State Finances: A Vindication of the Management of the State Finances

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Página 22 - State, for which she is liable without contingency, $2.290,768 51 THE AGGREGATE RESOURCES APPLICABLE TO ITS PAYMENT are, Resources of the General fund, $396,621 95 Resources of the Internal Improvement fund, 301.998 00 Total resources, besides others of present doubtful availability, #698,619 95 Full payment for the Central railroad has been made in...
Página 25 - In reference to the charges made against the last Democratic Board of State Auditors, during the last thirty days of their existence, the undersigned would observe that the action upon the claims allowed on the old Internal Improvement contracts, have never been defended by the Democratic party, by resolution, or by the support of its press.
Página 17 - This three-fold increase on the expenditure of any year prior to 1855, is so much more noticeable, when'.We consider the greatly enhanced prices obtained for manual labor of the convicts, which had increased during the last three years from 31 to 56 cents per day. thereby making a difference in favor of the State of"about $14,000 per annum, which, by a prudent economical management, should have made it
Página 17 - says: 17 •"A comparative statement in the expenses for the slip^ pbrt of the State Prison, show an aggregate of about $26,000 for any three years during the Democratic administration, while the expenditure for 1857, charged in the...
Página 5 - Funds, lay which the principal was loaned to the State as fast as received, and used for the 'payment of current expenses or outstanding liabilities.
Página 8 - The expenditures during those seven years of the Democratic administration were annually from $371,491 4-7, the lowest; in 1848, to $449,355 40, the largest, in 1850.
Página 13 - In the Annual Report of the Board of State Auditors of 1855, the undersigned finds a claim allowed for $408 80, to KS Bingham, Whitney Jones and Silas M.
Página 23 - November 30, has been paid before the end of the fiscal year 1857, there is in the mind of the undersigned no room for doubt, and was probably kept out of the former account to make a good show at the end of the fiscal year.
Página 21 - During the first three years of the present administration, the total assessed value of property in the State And the average rate per dollar, 14 mills.
Página 12 - Upon information on the subject, I am convinced that the object of the journey was of a mere political character—that of attending the Republican Convention at Pittsburg^—than the design of acquiring information in regard to the solitary cell svstem of the State Prison there.

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