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might be who dared to “interpose" against them, which prevents all progress, between the Queen-(mark the constic and even drives them backwards. They tutional spirit of overpowering the de. grow ashamed and mortified in a situation mocratic by the monarchical principle, which, by its vicinity to power, only serves the chivalrous delicacy, the bigh-mind to remind them the more strongly of their ed and respectful propriety of mixing insignificance. They are obliged either to up the name of the youthful Queen

execute the orders of their inferiors, or to with the election squabbles of her

see themselves opposed by the natural in

struments of their office. With the loss Minister) — and her people? The

of their dignity they lose their temper. In same trick, as we learn from Boling.

their turn they grow troublesome to that broke, was practised by the Whigs of

cabal, which, whether it supports or opthe last century. But our Whigs must

poses, equally disgraces and equally be. be true patriots, notwithstanding their

trays them. It is soon found necessary leaning to the Court, for we have seen to get rid of the heads of adininistration ; them claim the most extravagant pri- but it is of the heads only. As there al. vileges for the House of Commons, ways are many rotten members belonging and exercise the most arbitrary power to the best connexions, it is not hard to in its name. How can these discre. persuade several to continue in office pancies be reconciled ? Burke ex- without their leaders.". plained, 68 years ago, the whole phi. losophy of this union of arrogance

The world has not yet forgotten with servility.

how Lord Grey appeared “in all the

pomp and pride of power,” remoulding " Those who have been of the most (with tbe aid of "royal favour ") the known devotion to the will and pleasure Constitution at pleasure, and showering of a Court, have at the same time been upon his own friends and connexions most forward in asserting a high authority all the patronage of this mighty empire. in the House of Commons. When they

ney It has not forgotten how he was knew who were to use that authority, and

thwarted by illicit obstacles, and by how it was to be employed, they thought it never could be carried too far. It must

the dark undercurrent of intrigue in always be the wish of an unconstitutional

his own Cabinet, nor how,“ in shame statesman, that a House of Commons, who and

who and mortification," he repeatedly are entirely dependent upon him, should sought release, seeing himself opposed have every right of the people entirely by his Irish secretary, and the other dependent upon their pleasure. It was “ natural instruments of his office :" soon discovered that the forms of a free nor how," disgraced and betrayed by and the deeds of an arbitrary government a cabal," he was ultimately “ got rid were things not altogether incompatible.of” in 1834 ; the Whigs completing, (Thoughts on the Cause of the present in his person, the process of “ getting Discontents.)

rid of the heads of Administration, but The following picture. contained in of the heads only "—that is of Stanley, the same treatise, though different in

of Graham, of every honoured, and circumstance, will be found to present

every distinguished name :-nor how all the moral phenomena with which the interior members of the party

“continued in office without their we have been of late familiarized :

leaders"- and have in consequence " But while the ministers of the day fallen under the guidance of their eneappear in all the pomp and pride of power mies, and departed from every prac. -- while they have all their canvass spread tice, and from every principle, by which out to the wind, and every sail filled with British Statesmen have hitherto been the fair and prosperous gale of royal fa- directed. vour, in a short time they find, they know not how, a current which sets directly


Of many thingssuch as Web-spreading.


