings of James Monroe, including a Collection of

his Public and Private Papers and Correspondence now for the First Time Printed.' By Stanislaus Murray Hamilton. Vol. IV., 1803-1806. Large 8vo, gilt top, uncut,

pp. 509. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $5. (Sold only in sets.) The Likeness of the Night: A Modern Play in Four Acts.

By Mrs. W. K. Clifford, 12mo, uncut, pp. 146. Macmillan

Co. $1.25. NEW EDITIONS OF STANDARD LITERATURE. La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri. Nuovamente

riveduta nel testo dal Dr. E. Moore; con indice dei nomi propri compilato da Paget Toynbee, M.A. 12mo, gilt top,

uncut, pp. 557. Oxford University Press. $1.50 net. The Prairie: A Tale. By Fenimore Cooper; illus. by C. E.

Brock. 12mo, gilt edges, pp. 437. Macmillan Co. $1.25. The Pathfinder; or, The Inland Sea. By Fenimore Cooper;

illus. by C. E. Brock. 12mo, gilt edges, pp. 463. Mac

millan Co. $1.25. The Lives of the Painters, Sculptors, and Architects.

By Giorgio Vasari; trans. by A. B. Hinds. Vols. VI., VII., and VIII., completing the edition ; each illus., 24mo, gilt top, uncut. Temple Classics." Macmillan Co. Per

vol., 50 cts. The Inferno of Dante Alighieri: The Italian Text, and

the Translation of John Aitken Carlyle. Edited by H. Oelsner, M.A. With photogravure frontispiece, 24mo, gilt top, uncut, pp. 400. “Temple Classics." Macmillan

Co. 50 cts. The Romance of the Rose. By W. Lorris and J. Clopinel ;

Englished by F.S. Ellis. Vol. III., completing the edition; with photogravure frontispiece, 24mo, gilt top, uncut,

pp. 260. “Temple Classics.Macmillan Co. 50 cts. Critical and Historical Essays. By Thomas Babington

Macaulay; edited by A. J. Grieve, B.A. Vols. IV. and V., completing the edition; each with photogravure frontispiece, 24mo, gilt top, uncut. Temple Classics."

Macmillan Co. Per vol., 50 cts. Our Village: Sketches of Rural Character and Scenery. By

Mary Russell Mitford; edited by Emma Gollancz. With photogravure portrait, 24mo, gilt top, uncut, pp. 360.

"Temple Classics." Macmillan Co. 50 cts. Sintram and

his Companions, and Aslauga's Knight. By La Motte Fouqué; illus. in colors, etc., by Charles Robinson. 24mo, gilt top, uncut, pp. 218. *Temple Classics for Young People." " Macmillan Co. 50 cts.

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LIST OF NEW BOOKS, [The following list, containing 41 titles, includes books received by THE DIAL since its last issue.]

BIOGRAPHY AND MEMOIRS. The Rossettis: Dante Gabriel and Christina. By Elisabeth

Luther Cary. Illus, in photogravure, etc., large 8vo, gilt

top, uncut, pp. 310. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $3.75. Under England's Flag from 1804 to 1809: The Memoirs,

Diary, and Correspondence of Charles Boothby, Captain of Royal Engineers. Compiled by the last survivors of his family, M. S. B. and C. E. B, Illus., 8vo, uncut, pp. 285. Macmillan Co. $2.

HISTORY. The Historical Development of Modern Europe, from

the Congress of Vienna to the Present Time, 1815–1897. By Charles M. Andrews. Student's edition, two volumes in one ; large 8vo, uncut, pp. 900. G. P. Putnam's Song.

$2.75 net. The Siege in Peking: China against the World. By an

eye witness, W. A. P. Martin, D.D. Illus., 12mo, pp. 192. F. H. Revell Co. $1.

POETRY AND VERSE. Ad Astra. By Charles Whitworth Wynne. Square 8vo,

gilt top, uncut, pp. 125. John Lane. $1.25 net. Poems. By Alexander Blair Thaw. 12mo, gilt top, ancut,

pp. 115. John Lane. $1.50. In Scipio's Gardens, and Other Poems. By Samuel Valen

tine Cole. 12mo, gilt top, uncut, pp. 174, G. P. Putnam's Sons. $1.25.

FICTION. Gwynett of Thornhaugh: A Romance. By Frederick W.

Hayes, A.R.A. 12mo, pp. 442. F. M. Lupton Pub'g Co. $1.25.

