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ing, are worthy of eternal reprobation What's that she sees ?-_His hand goes - for fishing as practised by you is genıly round Mary's waist ; the grey sinful in the highest degree ; but as beaver gets into a state of the most my brother encourages you in it, I alarming proximity to the Dunstable cry aloud in vain."

bonnet, and Heavens!-But how is it sinful, aunt Bar- — At that very moment a slap on bara ?"-enquired the young lady. the shoulder sent.the spectacles she

“At any rate, if you fish, do it with had so sedulously fixed, spinning about real fies."

a yard beyond her red tipt nose, and « Oh! t'would be so cruel."

Aunt Barbara's farther observations “ Cruel ?_what is cruelty compar- were unavoidably suspended by an ined to deceit? You delude the unfor- ability of seeing any thing at the distunate fish under false appearances, tance of twenty feet. and are therefore virtually guilty of a “ Hallo! old aunty! Here we are, lie. But go your ways. Good Mr all alive and kicking. How are ye, Whiffle will soon be here, and you old one ?--how's nunky?" shall profit from his exhortations.” “George!--you've broken my spec

Miss Barbara pursued her way af- tacles-when did you come home? ter this rebuke, and Mary followed run after Mary. Such a thing ! ah ! the windings of the stream, and soon what a sinful world!". arrived at the point of the river where “Why, what's the matter? Is this the ripples on the water promised the a way of receiving a dutiful nephew best sport. It was a beautiful nook, after the dangers of the deep, and a where a gigantic willow hung over hundred perils besides ? Cheer up, old the wide reach, and Mary laid her lady, and don't stand gazing up the basket on the ground, and was pro- brook as if you expected to see some. ceeding to put her rod in order, when thing wonderful under the old wil

low." -- Aunt Barbara had transacted her “ I've seen it, George. Where are business at the upper end of the vil. my spectacles?—the gipsy—the cun. lage, and administered sundry preven- ning, double-faced fishing, gipsytives of iniquity, in the shape of tracts that's the fish she's after! Oh! the against smuggled gin and other illicit wickedness of the unregenerate slut!" delectations, and was on her way home " What's all this?” exclaimed again, when the straw-hat of her niece, George, helping the old lady to re-adglinting near the willow, attracted her just her peepers. observation. She adjusted her spec- “ Do you see nothing, George, just tacles with renewed accuracy on the under the great tree?-a white bonlong thin bridge of her nose, at sight net ? -a grey hat ?-a man's grey of the well-known Dunstable, and hat?” could scarcely believe the evidence “ Neither hat nor bonnet-the devil of her eyes, corroborated by her sil- a thing is moving near the water but ver-mounted Dollands, when she saw the miller's brown cow-and now, that standing by the side of her niece the I look at her, I declare the mark on figure of a tall young man. She saw her rump is something in the shape of even the bright brass buttons on his Mary's poky bonnet." light green coat, she saw his grey “I certainly see a cow," answered beaver-light, fancy-coloured waist- the aunt, “ but I am as certain as I coat, and from his general appearance, am of my existence that I saw a man could not resist the inevitable conclu- speaking to Mary, a tall handsome sion that he was the most gentleman, man,- I should know him again among ly, handsome-looking man she had a thousand, George! I saw him with ever gazed on in the course of her my own eyes put his arm round Mary's life.

waist ; and his hat, George, and her • Long stood Aunt Barbara on the bonnet were just going together when little eminence that overlooks the ri. your sudden attack" ver for nearly a mile of its course, “ Wakened you out of your dream watching the motions of the pair.- and showed you that the whole vision They were evidently well acquainted, was nothing but a white streak on an they stood so near each other. They old cow. Come, come, aunty, don't were evidently delighted, Mary had try to set me against Mary, for I wont so entirely neglected her fishing. believe a word to her discredit-no, by heavens, though fifty aunts were to laid on the shoulder of the young man wear out fifty pairs of spectacles in made him pause--a flush of momenprying out hats and bonnets on all the tary anger passed across his face, and cow's rumps in England."

even a slight intention was visible of The aunt and nephew pursued their resenting the insult, but in an instant way in silence, for George was irate all such thoughts were checked, and at the accusations brought against his he continued, sister, and aunt Barbara was imagin. “If I have offended by speaking ing mischief in her heart, and only too plainly the object of my master's waiting for a public opportunity of coming, restrain your anger. Do I accusing her in presence of her good speak to the young alumnus ?" uncle and, if possible, of the godly “ My name is George Hope, and Mr Whiffle. As they passed the when I have found out what all this Crown they perceived symptoms of an rigmarole singing through the nose arrival in the yard-a post-chaise was can mean, I will let both you and your standing as if recently come in, and master know a little more of me.” a thin lank-haired young man was “ How glad I am he is come !" exlifting a pretty heavy trunk from the claimed Miss Barbara, turning her dicky, which he then carried in the eyes to heaven. " Oh, George, you direction they were going

are a fortunate youth ; your uncle has " Ho, my friend,” said George, fixed on the great Mr Whiffle as your « you seem a stranger here. Where tutor- he is to have the entire manageare you off to?"

