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From all the united cantons of the Volscians,
On their unguarded frontier? Such designs
Brook not an hour's delay; their whole success
Depends on instant vigorous execution.

Auf. O, my Volusius! thou, who art a soldier,
A try'd and brave one too, say, in thy heart
Dost thou not scorn me,—thou, who saw'st me bend
Beneath the halfspent thunder of a foe,
Warm from the conquest of Corioli?

Volu. True valour, Tullus,
Lies in the mind, the never-yielding purpose;
Nor heeds the blind award of giddy fortune.

Auf. My soul, my friend, my soul is all on fire;
Thirst of revenge consumes me; the revenge
Of generous emulation, not of hatred.
This happy Roman, this proud Marcius, haunts me,
Each troubled night, when slaves and captives sleep,
Forgetful of their chains, I, in my dreams,
Anew am vanquish'd ; and, beneath his sword
With horror sinking, feel a tenfold death,
The death of honour. But I will redeem
Yes, Marcius,-I will yet redeem my fame.
To face thee once again, is the great purpose
For which alone I live.—Till then, how slow,
How tedious, lags the time! while shame corrodes


With many a bitter thought; and injur'd honour,
Sick and desponding, preys upon itself.

Enter an OFFICER.
Ha! why this haste ? You look alarm’d.

Ofi. My lord,
One of exalted port, his visage hid,
Has plac'd himself beneath the statue of
The mighty Mars, and there majestic stands
In solemn silence,

Auf. Did you not ask him who, and what, he was?

Offi. My lord, I could not speak; I felt appallid, As if the presence of some god had struck me. Auf. Come, dastard, let me find this man of terrors.



A Hall, in which stands a Statue of Mars.

CORIOLANUS discovered, as described above.

Enter TULLUS AUFIDIUS, Auf. Illustrious stranger,--for thy high demeanour Bespeaks thee such, --who art thou? what is thy

name? Cor. A name unmusical to the Volscians' ears, And harsh in sound to thine.--Know'st thou me yet?

Auf. Thy face
Bears a command in't; though thy tackle's torn,
Thou show'st a noble vessel.—What's thy name?

Cor. My name is Caius Marcius, who hath done
To thee particularly, and to all the Volscians,
Great hurt and mischief; thereto witness may
My surname, Coriolanus.
The cruelty and envy of the people,
Permitted by our dastard nobles, have
Whoop'd me out of Rome. Now, this extremity
Hath brought me to thy hearth. Then, if thou hast
A heart of wreak in thee, that will revenge
Thine own particular wrongs, and stop those maims
Of shame seen through thy country, speed thee

And make my misery serve thy turn; so use it,
That my revengeful services may prove
As benefits to thee ; for I will fight

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