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ON EAGLE'S WING. Current Notes, p. 76.-Your MR. LAYARD. in his Discoveries in Nineveh and l correspondent J. M. asks the origin of “the linnet Babylon, 1853, 8vo. p. 600, has printed, in cuneiform

perched on eagle's wing, etc." We know something characters, an inscription on a duck with its head turned

analogous to this among the fishes; namely, that not upon its back, in greenstone, found during the second

only does the remora attach itself to the body of the excavations at Nimroud; but similar to that, in white

shark, but also the beautiful little pilot-fish may be marble, engraved in plate 95 A., in the first series of the

seen constantly swimming only a very short space immonuments of Nineveh. Mr. Layard estimated these mediately before its voracious jaws: “me ipso teste." two objects, from the short inscriptions upon them, as of

em as of And among the beasts of prey, every one is familiar considerable interest. Of the latter, on greenstone, our

with the history of the jackal and his lion patron. learned correspondent observes

These analogies may, I hope, be in some degree satisThe inscription is undoubtedly “of considerable inteable inte factory.


| P.S.-Whilst the foregoing was on its way to you, rest;” as it appears to point out the site of the scrip-| ture Ara, of which Kitto, in his Biblical Cyclopædia,

it further occurred to me to remind J. M., it is no says, “ It is most probable, however, that Ava was a

unusual thing for birds to carry birds; viz. that type of Syrian or Mesopotamian town, of which no trace can filial piety, the stork, and her maternal care and tuinow be found, either in the ancient writers or in the

tion. The eagle, who bears its eaglets on her wings, Oriental topographers.”

“ teaching their young ideas" how to fly. The powers of the cuneiform characters are, in Eng

And why, I would now ask in return, should it be lish, as follows

thought a strange thing that this the monarch of birds, kkk, hki, hki, anm, ava,

with no voice for song himself, why should he not atha, khān, wn, wi, at, awki, awki,

delight in this little warbler pouring its sweet notes into atha, n, kk, kk, atn, kak, kak.

his listening ear, and encourage its familiarity, and

bear it up to where its own unaided powers could not The writing is in the Arabic language, and the literal

sustain or protect it, there to cheer and to solace his translation as follows:

royal mate in her craggy nest; and the eagle himself The little palace (is) a falling into utter decay of the

encouraged, with wing vibrating with pleasure, to soar men of Ava.

still higher, and to “sing” still nearer “to heaven's The stones of the khan of Wan, alas! being a grievous gate" the praises of their and our glorious Creator, as trouble.

it is written, “ Praise ye the Lord in the heights; praise (In) the valleys no men (in) the pleasant habitations. | Him, all ye feathered fowl: let everything that hath N.B. In the first line, hki repeated denotes utter ruin. / breath praise the Lord"

breath praise the Lord"?

These por

These reflections have afIn the second line, awki repeated denotes the forded me so much sincere gratification, I can but thank greatest grief.

your correspondent for having elicited them. H. M. In the third line, kak repeated denotes the houses of both rich and poor.

SIR WILLIAM BETHAM, no inconsiderable name in T. R. Brown.

our literature—who held the office of Ulster King of Southwick Vicarage, near Oundle, Oct. 11.

Arms, Keeper of the Records in Dublin Castle, and

Genealogist to the Order of St. Patrick, expired sudEGYPTIAN EXCAVATIONS.- Monsieur Mariette, a denly on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 26th, at his gentleman who is making antiquarian researches for residence, near Blackrock. He had, on the previous the French Government, and who lately made some evening, been out driving in his usual robust health, very interesting discoveries of tombs and underground and the event was wholly unexpected. temples in the vicinity of the Pyramids of Sakkara, is now actively employed in excavating on the north side

CARTHAGENA.--The Times of this day, denies that of the Great Sphinx, near the Pyramids of Ghizeh, evi- | Carthagena was taken by Admiral Vernon, or that it dently with the object of finding an entrance to a temple was taken at all, notwithstanding numerous medals or tomb.