TRAVEL AND DESCRIPTION. The Philippines, the War and the People: A Record of

Personal Observations and Experiences. By Albert G. Robinson. 8vo, gilt top, uncut, pp. 407. McClure, Phil

lips & Co. $2. Sands of Sahara, By Maxwell Sommerville. Illus., 8vo,

gilt top, uncut, pp. 162. J. B. Lippincott Co. $2. The City of Chartres: Its Cathedral and Churches, By

H. J. L. J. Massé, M.A. Illus., 12mo, pp. 120. “Bell's Handbroks to Continental Churches." Macmillan Co.

$1. The Churches of Rouen. By Rev. Thomas Perkins, M.A.

Illus., 12mo, pp. 125. “Beil's Handbooks to Continental Churches."

Macmillan Co. $1.

HOCH DER KAISER. MYSELP UND GOTT. By A. McGregor Rose (A. M. R. Gordon). This remarkable poem, which made a sensation in two hemispheres,

recit of hich by an American naval Micer at a dinner in New York nearly cost him his captaincy and embroiled the United States with Germany, is here presented with appropriate and striking original illustrations by Miss Jessie A. Walker. It is a work of art.°Cloth, 12mo, decorated cover, 50 cts. THE ABBEY PRESS, 114 Fifth Avenue, New York City. OLDOCEAN'S FERRY, A Collection of Odd and Useful

Information for Nautical Travel and Strange Features of the Sea. For Landaman and Mariner. Compiled by J. Colgate Hoyt.


reprint of this famous essay. Limitrd Edition. 10 cts. postpaid. J. Theodore Adams, 125 W. 1330 St., N. Y. UNITARIAN LITERATURE Sent FREE by Post

Office Unitarian Church, Yonkers, N. Y. Address, Miss Anna L. Bellows, Secretary, 119 Locust Hill Avenue, YONKERS, N. Y.


Royal 8vo, with portrait. $2.25 net

POLITICS. Reflections on the Origins and Destiny of Imperial

Britain, By J. A. Cramb, M.A. 8vo, gilt top, uncut, pp. 315. Macmillan Co. $2.50.

SCIENCE AND NATURE. The North-americans of Yesterday: A Comparative

Study of North-American Indian Life. Customs, and Products, on the Theory of the Ethnic Unity of the Race. By Frederick S. Dellenbaugh. Illus., large 8vo, gilt top,

uncut, pp. 487. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $4. net. Seventeenth Annual Report of the Bureau of American

Ethnology, 1895–96. By J. W. Powell. Part II., illus. in colors, etc., 4to, pp. 300. Government Printing Office.

PHILOSOPHY. Knowledge, Belief, and Certitude: An Inquiry with Con

clusions. By Frederick Storrs Turner, B.A. Large 8vo, uncut, pp. 484. Macmillan Co. $2.25 net.

ART. Four Great Venetians: An Account of the Lives and

Works of Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, and Il Veronese. By Frank Preston Stearns. Illus. in photogravure, 12mo,

zilt top, pp. 376. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $2. Giorgione. By Herbert Cook, M.A. Mus. in photogravure,

etc., 12mo, gilt top. pp. 145. “Great Masters in Painting

and Sculpture." Macmillan Co. $1.75. Considerations on Painting: Lectures Given in the Year

1893 at the Metropolitan Museum of New York. By John La Farge. New edition ; 12mo, gilt top, uncut, pp. 270.

Macmillan Co. $1.25 net. Murillo. By Estelle M. Hurll. Illus., 12mo, gilt top,

pp. 96. “Riverside Art Series." Houghton, Mifflin & Co. 75 cts.

BOOKS OF REFERENCE. Who's Who, 1901: An Annual Biographical Dictionary.

12mo, pp. 1234. Macmillan Co. $1.75. Graded and annotated Catalogue of Books in the Car

negie Library of Pittsburgh for the Use of the City
Schools. Large 8vo, pp. 317. Published by the Library.
Paper, 50 cts. net.

Foundations of Botany. By Joseph Y. Bergen, A.M.

Illas., 12mo, pp. 257. Ginn & Co. $1.70 net. La Sainte-Catherine. Par André Theuriet. 18mo, pp. 65.

Wm. R. Jenkins. Paper, 25 cts. net. Longfollow's Giles Corey of the Salem Farms. With

Introductory Notes and Stage Directions. 12mo, pp. 76.

Honghton, Mifflin & Co. Paper, 15 cts. net. Balzac's Cinq Scènes de la Comédie Humaine, Selected 16mo, pp. 208. D. c. Heath & Co. 40 cts. net.

MISCELLANEOUS. The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading: A Practical

Treatise on the Art Commonly Called Palmistry. By William G. Benham. Illus., 8vo, gilt top, uncut, pp. 635.

G. P. Putnam's Sons. $5. net. Cabin and Plantation Songs, as Sung by the Hampton

Students. Arranged by Thomas P. Fenner, Frederic G. Rathbun, and Miss Cleaveland. Third edition, with additions ; large 8vo, pp. 166. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $1.25.

