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Pre-eminence, and all the large effects
That troop with majesty: ourself, by monthly

With reservation of a hundred knights,
By you to be sustain'd, shall our abode
Make with you by due turns: only we still retain
The name, and all the additions' to a king;

The sway,

Revenue, execution of the rest,
Beloved sons, be yours; which to confirm,
This coronet part between you. [giving the crown.

Royal Lear,
Whom I have ever honor'd as my king,
Loved as my father, as my master follow'd,
As my great patron thought on in my prayers ;-
Lear. The bow is bent and drawn; make from

the shaft. Kent. Let it fall rather, though the fork invade The region of my heart: be Kent unmannerly, When Lear is mad. What wouldst thou do, old

man ? Think'st thou, that duty shall have dread to speak, When power to flattery bows ? To plainness honor 's

bound, When majesty stoops to folly. Reverse thy doom ; And, in thy best consideration, check This hideous rashness: answer my life my judg.


1 Titles.

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Lear, Gonoril, Regan, Cordelia, &c.

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