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N sending forth the successive volumes of the work now brought to a close, we have, at various times, briefly

expressed our thanks to those who, in different ways, have generously helped us. We wish, in these our last words, to offer a cordial expression of thanks to our fellow-workers at the University Press who, for some years past, have co-operated with us in our endeavour to avoid error-so far as it can be avoided in an undertaking like ours—to the compositors and readers, as well as to those charged with the general management of the various printing departments, of whom the Chief has recently been taken from us.

Their help has been ungrudging and of great value, and we should like to place our sense of it on record.

A. W. W.
A. R. W.

April, 1916.





By W. R. SORLEY, Litt.D., F.B.A., Fellow of King's College,

Knightbridge Professor of Moral Philosophy


The economics of Ricardo. James Mill. Analysis of the Phenomena of the

Human Mind. Thomas Brown. Sir William Hamilton. Mansel.
John Stuart Mill. System of Logic. Utilitarianism. On Liberty.
Political Economy. Jevons. George Grote. Alexander Bain. George
Croom Robertson. The influence of Comte. Rational and Religious
Philosophers. John Grote. Frederick Denison Maurice. Newman's
Grammar of Assent. William George Ward. Martineau. Herbert
Spencer and the Philosophy of Evolution. Darwin. George Henry
Lewes. Huxley. William Kingdon Clifford. Leslie Stephen. Maine's
Ancient Law. "Bagehot. Henry Sidgwick. The Methods of Ethics.
Shadworth Hodgson. Idealists. Ferrier's Institutes of Metaphysic.
Stirling's Secret of Hegel. Thomas Hill Green. Prolegomena to Ethics.
William Wallace. John Caird. Edward Caird. Francis Herbert
Bradley. Alexander Campbell Fraser. Robert Adamson · · ·



by Sir A. W. WARD, Litt.D., F.B.A., Master of Peterhouse


naron Turner. Lingard. Henry Hallam. Sir James Mackintosh. Macau-
lay: Lays of Ancient Rome. Essays. History of England. Sir Archi-
ald Alison. Sir Francis Palgrave. John Mitchell Kemble. Freeman.
mne History of the Norman Conquest. Stubbs. The Constitutional
History of England. John Richard Green. A Short History of the Eng-
fish People. Sir Henry Maine. J. E. Thorold Rogers. Frederic See-
bohm. Frederic William Maitland. Mary Bateson. J. S. Brewer.
James Gairdner. Froude. History of England. Samuel Rawson
Gardiner. Coxe. Earl Stanhope. Goldwin Smith. Sir J. R. Seeley.

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By J. S. R. PHILLIPS, Editor of The Yorkshire Post, Leeds

| Eighteenth Century Newspapers. Literary and Art Criticism. The Drama.

Politics. The War Correspondent. Progress of journalism in the Vic-
torian era. Jerdan. The Times. The Walters. Delane. The Stuarts
and The Morning Post. James Perry and The Morning Chronicle. The
Standard. The Morning Advertiser. The Daily News. The Daily Teleo
graph. The Halfpenny morning press. The Penny evening papers.
Weekly illustrated papers. The Hour. The Press. The Examiner. The
Spectator. The Saturday Review. The Scots Observer. The Guardian,

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