ment of all your actions—to teach you “ Unto the domicile of one who all the sciences; he has written a work dwelleth in these parts, called Ignatius on conic sections and defluxions, and Hubble, Esquire."

is the cleverest man in England ; and “ And whose is that huge box, if I so good! His books, I am told, are may ask ?"

truly edifying, and his very domestic • It appertaineth unto the good and speaks like a true sheep." learned Jerome Whiffle, sometime a " He looks uncommonly like one, dweller in the tents of sin but now a and that's the same thing,' replied the portioner in Canaan."

nephew, hurrying on with increased « And what the devil is this Canaan- speed, as he could make neither head ite going to do at my uncle's ? By nor tale of the extraordinary story his Jove I've a great”

aunt had told him, and was anxious " To subdue the rebelliousness of for an explanation from the lips of Mr an unlicked cub called Hope."

Hubble himself. A grasp, as of a Boa Constrictor,


That worthy gentleman was so de- “ I did'nt like," replied the youth, lighted to see his nephew, and had so whose thoughts reverted to the artifimany questions to ask, that the pre- cer of the aforesaid waistcoat and sence of the thin young man with the trousers in the Isle of Sky, “ to trust trurik was scarcely noticed.

to the ignorant natives, but I've brought “ Your aunt has already told you," home plenty of stuff to be fitted up by began the senior, “ of your future more scientific hands." happiness in acquiring the assistance “ What?—simple notes ?-We shall of one of the most learned men of any work them out with the help of Mr age or country; but before I resign Whiffle, and I am highly pleased, my my charge of your intellectual ad. dear George, that you attend to obvancement, answer me a few questions. jects of such incalculable importance." I see by your tartan-coloured waist- “ By Jupiter !" thought the simplecoat and plaid trousers, as well as by minded George, “ this fellow, Mr a letter lately received, that you have Whiffle, is nothing but a tailor.” visited the northern limits of this « Another thing which, in those island. Did you make any observa. lofty districts, is worthy of notice, is tions on the needle in those hyperbo. the quantity of rain or moisture, rean regions?'

whether in the form of dew or mist, ject?"

which falls in the course of the year. pendicular course downwards. The Have you taken any notes on the sub- same causes have been ascribed to the

rotundity of the world, namely, the « Hav'n't I ? that's all,” replied the velocity of projection, as Mr Whiffle young philosopher. “ I've brought will explain. I expect him here every home two or three gallons of the moment." purest dew I could find."

« He hath already appropinquated « My dear boy," exclaimed the gra- to this vicinage," snuffled the lanktified senior, “ Mr Whiffle, I am sure, haired young man, who had been a will be delighted with your conduct. listener to the preceding conversa. We shall have many a happy evening tion," and will domiciliate bimself in discussing the specimen you have this goodly tabernacle within a short brought. And the yacht, George,

space," what have you to say on the subject of Indeed ?" said Ignatius, « I resailing?"

joice to hear it. Leave the trunk here, - Ah, sir, that's a sad story. I fell my friend ; some one shall take it up in with the Western Yacht Club in the to Mr Whiffle's room, and go you into Mull of Cantyre, and a gentleman of the kitchen, where I have given directhe name of Nichol Jarvie challenged tions for you to be attended to." me to race."

“Gratias agimus, Vale!" replied the - Speak in scientific language, youth with a bow, and betook himself George," interrupted Ignatius, - it to the hospitable regions ruled over by aids perspicuity of thought-proposed the buxom cook. to you, you would say, a series of ex- “ He speaks Latin too,--a good periments on the propellability of your omen, George, for you ; it resolves respective yachts."

