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Not all the dukes of waterish Burgundy
Shall buy this unprized precious maid of me.-
Bid them farewell, Cordelia, though unkind :
Thou losest here, a better where to find.

Lear. Thou hast her, France : let her be thine ;

for we

Have no such daughter, nor shall ever see
That face of hers again: therefore be gone,
Without our grace, our love, our benizon.-
Come, noble Burgundy.

[florish. Exeunt Lear, Burgundy, Cornwall,

Albany, Gloster, and Attendants. France. Bid farewell to your sisters.

Cor. The jewels of our father, with wash'd eyes Cordelia leaves you : I know you


you are ; And, like a sister, am most loath to call Your faults as they are named. Use well our

father :
To your professed bosoms I commit him :
But yet, alas! stood I within his grace,
I would prefer him to a better place :
So farewell to you both.

Gon. Prescribe not us our duties.

Let your study
Be, to content your lord, who hath received you
At fortune's alms. You have obedience scanted,
And well are worth the want that you have


| Blessing.

? i. e. you are well deserving of the want of dower which you are without

Cor. Time shall unfold what plaited cunning

hides :
Who cover faults, at last shame them derides.
Well may you prosper!

Come, my fair Cordelia.

[Exeunt France and Cordelia. Gon. Sister, it is not a little I have to say of what most nearly appertains to us both. I think our father will hence to-night.

Re. That's most certain, and with you; next month with us.

Gon. You see how full of changes his age is; the observation we have made of it hath not been little : he always loved our sister most; and with what poor judgment he hath now cast her off, appears too grossly.

Re. 'Tis the infirmity of his age : yet he hath ever but slenderly known himself.

Gon. The best and soundest of his time hath been but rash; then must we look to receive from his age, not alone the imperfections of long-ingrafted condition, but, therewithal, the unruly waywardness that infirm and choleric years bring with them.

Re. Such unconstant starts are we like to have from him, as this of Kent's banishment.

Gon. There is farther compliment of leave-taking between France and him. Pray you, let us hit together: if our father carry authority with such

1 Qualities of mind.

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