were struck to perpetuate the event of its capture by Alexandria, Oct. 19.

six ships. What is the historical fact; was it so,

or not? St. BARNABAS' Day. Current Notes, p. 83.- Your Did Napoleon, as Consul, dissolve the Council of Five correspondent Y. S. N., who inquires for the authority | Hundred; or was that a fiction, to confer on him a for the rhyme,

similar celebrity to Cromwell, who dissolved more nobly “ Barnaby Bright,

the Long Parliament? The longest day and the shortest night,” | Did Napoleon cross the Alps, with the French army, may be referred to Ray's Proverbs, edit. 1768, 8vo, as depicted in paintings and engravings, in every grade p. 39. He will find some account of this festival in the of pictorial art; or did he follow on the following day? Festa Anglo-Romana, p. 72.

| What are the facts ? Leicester.

W.K- Y. I Nov. 1.



CRYSTAL PALACE. -Has it occurred to the observa FITZWILLIAM MUSEUM ANNUAL REPORT. tion of those intrusted with the erection of that stupen

The building is in good order, continuing firm and dous building, that placed on the summit of a hill, com

stable, without settlement of any kind. posed of clay and sand, a slip, productive of most awful The sculptures, antiquities, and books are in good conresults, is more than probable ?

dition. The same may be reported of the pictures, with two or three exceptions.

The state of the engravings is in some respects not so UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT.


Since the last report, the collection has been enriched by A VERY important question has arisen, and is yet to be a set of casts from the Halicarnassus marbles, presented by decided, at our ports of entry in the United States, that Lord Stratford de Redcliffe. deeply concerns everybody interested in the international Twelve elaborate copies of Mosaic pictures still extant in copyright question. Last year, Mr. Norton, a young and the Basilicas of Rome, and of dates ranging between A.D. enterprising New York bookseller, and a well known friend 492 and A.D. 1292, have also been received from Mr. C. R. of international copyright justice, made arrangements for Cockerell, R.A.... receiving from the publishers of all the leading weekly, A facsimile of the fragments of the Hieratic Papyrus at monthly, and quarterly British journals and reviews, im- | Turin, transmitted, at the request of the Duke of Northumpressions of the editions of all their issues, to be dispatched

rJ. Gardner Wilkinson. early by steamers, and distributed in the United States A collection of Egyptian antiquities, procured by Mr. A. B. before they could be reprinted by the “pirates” here, and Cheales, M.A., of Christ's College, during his travelling at rates too low to make piracy any longer profitable. / bachelorship. When his invoices were offered in the Boston Custom-house, Mr. Pitt's watch, presented by the Right Hon. R. A. and duly sworn to, they passed without difficulty. Thé | Christopher, M.P. next parcel arriving in New York was stopped at this A manuscript in the Tamul language, presented by the Custom-house, under the pretext that the entry was a Rev. T. Brotherton, M.A., of Corpus Cbristi College. false one, since the publications were invoiced considera- The Syndicate regret to state that the two pictures lent bly below the publisher's prices in Great Britain. It was to the Museum by the late Mr. H. Vint, of Colchester, have argued that a fair interpretation of the ad valorem clause of been removed by order of his executors. our tariff of '46 would reckon the duties on the bona fide The north-west room on the ground floor has, during the cost of the article where it was bought. Mr. Norton proved past year, been prepared for the reception of the Univerhis invoices to be true. He even hurried off to England, sity Studies' Syndicate ; the expense of laying down the and has brought duly authenticated aftidavits to the fuct. permanent subfloor being alone charged to the Fitzwilliam Our revenue officers compelled him to pay not only the Fund. regular duties levied upon imported books, but 10 per cent! The number of persons who have visited the Museum more in consequence of a villainous clause in our tariff, during the year ending April 30, 1853, amounts to 36,356; whereby the importer of English publications which are and it is gratifying to add that no instances of damage, stolen and reprinted in this country is obliged to pay 10 loss, or misbehaviour, have occurred during that period. per cent more than the regular duty. It amounts to this,

Cambridge, Oct. 28. then, that the Congress of the United States offer a reward of 10 per cent in the shape of a bounty to every literary Chained Books. Current Notes, p. 82.– The books pirate in this country. It is shocking to see robbery le. in the Town-hall Library of this borough were chained galized in this way. Certain parties in this country steal, to the shelves, until about a quarter of a century ago. and reprint, in cheap and shabby form, the leading British Leicester.

