Iron: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for Iron and Steel Manufacturers, Metallurgists, Mine Proprietors, Engineers, Shipbuilders, Scientists, Capitalists ..., Volume 11

Perry Fairfax Nursey
Knight and Lacey, 1829
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Página 429 - That not to know at large of things remote From use, obscure and subtle, but to know That which before us lies in daily life, Is the prime wisdom...
Página 274 - II went," (It comes,) and the tree was instantly launched down the slide, preceded by the cry which was repeated from post to post As soon as the tree had reached the bottom, and plunged into the lake, the cry of Lachez was repeated as before, and a new tree was launched in a similar manner.
Página 431 - Sulphur melts 226 Water boils -- 212 A compound of three parts of tin, five of lead, and eight of Bismuth melts...
Página 274 - Rupp was himself obliged, more than once, to be suspended by cords, in order to descend precipices many hundred feet high ; and in the first months of the undertaking he was attacked with a violent fever, which deprived him of the power of superintending his workmen. Nothing, however, could diminish his invincible perseverance.
Página 173 - But nature makes that mean : so, over that art Which you say adds to nature, is an art That nature makes. You see, sweet maid, we marry A gentler scion to the wildest stock, And make conceive a bark of baser kind By bud of nobler race : this is an art Which does mend nature, change it rather, but The art itself is nature.
Página 275 - ... trees. Such is a brief account of a work undertaken and executed by a single individual, and which has excited a very high degree of interest in every part of Europe. We regret to add, that this magnificent structure no longer exists, and that scarcely a trace of it is to be seen upon the flanks of Mount Pilatus. Political circumstances having taken away the principal source of the demand for timber, and no other market having been found, the operation of cutting and transporting the trees necessarily...
Página 187 - He was the first that brought tobacco into England, and into fashion. In our part of North Wilts, eg Malmesbury hundred, it came first into fashion by Sir Walter Long.
Página 410 - ... and the magnificent discoveries, magnificent in point of real utility, which he made, afford ample proof that it was not till after due deliberation that he thus changed the nature of his studies. Though almost every branch of science at different times engaged the attention of Dr. Wollaston, chemistry was that to which he seems to have been most ardently devoted ; and it is by his investigations in this department of natural philosophy that he will enjoy his greatest share of lasting reputation....
Página 257 - Any how it is evident, that for cavalry officers at least, the percussion magazine locks are undoubtedly to be preferred ; and for both officers and men, I will observe en passant, that it is far better to have one double pistol, than two, or half a dozen single ones; and that, whether one or two pistols be used, they should, upon going into action, be secured by a thong to the sword-belt, so as, in case of need, to be instantly disposed of by being dropped over the left shoulder. By having only...
Página 273 - It is about three leagues, or 44,000 English feet long, and terminates in the Lake of Lucerne. It has the form of a trough, about six feet broad, and from three to six feet deep. Its bottom is formed of three trees, the middle one of which has a groove cut out in the direction of its length, for receiving small rills of water, which are conducted into it from various places, for the purpose of diminishing the friction.

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