Our Gothic neighbours, cloud-ca- night Erebus to the great mass of mannopied in tobacco smoke, have divided kind. What multitudes of wondrous all things into certain regions of art thoughts must, amid this prodigious or of science. In this mapping out spreading out of nets, be caught : for of the infinite world of fact or idea, in this respect the aforesaid professors not without a high-reaching endea- differ from most other specimens of vour after the All of Truth, whether the articulate-speaking species man, much, or even any thing, in the pro. that they spread out the above-mengression of cycles of innumerable tioned spider-webs (thereby meaning, times, and the careful jotting down of in prose language, long dissertations), every thing, whether valuable or else in order therein to envelope some idea valueless, which either already exists, that may happen in that portion of or else, by possibility or contingent space to be floating by ; whereas access of circumstances, may be prov- others, with a prodigality much to be ed or even supposed likely to exist, wondered at, send forth their own ideas shall be laid bare to the eyes of read. in such web or word-clothing as pleases ing and remembering, not to say think. God. Yet equally surprising is the ing and reflecting men, is yet dubious thought, how the ideas, so caught by enough. This much, however, is cer those professors, are cut in pieces, tortain, that what can be effected by in- tured, spun round upon pins, while the tense smoking and a certain balloon- buzzing they produce sounds in the inflation magnitude of style, where the ear of the tormentor, day, and of some expansivity and soaring heavenward- bystanders also, as excellent music; for ness of the gases have full play (the never was child_male sexed, as yet ballast being generally thrown out on unbreeched-more cruel in his treatfirst leaving the ground), will be ef. ment of fly or butterfly-pulling otr fected by some one or other, or stand. bright wings and destroying the lusing in small bodies, and science-united trous featheriness-than those same societies, or else by the whole multi- idea-catching professors with their tude of deep-musing German profes- prey. Thus far in anger, mixed with sors. For strange is it-nay, almost unimaginable wailings of a love-sorrow, with some touch of awfulness——to re. as of a mother over an unfortunate, say flect on what is every day achieved, or rather blameworthy, son — reflecting attempted to be achieved, in those dim how useful an equal extent of labour -chambers in high attics of learned would be in other departments of life ; Jena, and learned Heidelberg, and the what barren plains might not be made rest, by those skin -dried anatomies to sing for joy; what mountains might who inbabit the same - to outward not be levelled; roads mended ; nay, appearance not without some vague shoes made, and tattered habiliments resemblance to humanity, especially repaired, by an equal intelligent body such of them as occasionally shave, or indeed the same-if, instead of but, in fact, not being men at all, ex- poring over books, and waiting in a cept in their faint outline and simili. sort of busy idleness to catch the pretude, but actually intellectual or full. tervolating ideas, each learned probrained spiders, weaving ingenious fessor of Jena and Heidelberg, and webs, intricate, almost invisible, in the rest, were as assiduous with spade their separate lines, but forming altoge- or pick-axe, or sharp-pointed awl, or ther a reticulated mesh-work(say rather sharper-pointed needle, as his natural cloud-grating), through which but dim tendency might indicate! this barren and indistinct glimpses can be caught earth might become a paradise whereby eyes of hieroglyphic-deciphering in no Adam should be idle, nor Eve Champollions, but darker than mid unindustrious; and where the soil would be beautified and hallowed also whether of tame gentlemen or tamer

for are not holiness and beauty tigers—and made visits to the moon ? twin-sisters—with the footsteps of su- All these and thousands more will perior visitants, such as glorified the have happened; and Wonder, which old time, ere book-idleness, or rather is next of kin to Religion, if it be not stagnant learning-pools, raised up Religion's self, will have expired-a mists that hid the face of heaven, and prisoner, wracked, tormented, and the type-inventor Guttemburg, more finally disembowelled till it died-in properly Gensfleish, ran a huge blot the secret dungeons of that new of his ink over God's creation, and Inquisition whose name is Demoncreated for himself (and for us also) stration. For as there are synthe. a new world out of sheer prose-a bad tical philosophers who put universes world, a prose world, my masters ;- together, fitting in every nail, and oilfor what is prose but verdureless val. ing all the hinges—so are there also leys, and hard, rugged, pointed moun- analytical philosophers who take the tains referred into their first elements, whole fabric to pieces, as if it were litand found to consist of so many feet tle else than a Nümberg time-piece, of loam overlying, or else underlying, or simple Dutch clock. And not withso many feet of marl or lower green out professors are we in this true Engsand, presenting to the eye of science lish land. Oxonian Buckland, with nothing but a succession of strata, tub and drainer, therewith to sub. one after the other, that may be dug merge this poor earth of ours in perup with shovels, and kept, like pattern petual deluge; Metropolitan Lyell, bricks of the world's building mate- Hastings Fitton, and many more,rial, in separate drawers, under glass each with tame earthquake to list vast covers, and guarded from the acquisi. continents above the sea ; which earthtive by lock and key ? Not long will quake they keep docile and fit for our loved adoptive fatherland, and its work, by feeding him on fresh vol. host of web-spreading professors, be canoes, and move him hither and thiwithout a world-building society, or ther as ordinary carter cries hup! or creative art-union. If to be made of gee! to mere terrestrial horse. Peace iron, the likelier to be patronised by be to them and to their labours-for Birmingham, which would undertake web-spreading is not confined to eruto cast a universe of best carron, at so dite spiders in learned Jena, learned much the square foot. But, after all, Heidelberg, and the rest. what is this universe of ours but a Since, then, the whole world is about Brummagem universe already ? For to be disenchanted by the very univerhas not this learned gentleman found sality of enchantment (as Fortunaa flaw in the workmanship ? and that tus's cap would become mere other learned gentleman found fault vered beaver in a nation where wishwith the material ? and the whole been ing caps were as numerous as wishing proved to us to be a counterfeit, a heads); since, we say, the grim giantsham-not God's universe at all, but mummy-hearted — spectacle-nosed — only an imitation ? and all this from Demonstration, is about to cut up the the web-spreading of Jena-or rather separate limbs of beauty, and show us Freyberg professors? If at this quick that the smile-dimpled cheek is but a march of the world we go on for fifty collection of cutes and flesh; the eye years what shall we not have done ? - life-giving, soul-expressing, -- 10We shall have made light of the old thing but various coloured globules of wish to have the wings of the dove to an indurated semi-transparent subflee away and be at rest,- for shall stance; since all things, we say, are to we not have our steam-horse-say, be laid open to the enquiring obserrather, condensed hurricane-brought vation, not of web-spreading profesround to us, to be mounted at our sors merely, but of all and everydoors; and by turning cock, or other soldier, dandy, and even book desimple mechanical process, give scope vouring pedant; let due honour be to its wild fury, and hurl onward in a given to those who, with far-reaching speed-mantle of invisibleness ; for effort, have already stript off the sowho shall see the bodily presence of phisticated concealments of truth, and a sunbeam darting quicker than have presented her to us in puris. thought? Shall we not have subject. Foremost among those stands one ed balloons to helm or rein, with crew, whom our soul honours, and whom

