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Página 226 - CARSON (JOSEPH), MD, Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy in the University of Pennsylvania. SYNOPSIS OF THE COURSE OF LECTURES ON MATERIA MEDICA AND PHARMACY, delivered in the University of Pennsylvania.
Página 491 - That if any person shall unlawfully apply or administer, or attempt to apply or administer to any other person, any chloroform, laudanum, or other stupifying or overpowering drug, matter or thing, with intent thereby to enable such offender, or any other person, to commit, or with intent to assist such offender or other person in committing any felony, every such offender shall be guilty of felony, and being convicted thereof, shall be liable, at the discretion of the court, to be transported for...
Página 250 - All the publications of Mr. Churchill are prepared with so much taste and neatness, that it is superfluous to speak of them in terms of commendation.
Página iv - THE ELEMENTS OF MATERIA MEDICA AND THERAPEUTICS. Third American edition, enlarged and improved by the author; including Notices of most of the Medicinal Substances in use in the civilized world, and forming an Encyclopaedia of Materia Medica.
Página 494 - Journal," a veterinary surgeon, Mr. James McGillivray, of Huntley, has offered an explanation which seems to me to be the true one. His theory is, that "when a pure animal of any breed has been pregnant to an animal of a different breed, such pregnant animal is a cross ever after, the purity of her blood being lost in consequence of her connexion with the foreign animal, herself becoming a cross forever, incapable of producing a pure calf of any breed.
Página 412 - From 1017 post mortem examinations of females of all ages, made by Dr. Boyd, (after excluding those of children and others, in which special mention is not made of the uterus,) there were found 708 where either the state or weight of the uterus was noted. In 13 of these, there was congestion or inflammation, which had no specific character, and in some the inflammation was limited to the fundus, and could not have been detected unless the uterus had been removed or cut open. In at least 3 there was...
Página 410 - I have often employed the speculum in married women after I had failed to detect the existence of disease by the ordinary mode of examination. In some of these cases, there has been seen an unusual degree of redness of the os uteri, sometimes affecting the whole, and at other times limited to the inner margin, with or without swelling. The white viscid discharge has been seen issuing from the os uteri. I have never seen ulceration of the orifice of the uterus in such a case...
Página 30 - ... and minutely described by Mr. Paget. In the hope of obtaining some guidance in the obscure physiology of the corpus callosum, he made careful enquiries into all that concerned this patient's mind. He could " not find otherwise than that this girl's mind was one of the least remarkable kind. Her only peculiarity was vivacity, and a want of caution, showing themselves in an habitual rapidity of action and want of forethought, deliberation and attention~ Certainly she could not be regarded as unusually...
Página 179 - ... appearance of a heap of nitrate of urea scales, blocking up the tube. It further resembled that substance in liquefying on the application of heat, and again concreting on cooling ; but no crystalline arrangement could be perceived, the sparkling appearance being evidently due to numerous air-bubbles entangled in the mass. Perfect redissolution took place when the tube was held for a few minutes in the flame of a spirit-lamp or plunged into hot water at 160° or 170°, the ordinary coagulating...

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