WK-I. reviews. Thousands of men and libraries wanted the English editions; and the English publishers preferred to King JAMES VII.-Can any of your correspondents fill large orders at the smallest possible profit rather than indicate his direct descendants, with the sources of addihave this pirate game played upon them in broad daylight. tional information

tional information?

Three of the royal families of

Three of the royal families of Mr. Norton is now fighting out the battle, and probably an

robably an | Europe claim an equal descent from the abdicated moappeal will be made to Congress this winter, which, I trust, after fair and full discussion, will result in the enactment of

narch, whilst it is understood other royal offshoots exist. an international copyright law.

Strathmeglo, Fife.

David GALLOWAY. New York, Oct. 22.

STATUTES.- Who was the author of “ Institutions

| and Statutes of England," of which an edition, “newly SHAKESPEARE's Merchant of Venice. The follow- and verie truly corrected and amended," was printed by ing allusion, “ If with the Jew of Malta, itfstead of coyne, Thomas Wight, 1601, duod.? WILLIAM HARRISON. thou requirest a pound of flesh next to thy debtor's heart, wilt thou cut him in pieces?" is found in Essayes

TO CORRESPONDENTS. and Characters of a Prison and Prisoners, by Get 11. W, communications in reference to Vax Os, await fray Minshull, of Grayes Inne, Gent., 1618.

him; will he forward his address ? John Milton, the poet, married Elizabeth Minshull, Páddy from Cork, thanked ; Renaudot's Gazette, 1631, the grand daughter of Geoffrey Minshull. He was a French news-courant, published in quarto, doubtless received as her husband, at Stoke Hall, in 1662.

derived its name from the celebrity of the Venetian Gazetta.

G. Willis begs to inform his Customers that he takes off a Discount of TWOPENCE in the shiLLING

from all new Works, as suon as published.

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Aew Works

PUBLISHED IN GREAT BRITAIN, IRELAND, AND AMERICA. ACTS.-Tbe Public General Acts of the Session of Parliament Bell's (Major J.) First Sight Phenomena of Historic Time and of 16 and 17 Victoria, 1853, 810. 4s 6d

the Ocular Mechanism of Historic Memory. post 8vo. 7s 6d AINSWORTH'S (W. R.) Windsor Castle. Illustrated edition, post - Tabular Teacher of tbe Tbeory and Thriit of Historic 8vo. 55

Memory, post 8vo, 4s 6d ALMANACH de Gotba for 1854, 32mo, in a case, 5s

BENNETT'S (G. J.) Tourist's Guide tbrough North Wales, with Amos's (A.) Gems of Larin' Poetry, with Translations by Etchings by A. Clint, 12mo. (Liverpool), is 60 various Autbors, Notes and Illustrations, 8vo. 12s

BICKERSTETH's (J.) Memorials of a Beloved Mother; a Sketch ANCKER'S ( E. F.) Englisb-Danish Dialogues and Progressive of the Life of Mrs. Cooper, with Preface by tbe Rev. J. Exercises, 12mo. 58

Bickersceth, 12mo. 45 - Key tú ditto, 12mo. 5s

BLACKWELL's (Anna) Poems, fcap. 8vo. 6s . APULKIUS's Works, comprising Metamorphoses, or Golden Ass; BRAMELD's (G. W.) Practical Sermons, 2d ed. post 8vo. 7s 60

the God of Socrates; the Florida ; and bis Defence, or a Bray's ( Mrs ) Peep at the Pixies; or, Legends of the West, Discourse on Magic, New Translation ; with a Metrical Illustrated by Pbiz, small 4to. 3s 6d; coloured, 4s 6d Version of Cupid and Psyche, and Mrs. Tighe's Psyche, Bunn's (A.) Old England and New England, 2 vols. post post 8vo. 53 (Bobn's Classical Library.)

