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Sect. XII. The wise men's offering. The flight inte

Egypt. - - - - page 31

Sect. XIII. The massacre of the innocents. The re

turn of Christ to Nazareth. - - -

Sect. XIV. Jesus goes to Jerusalem at twelve years of age, and is examined by the doctors of the law.

Sect. XV. The preaching of John the Baptist in the wilderness. He declares himself to be the forerunner of the Messiah. - - -

Sect. XVI. A passage of the prophecy of Isaiah relating
to the Messiah. - - - -
Sect. XVII. The baptism of Christ. The Holy Spirit
visibly descends upon him. - - -
Sect. XVIII. Christ tempted in the wilderness by the
Devil. - - - - - -
Sect. XIX. The testimony of John concerning Christ.
Sect. XX. Two disciples of John the Baptist, and Na.

thanael, attend Christ. - - Sect. XXI. Christ turns the water into wine, his first miracle. - - - Sect. XXII. Christ's discourse with Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. - - - 'Sect. XXIII. The last testimony of John the Baptist. He is imprisoned by Herod. - -

Sect. XXIV. Christ discourses with a woman of Samaria. Sect. XXV. Christ returns into Galilee. - Sect. XXVI. Christ cures a nobleman's son at Capernaum. - - - - Sect. XXVII. Passages of the prophecies of Daniel relating to the kingdom of heaven. - Sect. xxvii.I. Christ begins to preach the Gospel, and calls Peter, Andrew, James and John. - Sect. XXIX. Passages from the prophecies of Isaiah, foretelling the coming of Jehovah to bring salvation. Sect, XXX. Christ casts out a devil, and cures Peter's wife's mother of a fever. - -

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Sect. XXXI. Christ cures a man of the palsy. page ros

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Messiah. - - -

sect. XLVII. Christ goes to Nazareth. Is despised by

the Nazarenes. - to- - >



courses of his union with the Father. - -
Sect. LVII. Christ discourses with the Scribes and Pha-
risees concerning traditions. - - -

Sect. LVIII. Christ cures the daughter of a Canaanitish
woman. Gives hearing to a deaf man; and per-
forms many other miracles. - - -
Sect. LIX. Christ feeds four thousand with seven loaves
and a few fishes. He discourses concerning a sign
from heaven, and the leaven of the Pharisees. --

Sect. LX. A blind man cured. Peter professes his

faith. Christ foretells Peter's preaching the Gospel

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with firmness. - - - -

Sect. I. XI. Christ begins to foretell his sufferings; and

discourses of the value of the soul. s -




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