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so vivid that it may be distinguished at an immense distance. This rose also requires care in using the knife; the extreme tips of the branches may be cut off, and some of them thinned out; it will then bloom in great perfection, but care must always be taken in winter pruning to leave its shoots nearly their full length. Becquet is a pretty distinct dark crimson flower, very double and well shaped. Belle Marie is a first-rate rose, finely shaped, and a good showrose. Belle Parabere is a very remarkable variety of inconceivable luxuriance ; its flowers are very large; it will in good soils, as a standard, soon form a large umbrageous tree. Belle de Rosny is a hybrid noisette, blooming in very large clusters, of first-rate quality. Catel is one of our finest dark roses, very double and finely shaped, quite worth the notice of the amateur. Coccinea superba, or “ Vingt-neuf juillet," is a rose alike beautiful in its flowers and foliage ; in early spring its leaves and shoots are of a most vivid red, and this appearance they retain the greater part of the summer ; its flowers are brilliant in the extreme, crimson purple shaded with scarlet: the shoots of this rose must also be left at nearly their full length.

Coupe d'Amour richly deserves its name, for it is a beautiful neat rose, quite perfect in its form and colour.

Coronation is one of those purple shaded roses, inclining to slate, imbricated, and very perfect in its shape. Chatelaine is a hybrid Bourbon rose, dove-coloured, finely shaped, and very good. Coutard may be safely recommended as a most perfect and good rose, flowering with great freedom, and beautiful either as a dwarf or standard. Colonel Fabvier, also a sterling good rose, is remarkable for its delicate fragrance. The Duke of Devonshire is an imbricated rose, one of the great favourites of the day, and most deservedly so, for its rosy lilac petals are so delicately striped with white, and its shape is so perfect, that it will always be admired. Duc de Choiseul is not a new variety ; but as it is between the China and Provence rose, which is a species


of hybridisation not very common, it is interesting ; it forms a very fine standard. Duc de Choiseul ponctuée, or the spotted, is a most distinct and pretty variety : this makes long and slender shoots, and is well adapted for a standard. Daphne is a hybrid Bourbon, and one of the most beautiful of roses : it has the brilliant colour of that interesting group, and the fine foliage, but its flowers are much more double than the generality of Bourbon roses. Dr. Guepin is a most perfect shaped, globular rose, quite distinct in its character : this, with a few others, which will be noticed in their turn, have beautiful spherical-shaped flowers, singular and pleasing. Eugene Barbet is also one of these finely formed roses, with dark purplish crimson flowers of first-rate excellence. Elizabeth Fry is a hybrid noisette, blooming in large clusters, a most brilliant and pleasing rose. Fulgens, or the Malton rose, is certainly one of the most brilliant and beautiful of roses ; the entire plant is also worthy of admiration, independent of its magnificent globular scarlet flowers, as its foliage is so abundant, and so finely tinted with red ; its branches so vigorous, and yet spreading so gracefully, that it forms one of the very finest of standard roses. Fleurette offers quite a contrast in its small delicatelycoloured, and finely shaped flowers, it is a desirable and pretty variety. Fimbriata is a most curious and beautiful rose : each flower-leaf is cut something like the petals of a pink, and as it is imbricated, it looks more like a large selfcoloured carnation than a rose. General Lamarque is one of the darkest of roses, a most luxuriant grower, and very distinct : in wet weather it is apt to lose its colour, and to change to a dull brown.

Rivers's George the Fourth is still, perhaps, one of the best of this family: it was raised from seed by myself, about twenty years ago, and contributed probably more than any thing to make me an enthusiastic rose cultivator. *



* I hope to be pardoned the digression, but even now I have not forgotten the pleasure the discovery of this rose gave me. One morning in

It is now much esteemed in France, where it is comparatively a new variety. Grilony is a new and fine rose, of a purplish slate colour, and first-rate form and character. Hybride blanche is a hybrid noisette blooming in clusters, and a pretty neat white rose a little tinged with rose colour. Hypocrate is a most superb variety, one of the finest of its class, and well adapted for a show-rose. The King of Roses, or Saudeur panachée, is a rarity among hybrids, for it is finely striped, and as yet so few variegated roses are in this class : till this season (1837) never has it bloomed in perfection, or in fact scarcely at all, owing to its having been pruned too much : like some few others mentioned, its branches may be thinned, but scarcely at all shortened : this rose will form a fine pillar, and a standard of the largest size, as it grows with extraordinary luxuriance and vigour. Legouvé is a hybrid Bourbon rose, and quite first-rate in form and colour: this may be grown for a prize or showrose. Lady Stuart, like the Duke of Devonshire, is a gem of the first water, for no rose can surpass it in beauty ; the form of the flowers before expansion is perfectly spherical, and exceedingly beautiful. This rose, for some years to come, must and will be a favourite. La Grandeur is, perhaps, nearly as much to be admired, but for qualities quite opposite, as this is when quite open an imbricated rose, exceedingly regular and pleasing in its form. Las Casas is a hybrid Bourbon of the most robust habit, producing very large flowers, nearly the colour and shape of the common cabbage rose. Lusseldembourg is a fine spherical-shaped

