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him, and they both burned together, it was the silence of the grave which standing on a field of fire, while the he was pouring over them, till they red streams devoured the snow, and were buried under a hill of silent snow. blazed, but without smoke, over all the But it fell softly and pleasantly upon land.

them, and calmed their burning, and Then a gigantic Death, all whose so they slumbered in their grave, lockbones seemed icicles, glided with swift ed in each other's arms; and she felt strides over the field, and his cold that their baby slept between them ; breath put out the flames and chilled yet its spirit sang, she thought, at the them through, and they shrunk and same time out of a tuft of cowslips on fell together; and the Death took the the bank. bowl that had held the fiery wine, and While she dreamed thus, a gentle filled it with the snow that still lay in smile came over her face, and her mo. a patch around the white fountain, ther knew that her pains had for a and poured it over them once and moment ceased. again, and yet again. She knew that

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Hastings was an inveterate walker; of feeling and thinking of the country and in the course of one of his rambles people. He also told some anecdotes he found himself, after many hours' from his travels, which interested his exertion, wet and tired, close to Burnt new friends, and made Ann open her wood farm. He went in, and was, of eyes wide, and look at him as if somne course, hospitably received by Farmer preternatural being had suddenly apWilson and his wife, as well as by peared in the well-known clothes. He James and Ann. They were going spoke of African huntings, Hindoo to dinner, and invited him to join them, murders, the witchcraft of American but proposed that he should first change Indians, and the roving robbers of his clothes, which were thoroughly Arabia and Persia ; of volcanoes, crosoaked, James offering to lend him a codiles, and gold-mines. suit of his own. Hastings gladly con- The mention of juggling and magic sented, and soon appeared in the young led him to speak of many strange farmer's Sunday garb. He had been things that he had known of in difso used to wear the costume of differ- ferent countries, some of them easily to ent countries and characters, that no. be explained, others apparently uninthing looked awkward on him. James telligible, but not the less certain. He could not help fancying that the visiter said, for instance, that once when reappeared to much more advantage in siding in one of the West Indian isthe clothes than their true owner. lands, he had bought, and taken Ann did not join in this opinion, but rather as a favourite than a servant, a she was much amused at the spectacle handsome boy, coloured, or of the of another person than James in her mixed race, and eleven or twelve cousin's habiliments, and was constant years old. He was remarkable for ly hanging down her head to conceal a the liveliest and most joyous spirits, broad smile, although she acknowledg- as well as for readiness and clearness ed to herself that Hastings looked well of head. But after some weeks, withand at ease in his new dress. The wet out any seeming cause, the boy beclothes were hung up by the fire ; and came melancholy and dull, and was the whole party sat down to dinner, evidently losing his health. His while one or other of the women went master questioned him as to the reafrequently to the neighbouring room son of this change, but he would give of Elizabeth to see how she was. none, and appeared terrified at the Hastings was delighted with his adven- thought of confessing. After much ture, and ate like a true farmer, and persuasion, however, he burst into talked so as to draw out all the infor- tears, fell on his knees, and said he mation he could from both the Wil. would tell all. For many nights, he sons, often, also, introducing a word said, he had always had the same bad for the women. He picked up many dreams, urging him to rob his master, facts as to the peasantry, and the modes and leave the money in a certain den