this present lucubration of ours will ric, which with rapid pen we are now render more celebrated than his innate inditing; nor where Mississippi comes modesty has hitherto allowed him to down to ocean—a king meeting a king, become.

with broad banner and a certain, not Under what canopy of bright sky inarticulate herald-message that his woven in sun-loom with golden threads, Andes throne is of equal dignity and spread over the basking earth, with that of the old sea ;- but this shall we look for this philosopher, this wonder of modern days — this new MAN? Where Ganges roils his tide Prometheus, who with fire (whether ocean - staining - through parched stolen from heaven or else produced plains, or else through deep-lying green from his own box of Lucifers) has put savannabs, with myriads of worship. life and motion, given reason, strength, pers on his banks, and also many cro. dignity, to what was formerly a dead codiles, and slimy scale-monsters in thing, seen and known by all_by his waters? 'Twas there where man's some few not wholly unworshipped, reason-torch was first lighted at the yet secretly, as by them that fear ri. sun-fire of inspiration, whose faint dicule, or even burning, hanging, or rays still brighten round about, more some milder form of persecution; and by refraction of bypast light than po. has made this thing-once dead but sitive illumination ; for the first des now alive-a walking, visible, tangi. cendants of our great ancestors spread ble thing-a potentia, a power-the themselves rapidly over those earth. man who has done all this is not to be ocean plains, and retained long time found in Hindostan nor in the far West, -nay, retain till this hour (dim veil. but up one flight of stairs in gold-enaed beneath allegoric Vishnus and melled, mirror-walled lodgings, in the figurative Camdeos)-the original gos- Chaussée d'Antin, in the city of Paris, pel truths of immortality and love. in France. But of him-of his name But it is not to those regions that we and his performances, somewhat more must look for the hero of this panegy- largely in the next chapter.

Chapter II.

Wherein appear the Author and his Preface.

Far-seeing Clerk, in Eldin soli. has his glory some drawbacks. Grand. tudes, watching small vessels on smallest of theorists, pity that with him lake, and, with helm up and tiny sails, theory was all! If, in addition to the sending these six-inch leviathans with bodiless Thought of which he was the gallant prow through the centre of father, he had also been sire of the the battle-line of yon proud gallies, world-subduing Deed, how doubled to which, with penknife or else gully, he us had been his fame! He was but has shaped with his own hand, pre- the Vulcan, who in the Etna-caves of sents to the eye of contemplation a his spirit forged the big bolts which sight seldom equalled among men. the red hand of Jove- Nelson darted; Whence amid those dusk mountains, and thus was he dependant on another or on the dust-covered plainstones of for the realization of what would Edinburgh city, has come to him vi. Otherwise have continued but an idea. sion of noble fight on the ocean plain? Greatest is he who invents and pracHeareth he, while bending over that tises, as best is he who preaches and still water-call it horse-pond or moun. performs. And in this is our hero, tain tarn—the booming of the artil. Count Hypolite Montmorenci de St lery, and the flapping of innumerous Leon, great-say greatest among men sails all swelling out from squared -not in the preaching, for we would yards, by St Vincent's famous cape ? not have it supposed he preaches, but or the louder thunder and more majes. in the admirable union perceivable in tic rush of canvass wings by the deep him, of the genius to conceive and waters of Trafalgar? If indeed such the talent to execute. Nor wants he sounds were not in his ears, yet were the third requisite in a benefactor to thoughts of the meteor flag in his bis species, namely, the willingness to heart, and ever is he to be classed communicate to his fellow-mortals the among the nobles of his land. Yet fruits of his reflections or experience. This will become more apparent art of contracting Debts (L'art de when we relate the mode of our ac- faire des Dettes) has hitherto been quaintance with him, and such other practised in your country more extenparticulars as we shall see fit to con. sively than in any other, yet ignorfide to the public.

