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ceipts for deposits


Sec. 14. Any married woman, being a member, or holding stock stockholdin her own name in any company formed under this Act, may cast her got own vote, and appoint her own proxy to vote for her. Whenever any stock or deposits are held by any person or executor, administrator, trustee or guardian, he shall represent such stocks or deposits, and may vote accordingly.

SEC. 15. Whenever any deposit shall be made by any minor, the Minors' redirectors of said corporation shall pay to such depositor such sums as may be due to him or her, although no guardian shall have been ap- valid. pointed by or for such minor, or the guardian of such minor shall not have authorized the drawing of the same; and the check, receipt or acquittance of such minor shall be as valid as if the same was executed by a guardian of such minor, or the said minor was of full age if such deposit was made personally by said minor. And whenever any de- Deposits, to posit shall be made in her own name by any woman being or there- whom paid. after becoming married, said directors shall pay such sums as may be due to her on her own receipt or acquittance; and any person authorized thereto, by resolution of the Board of Trustees or directors of any corporation, association or society, having funds deposited or owning stock in any corporation formed under this Act, shall be entitled to receive such deposit, or transfer such stock, and to cast the vote of such corporation, association or society.

Sec. 16. Every corporation incorporated or doing business under Annual the provisions of this Act shall cause to be published annually, once a to be pubweek for at least six successive weeks, in one public newspaper printed 1 in the county in which such corporation may be located, a true and accurate statement of all depositors who shall have deposits, dividends or interest to their credit on the books of said corporation, and concerning whom at the date of such statement the officers of the corporation shall have had no knowledge during the two years next preceding such date; such statement shall contain the name, residence and occupation, if known, of the person making the deposit, or in whose favor the divi.. dend was declared, and in all cases so published the expense of advertising shall be deducted from the sums unclaimed, in proportion to the amount of each respectively. Sec. 17. Corporations formed for the purpose designated in section Capital

Stock, etc. one of this Act, may have a capital stock, and may issue certificates to sto represent shares of such capital stock; provided, that the certificate directed by the second section of this Act to be executed and filed, shall also contain a statement of the amount of such capital stock and number of shares of which it shall consist. The rights and privileges to be accorded to such capital stock, as distinct from those to be accorded to depositors, and the obligations to be imposed upon it in the same relation, shall be fixed by the by-laws. Sec. 18. It shall not be lawful for the directors to divide, with- Unlawful to

divide or redraw, or in any way pay to the stockholders, or any of them, any part duce capital of the capital stock, nor to reduce the amount of the same.

stock. Sec. 19. Whenever it is desired to increase the amount of the How capital capital stock, a meeting of stockholders may be called by a notice be increased signed by at least a majority of the directors, and published at least sixty days in every issue of some newspaper published in the county where the principal place of business of the company is located, which notice shall specify the object of the meeting, the time and place where it is to be held, and the amount to which it is proposed to increase the capital stock, and a vote of two-thirds of all the shares of stock repre

stock may

Certificate to be filed



sented at the meeting shall be necessary to an increase of the amount of capital stock.

Sec. 20. If at any meeting so called a sufficient number of votes has been given in favor of increasing the amount of capital stock, a certificate of the proceedings, showing a compliance with these provi. sions, the amount of the capital actually paid in, and the amount to which the capital stock is to be increased, shall be made out, signed and verified by the affidavit of the Chairman and Secretary of the meeting, certified by a majority of the directors, and filed as required by the second section of this Act. When so filed, the capital stock of the

corporation shall be increased to the amount specified in the certificate. Stock deem Sec. 21. The stock of the company shall be deemed personal esed personal

tate, and shall be transferable in such manner as shall be prescribed by

the by-laws. Certificate SEC. 22. No certificate representing shares of stock shall be issued, of stock not

of nor shall such stock be considered as acquired until the whole sum of to issue un- 101 til money money which such certificate purports to represent, shall have been paid paid.

into the corporation. May pledge SEC. 23. Any stockholder may pledge his stock by a delivery of

the certificate or other evidence of his interest, but may nevertheless

represent the same at all meetings and vote as a stockholder. Corpora

SEC. 24. Any corporation formed under this Act may dissolve and tion, how disincorporate itself by presenting to the County Judge of the County

in which the principal place of business of the company is situated as named in the certificate of incorporation, a petition to that effect, setting forth the reason therefor, signed by all the directors of the corporation. Notice of application shall then be given by the clerk, which notice shall set forth the nature of the application, and shall specify the time and place at which such application shall be heard, and shall be published in every regular issue of some newspaper in the county where the application is to be heard, for at least three months, and if no newspaper is published in the county where the application is made, then such notice shall be posted up, at least thirty days previous to the time when such application is to be heard, in three public places in said county, one of which shall be the Court House of said county. At the time and place appointed, or at any other time to which it may be postponed by the Judge, he shall proceed to consider the application, and if satisfied that the members and stockholders of the corporation will be benefited thereby, and that no indebtedness of the corporation

exists, other than to depositors who have not demanded their deposits, Hearing of he shall enter an order declaring it dissolved. The hearing of such apapplication.