| 8vo. 21s ARNOLD's (T. K.) Henry's English Grammar, 12mo. 3s 6d 1 Burnunt's (Prof.) Encyclopædia of Useful and Ornamental

- Tacitus, Part 2 (Books il- 16 of tbe Annales); with Plants used in the Arts, in iedicine, and for Ornament, English Notes, translated froin the German of Dr. Nipper. Publisbing in Parts, each containing 4 beautifully coloured dey by H. Browne, 12mo, 5s

Plates, with copious Descriptious and Directions, No. 15, - The Second Hebrew Book : containing the Book of 4to. 2s

Genesis: together with a Hebrew Syntax, and a Vocabulary BUTLER'S (Mrs. C. H.) Ice King and the Sweet South Wind, and Grammatical Commentary, 12mo. 9s

small 4to. illustrations, plain, 3s 6d; coloured, 6s Avillion, and other Tales, by the Author of " Olive," “ Head BUTLER (J.) Some Remains (bitherto unpublished) of J. Butof the Family," &c. 3 vols, post 8vo. 31s 6d

ler, sometime Lord Bishop of Durbam, 8vo. Is 6d BAGSTER'S Analytical and Chaldee Lexicon, consisting of an CARLEN'S (E.) Twelve Montbs of Matrimony, 12mo. Is

Alpbabetical List of every Word, by B. Davidson, 2d ed. — The Hermit, 4 vols. 42s 4to. 42s

CARLETON'S (W.) Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry, BALDWIN'S (A. C.) The Traveller's Vade-mecum ; or, instan- wiib illustrations by Phiz, 2nd Series. 12mo. Is 60

taneous Letter-Writer, by Mail or Telegraph, 18mo. 45 Cassell's French Dictionary, Part 1 - French and English, BARNES'S (A.) Notes, Critical, Explanatory, and Practical, on 8vo. 59 Daniel, 2 vols. post 8vo. 78

- Latin Reader, adapted to Andrews and Stoddart's Latin BARTLETT's (W. H.C.) Elements of Analytical Mechanics, rog. Grammars, 12mo. Is 6d. (Cassell's Classical Lib. Vol. 1.) 8vo. 168

CHALMERIANA ; or Colloquies with Dr. Chalmers, by Joseph BARWELL'S (R.) Asiatic Cbolera ; its Symptoms, Pathology, 1 John Gurney, post 8vo. 2s 6d-(Parlour Book ('ase.) and Treatment, post 8vo. 4s 6d

CHAMBERS's Pocket Mi iscellany, Vol. 23, 18mo. 6d Beli's (T.) History of the British Stalk-eyed Crustacea, 8vo. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH's Tales and Illustrations, chiefly in, 17A and one wine 06. -- .. 50.

anded for Vanne Desenn. fra.. D..hlin 2.6


ce 58

CHAUCER'S (G.) Canterbury Tales. A New Text with Illus- | FACSIMILE of the Bull of Pope Innocent III. receiving the

trative Notes, by T. Wright, roy. 8vo. 2s. (Universal Lib.)| Kingdoms of England and Ireland under bis protection, and CHESHIRE'S (E.) Results of the Census of Great Britain in 1851; granting them in fee to King John and bis Successors : dated

with a Description of the Machinery and Processes employed April 21, 1214,78 6d. to obtain the Returns, Is

FinlaisON'S (A.G.) New Government Succession Duty Tables; CHISNEY'S (E.) New Instructions for the Concertina, royal for the use of Successors to Property, post 8vo. 5s 8vo. 38