itself, in fact, into a question in the « Just so ; I hoisted all sail and pull rule-of-three, if he teaches his servant ed hard on the wind in hopes of wea. Latin, what will he not succeed in thering the point. By this I saved a making his pupil ?” tack and left Jarvie half a league “ He shan't succeed in making a astern. The breeze rose every minute; fool of me," muttered the doughty and that fool, the cautious Scotchman, George, “ if a broken head can cure took in two reefs in his mainsail and him of the wish to try. But, ha! here luffed in the wind's eye; I tore along, comes Mary.” and didn't care a rush though it blew The meeting of the brother and all my canvass to rags—I hoisted more sister was warm and hearty-and all sail, and had just set my sky-scrapers recollection of grey hats or whitewhen, all of a sudden, came a devil of streaked cows seemed banished from a squall, and I found myself swimming their recollection. What a strange for life, and was only picked up after thing it would be after all if aunt Barhalf an hour's battle, by another of bara's eyes had deceived her! George the squadron-the crew was saved at had scarcely ended his narration and the same time.”

had hurried Mary off to some other 66'Twas a noble self-devotion in the room, when the sonorous voice of Abracause of science," exclaimed Ignatius ham Slocock startled Mr Hubble from with enthusiasm. “ You understand a brown study by announcing Mr the cause, I suppose, of the catas- Whiffle. He was a tall man, solemnly trophe?"

drest in pepper and salt, with a light“ She was crank built, and her spars coloured wig whose smooth combed were too high.”

locks rested on his shoulders. His “ But the process of her disappear. nose was ornamented with a pair of ing?” continued Ignatius.

uncommonly large spectacles, and his « She foundered.”

whole appearance was not unlike that “ My dear boy, use philosophical of Mr Liston in the character of Doterms. Your yacht, under the sudden minie Sampson. Though there was impulse of the wind, was unable to something ludicrous in his first address, displace a quantity of water propor. Mr Hubble was too much of a philotionate to the increased weight im- sopher to have a worse opinion of him parted to her by the impact, and there on that account, and received him with fore the velocity which would other great cordiality and respect. wise have continued in a horizontal - Your trunk has arrived some direction on the surface, took a per. time," he said, after a few preliminary

common places, “ and if you approve most deep read of mankind, or at least of the bed-room I have designated for had the most learned domestic ; Aunt your occupation, it shall be carried up Barbara was fascinated with his studied to it immediately.”

compliments and attentions, and even " I have no choice of rooms. Dio- George Hope began to consider him genes lived in a tub," replied Mr not quite the useless bookworm he Whiffle.

had at first believed him, more par" True, sir, and I hope you join me ticularly as he gave a very good ac. in my admiration of that illustrious count of the Priam colt at Newmarket, philosopher, who, in a state of manners in answer to a question by Mr Hubble the most effeminate and depraved, on the nature of the Pythic games. taught the simplicities of life both by On ordinary occasions Ignatius beprecept and example. Do you believe, took himself to his couch, or at least sir, that his father was banished from to his bedroom, at a very early hour. Sinope as a passer of counterfeit coin ?" This night, however, he prolonged

" I've no proofs,” replied Mr Whif- his sitting in the drawingroom till past fle. " Quinctilian, indeed" —

nine o'clock, and even then only bade - Well, sir, I will yield to any opin- the party good-night, when Abraham ion of the Rhetorician of Calagurris.” Slocock begged to speak with him for

" He says,” continued Mr Whiffle- a few minutes alone. “ But if you really want a disquisition “ I'm sorry, sir," said Abraham, on the subject, I shall be happy to fur. “ to leave so good a master, but I nish you with one at some future time. must give you warning." Meanwhile, if you desire any informa. " Why, Abraham ?--has any one tion on matters so simple, allow me to offended you ?-have 1 ?" refer you to my Famulus, whom you « Oh not you, sir ; I will say that have already seen. Are you acquaint- you are a perfect gentleman, and a ed with the ancient Pupic ?"

very good masier to me, though they “ I regret to say,” answered Mr say you're as great a scholar as the Hubble, « that, with the exception of best." the scene in Plautus, I don't know a Though I'm a scholar? explain word of it."

yourself.” - I'll teach it you ; but, in the mean. " Well, then, there a'int no use to time, will you introduce me to my mince the matter; we all know that pupil ? I am anxious to begin the du- Latin is the devil's language, and we ties of my office."

ha'nt no doubt that that e're fam’lus, Mr Hubble did not altogether like as he calls himself, of Mr Whiffle, is the cavalier manner in which he was an imp of Satan.” turned over to the servant for the re- “ Because he speaks Latin ?-_I feel solution of his doubts on the family ashamed at such super"history of Diogenes, nor the boastful Ashamed or not, sir, Molly and offer of instruction in Phænician, but me ca'nt stay in the house with him; yielded with his usual good-nature, he has converted the morals of half and accompanied his guest in search the maids already-I seed him myself of George Hope.