plication for dissolution shall not be had by the Judge until after the expiration of twenty days from and after the last publication of the notice aforesaid. After filing the petition for dissolution, no more deposits shall be received nor certificates of stock be issued by the officers of

the corporation. Upon disso. Sec. 25. Upon the dissolution of any corporation formed under lution: Din this Act, the directors, at the time of the dissolution, shall be trustees Trustees. for the members and others interested in the corporation dissolved, and Powers, etc. shall have full power and authority to sue for and recover the debts due

to, and property of the corporation, settle all of its affairs, and divide among

the members and stockholders in such proportion as the by-laws shall Unclaimed direct. The money and other property that shall remain after the pay. deposits to be paid into ment of all the expenses, and all unclaimed deposits and the interest

accruing thereon, and unclaimed shares and money due thereon, not

rectors to be

State Treasury.


called for within thirty days after the collection of all solvent indebtedness, shall be paid by the said trustees into the State Treasury, accompanied by a statement setting forth the time that such deposits were made, or such share acquired by the person holding the same at the time of such dissolution, and the name and residence, if known, of the person making or holding the same, the amount of such deposit or shares, and also of the dividends not called for, and the name of the person or persons to whom the deposit, or stock, or the dividends belong, if known. All amounts of unclaimed dividends and deposits paid into the State Treasury as aforesaid, shall be received, invested and How acaccounted for, and paid out in the same manner, and by the same counted for. officer, as is provided by law concerning escheated estates. Upon such payment by the said trustees, the State Treasurer shall give to them a Receipt. receipt for the amount so paid in, which shall fully discharge them from all liability to such depositors or stockholders. Sec. 26. The misnomer of any such corporation in any instrument, Misnomer

not to imshall not vitiate or impair the same, if it be sufficiently described to as- pair instrucertain the intention of the parties.

Sec. 27. All corporations for the accumulation, preservation and Corporainvestment of funds and savings, all savings and loan societies, and all avail themassociations or societies for the like purpose, claiming in good faith to selves of this

Act. be incorporated under the laws of this State, may acail themselves of the provisions of, and become incorporated under this Act, by filing with the County Clerk of the county in which their principal place of business is located, and a certified copy thereof in the office of the Secretary of State, a certificate stating their intention and election to become so incorporated, which intention and election may be made and declared by the trustees or acting trustees of such corporation, association or society, or a majority thereof. The certificate stating such in- Certificate. tention and election shall be signed by the President and Secretary of such corporation, association or society, and shall be acknowledged before some officer competent to take the acknowledgment of deeds. Such certificate shall in other respects conform to the requirements of this Act. SEC. 28. All Acts and parts of Acts in conflict with the provisions Acts declar

ed inoperaof this Act, are hereby declared to be inoperative so far as they affect tive. this Act.

Sec. 29. This Act shall take effect from and after its passage.

CHAP. XCIV.-An Act to create the County of Elko, and to pro

vide for the organization thereof.

[Approved March 5; 1869.]

The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assembly,

do enact as follows :



Section 1. All that portion of the present County of Lander lying Elko county within the following boundaries, to wit: East of a line drawn north and south through a point on the Central Pacific Railroad track, three miles west of the machine shop of the Central Pacific Railroad Com



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Governor to


pany, situated in the town of Carlin, and north of a line drawn east and west through the most northerly part or portion of the military post or camp known as Camp Ruby, (being the northerly line of the proposed

County of White Pine) is hereby created a new county, to be known County seat. as the County of Elko. The county seat of said county is hereby loProviso. cated at Elko; provided, the proprietors of said town, or other persons,

shall within one month from the date of the passage of this Act, convey by proper deed to said County of Elko, free and clear of all incumbrances, a plat of ground suitably located, and of sufficient dimensions for a Court House and Jail, and other necessary county buildings; the same to remain the property of the county so long as used for county purposes. If no such conveyance be made to the approval and accept

ance of a majority of the Board of County Commissioners, then the When county seat of said county shall be selected by the Board of County County

Commissioners first elected under the provisions of this Act. If the sioners to

conveyance aforesaid be accepted, entry of such fact shall be noted in county seat. the minutes of proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners, apDeed filed pointed herein, and the deed shall be filed and recorded in the proper record- County Recorder's office; and thereafter vest the title of the land con

veyed in the county as in this section provided.

Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the Governor, prior to the first day appoint Commis

- of April, A.D. 1869, to appoint three qualified electors, residents of the sioners. County of Elko, to serve as a Board of County Commissioners, with

full power and authority to do and perform the acts following, to wit: Said Commissioners, after having taken the official oath, shall, within ten days from the first day of April, A.D. 1869, meet at some suitable or convenient place in the town of Elko, and organize as a Board of County Commissioners, by electing one of their number as chairman,

and appointing a clerk, who shall not be one of their own number. When Lieu- Should the Governor fail to make the appointment as herein directed, Governor the same shall be made by the Lieutenant-Governor. They shall conmory abom. tinue in office until after the election of county officers as herein promissioners. vided, and until their successors shall have been elected and qualified.

Sec. 3. The Board, after having organized, shall appoint a suitable and convenient number of registry agents within said county, who shall have full power and authority, and it shall be their duty, previous to

the twentieth day of May, 1869, to register all the legal voters properRegistry ly entitled to be registered within their districts or precincts, offering to Agents, etc.

do so. Such registration shall be conducted in all respects under the provisions of the registry laws of this State. Each of said registry agents shall, prior to the first day of June, 1869, certify to said Board of County Commissioners the number of voters by each registered ; also

the registry lists from which the certificate is made, or a copy thereof. Organiza

· Sec. 4. If it shall appear from the certificates of the registry agents, election. supported by an examination of the registry lists, (or a copy thereof)

that more than one thousand voters have been registered within the county, such fact shall be properly noted, or entered on the minutes of the proceedings of said Board, and the Board shall make an order for

the organization of the county, by an election of county and township Proviso. officers ; provided, township officers elected by the people for any

township included within the metes and bounds of said county, prior to the passage of this Act, shall be deemed and held to be township officers of the county created by this Act, and may continue to hold their offices and serve as such until the expiration of the term for which they were elected. If it appear that the number of registered voters is less



Board to appoint

tion and

than one thousand, the election for county officers shall be held on the day of the general election, in the year A.D. 1870, and the county and township officers shall enter upon the discharge of the duties of their respective offices, as now provided by law in the other counties of this State; provided, the special election herein provided for, if held, shall be so held under the registration herein provided for. A new regis. New registration shall be made for the election in the year 1870, and shall be made under the authority of the Board of County Commissioners hereinbefore provided. SEC. 5. The election provided for in this Act shall be held on the Election,

when held, third Monday of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, and the same etc shall be provided for by said Board of County Commissioners, as to giving notice thereof, appointment of precincts, judges of election, issuing certificates of election, etc., as other general elections held under the laws of this State; and at such election there shall be elected all the county officers provided for and elected in other counties in this State, and such township officers as may be made necessary by any subdivision of the county into townships by said Board of County Commissioners ; provided, a District Judge shall be elected for said Proviso. county, which shall constitute a Judicial District as hereinafter provided, in case a vacancy shall have previously occurred in the office of Judge of the Sixth District Court. If no vacancy occur, such Judge shall be elected at the next general election. The officers elected When

fficers to under the provisions of this section shall qualify and enter upon the at discharge of the duties of their respective offices, on the first Monday enter on

duties of of July, A.D. eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, except as to the County Office. Commissioners, who shall qualify and enter upon the duties of their office within three days of the time of receiving their certificates of election. At the first session, which may be held immediately after their Bond. qualification, they shall fix the amount in which each county and township officer shall be required to give bonds. Sec. 6. The County of Elko, until organized, or as otherwise Attached to

Lander for provided in this Act, shall remain attached to the County of Lander ,

judicial purfor all judicial, revenue, county and legislative purposes. The County poses. of Elko shall be entitled to a representation in the Legislature of Representathe State, as follows: One Senator and two Assemblymen ; provided, ti if there be registered at the special election provided for in this Act, Proviso. or if it appear on the fifteenth day of October, eighteen hundred and seventy, from the registry lists that there are two thousand registered voters in said county, the apportionment shall be two Senators and four Assemblymen. The affidavit of a majority of the Board of County Commissioners, certifying that there appear upon the registry list or lists of said county the names of two thousand voters, shall be considered evidence of that fact, and such affidavit shall be filed with the Secretary of State.

Sec. 7. The County of Elko shall constitute the (11) Eleventh to consti. Judicial District of the State of Nevada; but this provision shall to

tute elev

an enth Judionly take effect upon the occurrence of a vacancy in the office of cial District Judge of the Sixth Judicial District, or at the expiration of the term of the present incumbent of such office, except as otherwise herein provided. If at any time prior to the time herein fixed for holding a When elecspecial election for county officers in the County of Elko, a vacancy tion to be shall have occurred in said office of Judge of said Sixth Judicial Dis- Judge. trict, an election shall be held, also as herein provided, for District Judge for said Eleventh Judicial District, and a qualified elector,

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