Finlay's (D. L.) Observations on the Remittent (so called) CHRISTIAN LADY (The), and ber Course of Life from Child- and Yellow Fevers of the West Iodies, 8vo. Is 6d

hood to Old Age, by F. M. S. 2nd ed. fcap. 8vo. 3s 6d | Flago's (E.) Venice, the City of the Sea, 2 vols. post 860. CICERONIS Oratio pro Milone : with a Translation of Asco

illustrations, 165

| Flowers in their Season, imperial 8vo. 21s nius's Introduction, Marginal Analysis and English Notes,

Fox (H. W.)- A Memoir of the Rev. H. W. Fox, B.A. Misby Rev. J. S. Purton, 8vo. 3s 6d

sionary of the Teloogoo People, South India, 4th ed. fcap. 5s Clacy's (C.) A Lady's Visit to the Gold Diggings of Australia in 1852 and 1853. Written on the Spoi, post 8vo. 10s 60

d | FRY (Mrs. E.), Memoirs of, by the Rev. T. Timpson, 2nd ed.

| 12mo. 35 CLERICAL PAPERS on Church and Parish Matters, No. 11: Gimcee (J.8.) On the Advantages of the Starcbed Appa

Ornaments of the Church, &c. ; with the Laws and Usage. ratus in the Treatment of Fractures and Diseases of Joints, Part 2. Ed. by the Rev. W. H. Pinnock, 12mo. (Cam • 8vo. 5s 60 bridge), Is

GARDEN BEAUTIES, imperial 8vo. 31s 61 COCKTON'S (H.) Sylvester Sound the Somnambulist, 3rd ed. GATHERINGs from the Orcbard, folio, 318 6d 800. 2s

Gibson's (C.) Lectures on the History of Joseph, 8vo. 2s 6d Coleridge's (S. T.) Notes, Tbeological, Political, and Miscel-Gibson's 'J.Forty Plates engraved by Weuzel aud Prosseda, laneous. Ed. by Rev. D. Coleridge, fcap. 68

from the Original Drawings for his works in Bas-relief, CONGREGATIONAL LECTURES. 2nd issue, 4 vols. 12s

Statues, Groups, Monumental Figures, &c. Proof copies,

84s; prints, 42s Cook’s (Eliza) Journal, Vol. 9, royal 8vo. 4s 6d

Glenny's Garden Almanack for 1854, Is CORFE's (G.) Physiognomy of Diseases; or, Twenty-fire Years' GOLDSMITH's Essays, royal 8vo. Is (Universal Library, No. 26)

Hospital Practice, fcap. with coloured frontispiece, 5s Goodwin's (H.) Elementary Mechanics. Part 2- Dynamics, Corner's (Miss) Scriptural History, simplified, in Question and

I crown 8vo. 53

"Goodwin's (C. W.) Succession Duty Acts, 16 and 17 Vict. ; Answer, revised by Dr. Kitto, 12mo. 38 od Cowper's Life and Works, by Robert Southey, Vol. 1, post

with Notes, Indes, and Appendix, 12mo. 6s 6d

vol. 1, post | Gordon's (Lady Duff) Stella and Vanessa, 12mo. 2s. (Bent8vo. 3s 6d. (Bohn's Standard Library.) - Poems, complete edition, fcap. plates, 3s 6d

ley's Railway Library.) Creasy's (E. S.) Rise and Progress of the English Constitu

GRAHAM (T. H.) On the Management and Disorders of Infancy tion, post 8vo. 9s6d

and Childhood, 12mo, 10s Cumming's (J.) Benedictions ; or, the Blessed Life, 12mo, 7s

ife im 2. | GRAHAM (Mary J.), Memoir of, hy Rev. C. Bridges, fcap. 6s -- Daily Family Devotion : or, Guide to Family Worship,

| Grant's (J.) Records of a Run through Continental Countries;

embracing Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Savoy, 4to. 218 -- Foreshadows; or, Lectures on our Lord's Miracles and

and France, 2 vols. post 8vo. 21s Parables, new ed, 2 vols. illustrations, each vol. 98

Great Eclipse; or, 'Romanism and Tractarianism versus the DEBENHAM'S (A. M.) The Hero's Child, and other Poems,

Bible, 12mo. 2s

18, GREGORY'S (W.) Handbook of Inorganic Chemistry, 3rd ed. 810. 58 Disraeli's (B.) The Young Duke, foap. Is 6d. (Disraeli's

enlarged, 12mo. 5s 6d Novels.)