caved tamarind tree near the house. boy the next day, and means were This advice, he said, was given him taken to frighten her from ever again in his sleep by different figures, now approaching the house. The boy by a beautiful white woman, now by soon recovered his cheerfulness, but a great negro chief, dressed in green would, probably, in the opinion of an and crimson clothes, with a golden intelligent physician, be liable all his sword beside him ; sometimes by life to similar influences from those cloudy gigantic figures of men and about him. women playing on drums, and kind. After this, Hastings was led to speak ling great fires, in which they threat of occurrences no less strange which he ened to burn him ; sometimes by a had experienced in other countries.white preacher, with long grey hair, « Once," he said, “I made a sudden and a book in his hard, out of which journey from one part of Persia to ana prodigious bamboo grew up into other, in company with several natives, the sky, with a star in the top of whom I resembled in my dress, beard, it; and sometimes by a number of and general appearance. On the last little rose-coloured children, who play. day of my expedition I rode for foured round him, and all sang the same teen hours without stopping, and reachthing in his ear. His master comfort. ed in the evening the city of my destied him, told him the bad dreams would nation. As we passed through the go away, and gave him money, which gate, I saw among the crowd who were he desired him to leave in the hollow looking at our cavalcade an old man, tree. A person was then sent to who seemed to watch me with great watch, who found that the money was intentness. We were stopped for a taken away by an old negro woman, few moments in one of the streets, and, who sometimes came about the house on my looking round, he was again close from a neighbouring estate to sell to me. After we had settled ourselves vegetables and poultry. The difficulty for the night in our khan, a large buildwas to conceive how the dreams could ing designed for travellers, while my have arisen in the boy's mind. In servant was attending to my horse, and order to discover this, bis master, I was about to eat my supper, the same without informing him, bored a hole old man approached me, and asked if I in the partition of his bedroom, and would come with him and share a betremained with his eye directed through ter meal than the one before me. I it. The houses in those countries are looked at him now more attentively, often not fastened, nor even the doors and, having before seen, from his dress, laid to. It was, therefore, not very that he was one of the Armenians, who surprising that early in the night, à are natives of the East, but not Mabofaint sound was heard in the boy's metans, it now also appeared to me room, and an old woman was seen to that he was of an honest and benevoenter, bent nearly double, and look- lent countenance. He looked respecting like some strange grizzled baboon able, but not wealthy. I felt that I rather than a human being. She had my pistols about me, loosened my crept to the bedside, and, after seating sword, and followed him. We passed herself, and making various signs, she through several streets, and entered at began to mutter in a low voice close last a small door in a high and solid to the boy's ear. These were some wall; this led us into a court, and of the words which the Englishman thence we passed into a garden, at caught :-“ Now, white woman come the further side of which a building you very booful much— tell you take stood; into this we passed, and 1 massa's money-put in um tree-now found myself in a scene of wonder. she gib you um kiss very sweet much." The light of many perfumed lamps And so the old hag went on suggests showed that the walls were covered ing image after image, while it was with blue and red silk embroidered in evident, from the boy's writhing and gold. There were several large ebony gasping, that the words took in his and japan cabinets, filled with golden mind the appearance of corresponding plate, and with pyramids of cut and things, but did not wake him from his rough jewels. The carpet was of bropainful sleep. The woman was seized cade, and the cushions that lay upon while creeping away, and put in the it of purple silk, worked with flowers in stocks, where she was shown to the seed-pearl. The old man made me sít down, and left me for a few minutes; customs of the Franks, and will show after which he returned superbly dress. you the damsel herself before you deed, and placed himself beside me. He cide.' –He then drew off a curtain spoke very little, and seemed of a grave, from a door, and the maiden, who had if not melancholy humour. But he been sitting within, rose up timidly, had hardly given me time to wonder at let the covering fall from off her head, his proceedings, when a train of slaves and, with a low bending of the body, came in, beautifully clothed, and bear and hands crossed, stood trembling be. ing water in silver bowls to wash the fore me. She was beautiful, even to hands; and then a multitude of dishes European eyes, but I saw that she was of the most delicate and costly meats. dying. I stooped to kiss the hem of We sat almost in silence; wine cool as her garment, drew the curtain before snow was brought to me, and again the her, and led the old man away. Havewers for washing. When we were ing made him sit beside me, I told him, left alone, the old man sighed, and said, with many thanks, that I could not ac- Stranger, great as may be your won- cept his bounteous offer. He looked der, it cannot exceed my confusion. at me with fixed eyes for a full minute, But it is useless to delay speaking what then his countenance assumed an exmust be told. I am a merchant, ac. pression of deadly fury, and, exclaiming, counted the richest of this city, and, Slave, you shall repent this insolence, some have said, of Persia. But my he thrice violently clapped his hands. wealth avails little for happiness. I Immediately six or seven armed men have an only child, a daughter, than entered, to whom he called to seize whom I believe there are few more me. I had time to draw my sword; beautiful. But all my joy in her is and, enraged at his violence, while blighted by the misfortune of the evil they rushed upon me I made a blow at eye which has fallen upon her. Her him ; but his daughter, who had rushed health has long been wasting away. in for the purpose, I fear, of saving me, I have consulted many physicians, mol. threw herself between us, and received lahs, and dervishes, but none have been the blade of the scymitar on her neck. of use to her. One, reputed the sagest She slirieked, fell, and must, doubtless, of the holy men in all the province, told have died upon the spot; but I could me, three months ago, that on this day not stay to learn her fate, for several a stranger, a Frank, would enter at sun. swords were lifted against me. In the set the eastern gate ; that him I must confusion I fired a pistol among my wait for and entreat, and if he would assailants, dashed a lamp against some consent to become the husband of my muslin hangings near me, which set daughter, the spell would be defeated, them in a blaze, sprang into the closet and she would live; but that if he re- where the girl had been, and forced fused, within one hour of his denial she my way through the women's apart. would surely die. You see the con- ments into the street. I left the town tents of this room, which are but a the next morning, and never returned small part of my riches; all will at my to it; nor can I, to this hour, explain death be hers, and more than you now by what means the dervish had presee I would at once bestow on her as dicted my arrival, and its disastrous cona portion. But, although it is not a sequences." Persian usage, I know the marriage

Chapter XIV.

