Nature, Volume 27

Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1883

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Página 239 - The advancement of the Fine Arts and of Practical Science will be readily recognised by you as worthy of the attention of a great and enlightened nation. I have directed that a comprehensive scheme shall be laid before you, having in view the promotion of these objects, towards which I invite your aid and co-operation.
Página 218 - Our readers possibly may smile at our ignorance ; but we care not, so that the sincerity and truth of our statement be not suspected. The Tree of the Ten Thousand Images seemed to us of great age. Its trunk, which three men could scarcely embrace with outstretched arms, is not more than eight feet high; the branches, instead of shooting up, spread out in the shape of a plume of feathers, and are extremely bushy; few of them are dead. The leaves are always green, and the wood, which is of a reddish...
Página 304 - No Candidate will be allowed any marks in respect of any subject of examination, unless he shall be considered to possess a competent knowledge of that subject.
Página 237 - It will be in the recollection of some of our readers that the object of the Association was extended at the last annual meeting, so as to include the effecting of improvements in the teaching of elementary mathematics and mathematical physics. This extension has met with great approval, and the novelty of this year's meeting will be the reading of three papers : (l) " The Teaching of Elementary Mechanics," by \VH Besant, FRS (2) "The Basis of Statics,
Página 242 - Now the master does not teach and the boy in nine cases out of ten has no opportunity of grasping the whole of the art or mystery at all. Many of you will begin to think that you are listening to the play of Hamlet...
Página 8 - As I never make the least secret of anything that I observe, I mentioned this experiment also, as well as those with the mercurius calcinatus, and the red precipitate, to all my philosophical acquaintances at Paris, and elsewhere; having no idea, at that time, to what these remarkable facts would lead.
Página 183 - Commissioners, and also for inquiring whether any and what measures could be beneficially adopted for collecting and arranging all or any of such Registers or records, and for depositing the same, or copies thereof, in the Office of the Registrar General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in England, or for otherwise preserving the same, and also for considering and advising the proper measures to be adopted for giving full force and effect as evidence in all Courts of Justice to all such Registers...
Página 287 - We have now to try and realise the idea of a perfectly continuous, subtle, incompressible substance pervading all space and penetrating between the molecules of all ordinary matter, which are imbedded in it, and connected with one another by its means. And we must regard it as the one universal medium by which all actions between bodies are carried on.
Página 13 - ... by transmitted light. All these operations must be conducted in very weak red light— such a light, for instance, as is thrown by a candle shaded by ruby glass, at a distance of twenty feet.
Página 208 - Aletia (the common cotton worm of the south) ; some believing that it hibernated in the chrysalis state, some that it survived in the moth state, while still others contended that it did not hibernate at all in the United States. I have always contended that the moth survived within the limits of the United States, and in this paper the fact of its hibernation, principally under the shelter of rank wire-grass, is established from observations and experiments made during the past winter and spring.

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