Gribble's (H.) Appeal and Suggestions for Lights in the Red Doherty's (Lady) Manual of Private Devotion, 18mo. 2s 6d

and Indian Seas, 8vo. Is - Tales, fcap. 4s 6d

Groth de Jure Belli et Pacis libri tres; with abridged Trans. DOMESTIC Offices and Litanies : for the use of Families,

by Dr. W. Wbewell, 3 vols. 8vo. 42s Schools, and other Communities in the Church of England,

GROTIUS on the Rights of War and Peace: ao abridged 18mo, 2s 60

Translation, by Dr. W. Whewell, 8vo. 14s Du Gue's (B.) French Grammar, arranged on a New Plan, 4th

Hamilton's (H. R.) Lexicon of the Greek Language, Part 2,

12mo. Is ed. 12mo. (Dublin), 3s Eadie's (Prof.) Commentary on the Greek Text of St. Paul

HANDBOOK to the Pictures in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Camto the Epbesians, 8vo. 12s 6d

bridge, 12mo. Is 6d ; clotb, 2s 6d - Biblical Cyclopædia of the Old and New Testaments,

Harris's (J.) Altar of ibe Blousehold, 4to. 155 4th ed. with maps and pictorial illustrations, 8vo, 78 6d

- Lays from the Mine, the Moor, and the Mountain, 12mo.

ls 6d ELECTRA ; a Story of Modern Times. By the Author of Rockingham,'' with illustrations by Lord Gerald Fitzge. Heath's D.J.) The Future Human Kingdoms of Christ ; or,

'T HAVFT's (A.) Complete French Class-Book, 8vo. 6s rald, 2nd ed. 3 vols. post 8vo. 318 6d Euwes' (A.) Ocean and her Rulers, fcap. 8vo. 58

Man's Heaven to be this Earth. Vol 2, 880. 6s ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, 8th ed. in 21 vols. Vol. 3, 4to.

| Heathfield's (R.) Contributions to the Postulates and Data 245

L and other Essays on Finance, Taxation, the Gold Discoveries, Engineer's (The) and Contractor's Pocket-Book for the Year

Col the Enterprise of tbe Age, &c. 8vo. 5s 1854, fcap. 68

HEBREW (The) and the Turk; or, the Rule of the Crescent : a Eszel's (C.) The Pianist's Handbook, 8vo. 10s 6d

1 Story of Real Events and Living Persons, post 8vo. 10s 6d Erichsen's (J.) Science and Art of Surgery : being a Treatise. "

HERBERT's (Jane E.) Jones's Dream, and other Poems, post on Surgical Injuries, Diseases, and Operations, 8vo. 253

: 8vo. 5s

Hervey's (A.) Genealogies of our Lord and Saviour Jesus ERMENGARDE SYDNEY; or, Home Scenes, fcap. 8vo. 4s

Christ, as contained in the Gospels of St. Matthew and Luke, "-ELYN's (Jobn) Diary and Correspondence. Ed. by W. Bray, 8vo. (Cambridge), 10s 61 +1, post éro. 68 viviu ,

.. .