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Study and Practice of French.

By L. C. BONAME, 258 South 16th Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

A carefully graded series for preparatory schools, combining thor. ough study of the language with practice in conversation. Part I. (60 cts.) and Part II. (90 cts.), for primary and intermediate grades, contain subject-matter adapted to the minds of young pupils. Part III. ($1.00, irregular verbs, idioms, syntax, and exercises), meets requirements for admission to college. Part IV., Hand-book of Pronuncia. lion (35 cts.), is a concise and comprehensive treatise for advanced grades, high-schools, and colleges.


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Mention The Dial.

ISSUES ACCIDENT POLICIES, Covering Accidents of Travel, Sport, or Business,


All Forms, Low Rates, and Non-Forfeitable.

The Art of Translating, by Herbert C. Tolman, Ph. D.

A book of great value for teachers
of Latin, Greek, French, or German.

Benj. H. Sanborn & Co., Publishers,


ASSETS, $30,861,030.06. LIABILITIES, $26,317,903.25.

EXCESS SECURITY, $4,543,126.81. Returned to Policy Holders since 1864, $42,643,384,92.



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JAPANESE ART NOVELTIES Imported direct from

No. 1218 Walnut Street PHILADELPHIA


Has just issued a Catalogue (No. 25) of rare books, particularly of Americana. If you want one write for it.

Japan by HENRY ARDEN, No. 38 West Twenty-Second Street, New York City. Calendars, Cards, Embroideries, Robes, Pajamas, Cushion and Table Covers, Cut Velvet Pictures, Bronzes. FITZROY D'ARCY AND JOHN M. LEAHY, C. P. A.

Public Accountants and Auditors.


- Do you desire the honest criticism of your book, or its skilled revision and correction, or advice as to publication ? Such work, said George William Curtis, is “done as it should be by The Easy Chair's friend and fellow laborer in letters, Dr. Titus M. Coan." Terms by agreement. Send for circular D, or forward your book or MS. to the New York Bureau of Revision, 70 Fifth Ave., New York.

[blocks in formation]



Send postal to

Instruction by mail in literary composition.

Courses to
Do You Revision, criticism, and salo of MSS.

Send for circular.

136 Liberty St., N. Y. FIRST EDITIONS OF MODERN AUTHORS, Including Dickens, Thackeray, Lever, Ainsworth, Stevenson, Jefferies, Hardy. Books illustrated by G. and R. Cruiksbank, Phiz, Rowlandson Leech, etc. The Largest and Choicest Collection offered for Sale in the World. Catalogues issued and sent post free on application. Books bought. — WALTER T. SPENCER, 27 New Oxford St., London, W. C., England.

We solicit correspondence with book-buyers for private and other Libraries, and desire to submit figures on proposed lists. Our recently revised topically arranged Library List (mailed gratis on application) will be found useful by those selecting titles.

THE BAKER & TAYLOR CO., Wholesale Books, 5 & 7 East 16th St., New York.


STEEL PICKET LAWN FENCE. Poultry, Field and Hog Fence, with or



Americana, Civil War, Drama, Byroniana,
Poeana, Napoleoniana, Literature, History,
Biography, etc.
Special lists on above subjects sent to actual buyers.


1,000 Addresses of Private American
Book Buyers, $8.00. Cash with order.

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AMERICAN PRESS CO., Baltimore, Md.

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(Founded by Studebaker Brothers)


Nos. 203-207 Michigan Boulevard, Chicago.
For the accommodation of Artistic, Literary, and Educational interests exclusively.

The Caxton Club, The Chicago Woman's Club, The Fortnightly Club, The Amateur Musical Club, The University
of Chicago Teachers' College and Trustees' Rooms, The Anna Morgan School of Dramatic Art, The Mrs. John
Vance Cheney School of Music, The Sherwood Music School, The Prang Educational Co., D. Appleton & Co., etc.

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When You Go South Big Four Route

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Over the QUEEN & CRESCENT Route and its connections via Cincinnati, careful attendants look to your comfort, your meals (a la carte) are not surpassed in the best hotels, your rest is unbroken on the smooth, rock ballasted roadway, you are not annoyed by change of cars, fatigue vanishes

, before some of the finest natural scenery in America.

Winter TOURIST Tickets

are sold at reduced rates. Why not write us about it? Only 24 hours Cincinnati to Florida. Direct connections at Port Tampa and Miami at Steamers Wharf for Key West, Nassau, and Havana. We quote rates gladly.

Handsome printed matter sent free to inquirers.
Gen'l Manager. Gen'l Pass'ger Agent.


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