a kissing of our old cook.” There was something so amusing to “ Indeed ? but, after all, it may be that young gentleman in the grotesque only a peculiarity of the young man ; appearance of his tutor, that he did not or, more likely, a translation into show such indignation at the assump- visible signs, for the edification of the tion of authority by Mr Whiffle as uneducated, of the old proverb, Abramight have been expected; and when ham, which says " He that loves good we consider the deference paid him by dishes kisses the cook-Qui dapibus Mr Hubble, the silent awe of Mary datur coquam osculatur." Hope, and the rapturous admiration “ But then, sir," continued Abraof Aunt Barbara, we must conclude ham, “ Jane Marsel, Miss Mary's that the learned pedagogue had no maid, ain't cook, and he did exactly the reason to be dissatisfied with his re- same to her. And for the matter of ception. A few hours wore off the that, he tried the same trick with awkwardness of a first meeting under Molly herself—but she hit him such a such circumstances, and by the time pelt on the side of the head, he'll redinner was concluded Mr Hubble saw member it the longest day he has to clearly that his new inmate was the live.”

«« Strange that such frivolity," mused Whiffle, for tutor, or some such thing, Mr Hubble, “ should be joined to so to some Johnny Raw of his acquaint. much erudition. His knowledge of ance. It is a great pity he did'nt the Greek measures is amazing." apply to me a week sooner, for the old

“ So it is of the English, sir,- par man was alive at that time,' but just ticularly quarts-he has drunk a whole as if on purpose to disappoint me, he gallon of your honour's best October, died last week of oid age, for he was and is hollowing out as loud as he can seventy or eighty years old. I called for cold swizzle and cigars."

at his rooins in College, And is Mr “ I regret to say I have none of the Whiffle at home?' said I to the scout. latter"

". Troth is he,' said he (and I saw « But he has given me the key of in a moment he was a countryman of his master's trunk, where he tells me mine) and his long home, too ; for there's a whole box of them. I've we've jist come from the berrying.' got the trunk here, sir."

"" Ah! my dear,' said l, I'm Abraham fitted the key to the lock. sorry; for I wanted him for tutor for

“ Stop !” exclaimed Mr Hubble; a friend's friend, and I do'nt know « are the cigars his own property? what to say to him.' They're in his master's keeping."

or You can just give my master's “No, sir, they're in his keeping, so compliments,' said the youth-a real that's all right enough; sich things is Kerry boy, his name is Dermont always parquisites."

Brady- and say he is particularly « Well, then," said Ignatius, who engaged.' was willing to be convinced by even “ And this strikes me to be a good less cogent arguments than those of piece of advice, so you can deliver that Mr Slocock, so anxious was he to see same message, and look out among the the learned stores of his respected in dons of Cambridge”mate, “ but be careful not to injure A t this point of the letter Mr the rolls of manuscripts, or the valu. Hubble stopt, and no wonder, for the able editions of the classics ; gently, epistle fell out of his hands, and his Abraham, I trust there is a copy of eyes were fixed in the extremity of his own immortal work on education amazement on the ceiling. among them.”

“ What can possibly be the mean. Thus permitted, Abraham lifted up ing of all this? Who is the tall man the lid, but no papers met the view. in the spectacles?" Shirts, cravats, silk waistcoats, a gay “ Brother, I should think, to the and brilliant wardrobe, and at last, near fam'lus in the kitchen,” suggested the bottom of the trunk, to the delight Abraham, “ for he's playing just the of the examiners, a volume or two, some game in the parlour that the and an open letter. Eagerly were the other is doing below. I seed him precious spoils laid hold of. But alas! squeezing Miss Barbara's hand all the the printed ones consisted only of the time of tea." Racing Calender,—the Sporting Ma- " My sister's ? nonsense !" gazine," the Better's Ready Reck. “ It's no nonsense,” continued the oner of Odds up to a Hundred”-and observant Slocock; “ and I seed him the Army List.

a-whispering up in the corner behind « He must be engaged in some en the harp with Miss Mary, when you quiry into the sports of the ancients," was a talking Greek to the fam'lus at said Ignatius.

the sofa." “ His sports lie more among the “ You amaze me!-I begin to have young ones," answered Abraham. suspicions that we are deceived in some

“ The letter will perhaps explain," extraordinary manner.” continued the master. « Let me see; " I never knowed no good come of it has no address, and is signed Ter. Latin, or any of them tongues." rence O'Donahue. Who is he? I “ Silence !” said Mr Hubble. « I know no scholar of that name." will find out the mystery. Accom

« Dear Atty,– Your jolly old go- pany me once more into the drawing. vernor has given me a commission to room." pick up an old fellow of the name of

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