Heygate's (W. E.) Prokario Clerica. 12mo, advanced in ORI Homilist (The). By the Rev. Ur. Thomas. Vol. 2. post 8vo. MacFarlane's (C.) Tbe Patriots of China ; with Details of the 6s 6d

Habits, Manners, and Customs of China and the Chinese, Hook (Theodore), The Life and Remains of, by the Rev. fcap. is

R. H. D. Barbam. New ed. fcap. 55. (Bentley's Parlour Manon's (Lord) History of England, 1713-1783, Vol. 6, post Book-Case.)

| 8vo. 6s HUMPHREYS' (H. N.) Coinage of the British Empire, from the MARGARET; or, Prejudice at Home, and its Victims, an Auto

Earliest Period, with a Chapter on the proposed System of biography, 2 vols. post 8vo, 7s Decimal Coinage, 4to. 215; bound in imitation of the ancient Maria Monk's Narrative of her Sufferings during a Residence carved book covers, 25s

of Five Years as a Novice and Two Years as a Black Nun, INGLEBY'S (C. M.) The Stereoscope considered in relation to demy 8vo. 2s 6d

the Pbilosopby of Binocular Vision ; an Essay, 8vo. Is MARTINEAU'S (H.) Feats on the Fiord, 2nd ed. fcap. 2s 6d Inwood's (w.) Tables for the Purchasing of Estates, Freebold, Martin's (F. P. B.) Memoir on the Equinoctial Storms of

Copybold, or Leasehold ; Annuities; Advowsons, &c. : for | March-April, 1850: An Inquiry into the extent to which Terms of Years certain and for Lives, 12mo. 73

the Rotary Theory may be applied, royal 8vo. maps, &c. 12s Jackson's (F.) Sermons. 2nd series, 12mo, 5s

Mather's (J.) The Coal Mines: their Dangers and Means of JEL's (Dr. R. W.) Grounds for laying before the Council of Safety. 8vo, plates, 3s 60

King's College, London, certain Statements contained in a MAURICE (F. D.) The Word “Eternal" and the Punishment recent publication entitled “ Theological Essays," by the

of the Wicked; a Letter to the Rev. Dr. Jelf, 8vo. Is Rev. F. D. Maurice, 8vo. 1s 60

- Moral and Metaphysical Pbilosopby of the first Six Cen. JOHNSON's Cottage Gardener. Vol. 10, royal 8vo. 8s 6d

turies, post 8vo. 3s 61 (Encyclopædia Metropolitana.) Joseph's (H, F.) Memoirs of Convicted Prisoners, &c. 8vo. 4s In

| Meikle's Nature of the Mediatorial Dispensation, fcap. 8vo. 6s Joyce's (A.J.) The Cossack and the Turk: a Popular Account of the Present Crisis in the Affairs of the Ottoman Empire,

MERIMÉR's (P.) Chronicles of the Reign of Charles IX. 12mo. 12mo, Is

18 6d (Bentley's Railway Library.) Jullien's Album for 1854, fol. 188

- Colomber, translated by A. R. Scoble, 12mo. Is 6d (Bent. KALIDASA's Sakuntala; or, Sákuntala recognised by the Ring :

ley's Railway Library.) a Sanskrit Drama, in 7 Acis, with Translation and Notes by

| Meyer's History of British Birds and their Eggs, Nos. 29 and Monier Williams, royal 8vo.31s 6d

30, each containing 4 beautifully coloured plates, 2s per No. KENDAL'S (J.) Rambles of an Evangelist, fcap. 2s

Publishing monthly. Kenyon's (A.) Letters from Spain to his Nephews at home,

Michell's Ruins of Many lands, 4th ed. enlarged. frap. 4s 6d 69. 2s 6d

Monteju's (J.) Youth's Manual of Geograpiy, combined with KEMPIS' (Tbos. A') Soliloquy of the Soul and the Garden of

History and Astronomy, 8vo. balf-bound, 3s 6d Roses, irans, by the Rev. W. B. Flower, 18mo. 2s 6d

MORDAUNT HALL; or, a September Night, by the Author of KINGSLEY's (C.) Yeast : a Problem, 3rd ed. fcap. 58

" Emilia Wyndham,” 12mo. Is 6d; cloth, 25—(Parlour Kitto's (J.) Sunday Reading for Christian Families and India

Library) viduals, imp. 8vo. 38 6d

Mortimer's (G. W.) Pyrotechny; or, a Familiar System of Krause's (W. H.) Sermons preached in Bethesda Chapel, Dub.

