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An Act to create a Board of Commissioners to examine and report upon the

amount of just claims existing for property destroyed, and for losses sustained

by Indian depredations in Humboldt County, in this State, in the years 1867

and 1868-approved January 30, 1869...

An Act to transfer certain moneys in the Indigent Sick Fund of Esmeralda County

to the Redemption and Treasurer's Salary Fund of said county-approved

January 30, 1869.....

An Act to amend an Act entitled “An Act to provide for the publication of the

decisions of the Supreme Court of the State of Nevada”-approved January

30, 1869....

An Act to repeal an Act entitled " An Act to encourage the construction of a tele-

graph line to Unionville and Star City," approved February 9, 1864-ap-

proved February 1, 1869..

An Act to authorize the Commissioners of Storey County to issue to the Virginia

and Truckee Railroad Company bonds to the amount of three hundred thou-

sand dollars, and to provide for the payment of the same-approved February

1, 1869...

An Act to establish the financial transactions of the State upon a coin basis-ap-

proved February 2, 1869....

An Act for the purpose of placing the finances of Lyon County upon a permanent

cash basis, and to provide for the payment of the outstanding indebtedness of

said county-approved February 4, 1869..

An Act to create legislative funds-passed February 5, 1869.

An Act to amend Section 66 of an Act entitled “An Act concerning conveyances,”

approved November 5, 1861—approved February 10, 1869..

An Act to authorize the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to draw the

percentage allowed by the United States to this State, on the sale of public

lands sold in the State of Nevada--approved February 10, 1869...









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