Life of Honoré de Balzac

W. Scott, 1890 - 145 páginas

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Página vi - LIFE OF CHARLOTTE BRONTE. By A. Birrell. "Those who know much of Charlotte Bronte will learn more, and those who know nothing about her will find all that is best worth learning in Mr. Birrell's pleasant book.
Página vi - LIFE OF DICKENS. By FRANK T. MARZIALS. "Notwithstanding the mass of matter that has been printed relating to Dickens and his works ... we should, until we came across this volume, have been at a loss to recommend any popular life of England's most popular novelist as being really satisfactory. The difficulty is removed by Mr. Marzials's little book."— Athenaeum.
Página 130 - For Thou, Lord, dost judge me: because, although no man knoweth the things of a man, but the spirit of a man which is in him, yet is there something of man, which neither the spirit of man that is in him, itself knoweth.
Página vii - Life of Heine. By William Sharp. " This is an admirable monograph . . . more fully written up to the level of recent knowledge and criticism of its theme than any other English work. " — Scotsman. Life of Victor Hugo.
Página vi - Gazette. LIFE OF THOMAS CARLYLE. By R. Garnett, LL.D. " This is an admirable book. Nothing could be more felicitous and fairer than the way in which he takes us through Carlyle's life and works."— Pall Mall Gazette.
Página vii - Saturday Review. Life of Goethe. By James Sime. " Mr. James Sime's competence as a biographer of Goethe, both in respect of knowledge of his special subject, and of German literature generally, is beyond question.
Página vii - We have nothing but praise for the manner in which Mr. Hannay has done justice to him."— Saturday Review. LIFE OF LESSING. By TW Rolleston. " One of the best books of the series." — Manchester Guardian. LIFE OF MILTON. By Richard Garnett, LL.D. " Has never been more charmingly or adequately told.
Página vi - Independent. LIFE OF SHELLEY. By William Sharp. " The criticisms . . . entitle this capital monograph to be ranked with the best biographies of Shelley.
Página v - Series all the questions of modern life — the various social and politico-economical problems of today, the most recent researches in the knowledge of man, the past and present experiences of the race, and the nature of its environment— will be frankly investigated and clearly presented. First Volumes of the Series:— THE EVOLUTION OF SEX.
Página 77 - Campagne) — a complete system for the repression of the depraved tendencies of man, is the most powerful element of social order. In reading attentively the presentment of society cast, as it were, from the life, with all that is good and all that is bad in it, we learn this lesson — if thought, or if passion, which combines thought and feeling, is the...

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