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Alb. If there be more, more woful, hold it in;
For I am almost ready to dissolve,
Hearing of this.

Edg. This would have seem'd a period
To such as love not sorrow; but another,
To amplify too much, would make much more,
And top extremity.
Whilst I was big in clamor, came there a man,
Who having seen me in my worst estate,
Shunn'd my abhorr’d society; but then, finding
Who 'twas that so endured, with his strong arms
He fasten'd on my neck, and bellow'd out
As he 'd burst heaven; threw me on my father ;
Told the most piteous tale of Lear and him,
That ever ear received; which in recounting,
His grief grew puissant, and the strings of life
Began to crack: twice then the trumpet sounded,
And there I left him tranced.

But who was this?
Edg. Kent, sir, the banish'd Kent; who in dis-

Follow'd his enemy king, and did him service
Improper for a slave.

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Enter GENTLEMAN hastily, with a bloody knife.
Gen. Help! help! O, help!

What kind of help?

Speak, man.
Edg. What means that bloody knife ?

'Tis hot, it smokes ;

It came even from the heart of-

Who, man? speak.
Gen. Your lady, sir, your lady: and her sister
By her is poison'd; she hath confess'd it.

Edm. I was contracted to them both; all three Now marry

in an instant. Alb. Produce their bodies, be they alive or dead ! This judgment of the Heavens, that makes

tremble, Touches us not with pity.

[Erit Gen.


Enter KENT.


Here comes Kent, sir.
Alb. 0! it is he.
The time will not allow the compliment,
Which very manners urges.

I am come
To bid my king and master aye ? good night:
Is he not here?

Alb. Great thing of us forgot! -
Speak, Edmund, where 's the king, and where 's

Cordelia ?
Seest thou this object, Kent?

[the bodies of Goneril and Regan are brought in. Kent. Alack, why thus ? Edm.

Yet Edmund was beloved : The one the other poison'd for my sake,

1 For ever.

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Starling, so

Barry, del

Lear with coniclu dead in his arms

do V Scene III

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