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Uniform with this volume in size and price.

THE BOY SLAVE IN BOKHARA. A Tale of Central Asia. By David Ker,

, Author of "On the Road to Khiva," &c. Crown 8vo. With Four Illustrations. Price 5s.

SLAvOi{IC FAIRY TALES. From Russian, Servian, Polish, and Bohemian sources. Translated by John T. Naake, of the British" Museum. Crown 8vo. With Four Illustrations. Price 5s.

Bohemian stories, as well as with eight Russian and thirteen Servian, in Mr. Naak^'s modest but serviceable collection of Slavonic Fairy Tales. Its contents are, as a general rule, well chosen, and they are translated with a fidelity which

deserves cordial praise Before taking leave

of his prettily got up volume, we ought to mention that its contents fully come up to the promise held out in its preface."—Academy.


Crown 8vo. With Six Illustrations. Price 5s.

"A most choice and charming selection

The tales have an original national ring in them,
and will be pleasant reading to thousands besides
children. Yet children will eagerly open the
pages, and not willingly close them, of the pretty
volume."—Sta nda rd.

"English readers now have an opportunity of
becoming acquainted with eleven Polish and eight

"Consisting almost entirely of startling stories

of military adventure Boys will find them

sufficiently exciting reading."—Times.'

"These yarns give some very spirited and interesting descriptions of soldiering in various parts of the world."'—Spectator.

"Mr. Mac Kenna's former work. 'Plucky Fellows' is already a general favourite, and those who read the stones of the Old Dragoon will find that he has still plenty of materials at hand for pleasant tales, and has lost none of his power in telling them welt."—Standard.

FANTASTIC STORIES. Translated from the German of Richard Leander, by Paulina B. Granville. Crown 8vo. With Eight full-page Illustrations, by M. E. Fraser-Tytler. Price 5s.

"Short quaint and as they are fitly called l ."Fantastic' is certainly the right epithet to fantastic, they deal with all manner of subjects." apply tosoineof thest. stran*, t^r-I-LmiJr.


STORIES IN PRECIOUS STONES. . By Helen Zimmem. Third Edition. With Six Illustrations. Crown 8vo. Price jjs.

"Aseries of pretty tales which are half fantastic, half natural, and pleasantly quaint, as befits stories intended for the young."--Daily Telegraph.

"A pretty little book which fanciful young per

sons will appreciate, and which will remind ils readers of many a legend, and many an imaginary virtue attached to the gems they are so fond of wearing."—Post.

THE" GREAT DUTCH ADMIRALS. By Jacob de Liefde. Crown 8vo. With Eleven Illustrations by Townley Green and others. Price 5s.

"» Maybe\recommended as a wholesome present i ..A read book."- Standard,

for boys. I hoy will find m it numerous tales of , ,, „ , „ ^

adventure."—Athenaum. \ A really excellent book. —Spectator.

THE TASMANIAN LILY. , By James Bonwick. Crown 8vo. With Frontispiece.
Price 5s.
"An interesting and useful work."—Hour. | ceiveel, and are full of those touches which give

"The characiers of the story are capitally con- I them .1 natural appearance."—Public Opinion.


By James Bonwick. Crown 8vo. With a Frontispiece. Price 5s.

"He illustrates the career «f the' bushranger J bush are, to say the least, exquisite, and his half a century ago; and this he does in a highly representations of character are very marked."— creditable manner; his delineations of life in the I Edinburgh Couranl.

Henry S. King & Co., London.

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