June I was looking over the first bed of roses I had ever raised from seed, and searching for something new among them with all the ardour of youth, when my attention was attracted to a rose in the centre of the bed, not in bloom, but growing with great vigour, its shoots offering a remarkable contrast to the plants by which it was surrounded in their crimson-purple tinge; upon this plant I set my mark, and the following autumn I removed it to a pet situation. It did not bloom in perfection the season after removal, but, when established, it completely eclipsed all the dark roses known, and the plant was so vigorous that it made shoots more than ten feet in length in one season. This plant is still living, and nearly as vigorous as ever.

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rose : its flowers are of a bright rosy lilac, very beautiful and distinct. Madame de Goursac is a hybrid noisette, blooming in immense clusters, and forming a very pretty standard. Monteau and Miaulis are both good dark roses ; but they are certainly surpassed by Miralba, which has recently been named “Chevrier : ” this is not a large rose, but decidedly one of the most brilliant and beautiful dark crimson roses we possess. Moyena, a bright purplish rose, has flowers very double and finely shaped ; it will prove a good show-rose. Ne Plus Ultra, the Pallagi of two or three rose cultivators, and called also Gloire des Hybrides, is now an established favourite. Like many others of this division it is not at all adapted for a show-rose; its flowers resemble in colour the red stock, and are singularly brilliant.

Princess Augusta is an English rose, a vigorous grower, and well adapted either for a pillar rose or a standard. Petit Pierre is one of those rapid and diffuse growing roses, like Belle Parabere and the King of Roses in luxuriance and vigour of growth ; this is one of the largest and the most double of hybrids, and when grown as a standard, forms a magnificent tree. Pompone bicolor is rather a small, but well shaped rose, its centre inclining to scarlet, with outer petals of fine crimson purple, a most distinct and desirable rose. Reine de Belgique rivals Lady Stuart in the fine and perfect shape of its flowers; this rose has been sold for Reine des Belges, a hybrid Provence; but, as that is of the finest white, and this of a rosy lilac, the cheat is soon detected. Riego is between the China rose and the sweet briar, a remarkable, but most pleasing union, as it has the most delicious perfume. Rosine Dupont is a very pale flesh-coloured rose, with remarkable glossy foliage, and erect growth, very distinct and pretty. Saphirine is one of the largest globular roses known, and most astonishingly robust and vigorous in its habit : in a very few years, in a strong soil, this rose would form a tree of the largest size. Souvenir d'une Mère is a large rose, of that delicate but



bright rose-colour, always so much admired. Its flowers are not so double as some other varieties; but very large and magnificent. Triomphe de Laffay is a beautiful rose, not of a pure white, but rather what is called French white, the outer petals inclined to rose-colour. Triomphe de Guerin, a very large pale rose; much resembles Lady Stuart, differing only in having the centre of its flowers of a warm rose-coloured tint: this is a most beautiful and distinct variety. Triomphe d'Angers is perfectly unique, and no rose can be more deserving of admiration. Its perfume is much like ripe fruit, and its singularly brilliant crimson flowers are often striped with white : these two last-mentioned varieties are finer grown as standards than in any other mode, as their flowers are large and pendulous. Titus is a remarkably pretty purple rose, blooming in large clusters. Its flowers are not large, but finely shaped and very distinct. Victor Hugo, one of the finest of the lilaccoloured roses, deserves a place in every collection. It produces flowers of the very largest size, globular, and finely shaped. This is a very erect growing rose, and may be cultivated either as a standard or a dwarf. Velours Episcopal is a new and beautiful variety, perfectly globular, of a fine crimson purple, inclining to the latter colour. Wellington is now an old rose ; for some time thought to be the same as Bizarre de la Chine, but now found to be quite different in its habit and growth, though its flowers have an exact resemblance.

With but few exceptions hybrid China roses may be cultivated as standards to advantage, as their growth is luxuriant and umbrageous ; some of the most robust growing varieties forming immense heads. To keep them in a healthy state, lay round their stems, on the surface of the soil, in winter, a good proportion of manure; and mind that before the blooming season commences this is added to, as they require the surface of the soil moist when in flower; they will also continue much longer in bloom if


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