To such tales as these, while they hood, as there is a gang of gipsies ensat round the fire after dinner, and the camped at no great distance." This drenching rain still fell, the Wilsons awakened the curiosity of Hastings; lent an admiring attention. The father for he had seen bodies of that distold, in return, some English wonders persed race in almost every country beof ghosts and omens, without, appa- tween India and England, and could rently, giving them much credit; and speak something of their peculiar lanhe alterwards said, “ No doubt there guage. He enquired particularly where is plenty of fortune-telling, and all such they were to be found; and, as soon nonsense, going on in the neighbour as the rain abated, he sent a message

to Beechurst to say he should probably he felt for and found the Onyx Ring be absent for some hours, and then set tied to a ribbon round his neck. He out in search of the tents of the wan. cut the string and put the ring upon derers.

his finger. The lawyer, the baronet, He left the little family full of inte. and the farmer, were three distinct rest in so wonderful a mąn. Poor figures that now came before him as Ann, in whom every emotion bubbled his own, though he knew that the at once to the surface, spoke twice or original form of his being was that thrice to James, as if she had felt of Arthur. Each of these he had more admiration for Hastings than he tried, and with each of them been was pleased with his annoyance dissatisfied. Neither of the changes was much increased by anger at him, which he had experienced had supself for having any such feeling from plied that which was wanting in his so absurd a cause. The family, how original existence, and each had disever, all parted for the night, appa- tressed him by its own hinderances and rently good friends. But James, when pains. It seemed that nothing would alone, instead of going to bed, sat really supply his cravings but the unand thought over his visit to London, broken freshness and vigour of temand mourned his own ignorance and perament, the keen and cheerful couperplexity as to every thing beyond rage, of a man like Hastings, finding the small circle of his daily life. In pleasure wherever there is room for addition to this discontent, he could adventure, and striking out adventure not free himself from the image of where others would discover only a Hastings, dressed in his clothes, and dull routine. The figure, too, of the talking of so many wondrous things man dressed in the farmer's clothes, that he had never before heard of, yet in experience and versatility so with a composure and liveliness to much bis superior, and awakening so him so perfectly astonishing. How strongly the alternate laughter and large and various, he thought, is the amazement of poor Ann, haunted him world, and what a brutish stupidity is invincibly, and, raising the ring to his it that leaves me so ignorant. What mouth, he pronounced the name of have I to describe to Ann, that she Hastings. The true James was redoes not already know as well as I? stored to his native position, unconImpatient and unhappy, he began to scious of an interruption in his life; undress bimself. But when the clock and the possessor of the ring found struck twelve, the whole of his story himself, in the character of Hastings, as Arthur Edmonstone and Sir Charles a visitor of the gipsy camp. Harcourt blazed out upon him, and



All the sovereign states of Europe lands, but the establishment of garrihave in succession been founders of sons and governments in vast regions colonies; yet it is remarkable that all won by the sword and held by the have successively failed, with but one sword. Of course, fragments of those exception. And in that exception we garrisons gradually fixed themselves may justly pride ourselves, for that in the country; the viceroys and their one is England. Without entering court attracted followers from Europe; into those higher considerations which merchants settled on the scene of their seem to connect this striking peculi. trade. But there was nothing that arity with national virtue, it may be constitutes the essence of colonisation; fairly observed that, of all European there was no transfer of any large countries, England is the one whose body of the people at once into the intercourse is capable of conferring occupied territory; no small commuthe largest share of moral and physical nity exclusively formed on the princiadvantages upon those, her remote ples of the original land ; no attempt and struggling offspring. For in- to model an image of the parent state; stance, what gifts could any of the no preparation in the native country other great European kingdoms, with to carry with them the framework in the last three hundred years (the of new society, ready to put together rise of the colonial system), have on their arrival, and raised into as given to a colony? They might all, complete as possible a resemblance of undoubtedly, have given them arts the structure of society at home The and arms, some knowledge of the ge- Spaniard in America, the Frenchman neral means of conquering the sur. in the Antilles, the Portuguese on the rounding tribes, and considerable fa- banks of the Amazon, the Italian on cilities of maintaining themselves by the shores of the Euxine, were scarcely the cultivation of the commercial and more than strangers and sojourners to agricultural capacities of the soil. But the last. The Frenchman was, peron the pre-eminent subjects of social haps, more a denizen than the rest, advancement, of laws, morals, and re- from the narrowness of his locality in ligion, what could they have given to the islands. But the true failure conthem more than they themselves pos- sisted in the general inability to stamp sessed ? And what was the condition their character on any large portion of France, Spain, Portugal, or Italy, of the land, to extend their original in those supreme organs of human institutions through the rising generahappiness, knowledge, and virtue, du- tion of the natives, or to retain firm ring the whole period ? With what possession of the country. Even in purpose that Supreme will which it Canada, though there the French, unwould be almost as presumptuous to doubtedly, made their most systematic examine as to question, had been and continued experiment in colonisapleased to put so large a portion of tion, they never succeeded further than the human race as that contained in to form a small and shivering com. Spanish America and the Brazils, unmunity, wholly unable to people the der the control of two thrones distin. territory within its limits, wholly unguished for bigotry, ignorance, and able to supply itself without constant disregard of the liberties of man, is aid from the mother country, and not an enquiry for these pages. But wholly unable to resist the first imthose vast allotments of power do not pulse of an invading force. This was invalidate our former assertion, that not colonisation, but adventure ; not the colonies of Europe had all failed, emigration, but exile ; not the plant. with the exception of our own. These ing of a goodly tree in the desert, but were not colonies, but conquests; not the fixture of a naked post in the the settlement of the nations of Europe ground to claim the rights of disco. forming new communities in new very. The meagre and withering

• Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, &c. Mitchell, Surveyor-General, 3 vols. 8vo. Boone : London.

By Major T. L.

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