antly, fortuitously as it were, and with Literature has not seldom, of late no touch of true philosophy. This years, been made a topic of loud want I am ambitious to supply, and talk in the British House of Com- direct myself to you, sir, whose well. mons, and by sundry of those six known," &c. &c. &c. hundred and fifty-eight Solons bas it - The book so sent to us is a small been dandled and nursed in such fa- duodecimo, printed on dim mysterishion as was Gulliver by the gigantic ous looking paper, in types which to monkey in Brobdignag-only saved the soul of a Ballantyne would inflict from its perilous condition by tender worse than purgatorial pains ; the Glumdalclitch Talfourd or tender price, two francs (which, at tenpence Glumdalclitch Bulwer. In nothing to the franc, seems a prodigious overhas more stir been made than in what charge), and altogether as poor lookis called international copyright law. ing a tome as is often to be seen. Yet These words we can understand, but may the shabbiest box hold gold, the comments made thereon, and side nay, diamonds,- and from wooden turns-reciprocal exchanges, counter platter may be supped green fat. guarantees, and the like-seeing we “ Nor am I ignorant," continues are but human beings and not alto. the Count, “that at the very announce. gether illumined, we have but feeble ment of my volume, small-souled men glimmerings of; yet have our active will look with eyes in which despair French neighbours, if not clearer has taken the front parlours, at their heads, yet quicker eyes than ours- day-books and ledgers ; but the great and not few nor light nor unexpensive of soul, the utilitarian, the sage, the in carriage are the book packages and philanthropist, will rejoice. The Time paper rolls which have been sent over of great truths is come. As a writer to us with letters (civil and compli who has not more genius than I have mentary, as is the nature of the Gaul), (qui n'a pas plus de genie que moi) requesting our assistance in securing, has said, · The human race is in profirst, a large sale for the said books gress.'* Reasoning on individualities, and papers, and secondly, all the pro. or for individualities, is absurd, we fit resulting therefrom to the authors. must reason on the masses, or for the Why they should fix on us we cannot masses, if we wish to reason well. guess, and modesty will not allow us It is only when viewed in this way to translate the expressions of our that the works of Nature herself are correspondents. Haply a knowledge grand, harmonious, sublime. Sepaof our access to the great Maga may rately considered, or reduced to their have contributed to this peculiar effect; first principles, they are ludicrous, nor for with deference approaching some unfrequently disgusting. Piteous is it what too nearly to the sin of idolatry, to behold, on fiae holiday, a black cloud, do many of our applicants rave, en rain-pregnant, come to an untimely comiastic, say rhapsodical rather-a. accouchement on the Clos Vougeot bout Le Bon Kit, probably (as what (say, for your English understanding little religion any of them may possess of the illustration), on June or July. is Roman Catholic), mistaking him Regent Street, at four o'clock,-yet for his namesake St Christopher. But would you not have the heavens shut this matter we leave, and plunge at up, and earth cry aloud in the agonies once into the middle of things. Count of thirst, merely for the sake of the Hypolite writes tousin flowery French, Clos Vougeot, or June and July-kewhich we will traduce into our own gent Street. Eh bien !" exclaims the plain English, thus

philosophic Hypolite, proud of this si. " You are a man of too wide-grasp. militude,“ petits esprits, cerveaux ing an intellect and too well-strung etroits, vues courtes ! apprenez que nerves to be either startled or aston- l'art de faire des dettes et de ne point ished at the title of my book. The les payer, est l'un des elemens de

* " Le genre humain est en marche."-M, DE PRADT,

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