Recreative Fireworks, new edit. fcap. 30 wood engravings, lin, Vol. 3, post 8vo. 5s Landor's (W. S.) The Last Fruit off an Old Tree, post 8vo.

Murray's Handbook of Central Italy, Part 2- Rome and its 10s 6d

Environs, 3rd ed. 12mo. 78 -- Works of Walter Savage Landor, new ed. 2 vols, royal

Natural History in Stories, for Little Children, by M. S. C., 8vo. 328

with Illustrations by H. Weir, sq. 2s 6d; coloured, 38 6d LanG's (A.) Hints on Houses, royal 8vo. 5s

Newton's (B. W.) Thoughts on the Apocalypse, new ed. 8vo. Lardner's (D.) Handbook of Natural Pbilosopby and Astro

8s 60 nomy. Third Course--Meteorology; Astronomy, cr. 8vo.

Nicholson (Rosa E. C.) Brief Memoir of, by C. S. Stamford, 16s 60

12mo. 2s

NIEBUHR'S (B. G.) Lectures on Ancient Etboography and Law Reports.

Geography; comprising Greece and ber Colonies, Epirus, Common Law and Equity, Vol. 1, Part 6, 8vo. sewed, 7s

Macedonia, Illyricum, Italy, Gaul, Spain, Britain, the North Rulls Court (Beran), Vol. 15, Part 2, 8vo. Ils 6d

of Africa, &c. irans. by Dr. L. Scbmítz, 2 vols. 8vo. 21s

Niue Notes, by a Traveller, post 8vo. advanced to 5s Leach's (W. A.) Molluscorum Britanniæ Synopsis : arranged

| Norton's (Hon. Mrs.) Undying One, and other Poems, new according to their Natural Affinities and Anatomical Struc

ed. cr, 850, 2s 6d-(Bentley's Book-Case.)

Oliphant's (L.) The Russian Shores of the Black Sea in the ture, post Bro. 13 plates, 14s LEIGH (S.) Remarkable Incidents in the Life of, by the Rev.

1 Autumn of 1852 : with a Voyage down the Volga and a A. Strachan, post 8vo. 58

Tour ihrough the Country of the Don Cossacks, 8vo. 148 LEMMI'S ( Dr. and Mrs.) New Theoretical and Practical Italian ORNAMENTAL Flower Garden and Sbrubbery, Nos. 51 and 52. Grammar, 12010. (Edin.) 5s

price Is 6d each ; publishing monthly : each number contain: Lessing's Laocoon : An Essay on the Limits of Painting and ing four bigbly coloured plates, with Descriptions. Poetry, trans. by E. C. Beasley, fcap. 58

Paul's (A.) Practical Observations on the Diseases of the Lower LETTEK addressed to Lord Jobn Russell, &c. on the Formation Bowel, 6tb ed. post 8vo. 3s 6d

of a New National Gallery, by an Old Traveller, with Payn's (1.) Poems, 12mo. (Cambridge), 5s Plads, 8vo. Is

Peel's (E.) Salem Redeemed ; or, the Year of Jubilee : London (The) Journal, Vol. 17, 4to. cloth, 4s 60

Lyrical Drama, in three Acts, sm. 8vo. 28 6d Longfellow's Poems, illustrated by Foster, new, 8vo. 218 PERCIVALL's (w.) Diseases of ihe Chest and Air-Passages of LUMLEY's (W. G.) Tbe Nuisances Removal and Diseases the Horse, Vol. 2, Part 1, new ed. 8vo. 10s

Prevention Act, 1848, 11 & 12 Vict. c. 123, with Introd. | Pereira's (1.) Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and Notes, 2nd. ed. 12mo, 3s

3rd ed. eclarged, Vol. 2, Part 2, 8vo. 24s LOTHER'S (Martin) Spiritual Songs, from the German, by J. Picture (The) Pleasure Book, 2nd Series, 410. 68 unt fean. asia

Pinder's (Rev. J. H.) Meditations and Prayers on the Ordi

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